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Will Jahmyr Gibbs get more touches? On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason investigate the top unsolved mysteries from the 2023 season! Plus, Hungry For More, Giants vs 49ers preview, and NFL News! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 20th, 2023.

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Hungry for More 04:11

  • Mike is hungry for more fantasy points from Niko Collins, but he thinks Tank Dell could be a breakout player.
  • Tank Dell, a rookie wide receiver for the Houston Texans, had a strong performance in his first real opportunity.
  • Dell had 10 targets, seven receptions for 72 yards, and a touchdown, with 79% of the snaps.
  • The Houston Texans are passing more than expected, and Dell may continue to see opportunities.

“This guy was a production monster… I’m trying to get him on my teams where he’s available and I’m hungry.”

Gabe Davis‘ Catching Ability 04:13

  • Jason is hungry for more from Gabe Davis in terms of catching the ball.
  • Davis had his highest catch rate of his career last week, catching six of his seven targets for 92 yards and a touchdown.
  • He has been praised for his catching ability in training camp and preseason.
  • Davis has a high potential for fantasy production if he can maintain a higher catch rate.

“This is a guy who is playing in an offense where if he gets up to 65% catch rate, he’s going to be great for fantasy football.”

Gabe Davis‘ Potential 08:27

  • Gabe Davis has contributed to Josh Allen‘s impressive completion percentage.
  • The speaker wants to see more consistent and increased target share for Davis.
  • They express concern about his performance in certain matchups.

“So let’s just keep doing it, especially, especially for my league of record team.”

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Prophetic Hope for Gabe Davis 08:37

  • The speaker refers to Gabe Davis as a “prophetic hope” and praises his abilities.
  • They mention Davis’ explosive capability and desire to see more targets thrown his way.
  • They believe he is a more dynamic receiver than he has had the opportunity to show.

“I think a prophetic hope is a wonderful title for Gabe Davis.”

George Pickens as a Target 09:02

  • The speaker admits to selecting George Pickens despite his previous disappointment.
  • They express hunger for more of Pickens’ involvement in the Pittsburgh offense.
  • With Deontay Johnson on injured reserve, they see an opportunity for Pickens to shine.

“I am hungry for more of George Pickens and the Pittsburgh offense in part because there is no Deontay Johnson.”

Explosive Capability of George Pickens 09:53

  • The speaker highlights George Pickens‘ explosive capability as a receiver.
  • They mention seeing Pickens’ dynamic play on crossing routes.
  • They urge the quarterback to throw more passes to Pickens for a display of his abilities.

“You talk about explosive capability, George Pickens is a much more dynamic receiver than we’ve had the opportunity to see.”

Concerns about the Pittsburgh Offense 10:28

  • The speaker acknowledges concerns about the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ offense.
  • They mention the offense looking unstoppable in preseason but struggling during the regular season.
  • They note that some players have not lived up to the hype.

“You guys old enough to remember when the Pittsburgh Steelers offense looked unstoppable in preseason? Yeah, me too.”

Justin Fields‘ Lack of Progress 10:58

  • The speaker criticizes Justin Fields‘ lack of progress and decisiveness.
  • They compare his performance to the lack of improvement shown by other players.
  • The speaker advises toning down excessive happiness by watching Fields’ film.

Justin Fields has not taken a leap at all… You want to tone that down. Go watch some of the film of Justin Fields and the lack of decisiveness.”

Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt in the Browns’ Backfield 12:15

  • The speaker discusses the signing of Cream Hunt by the Cleveland Browns.
  • They recount the uncertainty surrounding the situation, with conflicting reports about Hunt’s role.
  • The speaker believes that Jerome Ford will be the lead back and liken the situation to a 1A/1B scenario.

“We see Kareem Hunt coming back to this team to not change… I think this is a one to not a one a one B. I think this is one to and his Jerome Ford.”

Kareem Hunt‘s Role 16:27

  • Kareem Hunt will likely be utilized primarily on third down and may not have a significant role in the offense. 16:12
  • Hunt is not expected to put up the same numbers as Nick Chubb, who is considered a special player. 16:15
  • Hunt was selective in choosing where to go this offseason and likely received guarantees about his utilization. 16:45

“He will be out there for third down… there’s some level of guarantee provided him that he’ll be utilized.”

Backup RB Situation 17:00

“I think he’s a cursory add because running backs are hard to come by… I wouldn’t be throwing him right in the lineup anytime soon.”

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Kendre Miller‘s Opportunity 17:37

  • With Jamal Williams injured, Kendrick Miller is expected to have a significant role in the offense. 17:52
  • Miller has a favorable matchup against the Green Bay defense, which has given up a lot of fantasy points to RBs. 18:16

“I believe the talent of Kendrick Miller is really, really good… he’s going to get enough opportunity to show his talent.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s Injury 19:21

  • Alvin Ross St. Brown is dealing with a day-to-day turf toe injury, which could limit his performance. 19:28
  • He is generally a dependable receiver who accumulates stats consistently. 19:36
  • Despite the injury, Ross St. Brown is still considered startable in fantasy football due to his reliability. 19:52

“You’re going to get 75, 80% of Alvin Ross St. Brown. Yes… that is good enough to be started in fantasy football.”

Brandon Aiyuk‘s Injury 20:32

  • Brandon Aiyuk had a CT scan that revealed no clavicle break, but he is limited in practice and his status for Thursday is uncertain. 20:39
  • The impact of his potential absence or limited playing time is significant due to his previous performance and potential. 20:54

“My gut is telling me that he will be active and he will absolutely not be in my lineup… I think he’s really hurt.”

Unsolved mysteries 23:39

  • The hosts discuss a show that they made up and can’t remember the name of.
  • They mentioned a player named Will Riker. 23:49
  • The hosts mention Jonathan Friggs, but clarify that the name is made up. 23:55
  • They discuss a show called “unsolved mysteries” that they made up. 24:04
  • Number one unsolved mystery is the usage of Jameer Gibbs and whether it will improve. 24:09

“The whole never happened.”

Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield‘s Performance 31:05

  • There is speculation about Baker Mayfield potentially having a complete implosion.
  • The performance of Mike Evans is highlighted, where he has shown his talent with three touchdowns in the first two weeks.
  • The consensus is that Mike Evans will continue to perform well, while Baker Mayfield‘s performance may decline.

“I don’t think he ends on that kind of a heater.”

Predictions for the Cleveland Browns 31:45

  • The Cleveland Browns are currently performing well with a 2-0 record.
  • However, based on the schedule and upcoming games against Philly and the New Orleans Saints, it is predicted that their performance will decline.
  • Concerns about Baker Mayfield‘s overall performance are expressed.

“So a month from now, I think things will be much less rosy. Baker will be looking up from his back more often and I am skeptical that Baker will be a revelation.”

Bengals Offensive Woes and Joe Burrow 32:21

  • Concerns are raised about the offensive struggles of the Cincinnati Bengals, similar to their slow start in the previous season.
  • The upcoming schedule is expected to be challenging with games against the Rams, Titans, Cardinals, and Seahawks.
  • It is noted that the offensive talent of the Bengals is impressive, and there is hope for improvement.

“I think the talent on the offense is great. I think the only concern…would be the calf.”

Expectations for Joe Burrow 35:07

  • It is expressed that Joe Burrow‘s rushing performance may not meet the expectations for a bounce-back season.
  • The focus is on his ability to utilize his talented teammates like T Higgins and Jamar Chase.
  • Concerns about his limited rushing production and the need for high passing touchdowns to achieve a top-four quarterback ranking in fantasy football are mentioned.

“I don’t believe Joe Burrow is going to run at all. I think he’s going to be in the pocket and not move.”

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Evaluation of Jordan Love 35:55

  • The performance of Jordan Love is analyzed, with acknowledgment of his high touchdown rate.
  • It is suggested that his current success may be inflated due to the number of touchdowns he has thrown.
  • Regressions to the mean in terms of passing and rushing touchdowns are predicted.

“So there will be, I think, some swift regression to the mean in terms of rushing versus passing scoring.”

Jordan Love‘s Performance 38:22

  • Jordan Love‘s performance in the first two weeks of the season has not been impressive.
  • There are doubts about his ability to be a reliable option in fantasy football.

“This isn’t the Jordan Love celebration tour through two weeks. It’s a, okay. Well, maybe the Packers have a player here. I’m going to, I’m still going to continue to see two weeks. This isn’t enough for me.”

Jordan Love‘s Performance in Matchups 38:46

  • Jordan Love has shown potential in favorable matchups.
  • He performed well against the Bears and had an okay performance against the Falcons.
  • However, he still did not have a great fantasy week despite throwing three passing touchdowns.

“What he has proven to me is that he can be a really solid option on the right matchups. You could have predicted these two matchups, you know what I mean? The Bears, yes, please. Let’s play my quarterback against the Bears. The Falcons, they’re okay. And he was okay.” “He had three passing touchdowns, still did not have a great fantasy week. He was the quarterback 16. 151 yards.”

Future Matchups for Jordan Love 39:23

  • The upcoming matchup against the Saints does not seem favorable for starting Jordan Love.
  • However, the following matchup against the Lions could be an opportunity to stream him.

“The Saints this coming week, you know, I’m not going to start Jordan love this week. Like he’s, he’s on my bench, but in the right matchup, you know, the Lions the week after, yeah, I’ll stream him.”

Analysis of Giants vs. 49ers Thursday Night Game 39:30

  • The Giants are facing a tough matchup against the 49ers.
  • The 49ers are heavy favorites and have a dominant defense.
  • Daniel Jones is expected to have a challenging game due to the 49ers’ pass rush.

“The New York Giants are one and one, they take on the San Francisco 49ers who are two and… San Francisco, 10 point favorites.” “Maybe they recovered, won the game, played great, but we also saw the Giants when there is a pass rush that can get through. You know, if Mike Aparse is on the other side, they could not deal with the pass rush of the Dallas Cowboys and a lot of teams can’t and you’re not going to face the Dallas Cowboys every week. But the San Francisco 49ers are pretty close. I mean, you want Bosa coming down on you? Daniel Jones is going to, Daniel Jones is going to have a really bad day.”

Fantasy Value on the Giants’ Side 41:09

  • Darren Waller is leading the tight end position in receiving yards.
  • Despite his performance, the Giants’ offense has struggled, and other players on the team may not have significant fantasy value.

Darren Waller is leading the tight end position in receiving yards.” “On the Giants? I mean, this stat could be shocking to people.”

Fantasy Analysis of George Kittle 43:40

  • George Kittle is expected to have a range of outcomes in this matchup.
  • He has the opportunity to have a great game, but every tight end can have a bad game.

George Kittle still has a wide range of outcomes here, but every tight end, every tight end can have a bad game out there if you’re not Kelsey or Andrews.” “So you’re sticking with George Kittle, the opportunity for him to have a great game exists in this matchup.”

Fantasy Analysis of Deebo Samuel 44:31

  • Deebo Samuel is expected to have a fantastic week and should not be benched in fantasy football.
  • He offers a high level of production and should be in lineups.

“But Debo, Debo is like, if you’ve got a bunch of great wide receivers and you’re just loaded and you think you can be a bench Debo, don’t do that. He’s going to be awesome this week.”

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Alexander Mattison Fantasy Outlook 45:00

  • It is advised to wait and see with Alexander Madison rather than trading him away.
  • The upcoming matchups for him are favorable and could result in increased production.

“I’d wait and see. The last two weeks are winnable matchups for him.”

“You had a really rough week one with Rashad White. You had a bounce back performance. I see them similarly where I don’t think the talent of Alexander Madison is going to win many tough matchups.”

Trade option for Madison 45:27

  • If Alexander Madison continues to struggle in the next few weeks, it’s unlikely that anyone will want to trade for him.
  • Madison’s value has already taken a hit, and it’s not great at the moment.

“Like people aren’t going to want to trade for Madison right now.”

Advice on trade question 45:53

  • A listener named Chris from Minnesota asks if they should trade Jerome Ford and Deandre Hopkins for AJ Brown in a full PPR league.
  • The hosts agree that it’s a good trade and recommend accepting it.
  • They mention that Ford’s value might be at its peak right now, and Brown’s value is low due to disappointment among fantasy owners.

“I’d do that.”

Value of Alexander Mattison 47:55

  • The hosts discuss the potential value of Alexander Madison for fantasy managers who have been hit by injuries to their running backs.
  • They suggest that if a team is in a bad spot and needs a running back, it might be worth trying to trade for Madison.
  • Despite his recent struggles, Madison still has opportunities in a good offense and could be acquired for a cheap price.

“I think that the managers who have him feel like Mike just said like his floor is already lost. Nobody’s trading for him.”

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