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Week 10 Waiver Wire pickups on today’s fantasy football podcast! Who can fantasy managers add to help manage a bye week with lots of important players off? Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and a recap of Monday Night Football. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 7th, 2023.

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Recap and Analysis of the Chargers vs. Jets Game 03:51

“Into the sweltering nasty like the bad nasty disgusting fart fest that was the Los Angeles Chargers against the New York Jets.”

Comparison of Justin Herbert and Zach Wilson‘s Performance 05:05

“Who played better, Justin Herbert or Zach Wilson?… That’s Justin Herbert.”

Disappointment in Quentin Johnston‘s Performance 07:18

  • Disappointment in the performance of Quentin Johnston, wide receiver for the Chargers.

“He ran the most routes at the wide receiver position for the Chargers and that turned into two for 14.” “Are you rostering Quentin Johnston? No, I don’t think so.”

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Discussion on Targets per Route Run 08:39

  • Explanation of the importance of targets per route run and the disappointment in Quentin Johnston‘s low target rate.

“You know, that’s really disappointing… once you start seeing a player receive more and more opportunity and do nothing with it.”

News and Notes: Cardinals Update 09:39

“News and notes from around the league presented by USA insurance Cardinals update.”

“The team is ‘hoping to open the 21 day practice.'”

Waiver Wire Pickups 17:28

  • No noteworthy running backs as top pickups this week.
  • Not worth using a waiver priority on a running back this week.

“My number one pickup at the running back position is nobody.”

Zach Charbonnet and Keaton Mitchell 18:46

  • Zach Sharpe, the backup running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is a talented rookie and may be worth picking up.
  • Keaton Mitchell is another rookie running back that could potentially be a good pickup.

“The two primary names for running back pickups this week would be Zach Sharpe and Keaton Mitchell.”

Kenneth Walker and Keaton Mitchell 18:58

  • Ken Walker has been irrelevant for fantasy despite his snap share and lacks volume and opportunity.
  • Keaton Mitchell, an undrafted rookie from East Carolina, has been unexpectedly great with his speed and performance.

Keaton Mitchell… has a chance… 4 3 7 40 time… last week he had nine carries for 138 yards and a touchdown.”

The Baltimore Ravens Backfield 19:58

“I think neither one of these players becomes a dominant fantasy option.”

Antonio Gibson as a Pickup 20:59

  • Antonio Gibson has been getting decent opportunities in the passing game in recent weeks.
  • In a new-look Washington team, Gibson’s involvement in the offense may increase due to potential game script changes.

Antonio Gibson… been getting… two straight weeks of five targets… Worth far more than carries.”

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Fantasy Options at Running Back 23:11

  • There is no clear number one pickup at the running back position this week.
  • Insurance options or backup running backs with potential are more suitable for fantasy managers.

“Maybe take a shot on Keaton Mitchell… backup guys who might sky forward with an injury ahead of them.”

Other Running Backs to Consider 23:20

“Pick up your insurance running backs… Don’t put in Joshua Kelly.”

Wide Receivers to Add 26:12

  • Must-add receivers who are still available in about 60% of leagues are Tajae Sharpe and Jahan Dotson.
  • Dotson has seen targets in three straight weeks and has shown consistent performance.
  • Tank Dell has had boomer bust performances but has the potential to go off in any given week.

Tank Dell and Jahan Dotson have to be on rosters now… Take Tank Dell over Jahan Dotson.”

“Injecting volatility… Dirty Pop… seven targets, five four.”

Balance and Volatility in Rosters 27:56

  • It’s important to have a balance of players who provide consistent points and players who offer volatility.
  • Mario Douglas, also known as Dirty Pop, is a player who injects volatility and can provide points in his opportunities.

“You want to be balanced and have guys starting that you know are going to give you points… Injecting volatility… Dirty Pop.””

Jameson Williams vs. Quentin Johnston 32:37

  • Jameson Williams is the preferred choice over Quentin Johnston.
  • Johnston had red flags as a prospect, while Williams was highly regarded in college.
  • The matchup against the Chargers makes Williams an attractive option.

“If I had to pick between those two guys it would be Jameson Williams.”

Cedric Tillman 34:45

  • Cedric Tillman, a rookie wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, is worth considering in deep leagues.
  • His playing time has increased recently, and if Baker Mayfield performs well, Tillman could become more involved in the offense.

“If Watson gets back into some form of playing good ish… I think there’s a chance that Cedric Tillman gets involved.”

Josh Reynolds 35:27

  • Josh Reynolds of the Detroit Lions is a viable option for immediate starting needs.
  • Despite a slower performance recently, Reynolds still receives significant playing time.
  • The matchup against the Chargers could lead to a high-scoring game and opportunities for Reynolds.

Josh Reynolds… is still out there 70-80 percent of snaps wide receiver for the Detroit Lions.”

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Christian Watson 35:57

  • If Christian Watson is available, he is worth picking up over other waiver wire options.
  • Although he has not scored in the past three weeks, his potential is still high.

“If Christian Watson was on waivers I’m picking him up over just about everybody we just talked about.”

“The past three weeks have been no he hasn’t hit no points.”

Waiver Wire Pickups 36:19

  • The player discussed a point range between 4 and 4.8.
  • Despite missing some crucial plays, he is still on the field for about 80% of snaps.
  • There is a possibility that near misses could define this player’s performance throughout the year.
  • Despite the inconsistencies, this player is considered talented and worth considering for pickup.

“Near misses could be it, but he is a talented player.”

Christian Watson Potential Pickup 36:45

  • The speaker is questioning whether Christian Watson would go unnoticed on the waiver wire.
  • There is a chance that picking up Watson would sabotage another fantasy manager’s team.
  • The speaker personally prefers Tank Dell or John Dodson over Christian Watson if available.

“I would rather have Christian Watson than Demario Douglas.”

Taysom Hill‘s Availability 37:20

  • Surprisingly, Taysom Hill is still available in approximately 40% of leagues.
  • The speaker had a negative opinion of Hill in the past due to his “gadget” usage, but acknowledges his effectiveness.
  • Hill’s usage has increased, playing in about 50% of snaps and being involved in passing, running, and throwing plays.

Taysom Hill is ripping really good.”

Dalton Schultz and Tight End Recommendations 39:28

  • Although not widely available, Dalton Schultz is worth considering as a pickup.
  • John Smith is mentioned as a player some fantasy managers refuse to pick up despite his productivity.
  • Hunter Henry and Gerald Everett are also mentioned as potential options.

“I won’t pick up John Smith.”

The Raiders and Their Matchup against the Jets 41:15

  • The Raiders play against the New York Jets, who are known for struggling on offense.
  • The speaker quotes a tweet from Jets head coach Robert Salas that indirectly criticizes quarterback Zach Wilson.
  • The discussion briefly veers into the topic of the Jets’ questionable decision-making regarding their quarterback situation.

“The Jets are in the division race.”

Carson Wentz‘s Availability 44:06

  • The speaker suggests signing Carson Wentz as a potential upgrade from Zach Wilson.
  • The statistics mentioned are 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions for Wentz in his late career.
  • Wentz’s availability is questioned, speculating on factors such as personality, financial demands, or locker room issues.

Carson Wentz, bad Carson Wentz. How many touchdowns you think he threw? 27 to 7.”

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Note: The notes have been edited for brevity and clarity.

QB Streamers and Waiver Wire 45:01

  • The Manders had an 80 QBR in his final season, but he’s 30 years old, so he’s not a desirable option.

“He’s 30 years old. 80. No no no. That’s a pass.”

“The Raiders are in play. The Green Bay Packers are in play against Kenny Pickett. Would you play Seattle against the Manders. Yeah. Sam Howell has been has he’s on pace to be the most set quarterback ever but the past two weeks have been better.”

  • After an embarrassing loss, teams often come back with motivation and perform better.

“When there’s an embarrassing loss you often come back with the foot on the gas and the Seahawks were embarrassed by the Baltimore Ravens this last week and I’m not going to take that as the new normal. I’m going to take that as the new motivation.”

  • There was confusion between QBR (Quarterback Rating) and QBR (a statistic invented by ESPN).

“We do also have an update Jason that is definitely quarterback rating that is not QBR. We’re talking so like is the Q quarterback rating. Not QBR. No it is not. What is QBR.”

  • Zach Wilson‘s QBR is 32, and he is not performing well.

Zach Wilson is at 32 right now. So Carson Wentz is in fact like I said a margin. Okay. And then the Atlanta Falcons.”

“Okay. Maybe we need to update the label to pass or rating but there you go. But his his QBR which was the statistic invented by ESPN. It was 34 in Washington and that goes to 100.”

Defenses to Consider 46:56

  • The Panthers defense might not be reliable, so it’s tough to trust them against the Chicago Bears.

“Oh man it’s really tough to trust the Panthers. I mean Jake Riz does not approve but I would trust the Bears against the Panthers.”

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“No no no I’m not. In fact let’s go to full stream ahead and you’ll find out why.”

“My streamer is Taylor Heineke against that Arizona team because they are bad and Taylor Heineke he at least has weapons.”

“The Cardinals are 28th in schedule-adjusted points, 29th in yards per attempt, and 31st in completion percentage allowed. They are a bad bad defense.”

QB Streamers 54:18

  • The backup quarterback has been named the starter for the rest of the season, surprising many who initially thought he was just a temporary replacement.
  • The backup quarterback’s impressive performance in the game solidified his position as the starter going forward.

“He just became a Minnesota Nikon.” “He became a national hero.”

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Waiver Rankings 54:50

  • The hosts mention that their full waiver rankings will be available on their website, thefantasyfootballers.com, tomorrow.
  • Fantasy managers can access the waiver rankings to help them make decisions on which players to add to their teams.

“We have those up there. They’re available for everybody tomorrow.”

Ballers Discord Community 55:09

  • The hosts promote their Ballers Discord community, describing it as a happening and fun fantasy football community.
  • They provide the link to join the community, emphasizing that it is free to join.

“You get to join a really awesome happening.” “It’s free. You go in there.”

Top 10 Nicknames Vote 55:17

  • BallersDiscord.com – The hosts mention a vote for the top 10 nicknames of all time for the fantasy footballers, and encourage listeners to participate.
  • They explain that the results of the vote will be shared on Thursday’s show.

“And in the announcements channel is the link to the vote for the top 10 nicknames of all time for the fantasy footballers.” “We need your voice and those results will be shared on Thursday show.”


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This summary is roughhh – links for Tevin Coleman, James Robinson, Tajae Sharpe, etc.? 🤣 and “The speaker” 💀

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