Week 4 Studs & Duds + Spooky Season

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Time to hit the panic alarm? On today’s fantasy football podcast, boom and bust performances from Week 4! Which surprising studs could do it again next week? Plus, injury news, and a Week 4 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 2nd, 2023.

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Recap of NFL Weekend 02:14

  • Express gratitude and positivity for the entertaining and eventful NFL weekend.
  • Mention the high-scoring games and the excitement they brought.

“A lot to be thankful for over this special NFL weekend. We had a lot of points going in there.”

Giveaway and Show Support 02:23

  • Promote the ongoing giveaway of a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey.
  • Encourage viewers to support the show by following them on social media platforms.

“Foot gland giveaway. We are giving away a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey.” “Follow us on socials, Instagram.com/fantasyfootballers or on Twitter at the FF ballers.”

Austin Ekeler‘s Social Media Post 08:01

  • Discuss Austin Ekeler‘s misleading social media post, which hinted at his return but later clarified that he would miss due to the bye week.
  • Mention the frustrations of fantasy football managers who were expecting Ekeler’s return.

Austin Ekeler sir great fan, a great friend of the show. He posted a nice picture of him like entering this the field or something like that. It was very much implied that I’m going to be back this week.”

Week 4 Studs & Duds 08:59

“Rib injuries often affect the player’s performance, especially for wide receivers going across the middle of the field.”

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Justin Fields‘ Performance 18:49

  • Despite Justin Fields‘ poor performances, the speaker has not changed their view on him.
  • Jalen Hurts had a fine game with over 300 passing yards and two passing touchdowns against the Rams next week.

“I haven’t wavered while he was having poor performances.”

Usage of running backs in the game 28:25

  • The number of snaps for each running back is not the sole determining factor.
  • The game flow and the player’s role in the offense matter.
  • The older player with a long injury history may have a lower snap count.
  • The team may prefer a 50-50 split between the running backs.

“I’m not ready to do that. I don’t think he’s ever going to be the guy who gets… snaps and touching the ball 25 times.”

Josh Jacobs‘ performance 29:25

  • Jacobs had a decent fantasy performance.
  • He had a Russian touchdown and eight receptions for significant yardage.
  • However, his rushing numbers have not been impressive overall.

“17 for 58… but he did get the Russian touchdown and then eight receptions for 81 yards.”

Isiah Pacheco‘s increasing dominance 30:25

  • Pacheco had a strong performance with 20 carries and a rushing touchdown.
  • He has been gradually increasing his opportunities and workload.
  • This is important to note as he missed most of the offseason due to injury.

“20 for 115 in a rushing touchdown… Pacheco’s arrow is pointing up.”

Khalil Herbert‘s standout performance 31:52

  • Herbert had an impressive game with 18 carries for over 100 yards.
  • He also had five targets and four receptions with a touchdown.
  • Despite some stumbling, he showcased his talent and became the primary running back.

“18 for 103 for five targets for four for 19 with a touchdown… it’s the Pacheco show, Khalil Herbert.”

Derrick Henry‘s dominant performance 32:44

  • Henry had a great game against the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • He rushed for 122 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries.
  • Despite concerns about his workload, he continues to deliver.

“22 carries, 122 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown… It was a great performance, obviously.”

Alvin Kamara‘s return with high reception count 35:35

  • Kamara had an outstanding performance in PPR leagues.
  • He had 13 receptions, although for a relatively low total yardage.
  • This is a positive sign for fantasy owners looking for involvement from Kamara.

“13 receptions for 33 yards… the return of Alvin Kamara.”

Scoring struggle of the Cincinnati Bengals 33:57

  • The Bengals’ offense has been struggling, especially with Joe Burrow.
  • They have scored only three offensive touchdowns in four games, the lowest in the NFL.
  • This poses concerns for fantasy owners relying on Bengals players.

“The Bengals have scored a total of three offensive touchdowns through their first four games as the fewest of any team in the NFL.”

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Bijan Robinson‘s impressive performance 34:14

  • Robinson had a great game, playing a significant number of snaps.
  • He continues to outperform Tyler Algiers in the Atlanta Falcons‘ backfield.
  • Robinson has shown that he can be a top player without relying solely on touchdowns.

“He’s getting all the snaps… he will get the touchdowns that they score more often than not.”

AJ Brown‘s Dominance 37:10

  • A.J. Brown had a great game with 13 targets, 175 receiving yards, and two touchdowns.
  • Ranked as one of the top wide receivers of the week.
  • Expected to remain fantasy relevant in the upcoming games.

A.J Brown 13 targets night for one seventy five and two. Brother dominating Stefan Diggs…”

Nico Collins‘ Breakout Performance 37:25

  • Nico Collins had a solid game with seven receptions, 168 yards, and two touchdowns.
  • Currently ranked as the seventh-best wide receiver of the season.
  • Despite Houston Texans‘ struggle, Collins is proving to be a reliable fantasy option.
  • Expected to continue to excel with favorable matchups.

Nico Collins sever for one sixty eight and two… He’s ascending into looking like he’s going to beat like no a true fantasy force.”

The Rise of Puka 39:04

  • Puka had an impressive performance with 10 targets, nine receptions, 163 yards, and a touchdown.
  • He has set a record for the most receptions through four games at the start of a career.
  • Currently ranked as the fifth-best wide receiver in fantasy football.
  • Considered a reliable option for fantasy managers.

“Puka 10 targets nine… He is handling that record very very well.”

Justin Jefferson‘s Consistency 39:32

  • Justin Jefferson had another solid game with six receptions, 85 yards, and two touchdowns.
  • Continues to be a reliable and consistent fantasy option.
  • Ranked as one of the top wide receivers in fantasy football.

“Yeah probably Justin Jefferson. He’s great six for eighty five and two.”

The Frustrating Situation of Kyle Pitts 40:50

  • Kyle Pitts had a mediocre game with six receptions for 95 yards.
  • However, John Smith, the other tight end on the team, had a better game with seven receptions, 70 yards, and two touchdowns.
  • The inconsistent involvement of Pitts raises concerns about his fantasy value.
  • Fantasy managers are advised to be cautious with Pitts for now.

“So now you start having the conversation… And Dalton Schultz he shows up here because he kind of touched down which was thrown by it was not Stroud… It just all it means is like Kyle Pitts should be on waivers.”

Disappointing Performances by Kirk Cousins and Patrick Mahomes 43:18

  • Kirk Cousins had a subpar game with 139 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.
  • Despite the win, his fantasy performance was disappointing.
  • Patrick Mahomes also struggled, with only 200 passing yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions.
  • These performances highlight the unpredictability of fantasy football.

“Pooped in his big boy pants… Patrick Mahomes 18 for 30 only two hundred yards a touchdown two interceptions and a bad one.”

Discussion on Joe Burrow‘s performance against the Tennessee Titans 44:41

  • Burrow struggled during the game and was constantly under pressure.
  • Without Tee Higgins, Burrow’s options were limited.
  • It is not recommended to start Burrow until he looks healthy.
  • The upcoming matchups against Arizona and Seattle could potentially help him regain his momentum.

“You have to wait until he looks healthy… It’s really bad… It’s devastatingly bad.”

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Analysis of the Cincinnati Bengals‘ performance 46:31

  • The Bengals have been struggling to score points and win games.
  • Their upcoming schedule includes tough matchups against the 49ers, Bills, and Ravens.
  • If they continue to perform poorly, there is a possibility of Burrow getting shut down for a while.

“It’s going to be tough sledding… But if this version of Joe Burrow and T Higgins-less Bengals comes over and loses, you might see Burrow shut down for a while.”

Discussion on Trevor Lawrence‘s performance 47:04

  • Lawrence had a decent stat line with 23 completed passes, 207 passing yards, and 42 rushing yards.
  • He is currently ranked as QB15, which could have been worse.
  • However, the Jaguars’ passing offense has been lacking, with only four passing touchdowns in four games.

“That’s the problem… We’re talking four total passing touchdowns in four games.”

Evaluation of Calvin Ridley‘s performance 47:32

  • Ridley caught an early touchdown, but only had two targets for the rest of the game.
  • He is not leading in targets, with Christian Kirk and Evan Engram having higher numbers.
  • Although Ridley may be slightly banged up, it is still recommended to not give up on him yet.

Calvin Ridley has not been where you want him to be in the pecking order… But I’m not moving away from him.”

Review of Derek Carr‘s performance 49:10

  • Carr had a poor performance, with only 127 passing yards.
  • He seemed to hesitate to throw the ball downfield and mainly checked it down.
  • There are concerns about Carr’s shoulder injury affecting his play.
  • The upcoming matchup against the New England Patriots raises questions about Carr’s effectiveness.

“I have to believe this is because of the shoulder… If that’s all you can do, you should not be behind center.”

Assessment of Tony Pollard‘s performance 50:41

  • Pollard’s performance was disappointing due to the game script and the dominance of the Cowboys’ defense.
  • Even though his efficiency inside the five-yard line has been lacking, there is no major concern about his overall production.
  • The upcoming matchup against the San Francisco 49ers should provide a better opportunity for Pollard to shine.

“It was a disappointing output, but whatever… You’re not worried about Tony Pollard.”

Evaluation of the running back situation in New England 51:45

  • Despite insider reports of Ezekiel Elliott starting and getting more snaps, it was Rhamondre Stevenson who had more carries.
  • Stevenson outperformed Zeke, and this could impact Zeke’s usage moving forward.
  • The upcoming matchup against the New Orleans Saints will be challenging for Stevenson.

“Remandry still the guy… He has another very difficult matchup next week against the New Orleans Saints.”

Assessment of Miles Sanders‘ performance 52:14

  • Sanders struggled with a groin injury, and Chuba Hubbard outsnapped him.
  • It is advisable to move on from Sanders due to his inconsistent usage and performance.

Miles Sanders was struggling with the groin injury… You’ve got to move on.”

Miles Sanders downgrade 52:40

  • Miles Sanders was downgraded on Thursday, which made starting him a risky decision.
  • It would have been advisable to bench him for this week.

“I would not have wanted to start Miles Sanders after getting downgraded on Thursday.”

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Jerome Ford‘s performance 53:09

  • Jerome Ford had a difficult matchup in his first attempt, but he managed to score two touchdowns.
  • It’s challenging to gauge his true potential at this point, considering the horrible matchup and the broken offense.
  • It is more of a timeshare than expected, with Pierce Strong and Kareem Hunt also getting work.

Jerome Ford did have six targets, but it’s difficult to gauge his performance yet because of the horrifically bad matchup and the broken offense.”

Elijah Moore‘s negative 20-yard carry 54:32

  • Elijah Moore‘s play of running backwards and losing 20 yards was a boneheaded move.
  • Even though it was a terrible play, the team didn’t bench him.
  • This play was the last of the game, and there was no other choice but to keep going.

Elijah Moore should be highlighted for his one carry for negative 20 yards. It was one of the most boneheaded plays. He just kept going backwards.”

George Kittle‘s disappointment 58:31

  • George Kittle only had one target in the game, which was a super disappointing performance.
  • Most of the passing plays went downfield to wide open Brandon Iuk or were focused on Christian McCaffrey.
  • The lack of consolidation in the San Francisco 49ers‘ offense affects the performance of talented players like Kittle.

George Kittle had one catch in the game, and there is not a consolidation in the 49ers’ offense to have more than two of their talented players perform well at the same time.”

Alexander Mattison‘s strong rushing performance 59:31

  • Alexander Madison had another strong game on the ground, despite not scoring a touchdown.
  • Cam Acres was the backup, but Madison received plenty of opportunities.
  • He looked competent and had a nice game, showcasing himself as a starting running back.

“Alexander Madison had two very strong rushing performances and looks like a starting running back.”

Concerns about Dallas Goedert‘s performance 01:00:36

  • Dallas Goddard has only had two good games so far.
  • There is a chance he may fumble, which could negatively impact his performance.
  • If he fumbles, it could result in the emergence of Cam Acres as the main player.

“I’d rather play Dallas Goddard than chasing some new hotness off the waiver wire.”

Disappointing fantasy points for Dallas Goedert 01:00:42

  • Dallas Goddard’s fantasy points so far this season have been zero, five, 2.6, 6.6, and 3.5.
  • These numbers indicate poor performance on a weekly basis.

“I mean, that’s just terrible.”

Comparisons to other players 01:01:15

  • While Dallas Goddard may not be performing well, there are still players like Hunter Henry and Kyle Pitts who have potential.
  • Galician, a waiver wire option, could be a better choice than Goddard at this point.

“I think there are guys that started the year on waivers. They were probably picked up but they might have been picked up by the Dallas Goddard manager.”

Lack of utilization with a new offensive coordinator 01:01:40

  • Dallas Goddard’s poor utilization is concerning, especially with a new offensive coordinator.
  • The team’s undefeated status suggests that this may be the norm moving forward.
  • Kyle Pitts, on the other hand, is a consistent performer.

“This could just be the new norm and Kyle Pitts is here but he’ll be here every week.”

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Roster decisions and moving on from Kyle Pitts 01:02:05

  • It is suggested that Kyle Pitts should not be rostered and should be moved on from.
  • The recommendation is to treat him as any other player and make the right roster decisions.

“At what point do we downsize his pants? I think last year, I mean Kyle Pitts does not have big boy pants. Kyle Pitts should not be rostered and you move on Atlanta. Treat him, do it, do the right thing.”

“So that’ll do it for today’s show tomorrow. It is a waiver time. We got some big decisions that we will have to make a couple interesting running back targets.”

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