Week 14 Waivers & QB Streamers + Droppable Players

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Week 14 Waiver Wire! On today’s fantasy football podcast, pickups at each position for Week 14 and the fantasy playoffs! Plus, drop candidates, QB streamers, and a recap of Monday Night Football! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 5th, 2023.

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Recap of Monday Night Football Game 01:01

  • Eventful game with unexpected results.
  • Impressive performance by Jake Browning.
  • Discussion about the Bengals’ play-calling and strategy.
  • Injury to Trevor Lawrence.

“We survived a very eventful Monday Night Football game. There were many matchups that we thought were over. Then Jamar Chase happened and Travis Etienne happened and Evan Ingram happened and Joe Mixon happened.” 01:01

Analysis of Jake Browning‘s Performance 01:28

  • Impressed with Jake Browning‘s performance as backup quarterback for the Bengals.
  • Insight into Zack Taylor’s coaching decisions and strategy.

“The way the game starts, it’s like terrible runs and then all the and I think there was three catches to Jamar Chase each for a yard each and it was for each. It was good…Dude, it was so weird…Jake Browning I thought that Zack Taylor would unleash last week…Here’s Jake Browning numbers from last night 32 for 37. Very nice. 354 and 1″ 01:28

Injury Update on Trevor Lawrence 03:33

  • Ankle injury to Trevor Lawrence.
  • Uncertainty about his return for the upcoming games.

“We had an injury to Trevor Lawrence, an ankle injury that took him off the field. He’s still walking to the locker room…Trevor Lawrence is injury. It’s an ankle sprain. He was rolled up last year I believe came back fairly quickly but next week might be ambitious.” 03:33

Waiver Rankings and Update 04:16

  • Waiver rankings available on the fantasyfootballers.com.
  • Updates and new names added to the rankings.
  • Discussion about Zay Jones and his potential as a waiver pickup.

“We have waiver rankings on the site the fantasyfootballers.com. They were being updated all throughout yesterday and today including a couple new names this morning…Zay Jones had a good game in and of himself last night…Trevor Lawrence goes down and then he trickles down my waivers a little bit.” 04:16

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Disappointing Performances and Injuries 07:46

“Another disappointing player from last night’s game it wasn’t just the Christian Kirk let down but Calvin Ridley had the exact same amount of yards as Christian Kirk on eight targets and an entire game…Dearness Johnson didn’t get any work it was all Travis ETN…T Higgins it wasn’t a good game in his first game back.” 07:46

Injuries and player updates 09:50

  • Pukinakua has a sprained AC joint from a game incident and will likely be out for a while.
  • Pukinakua described feeling like he was in bad shape but is tough and will continue playing.
  • Derek Carr is in concussion protocol for the second time in a month.
  • Tank Dell underwent season-ending ankle surgery. The injury is more severe than originally thought.

“Pukinakua has a sprained AC joint and will be out for a while.”

Uncertainty around Zach Wilson‘s status 11:34

  • Reports suggest that the Jets want Wilson to be the starter again, but he may not be willing.
  • There are conflicting reports about Wilson’s decision, including a conversation with Rodgers.
  • The drama around Wilson’s status has been entertaining, but it seems likely that he will start for the Jets.

“I think we see Zach Wilson starting for the Jets this weekend.”

Assessment of the Jets and Zach Wilson‘s return 13:19

  • The Jets are not a good team and unlikely to make the playoffs.
  • Wilson’s return may benefit Garrett Wilson, but overall, the offense is a disaster.
  • It’s an opportunity for Zach Wilson to showcase his skills, especially if he is looking for a job next year.

“We’re not going to see Aaron Rodgers, the Jets are not a good enough team.”

Priority waiver wire pickups 15:21

  • Ezekiel Elliott is a top pickup with Ramon Dre expected to miss a few weeks.
  • Keaton Mitchell and Tajye Spears are heavily rostered and should be monitored.
  • DJ Dallas could be a sneaky pickup given the situation in Seattle with injuries to other running backs.
  • Roshan Johnson and Ty Chandler have low roster percentages and could be available after their bye week.

“If you need a running back, be trying to pick up Zeke in every league he’s available.”

Roshan and Khalil Herbert 19:21

  • The Chicago Bears may benefit by giving Roshan more opportunities to evaluate him for the future.
  • It seems that the team doesn’t view Ante Forman or Herbert as their long-term options.
  • Roshan had a chance to be more involved than Herbert in the previous blowout game, but it’s unclear if that was due to resting the starter or a permanent change.
  • The Detroit Lions have been weak against the run in recent weeks.
  • Between Roshan and Herbert, it’s a tough decision, but I lean towards Ty Chandler due to the better matchup and his top-end speed.

“I think I’m gonna go with Ty Chandler, I think the matchup against the Raiders is a better one on the ground. Whereas with Roshan, he’s looked very good but he needs the volume.”

Washington Commanders RB Situation 20:53

  • The Washington Commanders have Brian Robinson dealing with a hamstring injury and Gibson on bye.
  • Gibson is worthy of a roster spot due to his heavy usage in recent games, including being targeted in the passing game.
  • Gibson’s snap percentage was one of the highest of the season, and he should continue to be involved after the bye week.
  • Chris Rodriguez Jr., who had seven carries in the last game, is a secondary option to consider for those not in immediate need of a player.

“But Chris Rodriguez, the week he’s gonna probably be picked up this waiver cycle, so you won’t be able to get him next week more than likely, and there is a strong possibility that he’s a pretty good play next week.”

Patrick Taylor and the Green Bay Packers 23:18

  • With Aaron Jones injured, there is a chance Patrick Taylor could be relevant if Dillon needs a break.
  • It’s uncertain when Aaron Jones will return, so Taylor’s value depends on that.
  • However, Taylor has not shown enough to be of immediate interest.

“There’s a chance that Aaron Jones is back. Aaron Jones didn’t play. Aaron Jones already didn’t play and he got two carries, so I’m not interested in Patrick Taylor.”

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Devin Singletary and Drop Candidates 23:47

  • Singletary has become a drop candidate for some fantasy managers.
  • While he may have upside, his usage has returned to pre-injury levels and is less appealing.
  • Singletary’s snap percentage dropped to 46% and he had only nine opportunities in the last game.
  • However, there may be better options available before considering dropping Singletary.

“He plummeted back down to 46% of the snaps, nine opportunities…I don’t know if you want to drop him because of what he can become, and it’s a plus matchup with the Jets.”

Wide Receiver Ads: Jayden Reed, Romeo Doubs, and Dontayvion Wicks 26:29

  • Jaden Reed and Romeo Dobbs are top waiver wire targets at wide receiver.
  • They both have the potential to benefit from a consolidation of targets and have favorable upcoming matchups.
  • Reed has been performing well recently, scoring touchdowns and seeing carries in addition to receiving yards.
  • Dobbs is also an attractive option, especially considering the upcoming slate of favorable matchups.
  • Another widely available option is Don Tavion Wicks, a fifth-round rookie who has shown flashes.

“Honestly, I probably have Dobbs higher than Reed. I have Reed higher than Dobbs… Jaden Reed… 13 fantasy points, 17 fantasy points, 16.9 fantasy points.”

Big Plays and Next Man Up 28:08

  • Wicks is the next man up if Watson has to miss playing snaps.
  • Wicks is the downfield guy for the team, with a high yards per catch.

“Wicks is an interesting name to pay attention to…he had a yards per catch of 30.3 a couple weeks ago”

Droppable Players 28:47

  • Curtis Samuel going into the buy could be dropped, while Terry McLaurin and John Dodson are injured.
  • Noah Brown is still rostered due to being placed on IR last week, but there is a lot of risk associated with him.

Curtis Samuel going into the buy could be dropped…Pay attention.”

Potential Pickups 29:43

  • Jalen Hyatt and Zay Jones are potential pickups, with Hyatt’s snap counts rising and Jones having a good performance.
  • Hyatt, the rookie wide receiver for the Giants, has shown promise and is worth considering in deeper leagues.

“When we’re talking my favorite actually available player it’s between Jalen Hyatt and Zay Jones…he is a player that in deeper leagues I am looking to add.”

Jonathan Mingo 31:32

  • Jonathan Mingo, playing for Carolina with a new coaching staff, had a strong performance with increased targets.
  • Mingo’s target share has been increasing steadily over the past month.

Jonathan Mingo…had 10 targets…if it’s Joe Flacco against the Jags…I think Elijah Moore is an intriguing player.”

Drop Candidates 35:36

  • Hollywood Brown, dealing with a heel injury, is not playable in the upcoming games and can be dropped.

“Hollywood Brown at this point…you’re just dropping a landmine for somebody else.”

Dropping Marquise Brown 37:07

  • It may be a good idea to drop Hollywood Brown and let someone else deal with him.
  • While there is a potential for him to perform well in the future, it will take a few weeks for him to get there.
  • It’s important to be willing to pivot and make changes to your roster to give yourself a shot at a fantasy football title.

“If you lock in what you think you’re going to be doing with your roster, it can be a detriment.”

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Terry McLaurin as a potential drop 39:22

  • Consider dropping Terry McLaurin as his upcoming schedule is not favorable.
  • He hasn’t been getting enough targets to be a reliable fantasy player.
  • While it may be painful to drop him, it’s important to make realistic moves to increase your chances of winning.

“You have to be a realist at this stage in the season to give yourself a shot at a fantasy football title.”

Adam Thielen‘s decline 41:38

  • Adam Thielen‘s performance has declined in recent weeks.
  • Changes in play calling and the team’s offense have affected his production.
  • Considering the trend, it may be wise to drop him for a player with more upside.

“You went from Frank Reich to his offensive coordinator to Frank Reich to both fired to a new play caller. So sure, your offense is going to be changing.”

Tight end pick-ups 43:25

“He [Isaiah Likely] is easily the best pick-up this week.” “I like the Brevin Jordan pick-up. I think it’s a good play.”

Defensive options 45:21

  • The Texans defense is a good option, especially if Zach Wilson is the quarterback for the Jets.
  • Other potentially favorable match-ups include playing against the Giants or a turnover-prone quarterback.

“I like the Texans. I love that match-up.” “If it’s Zach Wilson at quarterback for the Jets, then I would rather play against Danny DeVito and the [Philadelphia] Eagles.”

Debate on Quarterback Matchups 46:09

  • Zach Wilson put up 612 points before being benched.
  • DeVito had a better performance than Wilson.
  • The debate includes factors like DST scoring, sacks, and fumbles.
  • Both matchups, Green Bay against the Giants and Houston against the Jets, have potential.
  • Green Bay’s defense has been more consistent than Houston’s.
  • New Orleans Saints defense is a strong option, facing the Giants and Carolina.
  • Jamis Winston has the potential to negatively impact the Saints defense.
  • The Detroit Lions defense has a favorable matchup against Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears.
  • The Raiders defense has been improving and could be a good option against the Minnesota Vikings.

“Green Bay’s defense has been on more of a streak, they’re better than Houston’s so I understand that argument.”

“I think that one of the best defenses of the week is gonna end up being the Detroit Lions.”

“The Raiders defense has been playing better of late.”

Streamer Quarterback Picks 48:17

  • Russell Wilson is a top streaming quarterback choice.
  • Wilson is facing the Los Angeles Chargers, who have struggled against quarterbacks.
  • Russell Wilson‘s play-action deep passes align well with Seattle’s offensive strategy.
  • Gardner Minshew and Jake Browning are alternative streaming options.
  • Minshew faced Cincinnati and has potential for a high-scoring game.
  • Browning had a strong performance against the Colts and has T Higgins as a weapon.

“I like that he’s playing the Los Angeles Chargers who are 28 against quarterbacks.”

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Gardner Minshew looked okay last week and now is playing against Cincinnati.”

“Browning looked competent and looked good against a team that I believe if the Jags had won, they would have been the number one seed in the AFC.”

Unpredictability in Streaming Quarterbacks 49:25

  • Gardner Minshew and Jake Browning have the potential to be unpredictable streaming choices.
  • Minshew can finish anywhere from 27th to 3rd in quarterback rankings.
  • Browning’s performance against the Colts shows his ceiling.
  • Availability of quarterbacks on the waiver wire is decreasing rapidly.

Gardner Minshew can finish 27th at the position or he can finish third.”

“Browning looked competent and looked good against a team that I believe if the Jags had won, they would have been the number one seed in the AFC.”

“I mean, are we at the point now where next year we’re gonna tell people to draft two quarterbacks and a one quarterback league the way that they’re dropping like flies?”

Recommendations and Availability 51:41

  • Jordan Love is highly recommended if not already rostered.
  • Jake Browning is widely available and can be a good option against the Colts.
  • Availability of quarterbacks on the waiver wire is decreasing rapidly.
  • The Fantasy Footballers website has complete waiver wire rankings.

“If for some reason Jordan Love is not rostered, take him above all three of these quarterbacks.”

Jake Browning is available in many leagues and I think he has the best chance at getting an actual ceiling game.”

“You can see all of our waiver wire rankings on the fantasy footballers dot com.”

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