Week 3 Waivers + Andy’s Demise, Chubb Reaction

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Week 3 waiver wire pickups! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a handful of players to target in your leagues! Pickups to help you get a win this week, and important players to stash! Plus, a recap of the Monday Night doubleheader, NFL News, and QB Streaming options!  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 19th, 2023.

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Injury updates 01:09

  • The hosts mention that there have been a lot of injuries.
  • They focus on the Nick Chubb injury which was severe.
  • They commend the NFL for not showing the intense injury replay.

“Tons to talk about. We have injuries.” “The Nick Chubb injury was not one for the squeamish.” “I commend them for that.”

Nick Chubb‘s injury 01:35

  • The hosts discuss the severity of Nick Chubb‘s injury.
  • They mention it is the same knee he injured in college.
  • The details of the injury are not fully known, but it involves multiple ligaments.

“It’s bad catastrophic.” “It’s the same knee he completely destroyed back at Georgia.” “Multiple ligaments and everything in between.”

Deshaun Watson‘s performance 03:38

  • The hosts analyze Deshaun Watson‘s performance in the previous game.
  • They mention that he didn’t look like the same player as he was in Houston.
  • They discuss his poor passing numbers and decision-making.

“He doesn’t look like the same player.” “It looked to me like he’s just got the wrong software installed.” “He’s not seeing the field like you would hope he is.”

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Suspension possibility for Deshaun Watson 06:14

  • The hosts discuss the possibility of a suspension for Deshaun Watson.
  • They describe how he pushed a referee during the game.
  • They mention another incident where he grabbed another player’s face mask.

“A suspension is possible.” “He grabbed another dude by the face mask.”

Impact on fantasy football 06:20

  • The hosts address the impact of the potential suspension on fantasy football.
  • They mention the backup quarterback who would replace Watson if he is suspended.

“Dorian Thompson Robinson would be under center for the Browns.”

Najee Harris‘s performance 08:15

  • The hosts critique Najee Harris‘s performance so far this season.
  • They mention that he has been slow and struggles to gain yards.

“He is slow.” “73% of Najee Harris‘s opportunities have resulted in plays gaining two or fewer yards.”

“I’ve supported Najee. I thought he was phenomenal.”

Jaylen Warren’s Explosive Performance 09:03

  • Jayla Warren had a strong performance with four receptions for 66 yards through the air.
  • He showed great explosiveness and had a couple of first downs through sheer will.

“Jayla Warren on the other hand, four for 66 through the air. He’s very explosive.”

Disappointing Game and Andy’s Demise 09:26

  • The game was not enjoyable to watch and seemed chaotic.
  • Andy had a poor performance, completing only 50% of his passes.

“This was not a fun game to watch. The game sucks. They had no idea what they’re doing.” “He looked like can he pick it? He completed 50% of his passes. Both quarterbacks.”

Papa Josh’s Victorious Trade 09:48

  • The narrator laments losing because of George Pickens‘ performance.
  • Papa Josh, on the other hand, had a successful trade as he received Pickens who performed well.
  • This trade ultimately led to Papa Josh’s victory.

“Last night I had Olave and the Saints defense and Papa Josh had George Pickens. Easy peasy.” “I got that bum off my roster and I won and you took him on and you lost.”

Zack Moss’s Impact and Costly Trade 10:58

  • The narrator traded for Zach Moss, who ended up performing well with 20 points.
  • Unfortunately, the narrator lost the game by only five points, and had he played Kyryn Williams instead of Moss, he would have won.

“I traded for Zach Moss. Zach Moss was in my lineup. Zach Moss scored 20 points.” “I traded for the RB 10 and lost because of it.”

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Frustration with Fantasy Football 11:50

  • The narrator expresses frustration and claims fantasy football is mean and stupid.

“That is sometimes fantasy is just fun. It’s mean. Fantasy? No. It’s mean. Okay. Anyways, I lost. It’s stupid. Fantasy is stupid. No one should play it.”

Amari Cooper‘s Performance 12:03

  • Amari Cooper had a solid performance with 7 receptions for 90 yards.

Amari Cooper 7 for 90.”

Concerns about Bryce Young and Carolina Wide Receivers 13:59

  • Bryce Young‘s performance was underwhelming and he struggled with accuracy.
  • The narrator discusses starting options for Carolina wide receivers in a PPR league, mentioning that Adam Thiel is a solid choice.

Bryce Young looks outmatched. It’s why I targeted the Saints D.” “Pick a Carolina wide receiver that you have to start in a PPR league.”

Evaluation of Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard 14:16

  • Miles Sanders is facing challenges due to a struggling offense, but still receives good volume.
  • Chuba Hubbard has been performing well in limited opportunities and could start to impact Sanders’ workload.

“This offense can’t move the football at all. The volume is still good.” “Chuba’s, you know, he was only 36% week one, 37% of the snaps week two, but when he’s on the field, they’re using him.”

Outlook for Miles Sanders 14:21

  • The narrator suggests targeting Miles Sanders as a potential pickup due to his volume in the passing game.
  • Despite playing for a struggling offense, Sanders could still be a valuable fantasy asset.

“To me, he’s a target, not because I think he’s going to be special, but people are in need of running backs.” “To me, he’s a target, not because I think he’s going to be special, but people are in need of running backs.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good comp. You’ve got a little bit more explosive.”

Tony Jones Jr. and the New Orleans Running Back Situation 17:00

  • Tony Jones Jr. filled in for the injured Jamal Williams in the game and scored two touchdowns.
  • There was some confusion about Tony Jones Jr.’s full name, but he is the relevant player.

Tony Jones Jr. came in, scored two times.”

Injuries to Key Running Backs 20:19

“You got David Montgomery, Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb and Jamal Williams, all who went down as presumed starters.”

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Potential Impact of Quarterback Injuries on Wide Receivers 21:43

  • Joe Burrow‘s availability is uncertain, and Jake Browning could be the backup quarterback.
  • Despite the potential downgrade at quarterback, Tee Higgins and Jamar Chase are still playable due to their talent.

“But if Jake Browning is the quarterback, what do you do with Tee Higgins and Jamar Chase? Are you just taking the kind of like you just play them? I play them.”

Uncertainty Surrounding Austin Ekeler’s Return 24:04

  • Chargers head coach Brandon Staley mentioned that there is no timeline for Austin Eckler’s return from an ankle injury.
  • It is unclear when Eckler will be back, making his status indefinite for fantasy purposes.

“Chargers head coach Brandon Staley told reporters there is no timeline for Austin Eckler’s return from the ankle injury. But is he out indefinitely?”

Cam Akers and Jerome Ford 24:56

  • The hosts discuss whether it is worth holding onto Cam Akers to see where he lands.
  • They mention the possibility of Acres going to Cleveland, which would make holding onto him a good move.
  • However, it is noted that this possibility does not affect their view of Jerome Ford, whom they still recommend picking up.

“Currently, yes. Like what if he went to Cleveland? This way, especially because that is a possibility. I’m still going to go after Jerome Ford. But I would hold on to Cameron Acres.”

Assessing Running Backs 25:32

  • The hosts discuss the decision between keeping or dropping Cam Acres for Jerome Ford or other options.
  • They emphasize that the decision should be based on who else is available on the waiver wire.
  • They advise against dropping Acres simply because he is benched.

“If you needed that roster spot, sure, drop him. But you don’t just drop him because he’s benched.”

The Game Watching Dilemma 26:13

  • The hosts humorously discuss their decision to watch two games simultaneously on different TVs.
  • They explain that it was due to changing rooms and wanting to keep track of both games.

“I put the first game on when it started. I was just watching the game. And then I went to the living room. I put the same game on out in the living room because I changed rooms.”

Waiver Wire: Running Backs 27:26

  • The hosts suggest starting with running backs in the waiver wire discussion.
  • They highlight Jerome Ford as the top priority due to his strong performance and availability in most leagues.
  • They mention Kyren Williams as another valuable option, particularly for those in leagues where he is still available.

Jerome Ford is available in the majority of leagues. And so I think for the majority of people, he will be the number one…If you are in a league with Kyren Williams, he is above Jerome Ford. He is shockingly available in about 40% of leagues still.”

Jerome Ford‘s Performance 27:46

  • The hosts praise Jerome Ford‘s performance, noting that he was a workhorse in college and had 18 touches in his recent game.
  • They mention that he almost scored a touchdown after an impressive 69-yard run.

“He looked good. He was a workhorse in college. He had 18 touches…And the only reason he came off the field for the Pierre Strong touchdown was because he had just run, I believe, 69 yards and fell down.”

Evaluating Zack Moss and Jonathan Taylor 30:43

  • The hosts compare Jerome Ford to Zach Moss and discuss the potential return of Jonathan Taylor.
  • They express uncertainty about Moss’s role once Taylor returns from short-term IR.
  • They believe Jerome Ford is a safer option since they don’t anticipate the Rams adding another running back.

“Of course I would, but ask Mike. I genuinely would. I’ll take Jerome Ford because here’s the thing with Zach Moss…If Cleveland adds a player for the committee, Jerome Ford, I believe will still be the number one of the committee.”

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“I think in week five, Jonathan Taylor is playing football. Now it might not be for the Colts, but I think in week five, Jonathan, there’s a chance it will be.”

Waiver Wire Prioritization 31:58

  • Give listeners a structure for prioritizing waiver pickups.
  • Next three names in order.
  • Personal choice: Matt Burrida.
  • Saquon expected to miss three weeks, Burrida has true volume in that time.
  • Path for relevance in upcoming matchups against Seattle and Miami.

“I would prioritize Matt Burrida next.”

Including Justice Hill and Craig Reynolds 33:03

  • Is Justice Hill included in the discussion?
  • Assuming Hill and Gus Edwards are taken in most leagues.
  • Prioritize Hill over Burrida.
  • Reynolds vs. Burrida discussion is difficult.
  • Reynolds relevant in previous game, but uncertain volume in Detroit.

“I would take Justice Hill ahead of Matt Burrida because Justice Hill‘s the rest of the season.”

Stash Players vs. Spot Start Players 35:09

  • Two categories of players to pick up: stash and spot start.
  • Stash players: Roshan Johnson, Jalen Warren, Devon A. Chain.
  • Spot start players: Justice Hill, Gus Edwards, Matt Burrida, Craig Reynolds.
  • New Orleans running backs a tough situation.

“Like to me, that’s Roshan Johnson. That’s Jalen Warren. Those are players, Devon A. Chain, those are players that you put on your roster and you wait and see what happens.”

Kendre Miller as a Pickup 36:14

  • Kendrick Miller limited participant in practice, close to being active.
  • Opportunity with Jamal Williams injured and Alvin Kamara coming back.
  • More touches than Tony Jones if active.
  • Upside worth the risk.

“Kendrick Miller is a great player. And if Camero is not there and Jamal Williams is not there, Kendrick Miller, I think is someone that I would, you bet he would get more touches than Tony Jones.”

Targeting Kendre Miller 37:41

  • Not the top target, but should be on everyone’s pickup.
  • Aggressive with fab bids for Kyren Williams and Jerome Ford.
  • Would be willing to drop Cam Akers for top options.
  • Lean towards keeping Cam Akers over Kendrick Miller.

“But certainly Kendrick Miller, I believe should be on everybody’s pickup.”

The importance of Nico Collins and Tank Dell 40:32

  • Nico Collins is a valuable pick up with potential for relevance.
  • Tank Dell’s involvement does not negatively affect Nico Collins.
  • CJ Stroud‘s performance and game scripts offer opportunities for Nico Collins in Houston’s offense.
  • Spending around 10% of the fab budget on Nico Collins is reasonable.

“For me, I’m in on Nico. I believe he’s going to be a relevant flex style option. So I’m willing to spend around 10% of my fab.”

Evaluating other rookie wide receivers 42:42

  • Tutu Atwell has had two impressive game performances and is a second-round pick.
  • Undersized wide receivers, like Zay Flowers and Josh Downs, are getting involved in the NFL.
  • Josh Reynolds is worth considering due to a potential turf toe injury for Amon Rah St. Brown.

“Yeah, these tiny guys, little jitterbugs. You’ve got Zay flowers and Tank Dell and Tutu Atwell. Josh Downs.”

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Decision-making on wide receivers 44:20

Zay Jones for Nico, I would do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would do that.”

Rookie wide receiver rankings 46:31

  • Jayden Reed, Tank Dell, and Marvin Mims are worth considering among the rookies.
  • Marvin Mims‘ performance was impressive, but his low number of routes limits his current value.

Jayden Reed, Tank Dall, Marvin Mims. I love Marvin Mims. I love his talent.”

Stash Names and Injury Updates 47:03

  • Other players are already getting all the snaps and targets, so it may be better to look for other stash options.
  • Rashid Shahid is having another good week and is an electric player.
  • Monitor Odell Beckham Jr.’s ankle injury, although they say it won’t affect his availability.
  • Rashad Bateman becomes an intriguing player if Beckham is more injured than they are letting on.

“If somehow Beckham is more injured than they are letting on, Bateman becomes an intriguing type of player.”

Wide Receiver Options 47:40

  • Consider cutting Rashad Bateman for other wide receiver options.
  • Josh Reynolds could be a better start this week than Bateman.
  • Jaden Reed is another potential stash option over Bateman.

“I would rather start Josh Reynolds. And the real question to me is Jaden Reed. I think I’d rather stash Jaden Reed than stash Bateman.”

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Tight End Picks 48:25

  • Hunter Henry is the top pickup at the tight end position. He has been performing well and has a favorable matchup against the Jets.
  • Sam Laporta, a rookie tight end, is a player worth targeting.
  • Zach Ertz is relevant for fantasy, leading in targets and target share at the tight end position.

“I think he’s going to have a solid season. So he’s the number one pickup to me at the tight end position.” “Sam Laporta is a player you should be targeting.”

Other Tight End Options 52:27

  • Jake Ferguson caught a touchdown but has a limited ceiling.
  • Logan Thomas should be monitored as he is heavily involved in the offense and was on his way to a productive game before his injury.

“I’m concerned he’s just not good enough.” “Logan Thomas, there was a time when he was really relevant for fantasy.”

Controversial Drop Suggestions 50:59

  • Consider dropping Kyle Pitts for Zach Ertz, who has been consistently targeted and involved in the offense.

“You could do so much worse than Zach Ertz at tight end.” “Drop Kyle Pitts for Zach Ertz.”

Taysom Hill and Running Back Discussion 53:48

“When you get to run as the quarterback, you know, you get an extra blocker on the field and Taysom is a great athlete. So he is.”

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Waiver wire pickups 54:22

  • Taysom Hill is a good pickup if Kendray Miller, Jamal Williams, and Alvin Camara are not active.
  • Taysom Hill is listed as a tight end, but he will likely get carries in the game.

“I think a very good pickup because if Kendray Miller is not active and Jamal Williams is not active and Alvin Camara is not active, then I’m starting Taysom Hill in my tight end slot.”

Defensive streaming options 54:50

“Jacksonville plays Houston, but uh, which Jacksonville, they did okay. Uh, when you use them against, uh, Anthony Richardson, but CJ Strasz just throwing the ball so much that could turn into turnovers. If they are, but she has no interceptions. They’re too late. That’s crazy.”

Options for streaming quarterbacks 56:20

“My streaming quarterback of the week is Baker Mayfield taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. Let that kind of you hear Philadelphia and you lose your mind. And then you realize they are right now through two weeks, the number one matchup for fantasy quarterbacks. They have seven passing touchdowns allowed in two games. Baker has looked really good and he’s the third highest graded passer through two weeks and he has Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. And so I think there’s going to be more points here. The Eagles secondary is completely demolished.”

Update on DeShon Watson 58:12

  • DeShon Watson will not be suspended for making contact with a referee in the Browns Week two loss against the Steelers.

“Breaking news. Oh, no. The Washington Post reports that DeShon Watson will not be suspended for making contact with a referee for the Browns Week two loss against the Steelers.”

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Avoid dropping Justin Fields 01:00:43

  • It is advised to not drop Justin Fields as he has the potential to improve and has a unique fantasy skill set.

“Are you dropping Justin Fields? No, no way. Not for any of these guys. A lot of people are asking that question. Yeah. So that’s my answer. I would not if Justin Fields hit waivers in any league that I’m in, I would drop a ton of fab to pick him up.”

Valuable resources for consistent player analysis 01:02:43

  • The snapshot tool provides consistency for analyzing players over time.
  • Other valuable resources include season market share and target share.

“The snapshot tool and other resources help with consistent analysis of players over time.”


James Foster says:

I lost 146-142 last week due to the Jets D/ST Punt return to win the game.

I lost week 2 148-147 due to the Steelers D/ST game winning TD.

I hate fantasy 😂

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