Week 2 Studs, Duds, and Surprises!

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Lessons learned in Week 2! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason recap a wild Week 2 of NFL football! Who are true panic alarm players in fantasy football leagues? Plus, injuries updates, and a look ahead to Week 3 waivers & matchups! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 18th, 2023.

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Reflection on Week 2 and adjustments 03:16

  • The hosts discuss their perspective on Week 2 of the NFL season and the need for adjustments in fantasy football.
  • They mention the unpredictability of the NFL and admit they don’t have all the answers.
  • The hosts express their commitment to helping listeners navigate through the surprises and make necessary adjustments for championship success.

“I was driving into the office this morning and I kind of, you know, I look at week two a little bit like you glance out over the proverbial battlefield and you survey the damage.” “It gets into questions of draft loyalty to players… we learn a little bit more… then you make some adjustments.” “Anybody out there that says that they know everything that’s going to happen week to week in the NFL is a liar. That includes us.” “We don’t know… there’s been a lot of surprises and now it’s our job to help you make the adjustments, make the tweaks and propel yourself towards a Footclain championship, hopefully.”

Reactions from the Footclan 04:29

  • The hosts mention that the Footclan, their fanbase, has strong reactions to Week 2.
  • There are positive and negative reactions, with some players being praised and others mocked for poor performances.
  • The hosts share humorous wordplay reaction names for players.

“We surveyed the Footclan for their sophisticated reactions to the weekend.” “We’re back baby… And we’ve got some good and some bad on the Monday-Punday reactions.” “Zach Boss, Mike Evans, T.D. Higgins, T.J. Rockinson, Puka Nuclear… James Cooking, Jaffart Chase, scam acres, Calvin Diddley Squat… And Damien Tears.” “AJ Brown pants… It’s perfect because he had some brown pants on.”

AJ Brown and Devonta Smith discussion 06:06

  • The hosts discuss the performance of wide receivers AJ Brown and Devontae Smith in fantasy football.
  • They mention the frustration of Brown being less involved in his team’s offense.
  • There is optimism about AJ Brown‘s future performance, comparing him to DK Metcalf.
  • The hosts highlight the potential for Devontae Smith to have a strong season if he receives more touchdown opportunities.

“For the draft wide receivers not running back camp, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.” “AJ Brown is going to be great… I mean, go trade for him.” “This is very similar to the DK Metcalf Tyler Lockett situation… They’re very good wide receivers, but it’s their physical abilities… But for fantasy, that’s not always the one.” “If the touchdowns don’t go to AJ Brown, I mean, Smith’s going to ball out.”

Cam Akers news 07:51

  • The hosts discuss the surprising news that running back Cam Akers was a healthy scratch in Week 2.
  • They mention receiving this information shortly before kickoff.
  • The topic is not explored further in the selected captions.

“I think we found out, at least I found out about 12 minutes before the kickoff… It was a healthy scratch.”

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The Fantasy Footballers podcast 00:48

“Welcome in… Monday, September 18th, the Fantasy Footballers… Back with you… Apparently hat day… Every day is hat day… Every day is hat day when you don’t want to do your hair… Yeah, I find that near full-time hat day… Yeah, near full-time hat day… Wearing hats is great… It’s great.”

The Cam Akers Situation 08:08

  • Cam Akers was a healthy scratch and there are rumors that the Rams want to trade him.
  • Last year, there were reports of personal relationship and attitude issues with Akers.
  • It was previously reported that Akers’ healthy scratch had nothing to do with his attitude, but rather his performance in practice.

“When this happened, we felt like there just had to be something more. There had to be some kind of personal relationship issue or attitude problem.”

Kyren Williams‘ Performance 09:15

  • Kyren Williams played 96% of snaps in week two and is currently the RB2 in fantasy.
  • He has scored four touchdowns and has had a great number of targets.
  • Williams is expected to be a waiver pickup of the season in fantasy football.

“This is a player I hope you picked up on waivers because he’s going to be probably the waiver pickup of the season.”

Uncertainty with Cam Akers and Kyren Williams 09:43

  • The hosts discuss the unpredictable nature of the NFL and players’ performances.
  • They mention that last year there was a period where Akers was cuttable and a healthy scratch, but later became a dominant workhorse.
  • They don’t expect a similar turnaround for Akers, but acknowledge that unpredictable things can happen.

“Last year there was a period in time where Cam Akers was cuttable, unusable, healthy scratch. And then he went on to be the absolute dominant workhorse at the end of the year.”

Updates on Amari Cooper and Potential Replacements 10:20

  • Amari Cooper reaggravated his groin injury, making him questionable for Monday night football.
  • Elijah Moore is mentioned as a potential replacement for Cooper, having an opportunity as the number one wide receiver.
  • Alan Robinson and Calvin Austin are also suggested as potential waiver wire options to replace Cooper.

“If you have lost Amari Cooper and you’re looking for the waiver wire, you can look towards Alan Robinson or Calvin Austin who could be on the waiver wire and have opportunities.”

Saquon Barkley‘s Injury and MRI 11:18

  • Saquon Barkley exited the Cardinals game with a right ankle injury.
  • X-rays were negative, but he is having an MRI to determine the severity.
  • Barkley is not expected to play in the upcoming Thursday night football game against the 49ers.

Saquon Barkley exited the Cardinals game at the very end with a right ankle injury. X-rays were negative. He’s having an MRI on Monday. He’s not going to play this week.”

Concerns with Joe Burrow‘s Calf Injury 12:34

  • Joe Burrow aggravated his calf injury and it is expected to linger for multiple weeks.
  • Burrow’s mobility and ability to scramble are limited.
  • The Bengals’ offense has struggled, with players like Jamar Chase and Tee Higgins not performing up to expectations.

Joe Burrow aggravated the calf injury at the end of the game. Likely to linger for multiple weeks according to our injury expert, Matthew Betts. Minimal mobility out of the pocket for Burrow.”

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Fantasy Concerns with Joe Burrow 13:31

  • The hosts discuss the impact of Burrow’s injury on fantasy football.
  • Without the ability to scramble, Burrow’s fantasy production relies more on passing touchdowns and yardage.
  • They recommend considering alternative streaming options for fantasy managers with Burrow or Justin Fields.

Joe Burrow is going to be someone that you need to take a look at weekly matchups and you need to consider until he looks healthy and is dominating, which he will do. You don’t drop them, but you consider starts.”

Streaming Options for Quarterback 14:50

  • The hosts suggest streaming options such as Daniel Jones, Jared Goff, and Brock Purdy for fantasy managers seeking alternatives to Burrow or Fields.
  • Matchups against teams like the Cardinals or Seahawks make these quarterbacks appealing choices.

“Look at the matchup and say, ‘Oh, against Arizona, Daniel Jones should have a good game. Oh, he did.’ Jared Goff at home against Seattle. He should have a great game.”

Joe Burrow‘s potential absence 15:28

  • If Joe Burrow misses time, it will impact the fantasy football world.
  • The speaker mentions having Kirk Cousins as a replacement in their dynasty roster.
  • The opinion is that Kirk Cousins is not a reliable option.

“If Joe Burrow misses time, we will now lose two quarterbacks…Because you’re not capable of starting Kirk Cousins and having him perform.”

Craig Reynolds taking over for David Montgomery 16:06

  • David Montgomery exited the game with a quad injury.
  • The news is that it could take a few weeks for him to heal.
  • The impression is that Jamir Gibbs should have more opportunities.
  • It is noted that Craig Reynolds came in and took over Montgomery’s role.
  • Anecdotally, it is observed that they didn’t rely heavily on Gibbs.
  • The situation could change with planning and practice.

Craig Reynolds is now the David Montgomery for the team…That could certainly change with a week of planning and practice.”

Injury updates on Amon-Ra St. Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and Darnell Mooney 16:47

  • Almondo St. Brown got banged up a couple of times but kept playing.
  • He eventually passed after his toe and foot were examined.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. exited with an ankle injury, but it is not considered serious.
  • Darnell Mooney exited with a knee injury, also not serious and not relevant to fantasy players.

“Almondo St. Brown got banged up…but this is not considered serious…Darnell Mooney exited with a knee injury, not serious and not relevant to fantasy players.”

Concussion injuries to Davante Adams, Anthony Richardson, Jaylen Waddle, and Logan Thomas 17:42

  • Several players exited the game with concussion injuries.
  • The hit on Logan Thomas was described as ridiculous.
  • It is hoped that the player responsible will be suspended.
  • Logan Thomas managed to hold onto the football for a touchdown.

“The Logan Thomas hit was ridiculous…It is hoped that the player responsible will be suspended.”

Updates on players returning after exiting the game 18:07

  • Cap returned after a rib injury, briefly going to the locker room.
  • Brandon Iuk returned after a shoulder injury, reaggravating it later.
  • Chase Edmonds suffered a grade two MCL sprain and will miss time.

“Cap returned after a rib injury…Chase Edmonds…grade two MCL sprain, going to miss time.”

Studs, Duds, and Surprises! 22:52

  • The hosts discuss the utilization and performance of certain players in fantasy football.
  • They examine the split between Kyren Williams and Cam Acres, as well as the success of the Rams against the 49ers.
  • They mention upcoming matchups and the potential decision between Brian Robinson and Damian Pierce.

“So, and then, and then the same with Kyren Williams of what was the truth going to be with the actual split between him and Cam Acres?” 22:52

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Utilization and Trade Candidates 23:41

  • The hosts emphasize the importance of analyzing player utilization in fantasy football.
  • They highlight Josh Jacobs‘ impressive utilization, including targets and snap counts.
  • They suggest considering trading for Josh Jacobs due to his strong utilization.
  • In contrast, Damian Pierce has not been heavily utilized, with only 45-50% of snaps in each game.

“I think when we’re taking a look at the guys we drafted and how we stick to it versus what we’ve seen the first two weeks, we want to focus more on utilization.” 23:41

Quarterback Studs 24:45

  • The hosts discuss the standout performances of several quarterbacks in Week 2.
  • Daniel Jones had a great second half with 259 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown.
  • Kirk Cousins performed exceptionally well, making him the current number one quarterback in fantasy football.
  • Russell Wilson‘s monster game should be capitalized on as a trade high opportunity.

Daniel Jones, after being shut out in the first half with an interception and 62 passing yards, he went off in the second half. He had a great game in the second half, like an entire game in the second half.” 24:49 “The number one in football, 31 for 44, 364 and four for Kirk Cousins on Mike’s bench. The number one quarterback in fantasy football right now.” 25:25

Selling High on Russell Wilson 25:41

  • The hosts discuss the notion of selling high on Russell Wilson following his impressive Week 2 performance.
  • They express doubts about the overall state of the Seahawks’ offense and believe it may not be sustainable.
  • Mention is made of Russell Wilson‘s upcoming matchups against Miami and Chicago, which could be potential selling points.

“No. You, if people didn’t watch the game, okay, which I would blame no one for not watching that game. The, the mangers against Broncos. Can we be honest? We left. Yep. We, we, we left the studio with about what? Five minutes left in that game, trying to get home to the families. Yeah. I listened to it on the radio or whatever, but it’s like, yeah, I don’t need to watch the end of this game. We already knew what was going to happen.” 25:44

Other Quarterback Performances 27:18

  • Jalen Hurts had a bounce-back game despite the offense not looking great overall.
  • Josh Allen had a solid performance with 274 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • Geno Smith had a bounce-back game, suggesting potential value in deeper leagues.

Jalen Hurts. Bounce-back game. Offense doesn’t look great. Doesn’t matter. He’s going to score when you give him one yard and a push push.” 27:07

Wide Receiver Studs 29:37

  • The hosts move on to discuss standout wide receiver performances.
  • Nico Collins is mentioned as someone who will be talked about, along with Brian Robinson.

“Nico’s going to be talked about. Brian Robinson led the way. 18 for 87, two rushing touchdowns, two for 42 through the air.” 29:39

RB performances in Week 2 29:48

  • RB3 through two weeks
  • Looks faster this year compared to last year
  • Big challenge in the next two weeks

“And he’s the RB3 in fantasy through two weeks and looked, he looks faster this year than he looked last year.”

D’Andre Swift and Kenneth Gainwell split 29:59

  • Uncertainty in split between Swift and Gainwell
  • Guess that Swift will have slightly more than Gainwell

“DeAndre Swift, we talked about that Thursday night game. If you had to guess the split between Swift and Gainwell next, assuming Gainwell’s back, what’s your breakdown? I would guess Swift slightly more than Gainwell.”

Raheem Mostert‘s performance 30:20

  • RB5 through two weeks
  • Delivered in the first part of the season last year too
  • Great speed and ability to break away
  • Denver defense is tough, but they gave up a great game to Brian Robbs
  • Recommended to keep starting Mostert

“Rahim Mostert was 18 for 121 and two against the New England defense last night. He’s the RB5 through two weeks of the season. And he’s delivering. First part of the season was what he did last year as well.”

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Kyren Williams‘ performance 31:04

  • Big day with 14 rushes for 52 yards and one touchdown
  • 10 targets in the passing game
  • Played 96% of snaps
  • Limited options behind Williams if Acres is inactive

“Kyron Williams the big day, 14 for 52 and one on the ground, 10 targets for 10 targets to the area is the headline there. Yeah, six for 48 and a touchdown. He also played 96% of snaps. Their options behind Kyron Williams, if Acres is inactive is Royce Freeman, Ronnie Rivers and Ronnie Rivers Evans, the rookie Evans.”

Christian McCaffrey‘s dominance 32:12

  • 100% of snaps for the first time since 2019
  • No snaps for Elijah Mitchell
  • Impressed with McCaffrey’s performance in the game
  • Disappointed with only three targets

“Every play, a meaning bore of like three. He was mad when Debo got a handoff. Yeah. He got a couple in a row. Why aren’t you giving McAfrey a ball? You are so greedy. I think that there are many people out there who would agree with me. We all may have Christian McAfrey on our team.”

Bijan Robinson‘s standout performance 33:20

  • Impressive performance with 19 rushes for 124 yards
  • Made special plays throughout the game, showing explosiveness
  • No need to worry about Algiers as Falcons will run the ball a lot

“You know who looked great was B. John Robinson 19 for 124 on the ground. And I don’t think there was a player with a higher negative yards or two expectations. What’s the first one? Over expectation? Yeah. Negative 17 was Algiers number. Yeah.”

Rachaad White‘s trade value 34:46

  • Continues to produce solid games with 17 carries and five targets
  • Discussion on whether to trade him high or not
  • Difference in opinions among the hosts

“23 and a touchdown. Five targets, solid game, Philly next week. Are you trading Rashad White high, Mike? Probably not just because of, I mean, 72% of snaps, that amount of work, 17 carries with five targets. There are very few running backs that get that. I will absolutely be trading high because the week prior he also got that. He was 79% of snaps, 19 opportunities. So, Mike, you’re not trade high, Jason, you are.”

Zack Moss‘s performance 35:53

  • Played 98% of snaps
  • 18 rushes for 88 yards and a touchdown
  • Four targets in the passing game
  • Positive outlook for Moss going forward
  • Reference to a friendly rivalry among the hosts

“Zach Moss played, I believe, 98% of snaps, 18 for 88 and a touchdown. Four targets. Mike started the week. Zach Moss, he did what we hoped he would do. Everyone on my timeline just wants to know. They just want to know how I feel. And I feel great.”

Studs, Duds, and Surprises 44:09

  • The player had to be on the last few catches.
  • His body language indicated frustration with constantly being thrown to.
  • His hands are considered exceptional and impressive.
  • They are both lit and bruised.
  • He expressed fatigue from being tackled so often.
  • He requested passes to other players.

“Have you seen his hands? They’re lit and bruised. He’s so tired of being tackled. Can we please throw the ball to somebody else?” 44:09

Puka Nacua Emerging as a Key Player 44:25

  • The team attempted to throw the ball to Van Jefferson, but it was unsuccessful.
  • The ball was then thrown to Puka.
  • Puka is being viewed as a potential league winner.
  • He is considered incredible.
  • However, there is a concern of who will take on the wide receiver role when Cooper Cup returns.
  • Puka is seen as a likely candidate.
  • He has a similar body and route-running ability as Robert Woods.

“Puka looks like a league winner right now. He looks incredible. To me, I think it’s going to be Puka. Puka has the body for it. He looks very similar to Robert Woods.” 44:30

Matthew Stafford‘s Strong Performance 45:02

  • Matthew Stafford has a high completion rate of over 60%.
  • He is averaging over 300 passing yards per game.
  • Despite only throwing one touchdown so far, he has been impressive.
  • He had a good performance against the 49ers with 300 passing yards.
  • The Rams’ offense benefits from having multiple receiving options like Puka, Nukua, Tutu Outwell, Kyra Williams, Higbee, and Van Jefferson.
  • The offensive line has done a great job at protecting Stafford.

“When you bring Cooper Cup back and you have Puka and Nukua and you have Tutu Outwell and you have Kyren Williams in the passing game and Higbee and Van Jefferson. And the offensive line seems to be protected. Oh my gosh, they are.” 45:18

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Tank Dell and Josh Reynolds as Potential Standouts 45:43

  • Niko Collins had a great game with seven receptions for 146 yards and a touchdown.
  • Tank Dell emerged as a top wide receiver with 10 targets, seven receptions for 72 yards, and a touchdown.
  • He played on 79% of the snaps.
  • Josh Reynolds had a solid game with six receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown.
  • Tank Dell and Josh Reynolds should be considered as potential fantasy options.

“Tank Dell might be a real thing to be considering. He was the number one wide receiver in terms of snaps. He saw 10 targets, got seven catches for 72 and the score. Josh Reynolds had a bounce back game with six for 92 and a touchdown.” 46:01

Marvin Mims as a Promising Rookie 48:30

  • Marvin Mims, despite only running five routes, had two receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown.
  • He is a talented rookie.
  • While Mims should be picked up in fantasy leagues, starting him is risky due to limited playing time.

“You can pick him up and hope he gets more snaps going forward, but you can’t pick him up and start him.” 49:13

Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars’ Offense 50:46

  • Trevor Lawrence had a near-monster game with potential touchdowns that were narrowly missed.
  • The pass catchers like Zay Jones and Calvin Ridley were also close to scoring touchdowns.
  • Despite the frustration, the Jaguars’ passing offense should not be given up on.

“So don’t go away from the Jags.” 50:55

“There should have been three touchdowns and then it applies to the other players too. Zay Jones had, you know, one where they called it a touch and I think at first Calvin Ridley should have had a touchdown. They were just close.” 50:46

Tight end performances this week 51:05

  • Notable performances from tight ends this week include Hawkinson, Henry, Mark Andrews, Travis Kelsey, and Darren Waller.
  • Hunter Henry had a strong performance.
  • Trevor Lawrence had a disappointing game, completing only about 50% of his passes with no touchdowns.
  • Tua had a good start with 15 fantasy points in the first half but only ended with 14 for the game.
  • Jalen Waddle’s absence impacted Tua’s performance.
  • Justin Fields‘ performance was frustrating and he struggled to make plays.
  • Breece Hall and Josh Jacobs had underwhelming performances.

Hunter Henry looked good.”

Travis Etienne as a must-start 58:14

  • Travis ETN is highly recommended as a must-start player.
  • He is expected to perform well and contribute significantly to fantasy teams.

“Obviously Travis ETN will be a must, must, must start.”

Tank Bigsby‘s potential 58:18

  • Tank Bigsby could see more involvement in the next game if his team gets a big lead.
  • This suggests that Bigsby’s role may increase as the game progresses.

“But you could see Tank Bigsby, if they get up to a big lead, you could see him actually start getting involved next week.”

Potential injury to Travis ETN 58:26

  • There might be some injury concerns regarding Travis ETN during the game.
  • Although no concrete information is available at the moment, there were indications that he may have suffered a minor injury.

“If something happened to ETN injury-wise in the game… I remember something going on that he got shook.”

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Damian Pierce’s impressive performance 58:40

  • Damian Pierce gained 38 yards after contact in week two, demonstrating his resilience and ability to break tackles.
  • Despite finishing with only 31 rushing yards, Pierce showed potential and determination.

“Damian Pierce gained 38 yards after contact in week two… Damian Pierce finished with 31 rushing yards.”

Offensive struggles for Florida Gators 59:22

  • The Florida Gators’ offensive line and overall offensive scheme are facing challenges.
  • They need to find more innovative ways to get the ball to Damian Pierce, as he is often tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

“They have offensive line issues… They have scheme issues… They need more inventive ways to get the ball into Damian Pierce’s hands.”

Injury update on Travis ETN 59:30

  • Travis ETN experienced cramps during the game, but the severity and cause remain unclear.
  • It is uncertain whether the cramps affected his performance significantly.

“I found it ETN… He had the cramps.”

Disappointing performances by Josh Kelly and Drake London 59:44

  • Josh Kelly had a subpar performance with 13 rushes for 39 yards and only one target.
  • Similarly, Drake London‘s stats of 6 receptions for 67 yards with a touchdown, while decent, did not meet the criteria for being considered a stud in fantasy football.

“Josh Kelly 13 for 39 and a big wet fart for your fantasy team… 6 for 67 with a touchdown, man. That’s a stud.”

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Concerns about George Kittle‘s involvement 01:03:56

  • George Kittle‘s lack of involvement in the passing game despite Deebo Samuel‘s injury is disappointing.
  • It remains to be seen if Kittle will have a more significant role moving forward.

“That one was disappointing considering how Iuk was kind of banged up… It was all depot.”

Evaluating Dallas Goedert‘s performance 01:02:53

  • Dallas Gotter’s performance has been underwhelming in the first two weeks.
  • However, the overall offensive potential and Gotter’s talent suggest that he can bounce back.

“I’m not super concerned… Obviously, Dallas Gotter is talented… They made an effort to get him involved.”

“Through two weeks last year, 10 targets, four catches 38 yards… This year, eight targets, four catches 59 yards.”

Evaluating Kyle Pitts‘ fantasy value 01:02:48

  • Despite the hype and high draft position, Kyle Pitts has not lived up to expectations.
  • It is suggested that fantasy managers consider moving on from him.

“Oh, Kyle Pitts I would be moving along… Kyle Pitts should be hitting waivers.”

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“There is no potential for him.”

Kyle Pitts‘ historical stats for the first two weeks 01:01:25

  • Kyle Pitts‘ performance in the first two weeks of the previous season was also underwhelming.
  • This historical pattern suggests that Pitts may not be an immediate fantasy stud.

“Through two weeks last year, 10 targets, four catches 38 yards… This year, eight targets, four catches 59 yards.”

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