Upside Options + Trade Strategies, TNF Preview

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Week 2 preview! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason answer tough questions for Week 2 and the rest of season! Upside players, trade strategy, worry levels and more! Plus, NFL News and a preview of Vikings vs Eagles! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 13th, 2023.

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Fantasy Football Waivers 00:37

  • The waiver wire activity was high before the show started. 00:57
  • The highlight of the waiver wire was Jason Moore winning the bid for Zach Moss. 01:08
  • Jason also won the bid for Justice Hill. 03:28

“But the highlight of the waiver wire and all of our leagues without question, just leave the building, Jason, because the highlight was Jason Moore.”

Zack Moss Consolation 02:43

  • Jason was upset winning the bid for Zack Moss as it was a player he didn’t like. 03:21
  • Also, Jason believes Zach Moss is not a good player. 03:24

“I hate, I think he is not good at football and will be worthless. He is now on my League of Record roster. You are too much money and I’m very upset.”

Running Back Situation 02:48

  • Jason had to be aggressive in his bidding for running backs due to his poor running back situation. 02:50
  • Jason has Austin Ekeler as his main running back and no reliable backup. 02:58
  • Jason shotgun approached all potential starting running backs. 03:01

“I’m in nine leagues right now. It’s too many. And in the League of Record, which is the most important, I’m in a terrible running back situation because I said I had very little about it. So I’ve got Eckler who hopefully is fine and then nobody behind him.

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Hungry for More Segment 06:05

  • The Hungry for More segment sponsored by Uber Eats is introduced. 06:05

“Welcome to Hungry for More presented by Uber Eats.”

Players to Watch 07:25

“I’m talking about Michael Hungry for more. Michael Pittman Jr. Hungry for more of him. He is a good football player.”

FAAB Strategy 06:16

  • The hosts talk about their fab strategy for Week 1 and saving it for future weeks. 06:38

“I found it especially difficult not to spin up on players in week one, especially like making like I thought about going all in on Josh Kelly.”

Michael Pittman‘s Upside 08:07

  • Pittman’s utilization in the past wasn’t optimal for fantasy, but in Week 1 he saw significant improvement.
  • He had 11 targets, downfield targets, and two red zone targets.
  • Utilization of a talented player in a favorable situation with a lack of competition.

“I am very excited for Michael Pittman. This is a utilization of a talented player in a situation where it’s him and scraps that I think I am very excited for Michael Pittman.”.

Puka Nacua‘s Potential 10:04

  • Pukanacua had 15 targets in Week 1, delivered with a 40% target per outrun.
  • He fits Matthew Stafford‘s preferences and has the potential to be a consistent target.
  • A player to watch out for, especially in favorable matchups.

“I think Puka just fits the mold for what Matthew Stafford is looking for. And I want those targets.”

Elijah Moore‘s Promising Outlook 11:28

  • Moore’s career has had its ups and downs, but he showed promise in Week 1.
  • Despite the rainy conditions, he had a 24% target share with seven targets.
  • With a potential absence or limited snaps for Amari Cooper, Moore could thrive against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Elijah Moore is someone who I think can thrive in that type of a matchup.”

Diontae Johnson‘s Injury 13:52

  • Johnson expected to miss at least four weeks due to a hamstring injury.
  • Owners may consider picking up Allen Robinson as a replacement.

“You can pick up Allen Robinson and get a spot start there potentially.”

Concerns About Kenneth Gainwell 14:13

  • Gainwell missed practice for two consecutive days.
  • A reporter from the Eagles beat suggests he might not be ready for Week 2.
  • Fantasy owners should monitor his status and consider other options for the matchup against the New England Patriots.

“We’d be disappointing with Gainwell getting 18 opportunities in week one and a better matchup for him than New England on Thursday night.”

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Zack Moss‘s Opportunity 15:14

  • With Evan Hull on IR, Zach Moss has a chance to step up for the Colts.
  • He is set to face the Houston Texans.
  • Moss could see increased involvement and become a viable fantasy option.

“It is Zach Moss time this week. He’s got tons of moss on him.”

Thursday Night Game Preview 16:21

“You guys ready to talk about the Thursday night game? Yep. Thursday night breakdown.”

Minnesota Vikings Performance 18:00

“The Vikings were at home and they looked incredibly disappointing… They barely put up any points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who they should have at home scored at least two more times.”

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Players 18:55

“The, uh, Madison was the full-time running back 73% of the snaps… Justin Jefferson, who was okay… and the really excited, exciting Jordan Addison touchdown.”

Jordan Addison‘s Role 19:51

  • The hosts express their desire to see wide receiver Jordan Addison play more snaps and suggest he should be the team’s number two wide receiver behind Justin Jefferson. 19:51

“Let Jordan Addison play… He is your number two wide receiver… You have a better chance of scoring touchdowns, which means you have a better chance of winning the game if Jordan Addison is on the field.”

Philadelphia Eagles Defense 21:13

“I’m really curious what the Eagles defense is like because I think we were all, at least I’ll speak for myself… surprised how much production Mac Jones and the Patriots passing game was able to come up with against this Eagles defense.”

Alexander Mattison and Running Game 22:13

  • The hosts comment on the expectations and challenges of playing running back Alexander Madison in the matchup against the Eagles’ strong defensive line, which may limit his effectiveness. 22:13

“You know, running backs, they don’t grow on trees and you drafted him to play him. But it just might not be one of the weeks that he’s a key cog in your victory.”

“If they go in and they sack cousins, you know, five times”

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D’Andre Swift‘s Value for Fantasy

  • The matchup against the Vikings is expected to be favorable for Swift.
  • However, there are concerns regarding his role due to the presence of other running backs.
  • Gainwell’s potential absence was seen as a disappointment.
  • Swift is preferred over Boston Scott, but Rashad Penny is considered a risky option.
  • There is confidence in Swift’s performance if Gainwell is out.
  • Swift is considered a good flex play if Gainwell doesn’t play.
  • Starting Swift over James Conner at home is not recommended.

“I wouldn’t go that far. If Gainwell wasn’t there…I understand it. I just think he’s guaranteed to have a significant role.” 24:41

Trade Strategies and Player Evaluation

  • James Conner‘s performance in Week 1 is seen as an overperformance.
  • It is suggested to trade high on players who had outlandish performances in Week 1.
  • Tua Tagovailoa is mentioned as an example of a player to consider trading.
  • Other quarterbacks like Joe Burrow and Justin Fields are also mentioned as players who had disappointing performances.

“You take Tua and you take another player that had a nice Week 1 from your bench and you go try to trade up at the quarterback position.” 29:36

Evaluating Quarterbacks and Trade Targets

  • The top quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Josh Allen are preferred over Tua.
  • Fields is seen as the hardest to evaluate due to his poor Week 1 performance.
  • The strategy to trade up at the quarterback position is recommended.

“I would rather have all of those more than Tua…Maybe not with Allen. Maybe not with Herbert, but it’s harder to do with Burrow… It’s hard to do with Fields… But don’t worry guys, a new report just came out this morning.” 29:55

Coaching staff changes and self-evaluation 30:24

  • The coaching staff underwent significant changes and self-evaluation after a disappointing season.
  • Issues were identified with Justin Fields‘ performance, including his plays, reads, and ball retention.
  • The offensive system had significant problems, particularly with play calls.

“We are sucking… Let’s change what we’re doing.” 30:31

Importance of self-evaluation and corrections 30:38

  • Self-evaluation is crucial for identifying and addressing issues in players’ performances and the overall team strategy.
  • Corrections are necessary to improve performance and avoid repeating mistakes.

“And so I have some confidence that they will self-evaluate… and make some corrections.” 30:38

Dissatisfaction with recent game performance 31:05

  • The hosts express their disappointment in the game performance of certain players and the coaching staff.
  • The hosts mention their unhappiness with benching Claypool and discuss the overall disappointment with the game.

“It was a huge disappointment… It wasn’t just the coaching staff, it was also Fields.” 31:17

Evaluating players independently of draft capital 33:08

  • The hosts advise not to rely heavily on draft capital when evaluating players.
  • Draft capital does not determine a player’s future performance or success in fantasy football.

“Draft capital does not matter anymore… Fantasy draft capital.” 33:33

Considering reasons behind draft capital 33:31

  • Understanding the reasons behind a player’s draft capital can provide valuable insights into their talent and situation.
  • One bad week should not lead to overreactions, especially considering a player’s draft position.

“But what you can’t forget about is if a player was drafted in the third round, that’s almost for sure because most people think he’s talented.” 33:49

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Evaluating trades and waivers without fixation on draft capital 34:08

  • It is important not to prioritize draft capital when considering trades or waiver pickups.
  • Evaluating the performance and potential of players is key, rather than being influenced by their draft position.

“But especially when it comes to waivers and trades, people make such a mistake by caring so much about, oh, I drafted this guy three rounds earlier.” 34:08

Emotional aspect of roster decisions based on draft capital 34:53

  • Emotionally, it can be challenging to make roster decisions when considering players with draft capital but uncertain future paths.
  • Emotions around having invested a pick in a player may conflict with the practicality of roster construction.

“Those are tough calls to make emotionally… He ends up being a healthy scratch. I’ve got other players that can help me right now.” 34:50

Evaluating trade value for Garrett Wilson 34:58

  • A trade proposal involving Garrett Wilson and T Higgins is discussed, with a recommendation to trade away Wilson.
  • The hosts express their admiration for Wilson but believe that trading for Higgins in full PPR would be beneficial.

“Should I trade away Garrett Wilson for T Higgins in a full PPR?… The answer is yes.” 35:10

Geno Smith‘s Concern Level 41:18

  • Jason Peters’ signing indicates concern about the Seahawks’ offensive line
  • Geno Smith is not a guaranteed top-five option
  • Offensive line health heavily impacts Geno Smith‘s performance
  • Concern level for Geno Smith is a six 41:20

“He’s a fringe starter that you took at the end of your draft and you might need to move on if you don’t like what you see.”

Outlook for Dalvin Cook with Rogers injured 44:52

  • The scoring opportunities for the New York Jets offense may decrease without Rogers, but Dalvin Cook still has a significant role to play.
  • The Jets’ focus on defense and running the ball means that Cook and Breece Hall will have a strong presence in the running game.
  • Cook is expected to receive a high volume of work, and Breece Hall will gradually increase his market share.
  • Michael Carter also saw some targets in the last game, which could impact Cook’s production.

“I don’t know if that was package related… but [Michael Carter] had some targets.”

Expectation for Dalvin Cook‘s workload 45:40

  • Dalvin Cook is likely to have a heavy workload, with around 15 opportunities per game.
  • The Jets’ strategy of running the ball heavily to protect Zach Wilson could benefit Cook.
  • While Breece Hall will eventually dominate the market share, Cook is expected to maintain a significant role for at least half a year.

“This week… that’s what you’re gonna need to do against the Cowboys. You can’t let them get up if they get a lead.”

Potential impact of Breece Hall‘s performance 46:59

  • Breece Hall had a standout performance with an 83-yard run, but aside from that, his average yards per carry was 4.88.
  • Hall’s performance may not be as impressive if the long run is excluded.
  • Despite this, Hall demonstrated his ability to contribute in the passing game.
  • Comparing with Zach Moss, having shares in both players for this year is not uncommon.

“You know, 20 yards of reception.”

Variations in draft shares 47:25

  • Drafting shares of Breece Hall and Zach Moss can vary between fantasy football leagues.
  • Some individuals may have equal shares of both players, while others may favor one over the other.
  • Personal preferences and individual league dynamics play a role in these variations.

“I have Breece Hall shares… I just don’t have as many as I should have.”

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