The TRUTH: Top 10 Fantasy TEs + House of False Hope

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The final TRUTH episode of the year! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a deep dive look at the TE position! Was Travis Kelce or Sam LaPorta more consistent last year? Which TEs can take a step forward in 2024? Plus, Super Bowl predictions and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for February 8th, 2024.

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The TRUTH: Top 10 Fantasy TEs + House of False Hope | Fantasy Football 2024 – Ep. 1547

Discussion on the Big Game 00:00

  • The hosts banter about the term “big game” used for the Super Bowl, questioning if it implies other games are smaller.
  • They jest about the Pro Bowl being even bigger, albeit it being seen as a whisper in the wind.
  • Casual attitude is shown towards non-Super Bowl games like the Pro Bowl and related events, indicating lack of intense interest.

“Well, the biggest game is the Pro Bowl. We all know that. Oh, yeah. Did that happen? Yeah, I did. It’s just a whisper in the wind.”

Humorous Barber Conversation 05:16

  • The hosts humorously discuss Jason not wearing a hat post-haircut, highlighting their humorous banter around the topic of hats and haircuts.
  • Jokes are exchanged about wearing hats post-haircut, with banter on the decision to shave heads partially or completely.

“There’s not much you can do, Mike. I got a problem. Are you on a per hair basis paying the highest rate possible for a haircut? Oh, absolutely.”

Predicting Drake London‘s Future 06:26

  • The hosts analyze if Drake London will be a valuable pick in the upcoming fantasy football drafts based on his previous performance and potential.
  • They discuss London’s statistics, age, and potential value, predicting him to be a top 24 wide receiver for the next season but not expecting significant undervaluation.

“My opinion is that Drake London will be a top 24 wide receiver next year. Okay. We like that. But like 23 24 so value off of that 27 draft spot barely.”

The Fantasy Sleeper: Drake London 10:06

  • Drake London is a young, talented player with the potential for a breakout season due to his explosiveness and athleticism despite concerns about his current team and quarterback.
  • The comparison is drawn between the luxurious “Heisman House” where notable Heisman winners reside and the less glamorous residence where players like Terry McLaurin and DJ Moore once lived, hinting at the ongoing struggle for recognition and opportunity in the NFL.
  • There is uncertainty surrounding Drake London‘s potential breakout, heavily influenced by the quality of passes he might receive, with hopes pinned on substantial increase in targets to unleash his true fantasy potential.

“He needs targets […] I’d be all over Drake London […] It’s not the House of Hope Brooks; it’s the House of False Hope.”

Fantasy Tight End Landscape in 2023 22:50

  • The 2023 season saw a record-high of almost 2,700 tight end receptions in the NFL, making it a fascinating year for tight ends’ performances.
  • The top ten fantasy point performances in tight ends featured a mix of well-known names like Kelsey, Kittle, and emerging players like Sam La Porta.
  • Touchdown production from tight ends was notably low in 2023, the lowest since 2011, with La Porta leading in this category.
  • Despite the high number of receptions, the scarcity of touchdowns impacted the fantasy relevance of many tight ends during the season.

“We had the most tight end receptions in NFL history this past year. Almost twenty-seven hundred.”

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Tight End Scoring and Fantasy Value Analysis 24:37

  • Touchdowns are crucial for tight ends’ fantasy success, with the 2023 season showing that red zone targets to tight ends decreased from about 30% to under 25% compared to the preceding years.
  • Red zone efficiency plays a significant role in a tight end’s fantasy value, as it directly correlates with their scoring opportunities and relevance in fantasy lineups.
  • Looking ahead, investing in late-round tight ends with potential red zone targets can be a strategic move to capitalize on their value throughout the season.

“Overall the targets for the tight end position were up but in the red zone where the action is at for scoring they were actually down.”

Emerging Tight Ends and Fantasy Prospects 25:20

  • The emergence of rookies like Sam La Porta and late-career breakouts of players like Ingrams and Njoku added excitement and depth to the tight end landscape in 2023.
  • While touchdown production was lacking, the increased targets for tight ends hint at a positive outlook for the position, suggesting more opportunities for fantasy relevance in the future.
  • With different tight ends showcasing their skills and potential, the 2023 season laid the groundwork for a potentially diverse and competitive field of tight ends in the upcoming years.

“I like the fact that there’s some new blood in the NFL at the tight end position to say OK maybe for fantasy purposes next year we have more than just like a 1A and 1B and then garbage.”

Evaluating Sam LaPorta‘s Performance as a Rookie 27:57

  • The speaker traded Sam La Porta to acquire Travis Kelsey, believing La Porta’s early success was unsustainable. Despite La Porta’s strong finish to the season and winning the championship, there was some regret over the trade, primarily contingent on the championship victory.
  • “I believe I traded Sam La Porta before week four to acquire Travis Kelsey. And it was under the premise of cashing in on what I viewed as unsustainable production from a rookie tight end.”

La Porta’s rookie performance sparks a debate on whether he should be the top tight end pick next season.

Analysis of Evan Engram‘s Fantasy Performance 31:40

  • Evan Ingram, despite being drafted as the eighth tight end, ended up as the second-highest scorer in total fantasy points. Notably, 26% of his season’s fantasy points came from two explosive weeks, raising concerns about consistency.
  • “When you talk about values of the tight end position, Evan Ingram was extremely valuable for your team.”

Ingram’s fantasy points heavily concentrated in a couple of standout weeks, underlining consistency challenges.

Forecasting Evan Engram‘s Future Impact 33:48

  • Ingram’s value is weighed against his limited scoring impact, with 26% of his fantasy points coming from just two weeks. Concerns persist regarding his consistency and overall contribution to fantasy teams.
  • “He didn’t help you win a lot either. He was just okay.”

Ingram’s impact on fantasy teams was lukewarm, lacking in major game-changing performances throughout the season.

Evaluating Tight Ends’ Performance 35:50

  • Consistency over a season is crucial; if a tight end doesn’t secure a top-six finish for 12 consecutive weeks, it significantly impacts the team.
  • Weekly rankings reveal surprise contenders, like Evan Ingram, who may have inconsistent stats such as 7.487, 10.2, and 9.4 points in the first month.
  • Despite not being a game-changer, Ingram’s role was acknowledged as the number two tight end of the season.

“If you’re not in the upper half of your league scoring for 12 consecutive weeks, you did not help.”

Insight into Evan Engram‘s Future 36:08

  • Ingram’s contributions to the offense are recognized, even though his performance may not always match expectations.
  • Predictions for next season suggest Ingram will likely maintain an essential role despite potential changes in the team’s roster.

“Even if they invest another great pick in a wide receiver…Evan Ingram next year is a lot of what he was this year.”

Travis Kelce‘s Impact and Performance Analysis 38:10

  • Despite finishing third and experiencing a dip in performance during the playoffs, Travis Kelsey’s overall consistency and impact are acknowledged.
  • Kelsey’s statistics over the years show a consistent percentage of good games but also fluctuations in his bust and great game percentages.

“He was still Travis Kelsey… the number one point per game tight end had so much greatness.”

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Analyzing Travis Kelce‘s Performance and Future Outlook 42:08

  • Travis Kelsey faced extreme backlash in fantasy football due to a three-game rough patch at the end of the season, despite his overall consistency and success earlier.
  • The concern mainly stems from Kelsey being 34 years old and whether this impacts his future performance despite dominating in the playoffs.
  • Despite doubts, Kelsey himself has expressed his love for playing and seems far from retirement, easing concerns about his ability to continue delivering strong performances.

“The end of the season was just so destructive of our view on Travis Kelsey, people were legitimately mad in fantasy football at Travis Kelsey.”

Assessing TJ Hockenson‘s Impact and Recovery Timeline 43:34

  • TJ Hockenson‘s season was cut short due to an ACL injury, impacting his stellar performance and potentially delaying his return to the field.
  • His impressive start and dominance when playing alongside Justin Jefferson underscore his potential as a top fantasy tight end once fully recovered.
  • The injury timeline suggests Hockenson might start the season on the PUP list and could face reduced strength initially upon his return.

“The injury front is such that you would expect him to start on the PUP if he makes it to week one. It will be really surprising if he doesn’t; he’s just on a normal timeline, looking at later in the season.”

George Kittle‘s Consistency and Game Impact 48:33

  • George Kittle‘s performance has been marked by inconsistency, showing flashes of brilliance but not consistently unleashing his full potential.
  • Despite being a top talent, Kittle’s output varies, with only sporadic weeks of exceptional production, making it challenging for fantasy managers to predict his performance.
  • His track record includes three weeks as a top tight end performer and a mix of great and bust games, highlighting his unpredictability for fantasy lineups.

“It’s what he’s always been. It’s always been maddening knowing what George Kittle could do if unleashed, but it only happens some of the time.”

Roster Construction Concerns at Tight End 49:31

  • Evaluating roster construction involves a trade-off between a tight end with high volatility but potential for winning weeks versus a safer option with a capped ceiling.
  • The decision hinges on where the player is drafted and the quality of players available at that draft position.
  • George Kittle, despite his boom-bust nature, could deliver wins but choosing him over a player like Evan Ingram, who offers more consistency, depends on one’s risk tolerance and draft slot.

He’s a roster construction question of like, do you want to have a weak winning capability at tight end, knowing that you will also get bust weeks that actively hurt you? Is that worth it at the tight end position?

Team Dynamics: George Kittle‘s Impact and Potential 50:14

  • George Kittle‘s performance in fantasy football prompts a discussion on roster dynamics and whether his potential to deliver wins justifies his occasionally volatile output.
  • Kittle’s consistency at home games contrasts starkly with his underperformance on the road, influencing how fantasy managers could optimize his usage based on scheduling.
  • Comparing Kittle to other tight ends, like David Nijoku, underscores the strategic decisions faced by fantasy football enthusiasts when selecting players for their teams.

I don’t think it was necessarily a win or a loss to be out on Kittle this year because he was so boom-bust. Well let’s go live to the field here.

David Njoku‘s Ascendance and Fantasy Impact 51:40

  • The emergence of David Nijoku, particularly in the second half of the season, showcases his potential as a valuable fantasy asset.
  • Despite facing challenges with quarterback changes throughout the season, Nijoku’s performance remained consistent and impressive, highlighting his versatility.
  • Nijoku’s ability to excel in yards after the catch and his knack for turning receptions into significant gains emphasize his dynamism as a tight end option in fantasy football rosters.

He was sixth in consistency, but over the second half of the year, he was number one. Oh man, that finished so good.

Cole Kmet‘s Potential Rise in Fantasy Football 56:31

  • Despite not being a standout fantasy asset in the previous season, Cole Komet impressed with his on-field performance, showcasing notable catches, especially in the end zone.
  • Uncertainty surrounds Komet’s future due to potential changes within the organization and his target competition, but there is a growing positive evaluation of his talent and potential impact.
  • Evaluating Komet involves assessing his skills, talent level, and ability to deliver when given opportunities, leading to a shift from being perceived as just another player to being viewed as quite talented.

“I rose on Cole Komet… I went… from just a guy to… I think he’s pretty talented.”

Jake Ferguson—a Hidden Gem for Future Drafts 57:25

  • Jake Ferguson, a 25-year-old undrafted player, proved to be a valuable find and a target for upcoming drafts due to his performance and potential.
  • Despite initial uncertainty about Ferguson’s role and impact, his significant number of high-value targets, particularly in the red zone, highlight his worth as a player with touchdown potential and consistency.

“Cheap Ingram… Somebody you lock in every week… go find my upside elsewhere.”

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The Emergence of Trey McBride in Fantasy Football 01:00:13

  • Trey McBride‘s emergence as a fantasy prospect soared, especially after exceeding expectations in the later part of the previous season, proving his capability to dominate games and provide consistent performance.
  • The significant improvement in McBride’s involvement in the offense post-week six, coupled with remarkable stats, positions him as a player with immense potential and the ability to elevate his game to benefit fantasy teams.

“He’s one of my favorite players… but that is a rich ADP.”

Dalton Schultz‘s Consistent Performance and Ranking 01:03:07

  • Dalton Schultz‘s consecutive ranking as the tight end 10 for two years showcases his reliability and consistent performance, making him a valuable option for fantasy teams seeking stability and productivity at the tight end position.
  • Despite facing some injury setbacks during the season, Schultz’s strong run from weeks four through 12 demonstrated his effectiveness and contribution to fantasy teams.

“He’s this year’s tight end 10… He got it done.”

Dalton Schultz and his Future 01:03:35

  • Dalton Schultz ranked as the tight end three in fantasy points per game last season, benefiting from CJ Stroud‘s presence.
  • Schultz’s future remains uncertain due to his one-year contract; speculation suggests he might return to Dallas.
  • The outcome of Schultz’s contract negotiations will significantly impact his fantasy value, with CJ Stroud‘s presence being a key factor.

I mean, if he comes back, I’m very interested. If he goes somewhere else and doesn’t have CJ Stroud, no, thank you.

Evaluating Mark Andrews and Emerging Players 01:04:37

  • Mark Andrews stood out in consistency and performance, making him a valuable tight end option.
  • The emergence of younger talents like Isaiah Likely prompts a discussion on the dynamic between established and rising players in fantasy football.
  • Andrews has shown resilience despite past injuries, maintaining a strong performance level that fantasy managers should consider.

I believe Isaiah Likely is very good… When you have a player that is 23 years old emerging and then you have a player that has not been necessarily able to always stay on the field, even though he is very, very good, I just want that conversation to be in the back of your head.

Dallas Goedert‘s Underwhelming Performance 01:06:06

  • Dallas Goddard faced a challenging season, experiencing inconsistency and failing to reach his potential as a fantasy asset.
  • Despite high expectations, Goddard’s production has been limited, making him a risky pick in fantasy drafts.
  • His career trajectory and inability to match draft expectations illustrate the unpredictability of fantasy football player performance.

He was the tight end seven off the board. He was the tight end six round pick to get him… Massive bust this year.

Conclusion and Community Engagement 01:10:30

  • They conclude by thanking the listeners for tuning in and encourage everyone to enjoy the upcoming game and have a good time.
  • The hosts extend their well-wishes for an enjoyable meal to all the listeners.
  • They bid farewell by thanking the audience for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast.

Enjoy the big game. I hope it is a good time. Enjoy your food, everyone.

Community Engagement and Social Media Promotion 01:10:43

  • They mention the opportunity to engage further by joining their fantasy football community on
  • Additionally, they encourage following them on Twitter at FFballers for more updates and interactions.

Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on and follow us on Twitter at the FFballers.

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