Week 13 Matchups + TNF Madness, Wheel of Shame

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What a kickoff to Week 13! On today’s fantasy football podcast, lots of matchup breakdowns and reactions to the Seahawks/Cowboys game! Get start/sit advice for Week 13 with so many teams on Bye. Plus, Mike spins the Wheel of Shame during the Fantasy Faceoff!  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 1st, 2023.

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Recap of Thursday Night Football Game 00:50

  • The Fantasy Footballers react to the exciting Thursday night game between the Seahawks and Cowboys.
  • The game ended with a score of 41-35, with a total of 76 points.
  • The hosts express their disappointment that there was no rain during the game, as it would have made it even more enjoyable.
  • Despite being played in a dome, the game was described as perfect and fun football.

“We finally did it! We got a Thursday night game that delivered the goods.”

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Surprising Performance by Geno Smith 01:52

  • The hosts discuss the surprising performance of Geno Smith, the Seahawks’ backup quarterback.
  • Despite facing a tough Dallas defense, Smith performed well and helped lead his team to victory.
  • His performance included throwing for three touchdowns, a significant improvement from previous games.

“I know, Mike is giving the uh, face? Geno? What? He heard us talk about the numbers on the show and he said, let’s face the Dallas defense and let’s eviscerate it.”

DK Metcalf‘s Outstanding Performance 02:06

  • The hosts highlight DK Metcalf‘s exceptional performance in the game.
  • He had six catches for 134 yards and scored three touchdowns.
  • This marked a significant improvement from the previous week when he only scored four fantasy points.

DK Metcalf had six catches for 134 and 3. I was playing him last night in multiple leagues.”

Remarkable Performance by Dak Prescott 04:23

  • The hosts praise Dak Prescott‘s impressive performance throughout the season.
  • They highlight his standout stats, including a 9% touchdown rate and leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns since week eight.
  • They consider him a strong contender for the MVP title.

“I think Dak is the MVP of the national football league.”

Injury Update on Tony Pollard 07:13

  • The hosts provide an injury update on Tony Pollard, the Cowboys’ running back.
  • Pollard scored a touchdown before getting injured in the fourth quarter.
  • The injury is reported to be a bruise and not considered serious.

“We did get news this morning that it was a bruise. So not considered to be serious.”

Disappointing Performances by Tyler Lockett and JSN 07:42

  • The hosts discuss the disappointing performances of Tyler Lockett and Jeff Swaim Jr. (JSN) in the game.
  • Lockett had only five receptions for 47 yards, and JSN had seven receptions for 62 yards.
  • They suggest that Lockett’s performance may indicate a decline in his productivity.

Tyler Lockett was five for 47 on eight targets, dropped a pretty big play, and was disappointing.”

Exciting High-Scoring Game on Thursday Night 08:14

  • The hosts reflect on the overall excitement of the Thursday night game between the Seahawks and Cowboys.
  • The game had a total of 76 points and showcased strong performances from various players.
  • They emphasize the thrilling nature of the game and the enjoyment it brought to fantasy football fans.

“What a game. I mean, 76 points on Thursday night football. Ferguson was back. Brandon Cooks had a great game. It was just excellent.”

Fantasy Champs and Championship Time 09:11

  • Fantasy Champs is a place to find trophies and other items to celebrate fantasy football championships.
  • It is suggested to pre-buy items from Fantasy Champs.
  • There is a humorous conversation about worst-case scenarios and handing over the items to each other.

“Championship time is coming up. Fantasy champs is, if you’re looking for trophies or just anything to celebrate.” 09:11

Zach Ertz‘s Release 09:54

“Well, we heard from everybody on Twitter on this one, uh, thinking we may have orchestrated the event, but the Cardinals have granted. Zachary Ertz his release.” 10:09

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Hollywood Brown and Other Injuries 12:02

  • Keenan Allen did not practice due to a quad injury, but is expected to play.
  • Deebo Samuel did not practice due to an illness.
  • Marquise Brown has a heel injury, Michael Wilson has a shoulder injury, and Trey McBride has a groin injury.
  • Limited practices were reported incorrectly by some beat reporters, causing confusion.

Keenan Allen did not practice on Thursday. Quad. He’s done this before.” 12:02

Dalton Schultz‘s Hamstring Injury 14:54

  • Dalton Schultz did not practice due to a hamstring injury and is unlikely to play.
  • Mention of Joe Flacco potentially starting for the Cowboys and the impact it could have on Amari Cooper‘s target volume.

Dalton Schultz, uh, didn’t practice again due to a hamstring injury. Probably not going to play.” 14:54

Matchup breakdown – Joe Flacco as starting QB 15:40

  • Flacco may start and if he plays competently, he will likely continue as the starting QB.

“Could be Flacco and then if Flacco plays competently, I would imagine it’s Flacco here on out.”

Concerns about Flacco and the Cleveland defense 15:46

  • Flacco’s age and turnover-prone nature combined with a strong defense may not make it an ideal situation.
  • Cleveland’s defense is dealing with major injuries which may result in a downgrade.

“That is a big F for a 38-year-old that, uh, you know, turnover-prone mixed with like a really good defense is not necessarily the right situation.” “And Cleveland, tell me this, Cleveland’s defense is dealing with major injuries right now.” “Like are they getting the downgrade in your mind?”

Considerations for playing Cleveland defense or Rams defense 16:11

  • Cleveland’s defense, despite the injuries, may still be a viable option for fantasy teams, especially considering their favorable playoff schedule.
  • However, the Rams defense against Flacco at home could also be an interesting choice.

“But again, we had the question on the foot cast yesterday of like, do you drop Cleveland? No. You hold on, wait for them to get healthy.” “I would, I think I leaned towards the home matchup.”

Reminder to hold on to Cleveland defense 16:40

  • It is advised to hold on to the Cleveland defense and wait for their key players to get healthy.

“No. You hold on, wait for them to get healthy. Their playoff schedule week 15 and week 17 is as good as it gets.”

Tee Higgins hopes to play in Week 13 17:05

  • T Higgins is optimistic about playing in Week 13.

“T Higgins hopes to play in Week 13.”

Uncertainty surrounding Chris Godwin‘s practice 17:29

  • Chris Godwin has not been spotted at Buccaneers’ practice, but it does not necessarily mean he is not practicing.

Chris Godwin not spotted at Bucs practice on Friday morning. This is new. Doesn’t mean he’s not practicing.”

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Humorous frustration with reporting on Chris Godwin 17:44

  • The frustration stems from the uncertainty of reporting on players’ practice participation and the need for more accurate information.

“If we find out that Chris Godwin practiced his full today, I’m going to lose my mind. Cause what are we reporting anymore? We’re gonna have to go to the practices.” “I could report right now that I did not see Chris Godwin at practice and that is not a lot.”

Caution against starting Chris Godwin 18:05

  • Given Chris Godwin‘s lack of productivity even when healthy, it is advised to avoid starting him.

“Don’t start Chris Godwin. That’s probably better advice to give is he’s not producing when he’s healthy.”

Denver Broncos vs. Houston Texans matchup importance 20:18

“I would not have expected this game to matter. It matters a lot.”

Considerations for starting Tim Patrick or Nico Collins 21:05

  • It is suggested to start Nico Collins over Tim Patrick due to injury concerns, despite the uncertainty of Collins’ performance.

“I play Nico if I had both. Just the injury concerns.”

“Denver versus Texans. That’s gonna be off. Woof… This is gonna be a great game.”

Nico and Tank Dell‘s Start Decision 21:57

  • Nico and Tank have already made the decision to start regardless of the matchup.
  • This applies to all players on their fantasy football team.

“Have Nico and Tank entered the start no matter what.” – Yeah.

CJ Stroud‘s Impressive Performance 22:07

  • CJ Stroud leads the NFL in 20+ yard passing plays.
  • He is on pace for around 35-36 touchdowns this year.
  • The perception of his team, the Broncos, needs to change due to his performance.

“I mean CJ Stroud leads the NFL in 20 plus yard passing place. He’s on pace for, what is it, 35, 36 touchdowns on the year. It’s time to change the way you view that team and hopefully you already have.”

Tank’s Wide Receiver Performance 22:18

  • Tankdale has been a top 24 wide receiver in the past four weeks.
  • He has been a wide receiver one in three of those weeks.
  • Dalton Schultz‘s absence in the game might affect the target distribution.

“Tankdale has been a top 24 wide receiver at each of the last four weeks. A wide receiver one, three of those four weeks. The wide receiver one, one of those weeks. Dalton Schultz is probably not playing in this game either. So you’re taking a target away, which seems like when you remove a target or two, the other guys are just inferno.”

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Brevin Jordan‘s Potential 22:42

  • Brevin Jordan‘s college tape is promising and might make him a sneaky DFS play.
  • His year is year three in college.
  • College tape doesn’t hold much value for a player in year three.
  • It’s important to consider his performance in the NFL so far.

“You know, we like the college tape of Brevin Jordan. I wonder if he’s like a sneaky DFS play if, could be. Is this year three or four for Brevin Jordan? This year seven. It’s three. Year three for Brevin Jordan. Yeah. I think in year three, Jay, college tape is probably not worth bringing up. No, no, no. I’m saying if they are utilizing the tight end in general. What do you think of the NFL tape? On the three years. He’s actually had big flashy plays. He would be a touchdown gamble in DFS.”

Russell Wilson‘s Start of the Week 23:22

  • Russell Wilson is the recommended start of the week.
  • The matchup against the Texans defense is favorable.
  • The Texans defense allows a lot of points to wide receiver quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson is my start of the week. I mentioned it yesterday. I love it. I love the matchup against the Texans defense. They bleed points to wide receiver quarterback.”

Javonte Williams‘ Usage Concerns 23:31

  • Givante Williams played 70% of snaps last week but finished as the RB29.
  • It is unclear why his usage fluctuates despite the high snap percentage.
  • There is a risk associated with starting him, but he can still be considered a low-end RB2.

“Mike, give me your thoughts on Givante Williams. He is heavily involved. Played 70% of snaps last week. 24 opportunities led to the RB 29 though. Yeah. And it’s so bizarre. What is happening here with Givante’s usage? Because 70% of the snaps, that’s the highest he has seen on the year. 24 opportunities. Looks like the third most that he’s had. But that was like a week removed from 49% of the snaps and 13 opportunities. I mean, I think you play him as a low end running back to, but it’s still high risk.”

Running Back Decision: James Conner vs Devin Singletary 25:32

  • James Conner‘s unpredictable performance last week makes Devin Singletary the preferred choice.
  • Singletary played 82% of snaps and had more targets and routes run compared to the previous weeks.
  • The Broncos defense ranks 12th against fantasy running backs, but if adjusted for schedule, they are 31st.
  • Singletary can be considered a volume play but with some risk.

“James Connor or Devin Singletary? With what happened last week of the Houdini act that James Connor pulled on us, I’m, I would go Singletary.”

Rachaad White‘s Favorable Matchup 26:47

  • Rashad White has been performing well with around 18.4 opportunities per game.
  • The Panthers’ defense is a good target for running backs.
  • White is a solid RB start and has consistently finished as a top 18 back in the past six weeks.

“Rashad White has been great 18.4 opportunities per game. There is hardly any other matchup better than targeting Carolina for running backs. I think it’s, you know, obviously you’re going to be starting him cause he’s been great for a long time, but this appears to be a blowup opportunity.”

Jonathan Mingo last week was four for 60 and one incredible out about sketch. I think he popped up on the injury report as well, but that’s Mingo’s usage change. The main guy, HL baby. That’s the thing that I would be watching the most for Carolina. Whether he eats your baby. Yes. Yes.”

TNF Madness 28:55

  • The speaker expresses their biggest fear, but it is not specified what they are afraid of.
  • The speaker states that they will not be watching the Carolina game, but does not provide a reason.

“That is my biggest fear.” “I will not be watching Carolina.”

Morning Games 29:00

  • The speaker inquires about the number of morning games.
  • The speaker asks if a specific game is a morning game.
  • The response confirms that it is an afternoon game.

“How many morning games do we got?” “Is that a morning game?” “Uh, nope. Afternoon.”

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Quarterback situation 29:11

“Cleveland seven and four, Los Angeles, the Rams, five and six.” “It could very well be Joe Flacco.” “Do you have any reason to believe Dorian Thompson-Robinson will be back out there?” “No, you’re usually going to miss a game this year.”

Amari Cooper and David Njoku 30:07

  • The speaker discusses the potential of Amari Cooper having a good game with Joe Flacco as the quarterback.
  • The speaker mentions David Njoku as a solid option.
  • There is a note that Amari Cooper needs time for routes to develop, which may be challenging with Joe Flacco‘s quick passing style.

“I think he could surprise. Joe Flacco should be able to get him the ball down the field.” “I’m not going away from David Njoku in this matchup.” “Usually, you need to let the routes develop to throw the ball down the field.”

Kyren Williams and Cleveland defense 30:52

  • The speaker mentions Kyren Williams‘ strong performance in the previous week.
  • It is noted that the Cleveland defense has softened against the run in recent weeks.
  • The speaker believes that the matchup should not affect how Kyren Williams is treated and recommends playing him.

Kyren Williams was dominant last week.” “It’ll be a different test against the Cleveland defense.” “It is a challenge for Kyren, but probably not affecting the way you treat him.”

Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua 32:10

  • The speaker discusses the rankings of Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua for the week.
  • Both players are not considered must-bench options, but the speaker suggests that if there are better alternatives, they can be benched.
  • Cortland Sutton is ranked behind both Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua.

Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua stack up in your rankings.” “They’re not must-bench guys, but there may be better options.” “Cortland Sutton is behind both of them.”

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“I’ve got Puka and Cooper next to each other in my rankings.”

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles 33:39

  • The speaker expresses surprise at the line favoring the San Francisco 49ers despite the Philadelphia Eagles having the best record in the NFL.
  • It is pointed out that this is the first time a 10-1 team is a home underdog by a field goal or more.
  • The possibility of Fletcher Cox being out is uncertain, which could potentially influence the line.

“I can’t believe it. How is this possible?” “The line favors the 49ers despite the Eagles having the best record.” “The first 10-1 team to be a home underdog.” “The possibility of Fletcher Cox being out could be a factor.”

“Not only are they a home underdog, but they should be favorites.”

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles 34:58

  • The speaker mentions Jalen Hurts‘ tendency to start slow but finish strong in games.
  • The Eagles’ recent struggles in the first half of games are acknowledged.
  • The speaker shares their plan to concede their fantasy matchups in the first half and rely on a solid second half performance from Hurts.

“The first half of games for the Eagles have been like conceding fantasy matchups.” “It always ends with them on top, but the first half has been a struggle.” “I plan to do it again this week against the San Francisco 49ers.”

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“Looking for a solid second half from Jalen Hurts.”

“Despite their recent struggles, the 49ers are a tough defense and a great offense.”

Injury updates and players to start 36:20

  • Dallas Goddard is likely not playing, while J. Brown is limited with a thigh injury.
  • Deandre Swift is expected to play.
  • It is suggested to start Swift and other healthy players.

“Dallas Goddard probably not playing and a J Brown was limited with a thigh injury. He should be playing Deandre Swift should be playing.”

Previewing Sunday Night Football between Chiefs and Packers 36:38

  • The matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers is expected to be exciting.
  • Kansas City is favored by six points, with an over/under of 42.5.
  • There is anticipation for a high-scoring game.

“Maybe hopefully we can get something like we got last night, you know, a battle where you get a lot of fantasy points. Sunday night football, Kansas City, eight and three, Green Bay five and six. The Draft Kings sports book line is Kansas City minus six. The over/under is 42 and a half.”

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Patrick Mahomes vs. Jordan Love: Stats comparison 36:55

  • A game is played comparing stats between Patrick Mahomes and Jordan Love.
  • Mahomes edges out Love in passing touchdowns, yards per attempt, 20+ air yard completions, and 20+ point fantasy weeks.

“Yeah, it’s going to be love. … It’s Patrick Mahomes. However, 21 to 19. … It’s actually Mahomes. … 7.1 to 7. … Mahomes won all those. … 5, 20 plus point fantasy weeks for Patrick Mahomes.”

Lower expectations for Mahomes this week 40:02

  • With a strong Green Bay defense and the game being in Lambeau Field, expectations for Patrick Mahomes are lowered.
  • Mahomes has not been delivering big fantasy numbers this season.
  • It is suggested to consider other options at the quarterback position.

“I don’t think Patrick Mahomes is winning you this week. … I think, you know, you hope for some nice contributing numbers from Kelsey, Pacheco and Mahomes.”

Playing Christian Watson 41:00

  • Despite the Chiefs’ strong defense against opposing wide receiver ones, it is recommended to play Christian Watson.
  • Watson is a big-play threat and does not rely heavily on high volume.

“That opposing player has been shut down more often than not. … I’m still playing Watson. … Yeah, I would play him.”

Matchup breakdown for Monday Night Football 42:03

  • The game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars is analyzed.
  • Cincinnati’s offense is expected to struggle, resulting in limited fantasy success for their players.
  • Lower expectations are set for players like Joe Mixon.

“It’s hard to paint the picture of Cincinnati’s offense having success. … I don’t think Pacheco is winning you this week. … That’s a great way to put it.”

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Ja’Marr Chase remains a must-start 42:44

  • Jamar Chase is the only player on the Bengals side that is a must-start for me.
  • I would bench everyone else.
  • Even though Jamar Chase had 81 yards and scored 10 fantasy points last week, I would still consider benching him if you have other good options.

“The only player on the Bengal side to me that remains a must start is Jamar.”

Tipped passes contributed to Ja’Marr Chase‘s stats 43:13

  • Two of Jamar Chase’s receptions were accidents from tipped passes.
  • While technically counted as targets and receptions for him, they were not intentional throws.
  • It’s worth considering when evaluating his performance.

“Two of his receptions were accidents in like tipped passes that just they were technically targets to him.”

Michael Pittman and Josh Downs are interesting options 44:07

  • Michael Pittman and Josh Downs are interesting players to consider starting.
  • While I wouldn’t go as far as benching Jamar Chase for them, they could be viable alternatives.
  • Consider them especially if you have players like Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley, or Adam Thielen who may have other factors affecting their performance.

Josh Downs is very interesting.”

Players to consider starting 45:08

  • If Travis ETN and Calvin Ridley are active, consider starting them.
  • Christian Kirk is another player to consider starting if he is active.
  • Evan Ingram is a solid option at tight end due to the opposing team’s weakness against the position.

“We’re playing Travis ETN if he’s active Calvin really we’re playing if he’s active Christian Kirk we’re playing if he’s active.”

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Evaluating Trevor Lawrence‘s performance 45:50

  • Trevor Lawrence has had two good performances in a row and is playing at home as heavy favorites.
  • While I’m comfortable starting him this week, I don’t expect huge things.
  • The Bengals’ defensive weakness may result in a game that relies more on the ground game than passing.

“Yeah this week I am comfortable, but I’m not really excited.”

The Wheel of Shame punishment 47:35

  • The hosts proceed to spin the Wheel of Shame.
  • One of them resigned after being tied in third place finishes.
  • They joke and have fun with the punishment, wearing a funny hat and commenting on it.
  • The segment transitions into the Fantasy Face Off section.

“The resignation, I’ve been there.”

Matchup Breakdowns 49:32

  • The episode starts with the hosts discussing their lineup choices for the week.
  • They mention matchups against the Washington Manders and the Arizona Cardinals.

“Seventy nine hundred against the Washington Manders.” “I have Najee Harris at fifty two hundred my start of the week at home against the Arizona Cardinals.”

Running Backs 49:56

  • Jason mentions Zack Moss as his start of the week due to his low price of forty six hundred.
  • He also mentions Alvin Kamara, who is priced at eighty two hundred.
  • Mike reveals his choice of Najee Harris, priced at fifty two hundred, as his start of the week.

Zack Moss is only forty six hundred I assume he’s going to be in all three of our lineups because it’s a broken price.” “I have Najee Harris at fifty two hundred my start of the week at home against the Arizona Cardinals.”

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Wide Receivers 50:48

“I’ve got Tyree kill which I assume you have because you’ve got to a but I’ve also got Amon-Ra St. Brown.” “I have Tyree kill to go with the stack with two I have the other man or I have Terry McLaurin.”

Flex and Defense 51:42

“Yes he is Zack Moss.” “My flex is the New England Patriots.” “Jason you had Dortch at how much thirty seven hundred.”

Week 13 Wrap-Up 52:48

  • The hosts conclude the episode by discussing their bargain wide receivers and the upcoming games.

“That was fantasy face off presented by Draft King Sportsbook.” “Well that’ll do for today’s show don’t forget ballers live dot com Sunday morning come tilt with us get ready for the weekend.” “Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast.”

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