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Undrafted players who could have a fantasy impact! On today’s fantasy football podcast, players to stash now before they become hot waiver wire targets! Plus, George Kittle backup options, NFL News, and greatest fears for the 2023 fantasy football season! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 5th, 2023.

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League of Record draft 01:41

  • The League of Record draft was recently held.
  • Jason had multiple consecutive picks late in the draft.
  • He picked players that would only be great if there were injuries to their major stars.
  • Jason is the defending champion and went all out for the draft.
  • They had balloons, banners, and even a singing telegram.
  • Andy’s team may be tough this year, but he’s happy with his championship ring.
  • Al Borland had a great draft as well.

“Jason went full John Hammond at this draft. We showed up at the studio, and I didn’t know any of this stuff.” 04:10

Fantasy fears for the 2023 season 07:30

  • The hosts discuss their biggest fantasy fears for the upcoming season.
  • One fear is that Breece Hall will perform exceptionally well, even though injuries made the host skeptical.
  • There is concern that unexpected injuries or underperformance will affect a player’s fantasy performance.
  • The hosts share their individual fears and discuss their love for Breece Hall.

“I’m terrified that Breece Hall is going to be unbelievable.” 07:54

Fear of Missing Out on Players 08:39

  • The speaker expresses regret for not drafting Breece Hall in their leagues.
  • They fear they will be penalized for not showing enough love for him.
  • There is a desire to see him succeed and for others to draft him as well.

“I just didn’t scoop him up enough and I feel like I’m going to be punished for my lack of true love.”

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Fear of Disappointment from Players 09:45

  • A discussion arises about the fear of being let down by players.
  • The speaker mentions their anxiety about Alexander Madison and J.K. Dobbins not meeting expectations.
  • They express hope and dreams for these players, but acknowledge the uncertainty of the NFL and fantasy football.

“My boys in purple are going to end up letting me down because I have backed Alexander Madison and I have backed J.K. Dobbins.”

Fear of Injury and Change in Fantasy Football 11:46

  • The discussion shifts to the fear that top running backs might disappoint in the first round, leading to a shift in draft strategies.
  • There is a concern that investing in workhorse running backs may become less reliable if they consistently underperform.
  • The possibility of tight ends and quarterbacks gaining more value is mentioned as potential implications of this change.

“If all the top running backs let people down again in the first round, are we going to be entering a new age in fantasy football of the workhorse less draft picks?”

Concerns about Cooper Kupp‘s Hamstring Injury 13:54

  • The discussion turns to the uncertainty surrounding Cooper Kupp‘s hamstring injury.
  • There is worry about the severity and potential long-term effects of the injury.
  • The speaker questions whether investing in other players like Van Jefferson or Tyler Higbee is a viable option.

“I am just very worried… this is a big problem. It really, really sucks.”

Undrafted Gems

  • It’s important to keep an eye on the waiver wire for undrafted players who can have a fantasy impact.
  • Take the opportunity to browse the waiver wire and consider swapping out players you drafted with undrafted gems.
  • Look for news changes and missed players in drafts that you hadn’t considered.
  • One undrafted gem to consider is Marvin Mims.

“I’m gonna throw out Marvin Memms.”


Fantasy Fears

  • Cooper Kupp is a player to be cautious with due to his injury history.
  • It’s better to have Kupp miss some games early in the season and ensure his full recovery.
  • The fantasy value of Kupp is high enough to consider drafting him even with a potentially delayed start to the season.

“He is valuable enough to be a good pick.”


George Kittle Pivots

  • George Kittle‘s absence from practice is concerning for fantasy managers.
  • Consider pivoting away from Kittle and exploring other options for the start of the season.
  • This opens up opportunities for other 49ers receivers like Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

“But if George Kittle is gone, I mean, you’re, you’re in the PS, but, but like week one, right out the gates. I mean, you could see really big games for, for Debo and, and Ayuk.”

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NFL News

  • Joe Burrow is expected to play in Week 1 according to NFL Networks, the Interapp Report.
  • The Colts plan to start the season with a running back by committee approach due to Jonathan Taylor being on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.
  • Keep an eye on injuries and updates, as they can dramatically impact fantasy football strategy.

“All signs point to Joe Burrow playing in week one, according to NFL Networks, the Interapp Report.”


Greatest Fears

  • Fantasy managers should be cautious with players like George Kittle, who have a history of recurring injuries.
  • It’s important to monitor Kittle’s status regularly.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and notes to minimize the risks associated with drafting injury-prone players.

“So monitor George Kittle. That’s just like what you should do every week for the last three years.”


2023 Fantasy Football Season

  • As the 2023 fantasy football season approaches, it’s crucial to pay attention to undrafted players who can make an impact.
  • Keep an eye on the waiver wire and be proactive in making changes to your roster.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to pick up undrafted players, especially those with high potential like Marvin Mims.

“And then you just, you just pray when he’s back that he can stay healthy at that point.”


Marvin Mims, the Rising Rookie 22:42

“He’s risen significantly very recently.”

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  • Mims was the first pick of Sean Payton in the Broncos era, and he has an impressive production profile. 22:50

“The first pick of Sean Payton in the Broncos era.” “His production profile is great.”

  • Although Mims had tough competition with Cortland Sutton, Jerry Judy, and Tim Patrick, the departure of Patrick and potential absence of Judy create opportunities for Mims. 23:15

Tim Patrick is gone and Jerry Judy is gone… that’s vacating seven targets just himself alone.” “He’s in on two wide receiver sets.”

  • Mims is expected to make an impact and be on the field, even if he hasn’t fully earned his spot yet. 23:44

“He’s a talented rookie who is going to have to be on the field even if he hasn’t earned his way yet.”

Fantasy Potential of Marvin Mims 24:21

  • Mims is a promising fantasy option due to his situation and potential playing time. 24:30

“I think it’s a good player to be paying attention to.”

  • Prioritizing Mims over others, like Jordan Addison, in waiver wire pickups could be a wise move. 24:01

“If he’s out there on waiver wires, I would pick him up over several guys.”

“So he could get off to a quick start.”

  • Despite some uncertainty, Mims is a viable option to start in week one of fantasy football. 24:12

“I’m not like, I don’t think you want to throw him in, but you can and I have to.”

Adam Thielen‘s Fantasy Prospects 24:49

  • Adam Thielen is anticipated to be the highest-scoring undrafted wide receiver in week one. 25:06

“I think Adam Thielen will be the highest scoring undrafted wide receiver in week one.”

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  • Although Thielen went undrafted in a recent draft, his value should not be underestimated. 25:11

“He did not go in our draft last night.”

  • Thielen is projected to have a significant number of targets and be a top receiving option for young quarterback Bryce Young. 25:23

“He’s going to have six plus targets a week… He’s going to be the top target for Bryce Young to start the year.”

  • Thielen is likely to have success early in the season, but his productivity may decrease as the season progresses and due to his age. 26:13

“It will be earlier in the season… and then his body will clearly break down.”

The Undrafted Gem: Sean Tucker 27:51

  • Sean Tucker, despite going undrafted due to a heart condition, has immense talent and was highly regarded before the NFL draft. 28:02

“He was my third or fourth favorite running back before the NFL draft happened.”

  • Tucker’s presence on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ depth chart, which is not fully settled, provides an opportunity for him to shine. 28:33

“A depth chart that is not solidified in the slightest.”

  • Compared to Rashad White, Tucker has the potential to outperform him and become the starting running back. 28:51

“There is a very strong chance that Sean Tucker is already a better player than Rashad White.”

  • Tucker is a valuable late-round pick in fantasy drafts, and his performance may surpass expectations without requiring an injury to his competitors. 29:02

“He may just, over the first couple of weeks, be better than Rashad White.”

“And then there are backfields in which a younger player can take it.”

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Kendre Miller‘s Potential 29:18

  • Kendra Miller could potentially take the starting role in the New Orleans backfield if he outperforms the current players.
  • He has a history of recovering well from injuries but also tends to get injured frequently.
  • This inconsistency with injuries is a concern for his fantasy value.

“Well, he’s excellent at recovering. From injury. But he’s excellent at getting injured, it seems. So that’s the problem.” 29:30

Tyler Higbee as a George Kittle Replacement 30:04

  • Tyler Higbee is a viable pivot option if you already have George Kittle on your fantasy team.
  • In PPR leagues, Higbee is expected to have a strong start and receive significant targets.
  • While he may not be the most talented player, he has the potential for a solid performance, similar to Dalton Schultz.

Tyler Higbee is going to get off to a really strong [start], especially if you are in a PPR league. You know, I don’t think he’s an uber-talented player. But I think he’s the tight end that you could say, OK, he’s going to have at least eight targets.” 30:39

Stashing Kyler Murray 32:23

  • It is advisable to stash Kyler Murray in your IR spot if your league allows it.
  • Murray is expected to miss at least four games due to injury, but when healthy, he has demonstrated elite fantasy quarterback performance.
  • Monitor Murray’s recovery progress and the Cardinals’ updates to potentially benefit from having him in week five or six.

“But for someone that you, like, very, very, very late in the draft, assuming you have an IR spot, just take them with, like, your third to last pick, put them on your IR, and then now you just get to go on and pick up one of these waiver wire guys that we’re talking about and just sit back and wait.” 33:13

Other Stash Candidates and Late-round Picks 34:12

  • Consider stashing Jeff Wilson, who may have been undrafted or dropped due to injury.
  • Jeff Wilson could have significant value if the Miami Dolphins‘ backfield situation remains uncertain.
  • Late-round picks like Jalen Hyatt, Jonathan Mingo, Rashi Rice, and Roshan Johnson offer potential upside for fantasy teams.

“It might be debatable whether you think he could just take the job from Khalil Herbert. It’s certainly possible.” 34:40

Fantasy Football Advice 35:50

  • The website is a valuable resource for fantasy football articles.
  • The writing staff is knowledgeable and talented.

“Lots of articles coming your way every single week from our illustrious and, dare I say, beautiful writing staff.” 35:52

Managing Multiple Fantasy Football Teams 36:33

  • Add teams slowly to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Know your limits and don’t add too many leagues.

“If you were invited to three of them, and one of them is really, really exciting, or two of them are really exciting, maybe start there and then work your way up.” 37:20

Having the Same Players on Every Roster 37:37

  • Some players prefer to diversify their players across multiple teams.
  • Others enjoy having all their players on one team to fully experience the highs and lows of game day.
  • The fun of fantasy football is being able to root for something.

“For me, when I have all the players, then on a Sunday morning, everything is simultaneously great and terrible at the exact same time.” 38:20

Dropping Chig Aconquo for Tyler Higbee 38:57

  • It is recommended to drop Chig Aconquo for Tyler Higbee in a full PPR league.
  • Aconquo’s situation may not allow him to be consistently relevant.

“Yeah, you should. I was the last one to draft the tight end. So I would too. I mean, I’d rather have Tyler Higbee right now.” 39:05

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Vetoing Trades in Fantasy Football 41:08

  • Trades should almost never be vetoed.
  • As long as there is no collusion or financial benefit between teams, trades should be allowed.
  • Do not veto trades just because you disagree with them or don’t want another team to get better.

“Almost never. Trades may look lopsided to you. Two people have agreed upon a trade…and as long as you have no reason to believe that…two people have looked like they’ve made some sort of pact to improve one team…let it happen.” 41:10

New fantasy players getting taken advantage of 43:21

  • Some first-year fantasy players are being taken advantage of in lopsided trades.
  • It can be a challenging situation for them since they may not know what they’re doing.

“Yeah, I mean, to me, the problem there is the issue is just with the person taking advantage of them.”

Warning new players about trade pitfalls 43:42

  • When inviting new players to a league, it’s important to warn them about potential trade exploitation.
  • Players need to be aware and on guard against unfair trades.

“You know, you bring them in and you have to say, hey, look, the dogs are circling. And you probably need to be on your guard about these trades.”

Lopsided trades lead to more exploitation 44:01

  • Once one lopsided trade takes place, other league members tend to take advantage of the situation.
  • It creates an environment where everyone tries to strip the weak link’s roster.

“You know, it gets hard there too because once one lopsided take advantage of someone trade happens, everybody pounces. All the hyenas come out of the woods and start taking there.”

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Targeting weak links in the league 44:18

  • To avoid being exploited, some players advise targeting the weakest player in the league.
  • Being the first one to approach a trade with the weak link can result in gaining a favorable advantage.

“That’s why you want to be first. Target the weak link in your league and get there first. Get the juiciest meat.”

Caution with evaluating trades 44:46

  • Evaluating trades can be challenging since many trades may appear favorable at first glance.
  • Leaving room for discussion and seeking advice from experienced players can help make the right decision.

“The hard part is, is like Mike said, a lot of trades look really good on the surface. So you need to leave a lot of room there.”

Choosing between Aaron Rodgers and Geno Smith for Week 1 44:50

  • A listener asks whether to start Aaron Rodgers or Geno Smith for Week 1.
  • The hosts weigh in, noting that both quarterbacks face challenging matchups.

“Jeremy in Texas. Aaron Rodgers or Geno Smith in week one.”

“Ooh, I think it’s Geno.”

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Favoring Geno Smith over Aaron Rodgers 45:14

  • Despite Aaron Rodgers‘ potential for a strong fantasy season, his tough early schedule may not make him the best choice for Week 1.
  • Geno Smith, on the other hand, has a more favorable matchup at home.

“I’m going Geno. So I think I’m taking Geno. I am going Geno.”

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