Week 13 Studs & Duds + Vanishing Players, Injury Reactions!

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Week 13 recap! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to the best and worst performances of the week! Plus, lots of injury updates, and the Week 13 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 4th, 2023.

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Introduction 00:00

  • The hosts discuss the weekend’s football games, some of which were good and some were bad.
  • They mention that they will be talking about the studs and duds of the week and share their own personal experiences.

“What a wild weekend of football, some good, some bad.”

Injury and Elimination 01:19

  • One of the hosts, Jason, talks about how he was eliminated from the playoffs due to losing against Papa Josh.
  • Jason mentions that he had a chance to beat Papa Josh, but his team was unfortunately too strong because of a great trade made by Andy.

“Al took me out and probably eliminated me. If I beat Papa Josh this coming week, I will be in the playoffs.”

Injuries in the League 02:17

  • The hosts discuss the several injuries that occurred during the games.
  • They mention that players like Derek Henry, Ramondre Stevenson, and Austin Eckler got injured.

“There were lots of injuries this week.”

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Austin Eckler’s Injury 02:25

  • The hosts talk about the impact of Austin Eckler’s injury on fantasy football.
  • They mention that his performance had significantly declined in the past few weeks.

“Mike said he got Thanos snapped out of existence.”

Poor Performance of Austin Ekeler 02:31

  • The hosts discuss Austin Eckler’s recent poor performance and lack of involvement in the game.
  • They mention that he has become irrelevant and every time he touches the ball, it results in a negative play.

“Something is very wrong. And every time he gets the ball, it’s a negative play for the Chargers.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s injury 09:00

  • Jonathan Taylor underwent surgery for a thumb injury and is expected to miss three to five weeks.
  • It is a significant blow for fantasy football managers who have Taylor on their rosters.
  • Taylor’s absence could impact teams in the fantasy playoffs.

Jonathan Taylor underwent surgery three to five weeks… He’s going to miss time with the thumb injury.”

Recap of Studs & Duds and Injury Reactions 16:55

  • Gino and Dak were the standout quarterbacks this week, with Gino leading the Thursday night game with an impressive performance.
  • Brock Purdy had a huge game with four touchdowns and no interceptions, solidifying his position as a top quarterback in the league.
  • Jalen Hertz and Dak Prescott are currently the top contenders for league MVP.
  • Colin Cowherd’s comment about quarterbacks wearing their caps backward became a popular topic of discussion.
  • Jalen Hertz continues to be a top-tier fantasy option, with 12 rushing touchdowns this season.
  • The potential rule change regarding the “tush push” will have a significant impact on Jalen Hertz’s fantasy value.
  • Jordan Love has improved significantly in the last three weeks, with impressive completion percentages and three wins for the Packers.
  • The Packers are currently the number seven seed and in playoff contention.
  • Alvin Kamara had a solid performance with two rushing touchdowns.

Brock Purdy looks awesome and makes plays happen that I don’t think would happen with another quarterback in there.”

“Jalen Hertz is a top-tier fantasy option and dominates with quarterback sneaks.”

Running Backs 25:38

“Taste some hill but you know Alvin Kamara right now yeah I made that trade Kyron Williams Alvin Kamara based on the longer schedule we’ll see how it turns out nice to see Camara”

  • Devonta Freeman scored twice in the first half and had more opportunities while playing against his former team.

“Devon HN got into the end zone twice in the first half of this game pre blowout”

  • James Conner performed well with 25 carries for 105 yards and two touchdowns, but his usage depends on the game script.

“I did have confidence James Connor against his former team would do alright 25 for 105 and two”

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  • Chuba Hubbard had 25 carries for 104 yards and two touchdowns, showing promise as the main running back going forward.

“Chuba Hobbard 25 carries for 104 yards to touchdowns”

  • Rachad White has been consistently performing well, offering reliable production every week.

Rachaad White 2484 and the touchdown five more targets”

  • Deebo Samuel had a standout performance with 4 receptions for 116 yards, including two long touchdowns.

“Debo four for one sixteen two touchdowns through the air to forty plus yard touchdowns rushing touchdown”

  • Tyreek Hill has been putting up incredible numbers for the third consecutive week, with consistent high finishes and 12 touchdowns so far this season.

“Tyree kills numbers are actually some of the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen at the wide receiver position”

  • Nico Collins and Noah Brown had impressive performances and could potentially contribute to fantasy championships.

Nico Collins nine for one ninety one and one”

Puka Nacua‘s Injury Scare 34:41

  • Pukka Nukua appeared to be injured on the sideline, but later returned to the game. 34:41
  • He mentioned that he wasn’t breathing and his shoulder didn’t feel right. 34:46
  • Despite the injury scare, Nukua expressed his love for the team and determination to continue playing. 34:50

“I wasn’t breathing and my shoulder didn’t feel like it was in the right place, but I was good though. I love that man. I love you Puka.” 34:46

Impressive Rookie Tight Ends 35:20

  • Puka Nukua is having an outstanding season and is on pace for almost fifteen hundred receiving yards, which would be the most ever in the Super Bowl era. 35:08
  • The hosts discuss the greatest rookie tight end performances of all time, mentioning Evan Ingram and Jeremy Shockey, but consider Nukua to possibly be the best. 35:31
  • Sam Laporta is also mentioned as another standout rookie tight end this season with impressive stats. 35:43

“Puka Nukua is on pace for almost fifteen hundred receiving yards, which would be the most ever in the Super Bowl era.” 35:08

Trey McBride‘s Breakout Performance 36:03

  • Trey McBride had a solid game with eight receptions for 89 yards and a touchdown. 36:10
  • He has been a reliable target for the team, especially with other key players dealing with injuries. 36:47
  • The hosts discuss McBride’s potential future success and the value he brings to the team. 37:11

“Going forward, Trey McBride is going to be a key cog of what they are building this offense around.” 37:28

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Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes Struggle 39:42

  • Justin Herbert had a poor performance in the game, with no touchdowns and several dropped passes by his receivers. 39:42
  • The hosts comment on Herbert’s recent struggles and suggest considering other quarterback options for fantasy. 39:58
  • Patrick Mahomes also had a disappointing game, finishing with only 13 fantasy points. The hosts discuss his underwhelming performance in recent weeks. 40:42

Justin Herbert had a terrible football game… Patrick Mahomes, 13 fantasy points, he’s the quarterback eight on the year… That is not who you drafted in the second round.” 39:42

Zack Moss‘s Disappointing Game 41:38

  • The hosts discuss Zach Moss’s poor performance in the game, despite having numerous opportunities to score. 41:38
  • They still believe in Moss’s potential and suggest sticking with him, especially with a favorable matchup coming up. 41:58

“His opportunities were awesome… I’d stick with him.” 41:51

Dud Breece Hall and Backup Quarterbacks 42:18

  • Breece Hall is mentioned as a disappointment in this game. 42:18
  • The hosts talk about the phenomenon of fans clamoring for backup quarterbacks even when they may not be better than the starter. 42:36

“We as fans, we as football watchers, are clamoring for backups… He is so clearly their best quarterback.” 42:36

Coaches’ Decisions with Backup Quarterbacks 42:46

  • The hosts comment on coaches’ decisions to stick with the starting quarterback in difficult situations, instead of playing backup quarterbacks who may not be as talented. 42:46
  • They highlight instances where backup quarterbacks were given a chance but failed to produce favorable results. 42:56

“It’s like they’re just throwing something at the wall and hoping it works.” 43:12

The challenges of finding suitable backup quarterbacks 43:22

  • Backup quarterbacks often struggle to perform well in a different system.
  • Teams may be hesitant to bring in new quarterbacks mid-season.
  • Carson Wentz and Joe Flacco were available on waivers for a long time, indicating teams’ reluctance to sign them.
  • The Jets’ offense is struggling with their quarterback carousel.

“I do think a lot of times the decision making is like the backups that stink at least know the system and it’s a challenge to bring somebody else in and say go win in my system.”

Disappointments in player performances 44:03

  • Jameer Gibbs had a strong start but did not have a good overall game.
  • Devin Singletary‘s production decreased from the previous week, and his involvement in the passing game is limited.
  • Starting either Pierce or Singletary against the Jets next week is uncertain due to their inconsistent performances and low production.

“Jameer Gibbs great start to the game didn’t end up with a good game…I Devin Singletary last week 82% of snaps this week 46%…makes it super hard for next week because what do you do you start Pierce you start Singletary against the Jets?” “We talked about it a couple weeks ago that when Pierce first comes back you’re going to stick with Singletary…but that didn’t happen so next week against the Jets I would like to start neither.”

Disappointment in Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren‘s performances 45:01

  • Harris and Warren had a disappointing game against Arizona, which dominated the matchup.
  • Despite Warren’s 9 rushes for 59 yards, the team’s deficit limited his opportunities.
  • Both players were considered starts of the week but did not live up to expectations.

“Big disappointment from Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren…Najee still RB 21 on the week I guess but not what you hope for.”

Terry McLaurin‘s lackluster performance 45:47

  • McLaurin had zero catches, zero yards, and no touchdowns in a game where Washington was dominated by the Miami Dolphins.
  • The lack of production from McLaurin is concerning and continues a trend of underwhelming performances.

“Mike has got anything to speak on Terry McLaurin in a game where they were getting absolutely eviscerated by the Miami Dolphins zero catches for zero yards.”

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Playing Style Differences 51:33

  • There are stylistic differences in how players in fantasy football competitions play compared to the quarterback.
  • For example, Elijah Moore had a great rookie year with certain quarterbacks who would throw to him, but he struggled this year after being kicked off the team.

“Whatever stylistic differences of how they play versus how the quarterback plays it like… It turns into, well, no, that player is not good, but like Elijah Moore was great as a rookie.”

Vanishing Players 51:47

  • Players like Elijah Moore can suddenly vanish from the game.
  • This can happen due to poor performance, team issues, or other factors.
  • Moore’s performance was inconsistent, with games where he caught a small percentage of his targets.

“Who had certain quarterbacks who would throw to him then he vanishes gets kicked off the team because things are terrible he’s terrible to start this year…”

Flex Options 52:18

  • The question is raised if Elijah Moore or David Najoku would be a better flex option for next week’s game.
  • The preference is to play Moore if Cooper is out, despite not being excited about it.

“Jason, would you play Elijah Moore in your flex or David Najoku in your flex next week? I would play Cooper was out if Cooper is out in my flex home…”

Cedric Tillman 52:35

  • There is interest in the target total for Cedric Tillman in the game.
  • It is mentioned that he had six targets in the game, indicating potential involvement in the future.

“What was the target total for Cedric Tillman in the game because I’d be curious about I mean he’ll come up… six I have six down so I mean that’s another player that will get more involved if good yeah you could alright.”

End of Studs & Duds Discussion 52:54

  • The discussion of bad players concludes, and the hosts express relief.
  • They mention that there is a football game happening that night.

“No, okay, we don’t have to talk about bad players anymore… We have football tonight right Mike we certainly do we certainly Jacksonville yeah…”

“We made it through… good luck in your games tonight thanks for tuning in we’ll catch you then goodbye…”

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