Week 10 Studs & Duds + Fantasy Enemies, Trade McBride?

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Week 10 recap! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to a wild Week 10 of NFL Football! Which dud performances are the most concerning for fantasy football managers? Which studs can keep it up rest of season? Plus, injury news and the Week 10 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 13th, 2023.

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Division Realignment 01:06

  • The hosts discuss the possibility of reorganizing their league of record due to intense competition and rivalries among themselves.
  • Jason and Andy have become “mortal enemies” as they fight for a playoff spot.
  • They are considering division realignment to ease the tension and create more balanced matchups.

“We’re finally seeking division realignment in our league of record… because we’re fighting for like one playoff spot among the two of us.”

Playoff Battle 02:57

  • All three hosts, Mike, Jason, and Andy, are currently tied in their league with the same record.
  • They are competing for playoff spots and points against each other.
  • Only one or possibly two of them will make it to the playoffs.

“All three of our teams now, Mike, where we had the same record… It is truly the three of us that are all exactly in the same position. We’re just fighting for record and points against each other.”

Dak Prescott‘s Performance 04:13

  • Dak Prescott has been the best fantasy quarterback in the league, scoring high points in recent games.
  • Andy traded for Dak after Mike recommended him as a sleeper pick.
  • Dak has been consistently performing well, benefiting Andy’s fantasy teams.

Dak Prescott over his last four games was the quarterback one, the quarterback three, the quarterback two, and he may be quarterback two after tonight and currently the quarterback one… I traded Mike to a, and went and signed Dak off the waiver wire. I’m delighted.”

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Impact of Throwing to CeeDee Lamb 05:57

  • The hosts discuss the impact of throwing to CD Lamb continuously.
  • CD Lamb has been the best fantasy player in the past few weeks.
  • Other players on the team, like Amari Cooper, have also benefited from the focus on CD Lamb.

“Hey, Dallas, look what happened. You have an above-average quarterback. You have a superstar wide receiver. Let’s find out what happens when we throw to him nonstop. Oh, we score a whole bunch of points.”

Tony Pollard‘s Performance 09:07

  • Tony Poll’s performance has been disappointing and frustrating to watch, as he seems to be sacrificed repeatedly.
  • He is playing for the Dallas Cowboys, but it feels like he is treated as if he were playing for a high school team in the NFL.
  • Pollard’s lackluster performance has led to frustration among fantasy football managers.

“He is just being offered as sacrifice over and over and over.”

Disappointing Bets and Trade Options 09:33

  • One of the bets made on the show last week involving Quinton Johnston did not go well.
  • Tony Pollard was also discussed as a potential trade option.
  • Some fantasy managers are tired of Pollard’s performance and have traded him for other players such as Jerome Ford.

“I’m so tired of Tony Pollard. I traded him this morning for Jerome Ford.”

Adjusting Expectations for Tony Pollard 10:14

  • Despite his disappointing performance, Tony Pollard still has some value, especially considering the upcoming matchup against the Carolina Panthers.
  • It is acknowledged that the Dallas Cowboys had a blowout victory over the New York Giants, and Pollard’s lack of production was a missed opportunity.
  • Pollard’s usage and strategy employed by the team have been questionable, which may contribute to his underwhelming performance.

Tony Pollard is still not the same player after the ankle injury.”

Tony Pollard‘s Inefficiency 11:34

  • Tony Pollard has not been providing the expected production, averaging only 7.9 fantasy points per game since week four.
  • His point total lags behind other running backs like Ezekiel Elliott, Jaliel McLaughlin, and Antonio Gibson, making him a significant disappointment for fantasy managers.
  • Pollard’s lack of touchdowns is not the sole issue; he has been ineffective and inefficient overall.

Tony Pollard‘s been bad, ineffective, inefficient.”

Difficult Decisions for Fantasy Managers 12:42

  • As trade deadlines approach, fantasy managers face tough decisions regarding Tony Pollard‘s future on their teams.
  • His underperformance and lack of consistency make it challenging to rely on him as a starter.
  • Some may consider trading or benching Pollard, while others may hold onto him due to favorable matchups.

“I think there’s some very difficult decisions to be made for fantasy teams as trade deadlines hit.”

News and Notes 14:21

  • Alexander Madison left the game early with a concussion, leading to fantasy disappointment for those who had him on their roster.
  • The Minnesota Vikings signed Miles Gaskin to their practice squad as a response.
  • Ty Chandler saw opportunities and a touchdown while Madison was still playing, making him an interesting potential pickup.

Ty Chandler is the guy you got to pick up.”

Jameis Winston‘s Performance 16:05

  • James Winston’s performance for the New Orleans Saints has been a mixed bag, with potential for fantasy success but questionable decision-making in real football.
  • Winston’s chemistry with certain players, such as Chris Olave, has been lacking.
  • He tends to take risks that may result in intercepted passes or other negative outcomes.

“But man, do fantasy managers love that dude because nothing helps you throw more than a pick six.”

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Gibbs and Montgomery’s Performances 26:11

  • Gibbs got goal line opportunities while Montgomery had a 75-yard run, which is unexpected. Both players are key contributors to the team’s aggressive, physical style of play. Gibbs has emerged as a top running back, despite a slow start as a rookie.

“Gibbs gets a couple of goal line opportunities and Montgomery gets the run away 75 yarder because you would kind of profile them to be the opposite.” 26:11

Devin Singletary‘s Exceptional Performance 27:52

  • Devin Singletary had a career-high performance with 30 carries for 150 yards and 1 touchdown. Despite his previous struggles, Singletary’s performance against the Texans was outstanding.

Devin Singletary 30 for 150 and one. I mean the Texans. Holy crap.” 27:52

CJ Stroud‘s Dominant Performance 28:13

  • CJ Stroud had a strong performance, despite his fantasy numbers not fully reflecting his dominance against the Cincinnati Bengals. He showcased his mobility and evasiveness, resulting in a solid fantasy performance.

“I was pessimistic and this was full results over process. Like the results were CJ Stroud was actually, he was okay for fantasy, but his fantasy line did not indicate how dominant he was against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road.” 28:13

Kyler Murray‘s Return to Form 29:35

  • Kyler Murray had a successful return to the field, demonstrating exceptional mobility and evasiveness. Although his fantasy line may not have been outstanding, Murray’s performance was a positive sign for the Cardinals’ offense.

“And now, uh, we Cardinals fans, we get Kyler Murray back who came back, looked great. And this next week, CJ Stroud, the Kyler Murray.” 29:28

Devin Singletary‘s Potential Against the Cardinals 31:11

  • Devin Singletary‘s performance against the Texans proves his potential for a strong showing against the Cardinals’ defense, which is known to struggle against the run. Whether Damian Pierce is healthy or not, Singletary is expected to receive a significant workload.

“The Cardinals are a tremendously bad defense against the run. And I would love Devin Singletary to get this much work. What do they do even if Pierce is healthy?” 31:24

Walker’s Performance and Potential Trade 33:03

  • Kenneth Walker had a solid performance, relying on big plays. It may be worth exploring a potential trade for him, especially considering upcoming matchups against tough defenses like the Rams and the 49ers.

Kenneth Walker, welcome back. 19 for 63. Had the big 64 yard reception on his only reception. It seems like for Walker, would you trade him after this?” 33:03

Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris‘ Dominance 33:46

  • Both Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris had impressive performances, showcasing efficiency and versatility. Warren’s statistics highlight his impressive running ability, making him a valuable asset for fantasy football.

Jaylen Warren, among the 46 running backs with 50 plus carries this year, number five in yards per carry, number seven in yards after contact, number one in missed tackles forced.” 33:59

Warren’s running style and fantasy production 34:11

“He runs with such reckless abandon. It is so fun to watch, but to get a fantasy production situation out of him finally delightful.”

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Najee with touchdowns and dropping temperatures 34:50

  • Najee has scored three touchdowns in his last four games.
  • He has been a top 12 performer for three out of the last four weeks.
  • The dropping temperatures might affect his performance.

“Najee now has three touchdowns in his last four games, three of four weeks as a top 12 and the temperatures are going down.”

Kyle Shanahan’s decision with Christian McCaffrey 35:15

  • Kyle Shanahan let Christian McCaffrey continue playing to pursue a touchdown record.
  • McCaffrey had a chance to be the sole owner of the most consecutive weeks with a touchdown record.
  • The decision was risky as McCaffrey could have gotten injured.

“Special shout out to Kyle Shanahan. They were destroying the Jaguars 34 to 3. Christian McCaffrey had been pulled. Brock Purdy had been pulled and then Elijah Mitchell took them down the field and Kyle Shanahan knew the streak was on the line of Christian McCaffrey could take it and be in sole ownership of the touchdown record the most consecutive weeks and they put him in and they gave him every touch every touch.”

Wide receiver studs 36:15

  • Keenan Allen finished as the wide receiver one with 175 yards and two touchdowns.
  • CD Lamb and Brandon Cooks had impressive performances with multiple catches and touchdowns.
  • CD Lamb set an NFL record with three straight games of 10+ catches and 150+ receiving yards.

Keenan Allen, third time finishing as the wide receiver one on the week 11 for 175 and two. CD lamb Brandon cooks. Welcome to the party. Brandon cooks nine for 173 lamb was 11 for 151 both scored. CD lamb is the first player in NFL history with three straight games of 10 plus catches and 150 plus receiving yards.”

Noah Brown‘s emergence 39:53

  • Noah Brown has performed well in the absence of other wide receivers.
  • He has received a high percentage of targets and has been productive.
  • His playing time and opportunities may decrease when other receivers return.

Noah Brown has been a monster… He was the recipient of every target where Stroud would extend the play, scramble around, and then Noah Brown would just find space. Nico Collins was out, but I mean, what do you do with this? 72% or greater snaps in three straight games. He’s been very, very good.”

Impressive performances by fantasy players 41:42

Tyler Lockett, Jason, start of the week with an eight for 92 and one performance. A la vie with another touchdown. Derek Cart get out of my life. Derek Carbage. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. TJ Hawkinson 11 for 134 and a touchdown all in the first half. 15 targets.”

Trey McBride‘s Performance and Future Outlook 42:02

  • Trey McBride had an impressive performance, receiving nine targets and racking up eight catches for 131 yards.
  • He became the first Cardinals tight end since 1988 to have over 100 yards receiving in a game.
  • Despite Zach Ertz‘s potential return, McBride is expected to continue receiving a significant share of snaps, targets, and yards.
  • However, Ertz may still have some opportunities when he returns.

Trey McBride, who’s a player we talked about, is an absolute must pick up and stash. He will receive the majority of snaps, targets, and yards between them, but Zach Ertz is going to take some.”

Considerations for Trey McBride‘s Trade Value 46:05

  • The hosts discuss potential trade scenarios involving Trey McBride and other tight ends like George Kittle and Dalton Kincaid.
  • They favor keeping McBride over trading him for players like Kittle, but would consider trading him for Sam LaPorta or Jake Ferguson.
  • McBride’s value is influenced by the upcoming schedule and the potential return of Ertz and Dawson Knox to their respective teams.

“I would rather have Trey McBride. The schedule for the Buffalo Bills is slightly better when looking at schedule-adjusted points, so Dalton Kincaid would be a good option as well.”

The Uncertainty around Zach Ertz‘s Future 45:56

  • The hosts speculate that Zach Ertz may not be a part of the Cardinals’ future plans.
  • Cutting Ertz in the offseason would result in a reduced dead cap, making it highly likely that he won’t be on the roster next year.

“I would assume Zach Ertz is not on this roster next year. Let’s play a new game then: Trey McBride.”

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Trevor Lawrence‘s Struggles 48:39

  • Trevor Lawrence has been performing poorly, completing 17 passes for 185 yards and committing two fumbles in a recent game.
  • Despite being on a winning team, Lawrence’s individual performance has been disappointing.

Trevor Lawrence has been an unadulterated disaster. Whatever the inverse of Jaylen Hurts stepping into his own last year was, that’s Trevor Lawrence.”

The Calvin Ridley Dilemma 49:10

  • Calvin Ridley‘s struggles are discussed, with uncertainty whether his performance is attributed to him or Trevor Lawrence‘s struggles.
  • Trevor Lawrence is regarded as one of the most rostered quarterbacks on sub-500 fantasy teams.

“There’s a reason Calvin Ridley‘s in the duds every week. Trevor Lawrence has got to be one of the most rostered quarterbacks on sub-500 fantasy teams.”

Trevor Lawrence‘s performance 49:39

  • Trevor Lawrence has not hit 20 fantasy points at the quarterback position throughout the season.
  • This level of performance is deemed unacceptable.
  • The hosts jokingly refer to Trevor Lawrence as “T-Law” or “T-Drop.”

“But Trevor Lawrence is winning more like Kenny Pickett‘s winning than he is the way that CJ Stroud is winning.”

Trevor Lawrence vs. other quarterbacks 50:40

  • Trevor Lawrence‘s poor performance puts him behind about 15 other quarterbacks in terms of fantasy relevance.
  • The hosts mention various quarterbacks like CJ Stroud, Matt Corral, and Sam Howell, who are considered more favorable options than Lawrence.

“You’d rather lock about 15 quarterbacks into your lineup over Trevor Lawrence right now.”

Lamar Jackson‘s performance 51:01

  • Lamar Jackson‘s recent performances have been inconsistent.
  • Despite playing against a tough defense, he achieved solid numbers.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have been scoring over 30 points consistently in the past few weeks, but it hasn’t translated to huge fantasy points for Jackson.

“And then lost to the Cleveland Browns who came back. It was, that was a crazy game. It was insanity.”

Evaluating Lamar Jackson‘s consistency 53:00

  • Lamar Jackson‘s consistency rating on the Fantasy Footballers’ website is a D+.
  • This inconsistency makes it challenging for fantasy managers to determine whether to start him or not.
  • Although Jackson’s highs can be extremely high, his overall consistency is a concern.

Lamar Jackson‘s consistency rating on the fantasy footballers website is a D 35.”

Running back duds 53:57

“Saquon genuinely, like, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you as a human, as a man. You went out there and you did that’s five a carry against Dallas.”

Uncertainty for free agent running backs 55:20

  • Henry, Pollard, and Barkley are all soon-to-be free agents, which adds an element of uncertainty to their future opportunities.
  • Josh Jacobs, another free agent, had a more successful Week 10.
  • It is unclear whether these running backs will have favorable opportunities next season, and dynasty managers must consider the risks.

“Because I doubt there are four bona fide, delicious opportunities, right?”

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Studs & Duds 56:23

  • Players often chase money and end up in poor situations.
  • It would be great to see someone like Sequan sign with the Bills for less money, to join a good team.

“They’ve got to chase the money. So they’re probably going to end up in poor situations. You know, you’d love to see someone like Sequan go and sign with the Bills for less money, because they’re not going to pay up for, you know, to pay a superstar running back.”

Concerns about Pollard in Dynasty 56:50

  • If I’m in dynasty, Pollard is the player that makes me the most nervous.
  • Pollard is on the franchise tag and hasn’t performed well enough to back it up.

“For everyone that we just mentioned, I think Pollard is the one, if I’m in dynasty, that I’m the most nervous about. Oh, I’d be out. Because yeah, he’s on the franchise tag and this was his year to prove he could be that guy for a team. And he does not have the stats or success to back it up.”

Tommy DeVito and Aaron Jones 57:22

  • Tommy DeVito needs to move out of his mom’s house and grow up.
  • Aaron Jones had a bad game after a good one, but it wasn’t against me.

“Also, I think Danny DeVito needs to move out of his mom’s house. Maybe grow up a little bit, Danny. Because it’s hard to watch. Bad game by Aaron Jones after his first good game of the year, because he wasn’t facing me.”

Disappointments at Wide Receiver 57:50

  • Calvin Ridley, Deontay Johnson, and George Pickens were disappointing.
  • Deontay Johnson’s performance of one catch for 17 yards was unbelievable.

“Duds at the wide receiver position. We were running out of time. So you don’t have to, like, rest in the sadness too long. Calvin Ridley, Deontay Johnson, George Pickens. Deontay Johnson, what is? One for 17. That one is unbelievable.”

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Surprising Performances at Wide Receiver 58:13

  • Deondre Hopkins had a surprisingly bad game against a weak Tampa Bay secondary.
  • Hollywood Brown’s one catch for 28 yards was another huge surprise.

“The one that was most surprising for me was Deondre Hopkins against Tampa Bay. I mean, still 28% target share. Yeah. He had eight targets, but three for 27 against a very, very weak and beat upset. Hollywood Brown just won for 28. Yeah. That was another huge surprise.”

Disappointments at Tight End 01:00:22

“Andrews Laporta, Taysom Hill and Evan Ingram all had bad weeks at the tight end position. Yeah, it’s going to happen. Mark Andrews obviously the most disappointing. Two for 44, looked fine, had a nice big run in there, but not good enough.”

“Deondre Hopkins, what is? One for 17.”

“Hollywood Brown just won for 28.”

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Mark Andrews obviously the most disappointing. Two for 44, looked fine, had a nice big run in there, but not good enough.”

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