Week 11 Waivers & QB Streamers + Honeypot Players

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Week 11 Waiver Wire! On today’s fantasy football podcast, waiver pickups at each position and players to consider dropping! Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and a recap of Monday Night Football. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 14th, 2023.

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Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills’ Performance 03:37

  • The Denver Broncos have won 3 consecutive games and are in the playoff picture with a 4-5 record.
  • The Buffalo Bills have lost consecutive games and are two games out of the playoffs with a 5-5 record, struggling on both offense and defense.
  • Denver’s easy schedule and Buffalo’s tough schedule contribute to their contrasting performances.

“Denver is one of the most interesting storylines in the NFL right now. They are very much in the playoff picture.” “Buffalo is the opposite side of it where they’ve lost again. They’re 5-5. They’re two games out of the playoffs. They have the worst schedule.”

Buffalo Bills‘ Offensive Struggles 05:08

  • The Buffalo Bills‘ offense, which was once considered a well-oiled machine, has looked completely inept recently.
  • Despite having talented players like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, the offense has been unable to find consistent success.
  • Issues such as turnovers, drops, and questionable coaching decisions have plagued the team.

“And I still think Buffalo figures it out, but they haven’t.” “Everything that they’ve done this year on the offensive side has seemed like it is swinging the pendulum and not making small adjustments that improve your team.”

Impact on Fantasy Outlook 08:51

  • The struggles of the Buffalo Bills‘ offense raise concerns for fantasy managers.
  • James Cook‘s utilization, Gabe Davis‘ involvement, and Stefon Diggs‘ production are all affected.
  • Managers may be hesitant to trust these players in their lineups due to the team’s overall offensive struggles.

“It makes you nervous about James Cook in general, even though he looked great on his 12 carries, makes you nervous about Gabe Davis‘s utilization. It makes you nervous about Stefon Diggs blowing up this locker room.”

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Denver’s Defense 10:40

  • Denver’s defense has turned around from being considered among the worst to a formidable force.
  • They have beat both Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in recent games.
  • The defense has been limiting their opponents’ scoring, keeping games close.

“You know if you play Becheco, you are not happy… Like some premier options against the 70 point defense, not… if you look at fantasy points against, they are going to be forever scarred by that 70 point game.”

Courtland Sutton‘s Performance 12:17

  • Cortland Sutton has been consistently scoring touchdowns.
  • Despite some dropped balls, he is a key player for the team.
  • He has already scored 7 touchdowns in 9 games this season> “He seems to be their number one far away… He’s a weird player… Yeah, you know, nowhere.”

Marvin Mims 12:54

  • Marvin Mims had only one target in the game but still looked promising.
  • His punt returns showcased his skills and potential impact in the offense.
  • It might be worth monitoring his involvement in future games.

“I know statistically you say, oh, you know, one catch, but no, no, no, no… His… No, no target… Yeah, statistically he was infinite zero.”

Coaching Turnaround and Ken Dorsey’s Firing 11:56

  • Denver’s coaching staff has done a commendable job turning around the team’s performance.
  • Ken Dorsey, the offensive coordinator, has been fired after the game.
  • Interim OC Joe Brady will now have the opportunity to work with the team’s offensive weapons.

“That is a credit to coaching, I think… They just fired Ken Dorsey… Joe Brady, I’d like to introduce you to Stefan Diggs and James Cook.”

A.J. Dillon back in action 16:54

  • A.J. Dillon is expected to play in Week 11.
  • This is good news for fantasy managers who have him on their team.

“Oh, he’s back.”

Matthew Stafford expected to play 16:56

  • Matthew Stafford is expected to play in Week 11 against the Seahawks.
  • This is positive news for fantasy managers who rely on him as their quarterback.

“Expected to play against the Seahawks in week 11.”

Zay Jones arrested on domestic battery charge 17:09

  • Zay Jones, the wide receiver for the Raiders, has been arrested on a domestic battery charge.
  • This is obviously concerning for both the player and his fantasy managers.

Zay Jones arrested on a domestic battery charge.”

Baker Mayfield cleared to play 17:18

  • Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Browns, has no issues with his thumb injury and is expected to start in Week 11.
  • Fantasy managers who have Mayfield on their team can feel confident about starting him.

“No issues with the thumb injury for Baker Mayfield. Expected to start this week.”

Deshaun Watson dealing with ankle injury 17:25

  • DeSean Watson will undergo an MRI and have tests on his ankle.
  • There are reports of a mild high ankle sprain, but he is expected to play in Week 11.
  • Fantasy managers should keep an eye on his status and have a backup plan in case he is unable to play.

“DeSean Watson will undergo an MRI. Have tests on his ankle. We are hearing maybe a mild high ankle sprain for DeSean Watson, but we expect him to play.”

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Keenan Allen and Gerald Everett day to day with injuries 17:53

  • Keenan Allen, the wide receiver for the Chargers, and Gerald Everett, the tight end for the Seahawks, are both day to day with shoulder and back injuries.
  • Fantasy managers should monitor their injury status leading up to Week 11.

Keenan Allen, Gerald Everett, day to day with shoulder and back injuries.”

Michael Thomas out with significant knee injury 18:00

  • Michael Thomas, the wide receiver for the Saints, has suffered a significant knee injury and will not be returning to the field this season.
  • Fantasy managers should drop him from their roster and seek alternative options.

“Veteran Michael Thomas, significant knee injury. Saints are not going to have him back.”

Derek Carr in concussion protocol 18:13

  • Derek Carr, the quarterback for the Raiders, is currently in the concussion protocol.
  • His availability for Week 11 is uncertain.

Derek Carr, concussion protocol.”

Concerns about Kyren Williams‘ schedule 18:48

  • Kyren Williams, the running back for the Cardinals, is eligible to return in Week 12.
  • However, there are concerns about his upcoming schedule, with tough matchups against the Browns, Ravens, and 49ers.
  • Fantasy managers should consider these matchups before targeting Williams on the waiver wire.

“The concern for Kyren to me is the schedule. He’s got some issues on it.”

Reminder of players eligible to return from injury 18:22

  • Devon Achane, Pat Freiermuth, and Kyren Williams are among the players eligible to return from injury soon.
  • Fantasy managers should keep an eye on their practice participation and potential impact on their team.

“Devon Aichan. Pat Friarmeuth. Kyren Williams.”

No bye weeks for Thanksgiving week 19:51

  • There are no bye weeks for Thanksgiving week, which means it will be a busy and potentially challenging week for fantasy managers.
  • Being aware of the schedule and planning accordingly will be key.

“We have no buy weeks for Thanksgiving week, which means the megalodon is coming up. It also means it’s going to be a gigantic episode.”

Challenging schedule ahead for fantasy managers 20:53

  • Week 13 features a challenging schedule with many teams on bye, including the Bears, Bills, Giants, Raiders, Ravens, and Vikings.
  • Fantasy managers will need to have alternative options in place for their lineup.

“And then week 13, when everybody’s really trying to get into the fantasy playoffs, we’re going to, you know, you don’t have your bears, your bills, your giants, your raiders, your ravens, your Vikings. Just forget about it. It is brutal.”

Keaton Mitchell vs. Devin Singletary vs. Ty Chandler 24:03

  • Keaton Mitchell may become the lead running back in a few weeks if he continues to get more carries.
  • The decision between Mitchell, Singletary, and Chandler depends on immediate needs versus long-term potential.
  • Singletary is preferred this week over Mitchell and Chandler.
  • The panel discusses the potential value and opportunity for each player.

“For this week I would rank them Devin Singletary at the top. Then I would go Ty Chandler over Keaton Mitchell.” 24:41

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Ty Chandler‘s Potential 24:25

  • Ty Chandler is seen as a potential next in line running back with Alexander Madison likely to miss due to a concussion.
  • He has shown promise in previous games and has comparable attributes to Keaton Mitchell, although he is thicker.
  • Chandler has explosive speed and the ability to make big plays.
  • The matchup against the Denver defense may be favorable for Chandler.

“I think that Ty Chandler, I would personally play him well above Keaton Mitchell this week.” 26:13

Different Perspectives on Mitchell and Chandler 26:23

  • One panelist would prioritize Mitchell due to the potential for Mitchell to take over the backfield.
  • Another panelist favors Chandler’s matchup against the Denver defense and sees him as a safer choice.
  • The decision between Mitchell and Chandler is subjective and depends on individual strategies and priorities.

“The difference between Chandler and Mitchell this week, I think, is a toss-up.” 27:04 “So if I’m looking for a start, I would prioritize Ty Chandler.” 27:35

Considerations for Other Players 28:10

  • Ezekiel Elliott, if available on waivers, is a valuable depth piece with his workload.
  • Antonio Gibson may offer limited opportunities but could still be valuable based on his performance last week.
  • Other players such as Elijah Mitchell and Khalil Herbert are mentioned as available options.

Ezekiel Elliott is on the buy. So if you see him hit the waiver wire after tomorrow, pick him up.” 28:25

D’Onta Foreman, Rico Dowdle, and Other Running Backs 29:04

  • Onto Foreman’s situation is uncertain, and once Khalil Herbert returns, it could result in a three-headed backfield split, making him less desirable.
  • Rico Dowdle‘s recent performances have sparked the possibility of a timeshare.
  • The panel suggests dropping Theonta Foreman for other viable options such as Mitchell or Singletary.

“I’m very low on Theonta Foreman. I wouldn’t want to start him this week in Detroit.” 29:28 “Is there a chance that this goes more into a time share? I think that has a slight possibility.” 30:15

Miles Sanders‘ Droppability 30:41

  • Miles Sanders has a challenging upcoming schedule and has not been productive.
  • The panel suggests considering dropping him if better options are available.
  • Damian Pierce is recommended to be held onto due to potential future performance.

“Yeah, you can drop Miles Sanders. I’m going to go for it.” 31:28

Evaluation of Zack Moss and Roschon Johnson 31:40

  • Zach Moss is seen as a better roster option than Roshan Johnson due to being an insurance option if there is an injury ahead.
  • Roshan Johnson’s opportunities have not resulted in significant production.

“I would much rather roster Zach Moss than Roshan.” 31:44

Waiver Wire Wide Receivers 32:11

  • Many interesting waiver wire options at wide receiver.
  • Noah Brown was overlooked last week despite being talked about.
  • Brown is currently rostered in 36% of leagues.
  • Brown had a great performance with 7 receptions for 172 yards.
  • He is a worthy flex play this week.

Noah Brown is a worthy flex play in my opinion this week.”

Noah Brown Flex Play 32:43

  • If Nico and Robert Woods are active, Noah Brown is still a flex play.
  • Brown played 68% of snaps when he got hurt.
  • He has been playing around the same amount of snaps in recent weeks.
  • Brown’s performance has been consistent.

“I’m taking it for what it is. It’s laid out on the table in front of me in the last two weeks. 6 for 153, 7 for 172.”

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Other Wide Receiver Waiver Options 34:04

  • Michael Wilson is a potential pickup with just 21% rostered.
  • Tyler Boyd is a good pickup when T. Higgins is not available.
  • Jaden Reed is a great pickup with a favorable matchup.
  • Brandon Cooks had a great performance last week.

Michael Wilson will be a potential beneficiary.”

Other Wide Receiver Considerations 37:40

  • Brandon Cooks is not a trusted option.
  • Mario Douglas might be a good pickup if he hits the waivers.
  • Kyle Phillips continues to get targets, but confidence is low.
  • Marvin Mims is on the field but has limited involvement.

“You’d play Noah Brown over Brandon Cooks this week.”

Drop Candidates 38:55

  • Joshua Palmer is a drop candidate due to his extended injury.
  • Palmer might not be available for several more weeks.
  • It is doubtful if Palmer will be worth adding back to lineups.

“I cut Joshua Palmer… This injury may take him beyond the IR time period.”

Jalen Guyton and AT Perry 39:26

  • Jalen Guyton is back from injury and is expected to be worked into the offense. He played 79% of snaps in his second game back and had six targets.
  • AT Perry, a sixth-round rookie, also played 84% of snaps for the Saints and caught a touchdown.

Jalen Guyton might actually be the number two wide receiver.”

Rashid Shaheed 40:42

  • Rashid Shahid is currently rostered in 47% of leagues and is someone to pay attention to with Thomas out and Carr expected to come back.

“So that’s actually the sneakiest pick up of the week to me.”

Honeypot Players 41:17

  • Christian Watson is a “honeypot” player and can be dropped. A honeypot is a term for tricking someone with a luring character.

Christian Watson, I would happily drop. Yeah, he’s a honeypot, drop him onto the waiver wire.”

Jahan Dotson‘s performance 41:41

  • Jehan Dotson had no catches in the game despite playing the most snaps. He had been averaging nine targets per game in the previous three games.

“Just boot him. No catches. Just play somebody else.”

New T-Shirt Announcement 42:30

  • A new t-shirt featuring Arthur Smith, referred to as football’s greatest villain, is available on their website.
  • If Arthur Smith retains his job, the players buying this shirt could be an indicator of their support for him.

“We got a report that Arthur Smith very likely to retain his job heading into next year.”

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Trey McBride, Logan Thomas, and other tight ends 44:16

  • Trey McBride is a top pickup if available, even if you already have Travis Kelce. He can be flexed and is a good play for the next two weeks.
  • Logan Thomas is another option for tight end pickups if he is available.

Trey McBride would be at the top of that list is if he’s available. And then you get into like Kate Otton. I’m not in on Pat Frymead.”

Waivers & QB Streamers 46:09

  • Luke Musgrave is a potential streaming option at tight end this week.
  • The Chargers are vulnerable in the passing game.
  • The Packers defense has struggled.
  • If the Chargers have a strong offensive performance, Musgrave could see more involvement.
  • However, this is not a great week for streaming tight ends.

“The Packers defense has been bad.”

Defense Options 46:40

“Anyone is a great play against the Giants.”

QB Streamers 47:08

  • Seattle’s defense is in the middle of the pack and playing on the road, so it’s not an ideal week for streaming quarterbacks from that game.
  • Miami Dolphins defense has been improving, and they face the Las Vegas Raiders, who may have to rely on the passing game.
  • Sam Howell, while not widely available, is a good option for those looking to trade for a quarterback or with multiple quarterbacks on their roster.
  • Kyler Murray could have a big fantasy day against the Houston Texans, who have given up a lot of points to quarterbacks.
  • Josh Dobbs is a low-rostered option worth considering, especially if Justin Jefferson returns for the Minnesota Vikings.

“He’s been a top 10 quarterback in five of the last six weeks.”

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Wrap-up 52:53

  • Tomorrow’s episode will cover hungry for more, Thursday night preview, playoff primer, starts of the week, and matchups on Thursday.
  • The hosts thank the producers and audience, and conclude the episode.

“Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast.”

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