Week 11 Studs & Duds + QB Despair, Smashups!

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Week 11 fantasy recap! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to the best and worst performances of Week 11! Which studs can make an impact rest of season and in the fantasy playoffs? Plus, injury news and the Week 11 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 20th, 2023.

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Monday Studs and Duds 00:00

  • Breakdown of the best and worst performances from the weekend.
  • Hopeful that the weekend went well for viewers.
  • Encouragement to subscribe to the channel.

“It’s Monday, so that means a lot of studs and a lot of duds to break down.”

Reunited 00:57

  • Introduction of the hosts: Mike Rye, Jason Moore, and Andy Holloway.
  • Excitement about being back together after some time apart.
  • Acknowledgement of a tough weekend for fantasy teams and moving forward.

“Everybody back together again. It’s good to be back.”

QB Despair 01:19

  • Discussion of the weekend’s biggest storyline involving H&N injury and Burrough’s injury.
  • Mention of watching Jason’s bullishness on Devon H&N and the future of his season.
  • Reflection on the fear of opponents starting H&N against them in games.

“Oh, man. I was terrified. And then the dolphins put him in and you were like, oh, okay.”

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Smashups and Future Outlook 01:39

  • Mention of many storylines from the weekend.
  • Desire to hear opinions on H&N’s future for the season.
  • Devastation felt by fantasy players who had waited for H&N’s return.

“So we’ll see what you think about his future for this year. Really devastating for fantasy players that had waited.”

Thanksgiving Megalodon Episode 02:46

  • Announcement of a special Thanksgiving episode called the Megalodon episode.
  • Description of the episode combining Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday shows into one.
  • Assuring viewers that they will have the longest episode of all time to enjoy during their Thanksgiving travels.

“The Megalodon episode of the show. It’s our biggest show of the year.”

Hashtag and Giveaway 03:26

  • Past examples of trending hashtags during Thanksgiving.
  • Teasing the reveal of this year’s Thanksgiving hashtag for a giveaway.
  • Mention of prizes being given away, including signed jerseys.

“We stumbled into some. I mean, it was a bit of a mistake, I guess.”

Monday Punday and Jokes 04:42

  • Reference to the Monday Punday segment.
  • Enjoyment of the puns and jokes shared during this segment.
  • Highlight of both great and bad performances from the weekend.

“Let’s jump into Monday-Punday. Let’s start with a great performance from Brock Perfect.”

Breece Hall’s Performance 06:29

  • Discussion of Breeze Hall’s numbers over the past five weeks.
  • Acknowledgement of his workload and carries.
  • Noting the struggles of the Jets’ offensive line and the impact on Breeze Hall’s performance.

“He’s just getting it done in the receiving game. But when you watch him get a carry and have absolutely no chance on this great earth to have any opportunity for success, I mean, it’s just that this offensive line is a real problem.”

Zach Wilson‘s Performance as Quarterback 08:29

  • There is uncertainty the decision Zach Wilson was supposed to make.
  • Wilson is not performing like the other quarterbacks.
  • The coaching and management are being questioned for not providing a competent backup option.
  • The lack of offensive success is also attributed to the coaching.

“I don’t know what to make of the coaching because the GM has not supplied solid with another competent option.”

Other Available Quarterback Options 09:18

  • There were several available quarterbacks that could have been considered as a backup plan.
  • The illusion of Aaron Rodgers returning may have impacted the decision-making.
  • Aaron Rodgers is not expected to come back this season.

“This whole illusion that Aaron Rodgers is coming back might play into the whole thing because Aaron Rodgers is not coming back people.”

Nathaniel Hackett’s Offensive Scheme 10:51

  • The Nathaniel Hackett offense has been performing poorly for two years.
  • The Denver Broncos, with Hackett as their offensive coordinator, are doing much better this year.

“I know that Aaron Rodgers has defended this man passionately, but this is now two years where a Nathaniel Hackett offense looks like absolute crap.”

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Injuries to Key Players 11:40

  • Zach Wilson has been sacked several times and is showing a lack of confidence.
  • Cooper Kupp has suffered a right ankle injury but the severity is still uncertain.
  • Devonta Freeman experienced a knee injury, but it is not expected to be season-ending.
  • Aaron Jones injured his left knee, and while it is not a season-ender, he is expected to miss some weeks.

“This is the season you feared.” “Thankfully, the early reports before the MRI seem like it’s not a season ender.” “I can’t imagine he just comes back this week and plays, but maybe we’ll pay attention.” “What are the Packers going to do?” “This could be a full house clear.”

Fragility of Quarterbacks and Injuries 16:19

  • Quarterbacks have been getting injured at a high rate, possibly due to their lack of exposure to hits.
  • The protection measures may have made them more fragile and prone to injuries.

“I think what’s happened is they’ve protected them so well that they’re all fragile.” “Their bones are weak.”

“I don’t know the science behind it, and I’m sure every doctor is doing what they think is best for these teams and the adjustments.”

(Source: The Fantasy Footballers)

The Impact of Player Safety Measures 16:44

  • Former practices of hitting and practicing in pads have been limited due to player safety concerns.
  • However, the number of injuries in the league remains high.
  • Suggestions to improve player safety include eliminating turf.

“But I do shake my head sometimes and wonder about the, it’s like they used to practice… a lot more and they used to practice and hit each other.”

Uncertainty in Quarterback Situations 17:27

  • Deont the Foreman and Barry Slayton both left games early with injuries.
  • Bill O’Brien stated that the decision for the Patriots’ quarterback in Week 12 is undecided.
  • The Jets’ quarterback situation is also uncertain for the first time.

“Deont the Foreman left early with an ankle injury… Barry Slayton had a big game. Then exited with an arm injury.” “Bill O’Brien, Patriots Office of Coordinator… The other Bill on their quarterback for week 12… It’s undecided right now as are the Jets quarterback, as is the Jets quarterback situation.”

Locker Room Dynamics 18:13

  • Uncertain quarterback situations can lead to unrest in the locker room.
  • Defensive players may become frustrated when the offense struggles to perform well.
  • Supporting Zach Wilson as the Jets’ quarterback at this point may seem dubious.

“I mean, it’s usually the defenses that are angry when they’re playing well in the offense game. I have to imagine the offensive guys are now also ready to burn the locker room down.” “There’s got to be some nefarious reason to support Zach Wilson at this point.”

Stud Performances 19:52

  • Trevor Lawrence had an impressive game with four touchdowns, two passing and two rushing.
  • Calvin Ridley had a monster game with three touchdown receptions.
  • Justin Herbert had a solid performance with 260 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and 73 rushing yards.

“I think Trevor Lawrence heard us talk about him… He had himself a fine performance for touchdowns two through the air, two on the ground.” “Calvin Ridley, a monster game as well… He also had three touchdowns through the air.” “Justin Herbert, 260 and two, 73 rushing yards, tons of design runs…”

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Tommy DeVito‘s Performance 24:06

“He earned Tommy for the rest of the game.”

Discussion on Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb‘s Matchup 24:19

  • The podcast hosts discuss a week 12 matchup between Andy and Jason’s teams.
  • They mention that Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb will have a strong performance against their opponent.

“It’s just Dak and Ceddie are gonna together put up 150.”

Jason’s Emotional Response to Fantasy Football 24:39

  • Jason expresses his frustration and disappointment with his fantasy team’s performance.
  • The hosts joke about how he would have reacted if he had played against Mike’s team.

“It’s gonna be a real tough week emotionally for this company.”

Evaluating Kyler Murray‘s Game 26:34

  • The hosts discuss Kyler Murray‘s fantasy performance and Jason shares his disappointment with Murray’s overall play.
  • However, they acknowledge Murray’s rushing ability and potential for improved fantasy production.

“But something was a little off, whether it’s Rust or maybe I’m not giving enough credit to the Texans defense.”

Josh Allen‘s Performance 26:00

  • The hosts mention that Josh Allen had a big game with 275 passing yards and three touchdowns.
  • They also highlight the performance of Ty Johnson against his former team.

Josh Allen ended up with a big game against the Jets 275 and three.”

Justin Fields‘ Return 28:18

  • The hosts discuss Justin Fields‘ return and mention his passing and rushing stats from the game.
  • They also mention the Bears’ meltdown at the end of the game.

Justin Fields came back 16 for 23, 169 and one, 104 rushing yards for Josh.”

Saquon Barkley‘s Outstanding Performance 29:11

  • The hosts praise Saquon Barkley‘s performance, highlighting his rushing yards, receiving yards, and two touchdowns.
  • They mention that the Giants utilized Barkley as a wide receiver in addition to running back.

“Number one running back on the week, Saquon Barkley, 14 for 83 on the ground.”

Andy and Mike’s Trade Discussions 30:25

  • Andy and Mike discuss trade offers involving Saquon Barkley and Austin Ekeler.
  • They mention the previous offer Andy made for Saquon, as well as Mike’s counteroffer involving Ekeler.

“Andy offered me Saquon and two twos for Eckler. … Now this morning, I offered him Eckler for a two and a three.”

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“He offered me Saquon. Saquon and two twos for Eckler. I turned it down.”

Austin Ekeler’s Performance 30:51

  • The hosts comment on Austin Eckler’s performance.
  • They mention that there were times when they couldn’t tell if it was Eckler or a fullback on the field.
  • They discuss a specific play where Eckler fell down, but also had a nice run.
  • There is no news about any injury concerning Eckler.

“There were multiple times we watched Austin Eckler and we were like, is that Eckler or is that a fullback?” 30:51

Justin Herbert‘s Game 31:20

  • The hosts talk about the unusual game for Justin Herbert.
  • They mention that despite Herbert running a lot, the team kept throwing the ball.
  • They question the decision not to hand off the ball against a beatable Packers rush defense.
  • They speculate that this is why Eckler had a lot of work in the game.

“That was a weird game in the sense that they just kept throwing the ball. They would step back and plays where you should be handing the ball off against a beatable Packers rush defense. They decided, no, I’m not going to do that. So Eckler is getting so much work.” 31:20

Jaylen Warren’s Performance 32:08

  • The hosts discuss Jalen Warren’s performance.
  • They compare him to Austin Eckler, saying he is the “new Eckler with juice.”
  • They mention that Warren had a 70+ yard run and had a great game overall.
  • They highlight that he performed well even in a tough matchup against the Browns.

“Jalen Warren, also known as the new Austin Eckler with juice, nine for 129 at a 70 something yard run… This is a player who can do that and can do that against the Browns.” 32:08

Christian McCaffrey‘s Performance 32:44

  • The hosts briefly mention Christian McCaffrey‘s performance.
  • They state that McCaffrey did “McCaffrey stuff” and scored a touchdown.
  • The hosts reassure that there is nothing to worry about regarding McCaffrey’s schedule.

“McCaffrey doing McCaffrey stuff. Another touchdown. Nothing wrong with his schedule. Not something you’re going to worry about.” 32:44

Devin Singletary‘s Performance 33:04

  • The hosts discuss Devin Singletary‘s performance.
  • They mention that he had another hundred yard game and scored a touchdown.
  • They note that Singletary has been playing significantly better than Damian Pierce.
  • They speculate on the possibility of Singletary becoming a league winner.

Devin Singletary, another hundred yard game, another touchdown… You hope though that they can make that transition to say, Hey, he’s giving us a better chance to win because this is a team now playoff bound.” 33:04

Jahmyr Gibbs Performance 34:22

  • The hosts mention Jameer Gibbs’s performance.
  • They note that he had another touchdown, continuing his streak.
  • They briefly mention his performance on the ground, but emphasize his involvement in the passing game.
  • The hosts look forward to the upcoming game against Green Bay on Thanksgiving.

“Jameer Gibbs, 659 yards through the year. Another touchdown. So the streak continues.” 34:22

Joe Mixon‘s Outlook 34:46

  • The hosts discuss Joe Mixon‘s situation after Joe Burrow‘s injury.
  • They anticipate an increase in Mixon’s workload, but a decline in offensive production.
  • They still consider Mixon a reliable weekly play until further notice.

“I would imagine he sees an uptick in work, but a decline in offense, but he’s still an every week play until we see something else.” 34:46

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Tank Dell‘s Performance 36:59

  • The hosts talk about Tank Dell‘s recent success.
  • They highlight that Dell has had double-digit targets in the past three games.
  • They acknowledge that it may not be a large enough sample size, but the production has been impressive.
  • They compare his hypothetical numbers over a full season to showcase his potential as a rookie superstar.

Tank Dell, 10 for 149 and one… If you were to take the last three games of Tank Dell and stretch it out over a season, that’d be 200 targets, 1800 yards, and 23 touchdowns. So he’s on a bit of a heater.” 37:21

Calvin Ridley’s Huge Game 36:49

  • The hosts discuss Calvin’s standout performance.
  • They acknowledge that many people may have benched him due to uncertainty around Zay Jones‘ availability.
  • They mention Calvin’s impressive stats and highlight his consistency throughout the season.

“Calvin, huge game, seven for 103 and two… because we didn’t know that Zay Jones was going to play.” 36:49

Tank Dell‘s Production and Potential 37:37

  • Tank Dell had more production in college compared to other rookies and has flashed potential in his rookie year so far.
  • It’s important to buy into his potential and the long-term future of the CJ Stroud and Tank Dell connection.

“He had more production in college than those guys to come out and in his rookie year flashed this well.”

Considerations for Tank Dell 37:46

  • There have been some injuries to Nico Collins, which could impact Tank Dell‘s role in the future.
  • It’s worth noting that once Nico Collins returns, Noah Brown might leave the game.
  • While it’s unlikely that Tank Dell will maintain his current level of production, his on-field performance is still significant and worth investing in early.

“Now there has been some injuries to Nico Collins during this stretch. Then once he comes back, Noah Brown leaves. So I don’t, obviously this three game sample, he’s not going to be an 1800 yard, 23 touchdown type of player and the matchups have been really good. But what he has shown on the field is really important to buy into early.”

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Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s Consistency 41:54

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown has consistently delivered double-digit performances in every game he has played this season.
  • While he may not be a downfield threat, he fills the stat sheet and continues to perform well.

“Amon Ross, St. Double Digits, every game this entire season he’s played, he has been in double digits, 8′ for 77 in a touchdown.”

DJ Moore‘s Reconnection with Justin Fields 41:02

  • With Justin Fields back on the field, DJ Moore has regained his strong connection with the quarterback.
  • This is positive news for both Chicago Bears fans and fantasy managers who have DJ Moore on their roster.

DJ Moore, now that Justin Fields is back… DJ Moore was on a heater with Justin Fields before the injury.”

Courtland Sutton’s Scoring Streak 43:46

  • Cortland Sutton has been consistently scoring touchdowns this season, making him a valuable player.
  • He currently ranks second in the number of touchdowns scored among all wide receivers in the NFL, only behind Tyreek Hill.

“There’s one wide receiver in the NFL with more touchdowns than Cortland Sutton. His name is Ty Rekill.”

George Kittle‘s Dominance at Tight End 44:12

  • George Kittle has been performing exceptionally well this season, consistently ranking at the top among tight ends in total points.

“We got George Kittle, who has been the tight end one in total points. He is on a Heater.”

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QB Despair 44:28

  • There is discussion about resetting the QB rankings.
  • George Kittle has been performing well.
  • There was a lack of notable tight end performances.

“But George Kittle‘s been very, very good.”

Amari Cooper‘s targets 45:11

  • Amari Cooper received targets that were 20 yards down the field, making them difficult to catch.
  • Jason emphasizes that there were too many bad targets to Cooper.

“When you watch him target Amari Cooper and he’s throwing it 20 yards down the field, Cooper’s got no chance at that ball because it’s not near him. […] Just so many bad targets to Amari Cooper.”

Inconsistencies in target quality 45:22

  • The targets that go to Najoku are catchable because they’re closer to him.
  • Najoku is also an explosive and violent runner after the catch.
  • He is currently performing well.

“The targets that go to Najoku are catchable because they’re close. He is an explosive, violent runner after the catch too.”

NFL Sunday Ticket sponsorship 45:35

  • A sponsorship message is inserted, thanking NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV.
  • It is mentioned that it is easier to keep up with all fantasy players with NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • A discount is offered when bundling with YouTube TV.

“Thanks again to our sponsor NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV. With NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s never been easier to keep up with all your fantasy players. Watch the rest of this NFL season for half the price at 174 when you bundle with YouTube TV.”

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Quarterback duds 45:55

  • There were no notable quarterback duds this week.
  • Jared Goff had three interceptions but still managed to score 20.2 fantasy points.
  • Goff’s performance was unexpected compared to his previous good performances.

“Well we had underwhelming games. There weren’t huge quarterback duds this week. That’s why you got a Jared Goffle, Mike, because he had three interceptions, two touchdowns, but three picks.”

Concerns about Joe Burrow 47:21

  • There are some concerns about Joe Burrow‘s performance.
  • There is disappointment that he did not play despite his injury.
  • It is mentioned that the NFL should penalize the Cincinnati team for not disclosing the injury.

“I just wish he would have gutted it out. […] they have to crush Cincinnati for that.”

Travis Etienne‘s performance 49:07

  • Travis Etienne‘s performance has been underwhelming in the last two weeks.
  • The favorable matchups have come to an end.
  • His upcoming schedule includes difficult matchups which may negatively impact his performance.

“I feel a little bit validated in the Travis ETN thing because I kept saying it was the, you can’t keep getting away with it. […] His upcoming schedule is a real problem too.”

Concerns about Derrick Henry 50:24

  • There are concerns about Derek Henry’s performance despite the favorable playoff schedule.
  • The upcoming schedule includes difficult matchups before the playoffs.
  • A trade for Henry is suggested after he plays a more difficult matchup against Jacksonville.

“You know, I’m worried about this. […] The rest of the schedule is great. Like, I mean, we got Carolina, then we got Indianapolis next two weeks.”

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“The targets that go to Najoku are catchable because they’re close. He is an explosive, violent runner after the catch too.”

Slowing running games down with Miko Ryan’s 51:15

“I just don’t think that those are smashed matchups.”

Uncertainty with Derrick Henry‘s performance 52:05

  • There is some uncertainty with Derrick Henry‘s performance lately, as he had a subpar game and might not deliver consistently.
  • In the past, Henry has been a reliable asset, but there is now a bit of trepidation regarding his future performances.

“Like the wheels are clearly, like this is it, right? Derek Henry’s done after this year in Tennessee.”

Josh Jacobs and Javonte Williams disappointments 52:25

  • Josh Jacobs had a disappointing game with fewer carries and targets than expected.
  • Javante Williams also had a letdown performance, raising concerns about his workload and future production.

“Javante Williams, huge disappointment last night.”

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Usage and potential limitations of James Connor 53:57

  • James Connor has been productive on the ground but has not been involved enough in the passing game and has not scored touchdowns recently.
  • It is unclear if this limited usage pattern will continue, as the team might prefer the current approach.

“If he doesn’t get a touchdown, you’re going to be pretty disappointed even if he’s playing well.”

Gabe Davis and Stefan Diggs struggle 55:40

  • Gabe Davis had zero targets and zero catches, disappointing fantasy managers who expected him to perform better against the Jets.
  • Stefan Diggs has had two consecutive weeks with below-average performances, potentially influenced by the tough matchups.

“Four consecutive weeks for Stefan Diggs where he was the wide receiver.”

Concerns with Jaylen Waddle‘s recent performances 57:37

  • Jaylen Waddle‘s recent performances have not been up to par, making him a cause for concern for fantasy owners.
  • He is currently ranked as the wide receiver 31 for the season, which further adds to the unease.

Jaylen Waddle, four for 55.”

Jaylen Waddle‘s Hot Streak 58:07

  • Years ago, Jaylen Waddle was on a remarkable streak, impressing with his performance.
  • The narrator recalls a trade offer involving Jaylen Waddle and CD where the narrator initially turned down the trade.
  • After being convinced by the hosts, the narrator ultimately made the trade and acquired Jaylen Waddle.

“Years ago for Jaylen Waddle when he was on a quote unquote heater.”

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Recapping Disappointing Players 58:33

  • Terry McLaurin, Jordan Addison, and Hollywood Brown are all labeled as duds.
  • The hosts discuss Hollywood Brown’s declining performance and his struggle to receive consistent targets.
  • They mention Kyle’s observation that the NFL has shifted to a zone coverage scheme, which might not favor Hollywood Brown’s skills as a deep threat.
  • The hosts express their disappointment with the lack of targets for Hollywood Brown despite the expectation of him being force-fed the ball.

“I mean, Hollywood over his last 17 games, 29% of those games over 10 and a half points, the targets are what bothers me.”

Diontae Johnson’s Inconsistency 01:00:26

  • Deontay Johnson has had two disappearing acts in a row, surprising fantasy managers.
  • Despite having only eight targets, he managed to only catch two passes for 16 yards.
  • The hosts note that the Cleveland defense is strong, but even so, these numbers are concerning.
  • Mentioned is the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been winning games predominantly by running the football, which limits opportunities for their receivers.

“I mean, Deontay Johnson, just so you’re aware, had three consecutive weeks of playing great football. Same quarterback, same team, disappears for two weeks.”

Frustration with Backup Quarterbacks 01:01:36

  • The hosts express their frustration with the large number of quarterback injuries and the reliance on backup quarterbacks this season.
  • Examples are given of backup quarterbacks struggling to consistently get the ball to the fantasy-relevant players.
  • The hosts wonder why there aren’t more capable quarterbacks available, considering the vast number of people playing football in the United States.

“It has been a massive amount of quarterback injuries and backup quarterbacks that you feel like you’re coin flipping on whether they can get the ball to the players that you care about.”

Detroit Lions number format petition 01:04:56

  • There is a petition to change the number format for the Detroit Lions.
  • The nines and sixes in the current format look too similar to eights.
  • The connection point on the nines and sixes is very close to the bottom, making it easy to mistake them for eights.
  • This causes confusion when trying to identify players like Jameson Williams and Josh Reynolds who wear the numbers eight and nine.
  • A suggestion is to have the numbers cross over or be shared by both players, like super long dreads or an orange headband over the helmet.

“We want a petition to change the number format for the Detroit Lions because the nines and the sixes, the number like the eights.” 01:04:56

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Jameson Williams and snap count 01:05:54

  • Jameson Williams had a touchdown this week.
  • The snap count for Williams has been rising, starting from 40, then 52, and now 65%.
  • There could be some opportunity for Williams in the upcoming schedule against teams like Chicago, Denver, and Minnesota.

Jameson Williams did deliver. He had his touchdown on. What was his snap count this week? Because it had been rising.” 01:05:50

T.J. Hockenson‘s performance 01:06:38

  • T.J. Hockenson hasn’t been meeting expectations lately.
  • He appears to be hurt on every play and gets up slowly.
  • Despite the hair flying around, Hockenson has toughed through some hard hits in the past few weeks.
  • Hockenson dropped a pass during the final drive against Minnesota, saving the team a time out.

“Hawkinson, sorry, Hollywood, didn’t get a lot of targets.” 01:07:24

Papa Josh and Thanksgiving 01:08:18

  • Papa Josh, who is notorious for hugging people against their will, thanked the narrator for a trade that benefited his team.
  • This has caused some tension and led to speculation about Papa Josh not being invited to Thanksgiving.

“I walk in this morning and Papa Josh runs up and hugs me against my will. And thanks me for the trade that got him out of Burrow and in the Justin Fields and DJ Morris.” 01:08:19

Wrap-up 01:09:00

“Waiver show tomorrow. Good luck if you have a Philly chiefs player tonight.” 01:08:59

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