Week 13 Waivers & QB Streamers + JTT Troubles, Crazy Like a Fox!

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Week 13 Waiver Wire and Jonathan Taylor news! On today’s fantasy football podcast, make a playoff push with waiver pickups at each position! Plus, QB streamers, injury updates, and a recap of Monday Night Football! What does the future hold for Justin Fields? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 28th, 2023.

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Discussion on Monday Night Football Game 00:40

  • The hosts discuss the recent Monday night football game, which was widely regarded as one of the worst games ever.
  • Joshua Dobbs had a poor performance, throwing four interceptions.
  • The play calling and design were questionable, with many sideways and backwards passes.

“It was real bad… It was the pumpkining of Joshua Dobbs.”

Justin Fields‘ Future with the Chicago Bears 04:51

  • The hosts discuss Justin Fields‘ future with the Bears.
  • They believe there is no chance he will be the starting quarterback for the Bears next season.
  • They mention the possibility of Fields being traded to a team that can better utilize his skill set.

“No chance… You cannot roll into the third try here.”

Uncertainty around Justin Fields‘ Future 08:01

  • The hosts express discomfort with Justin Fields‘ future in Dynasty leagues.
  • They speculate that Fields may be traded to a team that believes they can work with him.

“You’re feeling uncomfortable with Justin Fields, the security of his future.”

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Roschon Johnson‘s Performance 08:15

  • Roshon Johnson had a standout performance in the Monday night game.
  • He was heavily involved in both the running and receiving game and looked good.
  • The hosts believe he deserves more opportunities moving forward.

“My biggest takeaway was Roshon Johnson. Yes, very, very involved.”

DJ Moore‘s Performance 08:58

  • DJ Moore had a solid performance, with 11 receptions for 114 yards on 13 targets.
  • Despite Justin Fields‘ struggles, Moore continues to produce.

DJ Moore keeps performing with Justin Fields.”

Disappointing Performances 09:04

  • Josh Dobbs had a disappointing game, throwing four interceptions.
  • Jordan Addison and the Minnesota play calling were also mentioned as disappointments.

“The Josh Dobbs experience was not good there… The play calling for Minnesota was so confusing to me.”

Alexander Mattison‘s Running Performance 09:14

  • Madison had some impressive burst runs.
  • The team made a mistake by running Madison on stretches to the outside.
  • Ty Chandler, who is small and fast, should have been put on the outside.
  • Dobbs threw the ball 32 times when he should have only thrown it around 18 times.

“Madison has some juice given the ball.”

Injury Updates 12:12

“There’s a chance that the Saints have no one.”

Alvin Kamara Reception 13:00

“I don’t know what the line is on Alvin Kamara receptions.”

Baker Mayfield‘s Ankle 13:30

  • Baker Mayfield‘s ankle MRI came back negative.
  • The speaker expects him to play against Carolina.

Baker Mayfield‘s ankle MRI came back negative.”

Tim Boyle as a Backup Quarterback 13:45

  • The speaker is starting Tim Boyle as a backup quarterback in their dynasty league.
  • This is because Josh Allen is on a bye week and Baker Mayfield was the speaker’s other backup.
  • Kyle Trask may have been a better solution, but the speaker didn’t check if he was available.

“I am starting Tim Boyle as a backup quarterback.”

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Amari Cooper‘s Rib Injury 14:13

  • Amari Cooper‘s rib X-rays came back negative.
  • The speaker is uncertain if he will be back on the field.

Amari Cooper‘s rib X-rays were negative.”

Joe Flacco‘s Potential Impact 14:17

  • If Joe Flacco plays, the speaker believes Amari Cooper will have a good game.
  • There are doubts about Flacco’s abilities based on his previous performances.

“If Flacco plays, I think Amari Cooper has a good game.”

Tee Higgins‘ Potential Return 15:50

  • T. Higgins could potentially play this week according to coach Zach Taylor.
  • There are concerns due to the backup quarterback Jake Browning.

“T. Higgins could play this week.”

Tee Higgins‘ Future in Cincinnati 16:40

  • The speaker doesn’t believe T. Higgins will return to Cincinnati as a free agent.
  • Wide receivers are in high demand in the free agent market, making it unlikely for him to stay.

“I don’t think T. Higgins will go back to Cincinnati.”

Week 13 Waivers & QB Streamers 16:52

  • There is speculation that Jonathan Taylor might sit out the rest of the season and still receive a big contract offer.
  • The hosts discuss a potential connection between Garrett Wilson and Joe Flacco.
  • They mention Cooper Kupp‘s performance and discuss the impact of his rib injury.
  • The hosts express concern about Cooper’s rib injury and how it might affect his playing style.
  • There is mention of possibly good odds with PJ Walker as a replacement quarterback.

“He probably gets a big bag from someone even if he sits out the rest of the season.” 16:52 “The rib injury is concerning though because Cooper is, he’s a downfield guy.” 17:08

Dallas Goedert‘s Injury 17:26

  • There is talk about whether Dallas Goedert will be able to play against the 49ers.
  • The hosts express caution about putting Goedert in fantasy lineups due to his arm injury.

“We’ll push to play this weekend against the 49ers.” 17:26 “I won’t be pushing to put him into my lineup.” 17:32

Assessing the Severity of a Forearm Fracture 17:34

  • The hosts discuss the unique situation with Dallas Goedert‘s fractured forearm.
  • They question whether the fracture has fully healed or if it could be managed with a brace.
  • The hosts admit their lack of medical expertise and plan to consult with doctor friends.

“Fractured forearm, never went on IR… Possible to play this week.” 17:36 “I mean, healed enough maybe and then you can wear a brace or something.” 17:52

Spot Start Opportunities 19:51

  • The hosts dive into the topic of spot start waiver pickups for fantasy football.
  • Jeff Wilson Jr. is mentioned as a potential high-value pickup.
  • Keaton Mitchell and his potential for increased involvement are discussed.

“The lowest rostered player anywhere near the top of our waiver rankings seems to be the Jeff Wilson Jr. situation in Miami.” 20:23 “I’m picking up Keaton Mitchell.” 21:45

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Running Back Spot Start Options 22:26

“Zeke is… the choice for me.” 23:26 “I think Chuba, if he’s somehow out there, would be in that same category for me.” 23:32

Broncos hot streak 24:10

  • The Denver Broncos have won the most games in a row in the NFL right now, after starting one and five.
  • This turnaround in the season has been a relief for Broncos coach Sean Payton.

“The Broncos, they’re six and five now…they’ve won the most games in a row of anybody in the NFL right now.”

Broncos division standing 24:38

  • The Broncos are currently second in their division, ahead of the Buffalo Bills.
  • The Chargers and the Raiders are below them in the division.

“So they’re second in the division then, right? Because the Chargers are below them and then the Raiders are below them, right?”

Running back Dameon Pierce‘s value 25:00

  • The hosts discuss dropping running back Damien Pierce for other players on waivers.
  • They don’t think dropping him for the available options is necessary, as he is in the same category of spot start as those players.

“So would you drop Damian Pierce for any of those guys?…No. I don’t think so. I mean, I think he fits in the same category of spot start as those guys…I agree completely.”

Situation with Pierce and Mitchell 25:19

  • Although Damian Pierce has been getting work, the hosts consider dropping him for Keith Mitchell if he is not needed this week.
  • This decision is based on Mitchell potentially having more opportunity and being in a stronger position.

“I might drop Pierce for Keith Mitchell assuming I don’t need Damian Pierce this week…That makes sense.”

Assessing Pierce and Singletary 25:34

  • There is uncertainty around Damian Pierce’s role due to his ankle injury.
  • Prior to his injury, Devin Singletary was already taking a larger share of the workload, indicating a positive outlook for Singletary.

“Yeah, they’re still a lot to watch because Pierce was just coming back from his ankle injury…Before he got hurt, Singletary was already kind of starting to take the over the times share…it was still very positive for Singletary.”

Disappointing and best picks 26:27

  • One host shares their worst pick of the season, which was Damian Pierce due to the expectations based on preseason and his subsequent inefficiency and injury.
  • Another host mentions Cooper Kupp as a disappointing pick due to injuries and inconsistent performances.

“For me, like in our actual drafts, well, in our drafts or like any draft that you’ve done, like who was the worst pick? And to me, my answer was Damian Pierce…The one that has hurt me the most…was Cooper Kupp…he’s had disappointing games.”

Breaking news: Jonathan Taylor injured 28:08

  • Breaking news is shared that Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has suffered a thumb injury, putting his status in doubt going forward.
  • The hosts discuss Zach Moss as a potential top pickup of the week due to this news.

“Colts running back, Jonathan Taylor, fresh off…suffered an injured thumb that is requiring further evaluation and puts his status in doubt going forward…Number one pick up of the week…Zach Moss.”

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Evaluating pick-up strategy 29:25

  • The hosts discuss whether dropping Damian Pierce for Elijah Mitchell or Zach Moss would be a viable strategy if owners have other running back options.
  • They conclude that depending on roster depth and the availability of other running backs, picking up Mitchell or Moss could be a smart move.

“If I have at least one other running back pivot option, I think that’s the right move…I think that’s the smartest move…That’s the league-winning move because Mitchell would win you the league.”

Titans potentially involving Spears 30:47

  • The hosts mention that there have been reports of the Titans attempting to get Tajae Speres more involved in the offense.
  • However, they express skepticism after seeing him receive only two carries recently.

“There was…someone from the Titans was saying we’re still trying to figure out how to get Tajie Spears more involved…That’s a really weird statement after giving a guy two carries.”

Favorable matchup for Derrick Henry 31:04

  • The hosts note that the matchup for Tennessee Titans running back Derek Henry is favorable this week, despite potential concerns for running backs facing the team.

“The matchup this week is so good for Derek Henry.”

Best running back matchup 31:05

  • The Indianapolis schools have been a good target for running backs recently.
  • On the season, they are ranked 26th in defending the run.
  • But over the last few weeks, they have shown improvement.
  • Zach Moss is the top waiver pickup for running backs this week.

“I mean, it’s the best running back matchup you can find pretty much.”

Zack Moss as a pickup 31:20

  • Zach Moss is the top waiver pickup this week.
  • Depending on the news about his workload, he may not be worth a big faab drop.
  • But if he gets all the work, he will dominate.

“But this is why you save some of your faab moments like this. Because Zach Moss will dominate if he gets all the work.”

Wide receiver waiver wire pickups 32:28

  • Rashi Rice had a breakout performance with eight catches for 107 yards and a touchdown.
  • Rashod Bateman, Christian Watson, and Jaden Reed are other options to consider.
  • Brandon Cooks is a great target given the way Houston’s offense is performing.

“I mean, Nicole Hardman was huge for Rashi Rice and they got him involved eight for 107 and a touchdown.”

Rashee Rice‘s performance 32:57

  • Rashi Rice had a breakout performance with eight catches for 107 yards and a touchdown.
  • The combination of injuries and distribution issues in the Giants’ offense could impact his consistency moving forward.

“The nice thing is, does this performance change your perspective at all? It does a little bit because of the combination of… Tony and McColl Hardman being out.”

Jayden Reed vs Christian Watson 34:56

  • Jaden Reed and Christian Watson are both good options on the waiver wire.
  • Reed has been more consistent, while Watson has a higher ceiling.
  • Watson’s matchup against Snead is concerning this week.

“I think if they were both there, I mean, it depends on what you’re going for, right? Like the ceiling is higher on a… Watson ceiling game, but I feel like the consistency is much more on Jaden Reed side.”

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Brandin Cooks as a pickup 35:27

  • Brandon Cooks is a great option to target.
  • Since week six, he has had four big games with double-digit fantasy points.
  • With favorable upcoming matchups, Cooks could be the best pickup of the group.

“Brandon Cooks to me, if he’s out there, might be the best pickup of everyone mentioned.”

Curtis Samuel and other options 36:24

  • Curtis Samuel had a strong performance with nine catches for 100 yards.
  • But the distribution in Washington’s offense makes him less reliable.
  • There are other under 50% rostered options that may be safer plays.

Curtis Samuel is a fine play, but you just can’t. He’s not really been the one omitted.”

“If you tell me that Curtis Samuel gets 10 targets and Johan Dotson gets one next week, or you tell me Curtis Samuel gets one and Johan Dotson gets 10…every week, you know, Sam House thrown in a ton.”

Curtis Samuel and other wide receiver options 37:44

Curtis Samuel against Miami or?”

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Deciding on wide receiver options 38:48

  • Curtis Samuel has been decent in games with good snap counts.
  • Greg Dorch may be worth considering with eight and nine targets in the last two weeks.
  • Noah Brown is inactive.
  • Lynn Bowden could step in as an option.

“I mean, I wouldn’t go Dorch, but maybe you could Dorch it.”

Evaluating Diontae Johnson‘s performance 39:14

  • Deontay Johnson is considered a drop candidate.
  • He appeared disengaged during a fumble play and got in a fight with Minkov Fitzpatrick.
  • Despite these concerns, he has been performing better as the WR39 on the season.

“Because I mean, he’s in the drop candidates.”

Chris Godwin‘s underwhelming performance 40:23

  • Chris Godwin has been inconsistent with low fantasy points in the last few weeks.
  • Despite being targeted, he has been irrelevant.
  • His recent performance suggests it’s time to look for other options.

“In his last 14 games, one touchdown.”

Considering dropping T Higgins 41:14

  • T Higgins could be dropped due to ongoing injuries and uncertainty with Burrow’s return.

“You’re not getting burrow back.”

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The pain of rostering T Higgins 42:19

  • While T Higgins is a talented player, his injury history has been frustrating.
  • His potential return for next season brings up a discussion of whether to bet on him or not.

“I mean, he’s young enough to where, I don’t know, you’re going into next season, like we did the dance with McCaffrey’s injury history, right?”

Mike’s roster with his favorite players 43:05

  • A discussion about players Mike has been a fan of, including T Higgins.
  • T Higgins is often injured, causing frustration for his fantasy owners.

“He just makes me look the fool every time.”

Coaches not reviewing touchdowns 43:45

  • Frustration over coaches refusing to review clear touchdown plays.
  • A specific example with Clyde Edwards-Alair’s touchdown, which was initially overturned and then upheld after review.

“What is going on with coaches refusing to review touchdowns this year?”

Waiver Wire Pickups 44:03

  • Discussing the strategy of using waiver wire pickups strategically for fantasy football.
  • Mentioning the importance of timing in making these pickups.

“We’ve seen plays where they get in… Maybe we got it.”

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JSN as a Drop Candidate 44:29

  • Mentioning JSN as a potential drop candidate due to his recent performance and upcoming tough matchups.
  • Explaining that JSN is not likely to be a league winner this year.
  • Discussing the idea of dropping JSN if better options are available.

“People were talking about the JSN catch… No, not this year.”

Pat Friarman as a Top Tight End Pickup 46:00

  • Discussing Pat Friarman as a top tight end pickup for the week.
  • Highlighting his increased integration into the Steelers’ offense and productive performance.
  • Discussing the favorable matchup against Arizona Cardinals.

“Pat Friarman takes the cake this week… He might be the number one pickup across all positions.”

Joann Johnson as a Fantasy Start 48:26

  • Considering Joann Johnson as the second-best tight end pickup for those in need of a start.
  • Noting the lack of other viable receiving options in his team.
  • Highlighting his target share in the previous game and potential utilization going forward.

“There’s no one to throw the ball to… If you’re telling me I can bank on my tight end having five receptions, that’s good enough for me off the waiver wire.”

Tucker Kraft as a Deep League Option 49:02

  • Mentioning Tucker Kraft as a deep league tight end pickup.
  • Noting his touchdown catch for the Packers.
  • Pointing out the uncertainty surrounding the injuries of other tight ends in the team.

Tucker Kraft, he caught a touchdown for the Packers… I’m not Jules Verne, but Tucker Kraft, he’s a name.”

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Considerations for Defense Pickups 49:26

  • Discussing the challenges of planning ahead and holding multiple defenses during bye weeks.
  • Highlighting the need to assess other potential pickups and the risks involved.
  • Advising caution in chasing big defensive performances from previous weeks.

“Everyone else you pick up, you’re playing roulette… They’re really not against Cleveland.”

Ravens Defense and Matchup Considerations 49:41

  • Discussing the Baltimore Ravens defense and their upcoming matchups.
  • Mentioning the upcoming bye week and cautioning against playing them in certain games.
  • Suggesting alternative mediocre defenses for favorable matchups.

“I feel like I can find a mediocre defense playing a garbage Carolina, garbage Jets, garbage Giants.”

“I wouldn’t be scared to play the Ravens against Tua… I wouldn’t play them against Miami.”

Waiver Wire Defense Options 50:50

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are a top option this week as they face Browning at home. They have been a good defense. 51:21
  • The Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also good pickups for defense. The Falcons are playing against the Jets and the Buccaneers are playing against Bryce Young and a coachless team in Carolina. 51:32
  • The Los Angeles Chargers have been much better on defense recently and they are playing against New England. 52:38
  • The Rams have a solid upcoming schedule, with matchups against Cleveland, Washington, and the Saints. 52:45

“So the Rams, aside from week 14, have a pretty solid run coming up.”

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Top Streaming Quarterback Options 51:13

“I think that if you’re in a pinch, which there’s a lot of people in a pinch this week, Russ is should be a solid play.” -Mike “Baker Mayfield this week plays at home against the Carolina Panthers.”

Other Streaming Quarterback Options 54:02

“Gardner-Minshew is not going to be good enough. He hasn’t had a two touchdown game in the last three starts.” “I’ll switch it to Pickett.” -Jason

Conclusion 57:31

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