Week 12 Studs & Duds + Tilt Town, Impossible Situations!

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Week 12 recap! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to a wild weekend of NFL action! Which players are worth hitting the panic alarm on? Plus, the outcome of Andy vs Jason, injury news, and the Week 12 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 27th, 2023.

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Talking about Gabe Davis 01:21

  • The hosts mention Gabe Davis and discuss his performance.
  • They highlight his blocking abilities and bench points.
  • They joke about his company, Gabe Davis LLC, and the possibility of goose eggs if he is played in the next week.

“Dots on Gabe Davis in general. Just like general overview.”

Andy vs. Jason Matchup 05:12

  • The hosts discuss their own matchup against each other.
  • They mention how Andy’s players performed well at halftime, causing Jason to concede defeat.
  • They joke about Jason changing his avatar to reflect his assumed loss.
  • The game takes unexpected turns, leading to a close finish.

“It was a weird week for those tracking it home because the tweets were wild.”

Recap of the Matchup 08:57

  • Both participants are still in the play.

“So all the whining was just not worth it.” “So we still have a couple of weeks to go.”

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Discussion on Austin Ekeler 09:20

  • Speculation on the financial implications of Eckler becoming a free agent and potentially retiring.
  • It depends on Austin Eckler’s personal decision and whether he will accept a lower salary as a committee back.

“He’ll get an offer with that.” “It seems very unlikely that a team would offer him a big contract at this stage of his career.”

Dynasty Perspective on Austin Ekeler 09:45

  • In a dynasty league, there is uncertainty about Eckler’s future team.
  • The hosts discuss whether he should be kept as a keeper for the next season.

“It was a crazy situation because our entire matchup came down to Eckler and Saquon.” “He’s been the only potential starter for fantasy going forward.”

Reaction to the Panthers Firing Frank Reich 11:07

  • The Panthers’ head coach, Frank Reich, has been fired after a 1-10 record.
  • Discussion about the owner’s impulsive decision-making and the fan base’s frustration with constant changes.

“It seemed like an angry, reactionary decision.” “You want the owner to be aggressive but also patient.”

Speculation on Expectations for the Panthers 12:53

  • The hosts question whether the expectations for the Panthers, considering they have a rookie quarterback and support issues, were fair.
  • Uncertainty about what David Tapper, the Panthers’ owner, expects from the team.

“Is David Tapper happy at three and seven?” “Seems like unfair expectations for Frank Reich to a degree.”

Discussion on Robert Saleh’s Coaching 15:25

  • Opinions differ on whether Robert Saleh is to blame for the Jets’ struggles.
  • Mention of the lack of a quality quarterback on the team.
  • Also mentioned the loss of the locker room and the late decision-making.

“I think it’s a matter of what you’re seeing on the field, and what you’re seeing on the field is truly horrific.” “You can’t take the number two overall pick and just be like, ‘OK, we’re already done with you in the middle of the season.'”

“What is going on with Trevor Siemian?”

Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian 17:00

  • Tim Boyle was the backup for Zach Wilson, but Trevor Simeon has been on the practice squad and can actually play football. 17:00
  • The beat reporters must have seen something bad if they were saying they were staying with Tim Boyle. 17:04

“There’s a reason you didn’t move off of Zach Wilson and that’s because the backup was Tim Boyle. But Trevor Simeon has been on the practice squad and that guy can actually play football.” 16:55

Accountability of Robert Sala 17:19

  • Robert Sala has been accountable for sticking with Zach Wilson and defending him to the general manager. 17:25
  • The decisions made by Sala will be held against him if they turn out poorly. 17:31

“But everything that Robert Sala has done for two years, as he goes out there and goes to bat for Zach Wilson for X amount of weeks… If you go to the general manager and say this guy doesn’t have it in week two when you’ve seen him last year, isn’t that an evaluation standpoint?” 17:36

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Uncertainty surrounding the Jets 18:05

  • The window of having a great defense doesn’t last forever, and Jets fans may be feeling frustrated. 18:05
  • The return of Aaron Rodgers might give hope to the team and the fan base. 18:26

“Yeah, the window of such a great defense is like those things just don’t last forever… Maybe that’s why Rodgers needs to come back if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt and invigorate a team and a fan base and give them hope for the next year.” 18:21

Injuries and their impact 18:38

“Bunch of injuries yesterday… Yeah, and Olave was dominating.” 18:38 “And it’s like legitimately, but it’s been a little bit… It’s been a lot of it.” 20:10

Dilemma with Cooper Kupp 19:27

“How are you going to be able to be confident starting him? And how do you bench him?” 21:45

Excitement for upcoming games 22:49

  • The game between Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts was incredible. 23:01
  • Both quarterbacks had multiple passing and rushing touchdowns in the same game. 23:09
  • Weather conditions affected the game. 23:40

“I mean the Josh Allen Jalen Hurts head to head matchup… It was absolutely incredible.” 23:01

Disappointment with Mahomes vs. Hurts matchup 23:56

  • The Mahomes vs. Hertz matchup in the rainy game didn’t go as expected, leaving viewers disappointed.

“You had Mahomes versus Hertz in a rainy game and it just never went the way you wanted it.”

Unexpected second half and overtime 24:03

  • The second half and overtime of the game took an unexpected turn.
  • Despite the disappointment, the game turned out to be great for fantasy football, particularly with Dak Prescott‘s performance.

“So this one was not one you saw the second half and overtime going the way it did but it was pretty awesome for fantasy.”

Dak Prescott‘s impressive performance 24:08

  • Dak Prescott threw for 331 yards and four touchdowns, making him the quarterback three on the week.
  • He has been a top three quarterback in five of the last six starts.
  • Dak Prescott‘s upcoming matchups are all positive for the quarterback, making him a valuable asset in fantasy football.

Dak Prescott threw for 331 and four touchdowns on Thanksgiving. It was a great performance. There’s no one in fantasy who’s been more valuable than Dak Prescott.”

Jalen Hurts‘ performance 24:17

  • Jalen Hertz had a decent performance with 18 completions for 200 yards and three touchdowns.
  • He also rushed 14 times for 65 yards, including the game-winning touchdown.

“Jalen Hertz had 18 completions for 200 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed for two touchdowns on the ground.”

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Mixed reactions on Hurts performance 24:26

  • Despite Jalen Hertz’s good performance, there were mixed emotions among the viewers, especially for those facing him in fantasy football.
  • Hertz seemed to excel in situations that favored him, making key conversions and scrambling plays.
  • However, there were concerns about Hertz’s knee, as it seemed to be bothering him during the game.

“We’re sitting in here watching it yesterday. Mike and I were both facing Jalen Hertz going it’s like no it did not hurt so good it hurts so bad… He was making third and longs converting them… Hertz didn’t look himself scrambling like his knee is clearly bothering him.”

Unfortunate outcome for Josh Allen 25:00

  • Josh Allen‘s loss in overtime against the Bills was a disappointment.
  • Allen’s inability to lead his team to victory after a field goal attempt was seen as an unfavorable outcome.

“I was telling Mike in the middle of the game like dude if they kick a field goal here they’re going to lose this game talking about the over the bills and overtime which now Josh Allen is 0 and 5 and overtime since the rules have changed. What a loser in his favor… that game where he did not get the opportunity after the field goal to go down and win the game.”

In praise of CJ Stroud 26:30

  • CJ Stroud‘s performance has shown great promise, particularly with his accuracy while on the run.
  • Stroud’s ability to wait for his talented receivers to break open is reminiscent of Patrick Mahomes‘ style of play.

“And when I was scouting him for the NFL draft season the superpower that I thought he had is I’ve never seen someone more accurate on the move when he is running… It’s the most Mahomesian kind of quarterback play I’ve seen in a while… he does not look to run, he looks to take time until one of his very talented receivers breaks open, which they always do.”

Rankings among dynasty quarterbacks 27:58

  • CJ Stroud is rising quickly in the rankings of dynasty quarterbacks.
  • Despite his enjoyable performances, he is currently below the likes of Jalen Hertz, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s still below… He’s in the tier with those guys.”

Excellence of Kyren Williams 30:17

  • Kyron Williams has been a standout running back, consistently earning a high volume of carries.
  • His performances have been impressive, taking advantage of favorable matchups.
  • It is advised not to bench Kyron Williams in upcoming games, even though he might not score as high as 37 points.

“Kyron is getting so much volume… He’s a workhorse… He’s looked great… I would not be benching Kyron.”

Christian McCaffrey 31:19

  • Christian McAfrey is expected to score around 37 points every week.

“37 points is probably in the cards for him every week for Christian.”

Bijan Robinson 31:30

  • B. John Robinson had a strong game, with 16 rushes for 91 yards and a touchdown, as well as 6 targets and 1 reception.

“B. John Robinson 16 for 91 and a touchdown six targets caught one through the air.”

Arthur Smith’s Logic 31:50

  • There is a sense of optimism and sympathy towards Arthur Smith, despite his reputation as a butthole.

“Maybe he’s like Loki or the Scarlet Witch. He’s a bad guy but he could do some good.”

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Falcons’ Playoffs 33:05

  • The Atlanta Falcons are currently leading their division and in a playoff position, despite having a losing record.

“They’re leading the division. Under 500.”

Tony Pollard 35:50

Tony Pollard scored again.”

Najee Harris and Warren 37:30

  • Najee Harris and Warren shall be claimed as stars of the week.

“I’ll go Najee. I’ll take Warren.”

Mike Evans 38:23

Mike Evans two more touchdown six for seventy is on fire.”

Jaylen Waddle 39:08

  • Jalen Waddle had a big game with 8 receptions for 114 yards.

“Unstoppable Jalen Waddle big game eight for one fourteen on Black Friday.”

“What a great call. I’m very happy that worked out.”

Watching the Black Friday Game 39:15

  • The hosts discuss watching the Black Friday game and their thoughts on it.
  • Zay flowers had two touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground, but didn’t have a lot of yards.
  • The hosts mention that the touchdowns saved the day for Zay flowers.

Zay flowers had two touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground, and not a lot of yards, but the touchdowns saved the day here.”

Pat Freiermuth‘s Performance 48:10

  • Pat Fryer Muth had 200 yards on the season. He had 60 yards in a game and then 9 receptions for 120 yards in another game.

“Pat Fryer Muth is a very good NFL tight end. If they choose to use him that way, he will be successful.”

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Offensive Changes with Matt Canada Out 48:26

  • Under Matt Canada’s coaching, the passing charts showed a focus on throwing to the boundary, which was a problem for Pat Fryer Muth as he primarily ran routes in the middle of the field.
  • The hope is that with Canada out, there will be offensive changes and Fryer Muth will be used more effectively.

“I’m very hopeful that there would be offensive changes with Canada out and having a really talented tight end like Fryer Muth.”

Cincinnati Matchup Targeted 48:31

  • Cincinnati’s defense has struggled to stop the tight end position, making it a targeted matchup.
  • The hope is that Fryer Muth’s success against Cincinnati is not just a one-time game plan, but rather the new normal going forward.

“You hope that going forward, this is the new normal, as opposed to just the game plan against Cincinnati.”

Concerns about Tua Tagovailoa 49:42

  • Tua Tagovailoa has been disappointing in recent weeks, with single-digit scores.
  • However, upcoming matchups against Washington and Tennessee may provide an opportunity for a bounce-back performance.

“There are concerns with Tua Tagovailoa, but the matchups against Washington and Tennessee should be great.”

Disappointment with Justin Herbert 51:03

  • Justin Herbert has been disappointing despite it not being his fault.
  • The Chargers’ offense struggled, and turnovers and lack of possession affected Herbert’s fantasy performance.

Justin Herbert is not his fault. He’s just all alone, man. He’s just all alone doing his best.”

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Concerns about Austin Ekeler 53:16

  • Austin Ekeler has had two single-digit games in a row, raising concerns about his recent performance.
  • Ekeler’s lack of explosiveness and drop in yards per carry are worrying signs.

Austin Ekeler is concerning because it’s two single-digit games in a row.”

James Conner‘s Limited Involvement 54:32

  • James Conner had a disappointing game with only 6 carries and 4 catches for minimal yards.
  • He played a low percentage of snaps and wasn’t utilized in the second half.

James Conner had no carries in the second half and played only 42% of the snaps.”

Joe Mixon‘s Breakout Game 56:50

  • Joe Mixon had a monstrous game with an impressive performance against Cincinnati.
  • Cincinnati’s defense struggled, which contributed to Mixon’s success.

“Cincinnati is broken if you didn’t watch the game and you’re just…wow.”

Ja’Marr Chase‘s performance 56:56

  • Jamar Chase had a decent stat line, with two tipped passes.

“Only looking at like Jamar Chase’s stat line okay I can live with that two tip passes yeah”

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Evaluating Zach Charbonnet 57:02

  • Over half of Zach Sharbona’s production came from two accidental passes, indicating a potential issue.
  • Despite the volume of his involvement (four targets, 14 carries, 88% snaps), his performance was not efficient or effective for fantasy.
  • This could be attributed to facing a strong defense like the San Francisco 49ers.
  • When comparing between Sharbona and Joe Mixon for the next week, the preference leans towards Mixon due to potential scoring opportunities against the Jaguars.

“March over over half of his production was on two accidental passes so it’s it’s gonna be bad it’s gonna be bad yeah yeah Zach Sharba meh yeah sure bust I mean his volume was fantastic four targets 14 carries 88% in snaps he let all NFL running backs it was exactly what you want it wasn’t efficient effective great for fantasy it was against San Francisco 49ers so you go well how much of that was just you’re facing a great defense or like Dallas or San Francisco or Philadelphia the next three weeks yeah that’s the next month just like those last two guys next week would you rather play mixing against the Jags or Sharbonne against Dallas.”

Disappointing wide receivers 58:27

  • DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett had subpar performances, with Metcalf having nine targets but failing to deliver, and Lockett only having three receptions for 30 yards.
  • The disappointments extended to Smith and Jig, as well as Sharbona.
  • San Francisco’s defense limited Seattle to only 13 total points in the game.
  • Adam Thielen‘s performance has declined significantly, going from being the wide receiver five in weeks one through six to the wide receiver 44 from weeks eight onwards.

“Wide receiver dives we talked about at Cooper Cup Pukin Nukua Cleveland Baltimore coming up it’s gonna be tough DK Metcalf nine targets back to a subpar game Tyler Lockett just three for 30 as well so Metcalf Lockett and Smith and Jig but all three were disappointments along with Sharbonne the long was just Seattle yeah the Niners kept San Francisco or the Niners kept Seattle to 13 total points in the game well the wide receiver five in weeks one through six Adam Thielen has been the wide receiver 44 from weeks eight on after the buy.”

Disappointing performances from other players 59:01

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