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Week 4 waiver wire pickups and streamers! On today’s fantasy football podcast, players that can help your team right away, and others to stash on your bench! Which players are droppable? Plus, a recap of the Monday Night doubleheader and latest NFL News. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 26th, 2023.

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Week 4 Waivers & Streamers + Steel Underpants | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1468

Introduction 00:00

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming episode focused on waiver wire pickups and streamers.

“Multiple Monday night football games to go over and an important Waiver Wire episode with players we don’t even know how to pronounce.”

Recap of Week 3 00:59

  • The hosts talk about the two Monday night football games from Week 3.
  • They discuss the logistics of watching two games simultaneously.
  • Mike shares an interesting observation about holding a tablet up close to see the TV in the background.

“I had one game on the big screen, one game on my little tablet. So it’s just, it’s not as enjoyable.” “Have you ever done the thing where…if you hold it up, it will look exactly like your TV?”

Joe Burrow‘s Performance 02:23

  • The hosts discuss Joe Burrow‘s performance in the Monday night game.
  • Despite Jamar Chase having a good game, Burrow had a disappointing fantasy performance.
  • They mention Burrow’s completion rate, passing yards, and interception.

“He was really atrocious, especially for what we want from Joe Burrow.” “26 passes completed out of 49 attempts, 259 yards, had a pick.”

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T. Higgins’ Performance 04:19

  • The hosts analyze T. Higgins’ performance in the game.
  • They mention his targets, catches, and yards.
  • There is a brief discussion about a potential injury to Higgins.

“Eight targets for T. Higgins, which means he has a game where he had eight targets and no receptions.” “There’s a little bit of Stafford’s issue there. He just didn’t air it out enough.”

Challenges with Joe Burrow 03:02

  • The hosts discuss the challenges Joe Burrow faces due to his limited mobility.
  • They mention how it affects his ability to make big plays and extend plays.
  • Andy highlights Burrow’s inability to throw with his usual power and zip.

“This situation with Joe Burrow is in many ways more difficult than if they threw him on IR.” “You’re not going to get bigger plays because a lot of those emerge from getting outside the pocket, extending the play, letting players get downfield.”

Uncatchable Targets 05:31

  • The hosts discuss the concept of uncatchable targets.
  • They mention how targets can sometimes be disappointing even if they are technically on target.
  • They use examples from the game to illustrate this point.

“We talk so much about targets and sometimes we get really disappointed when they’re uncatchable.” “Like Kyren Williams last night. Did you guys watch that game? Oh, he had no chance to catch most of those targets.”

Lack of Camera Coverage 07:43

  • The hosts express frustration with the lack of camera coverage in certain situations.
  • They suggest having more cameras and using advanced technology to avoid controversial calls.
  • They compare it to other sports like tennis that have sophisticated camera systems.

“The NFL has enough money where they could actually put a microchip in every blade of grass.” “At this point, is this a… Keep some jobs? Is this a… Well, it’s all presses, good press.”

##iverwire show and 3-0 Dynasty team 09:33

  • It’s time for the waiverwire show today.
  • A CMC jersey giveaway is happening on the website.

“Waiverwire show today. Signed CMC jersey giveaway up on the website, fullclanggiveaway.com.”

Evaluating a 3-0 Dynasty team 10:07

  • If you find yourself 3-0 in a Dynasty league, keep pressing and continue to evaluate your team.
  • In a normal Redraft League, being 0-3 is not a reason to panic or think the season is over.

“And if you find yourself 3-0, then you keep pressing. And on the flip side, in a normal Redraft League, if you’re 0-3, do not freak out and do not think you are done at all.”

Surprise players leading to unexpected wins 10:53

  • Sometimes unexpected winners in fantasy football have a few players that step up unexpectedly.
  • Players like Puka Nakua, Deandre Swift, and Tank Dell have been key contributors to surprising victories.
  • These surprise players can make a difference in your team’s success.

“The way that you have won, I mean, if you are a surprising winner, it’s probably because you have a handful of players you didn’t expect to be good or good.”

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Don’t worry about being 0-3 12:01

  • Being 0-3 is not a reason to panic in fantasy football.
  • Every team in the league will likely lose at least three times, so there’s still plenty of time to turn things around.
  • 0-3 teams have historically made impressive comebacks and reached the playoffs.

“0-3 is nothing. Everyone in your league is going to lose at least three times. So don’t worry about it.”

Recap of the Monday Night Football games 12:01

“That’s a good point. And I was going to move on and I forgot we had a whole other Monday night football game to talk about on top of the Bengals beating the Rams, which is the 25-11 Whippin.” “The Eagles put on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From a Tampa side, there was one player that you would have been happy that you played in this football game and that was Mike Evans, who ended up 5-60 in a touchdown on 10 targets.” “Big bounce back game for AJ Brown. 9 for 131. You are expecting it. You got it. The storyline here. I mean, it was a down game for Devonte Smith. A down game for the twos in this night. Godwin, Higgins, Devonte Smith.”

Evaluation of Jalen Hurts 15:31

  • Jalen Hurts had a mixed performance in the Monday Night Football game.
  • Despite a good fantasy output, he did not look as impressive as he did last year.
  • He had two interceptions and struggled at times.
  • However, for fantasy purposes, he should still be considered a safe option.

“The same as the first two games is the you got a great fantasy output. You know, almost 300 passing yards of passing touchdown and the rushing touchdown.” “But I felt like it. Yeah, he did have two interceptions as well. It just he didn’t. He did not. He still has not looked like last year’s Jalen Hurst.” “I don’t like I’m not going to overly worry about him for fantasy should be safe but it’s it is strange watching him play and feeling like I’m not watching a great quarterback right now.”

Top performing players in fantasy football 16:53

  • Kirk Cousins is currently the quarterback one in terms of points per game.
  • Justin Herbert is performing well with the quarterback one spot in four-point leagues.
  • Deandre Swift is among the top performing running backs.
  • Mike Evans has been a key player in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense.

“Right now points per game. The quarterback one is Kirk Cousins quarterback two is just a six point.” “Justin Herbert is is number one in four point.” “Yeah, the running backs. I mean, Deandre Swift, 16 for 130.” “And he is outstanding. He is the clear most important read in this offense. He is the one. He is the alpha.”

De’von Achane pronunciation clarification 17:21

  • The pronunciation of the player’s name is Devon Hain, not Devon Hain.
  • The correct pronunciation has been confirmed by the player.
  • Listeners should be aware of the correct pronunciation to avoid confusion.

“I mean, we are not. Yeah. Do you hear the opening. We’re dumb. Devon Hain. Yeah. Is the way that he has asked his name to be pronounced. They are changing the media guide.”

Waiver Wire and Running Back Updates 22:43

  • Alvin Kamara is back and is a valuable addition to fantasy football rosters.

Waiver Wire Pickups 26:52

De’von Achane‘s Value 27:45

  • The hosts debate the price to acquire Devon A. Chan on the waiver wire.
  • They agree that his impressive performance will likely cause his price to rise.
  • They note that spending around 75 units of FAAB may not be enough to secure Chan’s services.
  • The hosts advise fantasy managers to consider their running back needs and weigh the value of adding Chan to their team.

“I don’t think that gets him if you need if you want him and you believe I think you got to spend more and this week there just aren’t good options.”

Comparing Rachaad White and De’von Achane 30:21

  • The hosts discuss the comparison between Rashad White and Devon A. Chan.
  • They express a preference for Chan over White due to the latter’s inconsistent performance.
  • They mention White’s role in the offense, but note he still needs to prove himself further.

“I’d rather have him [Chan] over Rashad White… they keep giving [White] the ball, he’s getting work.”

D’Andre Swift‘s Value 33:15

  • The hosts discuss Deandre Swift’s skill set and his fantasy value.
  • Acknowledging Swift’s athleticism and speed, they note that his decision-making and vision are aspects that could be improved.
  • The hosts express confidence that Swift could deliver significant fantasy points due to his play style.

“Swift is in the perfect place for [his] skill set which [is] an incredibly athletic running back… He has the speed to break through the line… the point stands I would rather have him than Rashad White.”

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Evaluating Kenneth Gainwell 32:43

  • The hosts discuss Kenneth Gainwell‘s potential as a waiver wire pickup.
  • They acknowledge that running backs are scarce, making Gainwell’s availability valuable.
  • Gainwell’s usage in the previous game, with 16 opportunities, is seen as a positive sign.

Jaylen Warren‘s Potential 33:57

  • Approximately 40% of leagues still have Jaylen Warren available.
  • He can be a viable option to put in your flex on a weekly basis.
  • Despite initial skepticism, Warren has proven to be talented.
  • While he may not become the primary player on his team, it’s possible for him to have a near-even split by the end of the season.

“If you’re in a league where Jaylen Warren is out there, this is a player you can throw in your flex on a weekly basis.”

Matt Breida and Tyjae Spears as Running Back Options 35:11

  • Matt Breida is a top option if you need an immediate starter and Saquon Barkley is not expected to play.
  • Tajai Spears, the rookie running back for the Tennessee Titans, is an interesting stash due to his explosive playmaking ability.
  • There is a possibility of Derek Henry getting traded, which could open up more opportunities for Spears.

“For me, the top two guys are Matt Breida if you need to start and Tajai Spears, the rookie running back on the Tennessee Titans, who is out-snapping Derek Henry right now.”

Uncertain Baltimore Ravens Running Back Situation 36:59

“Make sure you are paying attention to the Baltimore Ravens situation… it’s break glass in case of emergency, but you use glass on yourself. I don’t think you want this, man.”

Evaluating Jalen Hurts 38:07

  • Jalen Hurts has been performing well statistically, with high completion percentages, touchdown passes, and no interceptions.
  • Some critics still believe he does not look like a great quarterback.
  • However, his recent performances and fantasy finishes suggest otherwise.
  • Hurts has the potential to be a top-five quarterback.

“He’s looking at the top-five quarterback. I think he looked bad, and he just looks like he stinks. He just looks bad, like man. Completions, you’re dogging on him. He just looks like he stinks.”

Evaluating Joshua Kelley 39:52

  • Joshua Kelley‘s value depends on whether you would start him.
  • If he is not a starter for your team this week, it is advisable to drop him and find someone better on the waiver wire.
  • Comparing him to other running backs like A.J. Dillon, it becomes clear that there are generally better options available

Adam Thielen as a Waiver Wire Pickup 41:21

Evaluating Joshua Palmer and Quentin Johnston 46:31

  • Palmer is the better choice for an immediate start, while Johnston has higher long-term potential 46:50

“If I needed to start this week it’s Palmer… if I am investing in my future then it’s Quinton Johnson.”

  • Tankdale’s high production suggests he may become the team’s number one wide receiver 45:39

“Tankdale is their number one wide receiver already.”

  • Jackson Smith and Jigba (JSN) has been underutilized despite being the first wide receiver drafted 48:13

“Is getting underutilized… very low average depth of target very low utilization.”

JSN vs Marvin Mims 48:59

  • JSN has promising projections, but Mims has been a more consistent producer for the team.
  • Mims has been an electric producer when given the opportunity, but his snap count is low.
  • It is unlikely that Mims will surpass Judy or Sutton in terms of playing time.
  • JSN is still the preferred stash option due to higher potential.

“Let’s say both of these are here. How have you decided to sort it as of this moment? People are going to need to put it in their waiver claims. If both are there what’s the order?” 54:04

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Luke Musgrave and Jake Ferguson as Tight End Pickups 51:22

  • Luke Musgrave is the top pick due to a favorable matchup against Detroit and his potential.
  • Fergie is the second option as he has been targeted consistently and is the primary tight end for the Cowboys.
  • Fergie’s upcoming matchups may limit his fantasy production.
  • Taysom Hill could be a speculative pickup as he has high ceiling potential.

“My my number one pickup is going to be Luke Musgrave. The matchup with Detroit on Thursday night is outstanding. Not good outstanding. They’re one of the worst in the league against tight ends. They’ve been given up double digits every single week. So for me it’s Musgrave because I see the athletic like I see the potential there.” 51:28

Defensive Streaming Options 53:24

  • Cleveland Browns are recommended for streaming as they have performed well in terms of yards allowed and points per game allowed.
  • Baltimore’s offense has been struggling, making Browns a viable option.
  • Cincinnati Bengals also have a good matchup against Tennessee and may be a better choice due to upcoming matchups against Arizona and Seattle.
  • Denver Broncos can be considered for streaming against the struggling Chicago Bears offense.

“If you’re streaming this week if you’re looking for a start Cleveland’s under 50% rostered they’re the number one defense in terms of yards allowed points per game allowed points per game allowed and they play Baltimore at home. Baltimore’s offense is one. Struggling to struggling. Yeah it’s the Bengals of Browns as the available pickups that you want to start the bangle playing.” 53:31

Waiver Wire Defense Options 56:13

  • Saints and Steelers defenses are great options for Week 4.
  • Both defenses are mostly rostered but still available in 35-40% of leagues.
  • Consider starting them against most teams, except the Chiefs.

“The Saints and the Steelers are mostly roster but still available in 35 to 40% of your leagues and those two defenses I’m just all in on believing like I think I’m gonna start them in kind of like the Browns until proven otherwise unless it’s the Chiefs I’m starting them against everybody.”

Quarterback Streaming Options 57:08

  • Jordan Love (vs Detroit) is a viable streaming option.
  • Love has shown efficiency and is averaging 25 rushing yards per game.
  • He could continue his success against Detroit.

Jameis Winston Streaming Option 58:21

  • James Winston is available in 100% of leagues.
  • Winston has the potential to throw touchdowns and make big plays.
  • He has a revenge game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Streaming Andy Dalton 01:00:14

  • Andy Dalton is a surprise streaming option to consider.
  • Dalton threw the ball 58 times last week, with two passing touchdowns.
  • He will be playing against the Minnesota Vikings, who have been struggling on defense.


kc hensley says:

I seriously hope it was AI that wrote this recap…rough reading. This is the first time I have checked out the site and woof… I normally listen but couldn’t today. Thanks for being my favorite part of the day.

Justin says:

That was a catch by TATE! Gosh darnet.
He got a hand on the ball while in the air and never took it off which means he had a level of control and tie goes to receiver! The defender looked in better position but by rule that was a catch.

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