Team Turnarounds + Hungry for More, TNF Preview

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Which NFL teams will improve rest of season? On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason talk Week 7 start/sit decisions, trades, and more! Plus, a new “Hungry For More” segment, NFL News, and Thursday Night Football preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 18th, 2023.

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Discussion on Dynasty Leagues 01:13

  • Different types of leagues have different rules and dynamics.
  • Dynasty leagues allow for long-term team building and rebuilding.
  • Dynasty leagues try to emulate the NFL structure with teams that are great for a long time and teams that are trying to rebuild.

“You have Redraft Leagues or Keeper Leagues where people sell picks… Then we have the Dynasty League. That’s a very fun league. I enjoy it.”

Drama in Dynasty League 01:45

  • There was drama around who would get the number one pick in a dynasty league.
  • Jason ended up getting the coveted number one pick.
  • Rebuilding in a dynasty league takes time.

“Last year there was drama around who was going to end up with Bijan and the number one pick. Drama around, Jason, you got him.”

Format and Function of Dynasty Leagues 02:14

  • Dynasty leagues are designed to emulate the NFL structure.
  • Some leagues consider changes to the format, but it is already built for long-term team building and rebuilding.

“It’s a really, really fun format. We were debating this morning because there was a suggestion of change. It’s like, no, this is already built for that.”

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Discussion on Dynasty League Podcast 02:35

  • The podcast released a special mailbag episode dedicated to dynasty leagues.
  • The episode discussed the player Johan Dotson and his value in dynasty leagues.

“It was a special mailbag episode. A lot of talk about Johan Dotson. If you want to know what we’re thinking about him for dynasty leagues, check it out.”

Tanking Ethics in Dynasty League 02:58

  • The dynasty podcast will cover tanking ethics in the next episode.
  • Tanking in dynasty leagues raises interesting questions.

“Yeah. Rookie redraft redo… Tanking ethics was a part of it, Brooks.”

FAAB Bids and Injuries in Dynasty League 03:13

  • Zach Evans was acquired for 78 fab.
  • Kyron Williams is likely to be out for an extended period.
  • The news about Williams influenced the bidding for Zach Evans.

“Just for what it’s worth in our league, Zach Evans went for 78 fab… The news we had was Kyron Williams, it’s minor. He’s probably going to miss this week… This morning that escalated to he’s going to be out probably through the bye week, which turns Zach Evans into a much greater ad.”

Uncertainty in Running Back Situations 04:26

  • Uncertainty surrounds the running back situation in the Lions’ team.
  • Multiple running backs have been added to the practice squad.
  • It’s unclear who will emerge as the lead back.

“Like Connor went down, just like Kyron went down and you have an assortment of options… So if you got him for cheap, congratulations.”

“But I’m wondering if that fab bid, if the news was seen on Kyron this morning and then that fab escalated.”

Hungry for More 09:10

  • The hosts discuss their segment called “Hungry for More” where they focus on players they believe will have a breakout performance.

“Every week we’re looking at players. We are hungry for more from maybe they have, you know, you’ve seen some, some nibbles, some signs of life, some flashes and you want some more.”

  • Andy picks Jalen Waddle as his “hungry for more” player of the week.

“Mine is Jalen waddle who is coming on. We are about at the NBA jam rules here.”

  • They discuss Waddle’s slow start to the season but mention that he has shown improvement in the last two weeks.

“He had a slow start to the season before the last two weeks…he’s really good.”

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  • He mentions Waddle’s upcoming matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles and predicts that he will have a great game.

“This matchup against Philly. I am so excited for, I think he’s going to have a great Sunday night football.”

“I’m going with Michael Pittman. Michael Pittman Brooks.”

  • He highlights Pittman’s performance in the previous week with 14 targets and 9 receptions.

Michael Pittman last week, 14 targets, nine for 109.”

“And I almost put Gardner, Minshew in as the hungry for more because we got word this morning. Anthony Richardson is undergoing seasonating surgery… Gardner, Minshew is the starter for the Indianapolis Colts for the remainder of the year.”

  • They discuss the increase in passing volume for the Colts and how it will benefit Pittman.

“But Michael Pittman is going to be the biggest beneficiary of this situation because as always, now that Minshew is there, he’s going to be a target monster that sometimes is going to equal a nice fantasy week.”

“I’m going with the guy who was in my bold prediction to start the year and then we had week one happen and boy, did I look the fool. Drake London wide receiver of the Atlanta Falcons last week versus Washington.”

  • He notes London’s impressive performance in the previous week with 12 targets and 9 receptions.

“We got 12 targets nine for 125.”

  • Andy highlights the improvement in London’s performance since Week 2 and praises his talent.

“But since week two, he’s averaging over eight targets a game…the talent of Drake London, in my opinion, was shown last year.”

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“I am very hungry to see what Drake London could put up for the rest of the season.”

“With an ascending quarterback…the passing volume is going to be there.”

Team Injuries and Waivers 17:45

“It seems like a high ankle sprain and Royce Freeman elevated off the practice squad. You know, if you’re spending what was it in our League of Record for 72, I believe 72 fab 78 78 fab. Probably worth a buck or two or a pickup of Royce Freeman.”

Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel‘s Injuries 18:29

  • Christian McCaffrey dealing with an oblique and rib injury, expected to be available for Monday night. 18:29
  • Debo Samuel considered day to day, decision to be made for Monday night. 18:50

Christian McCaffrey dealing with the oblique, the rib not considered to be dealing with a long term injury could be available for Monday night. That’ll be fun to watch.” “And then same situation for Debo. I consider day to day, not long term Monday night decision.”

Other Injury Updates 19:11

“Roshan Johnson still in the concussion protocol as of Wednesday. Oh, well, bears expect to get Travis Homer back who was higher on the depth chart than anybody that they’ve started. And Justin Fields will not practice working with trainers progressing well doubtful for the game. And for what it’s worth, Dalton Kincaid cleared concussion protocol.”

Julio Jones‘ Return 20:16

Julio Jones back in football to the Eagles, by the way, I don’t think I said that part. The Eagles, I think they were heavily influenced by Mr. A. J. Brown, who had played with him in Tennessee and said, ‘Hey, get him on this roster.'”

Deshaun Watson‘s Shoulder Injury 21:43

Deshaun Watson regarding the shoulder injury. It could be any day. Could be tomorrow. Could be Sunday. Could be two weeks from now. I can’t put a timeline on anything.”

“Yeah. This is PR people. This is not helping you. Do you? I think there’s a word for this. He’s out indefinitely. We’ve learned this from Pete Carroll. Yes. We have literally no idea. He’s out indefinitely. But he’s right. It could be tomorrow. Right?”

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Impact of Injuries on Fantasy Football 22:41

  • Questions raised about Amari Cooper due to Dak Prescott‘s injury status. 22:38
  • Mari Cooper’s ceiling may be affected by the change at quarterback. 22:44
  • PJ Tucker’s performance with Cooper could determine his fantasy value. 22:53

“Not for, it does for me. So, you know, it. Look pretty good with Tucker. It nerfs him a little bit. I don’t think his ceiling is the same, but with Tucker, it was so much. Sorry, Walker. Walker. Yeah. PJ Tucker plays basketball. PJ Walker was serviceable and looked Amari Cooper‘s way.” “So it’s like he is okay to me as a fantasy asset going forward. How would he do with PJ Tucker? The small four. The small four. Worse. Worse. Much worse. Much, much worse.”

Defense of the Saints 25:12

  • The defense of the Saints is very good, unfortunately.
  • The offense of the Saints, on the other hand, is very bad.
  • Results in low-scoring games that are not exciting to watch.

“The defense of the Saints is unfortunately very good and the offense of the Saints is unfortunately very bad. That makes for a total low scoring game in most affairs and not a bunch of fun football to watch.”

Struggles Against Fantasy Wide Receivers 25:25

  • The Saints defense is struggling against fantasy wide receivers.
  • They are ranked 23rd against wide receivers when adjusted for the year.
  • When adjusted for schedule, they drop to 27th.

“They are struggling against fantasy wide receivers. They are like, if you adjusting for, on the year, they’re 23rd against wide receivers and adjusted for schedule. They’re 27th.”

Hope for Chris Olave and the Offense 25:36

“So there is, there’s some hope here for Chris Olave and the crew. Derek Carr had to throw the ball 50 times against the Houston Texans, 350 yards, only one passing touchdown. But the fact that he threw that many times, that’s, that’s hopeful that the, perhaps the shoulder problems are behind him.”

Chris Olave‘s Performance 26:12

  • Chris Olave has had inconsistent performances.
  • He has not had any breakout games.
  • He is still considered a solid auto-start.

Chris Olave, 14, 35, 21, injured 33, 17. He has peaked at 15 fantasy points in week one. No boom games. We, I mean, this is, Mike, I told you this last week when we were watching the game and you once again mentioned that Olave is invisible. He is like invisible in the first half of games. He’s like Michael Thomas gets the first half with like a Rashid Shahid touchdown. And then in the second half, Olave generally picks up his numbers now in the previous two weeks he didn’t, but you know, he’s a solid still an auto start for me.”

Trevor Lawrence‘s Performance and Injury 28:46

  • Trevor Lawrence‘s performance has been subpar.
  • He has a knee injury.
  • Not a recommended start this week, considering the matchup with the Saints and his injury.

“By the way, Michael Thomas, I think, uh, he’s always in play as kind of like a basement level PPR guy. KJ Osbourne against 49ers or Michael Thomas. I’ll go KJ Osbourne. Okay. I don’t, I don’t think Michael Thomas has a ceiling. He’s got a pretty good floor. Um, you know, he’s not going to go out there and goose you.”

Options at Quarterback 29:04

  • Trevor Lawrence is not a strong option this week due to his performance and knee injury.
  • Other quarterbacks with better matchups and performance histories should be considered.

“It’s funny because default with six, uh, players on or six teams on by you think, well, Trevor Lawrence is going to have to start. It’s not a great matchup. He’s got his own knee injury. He’s working through right now. He’s quarterback 14 for me on the week. So that’s outside of a, that’s outside of a starter. Um, there’s, you know, 13 guys, I think that are better plays. So yeah, you, you look, you look elsewhere.”

The Consistency of Michael Thomas 30:50

  • Michael Thomas may not have a high ceiling, but he has been consistent.
  • He provides a decent floor and is a reliable PPR option.

“I mean it’s it’s exceptionally consistent. Here’s his yardage over the course of the season. 61 55 50 53 65 45. He’s getting right around there. Right when he hits 50 they go let’s move to a lot. They move to a lot of it.”

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Defense Options and Mailbag 31:21

  • Both the Jacksonville and New Orleans defenses are viable options this week.
  • In the mailbag section, a question is asked regarding the choice between Michael Mayer and Logan Thomas at tight end.

“Let’s see. It just worth noting Jamal Williams practice window was is open. I don’t he’s not going to play this week but it’ll be interesting to see what the team does with Camara once Jamal is actually back. I like both DSTs. I think you could play Jacksonville against the Saints. I think you could play the Saints against Jacksonville. Tight end question. Michael Mayer against Chicago or Logan Thomas against the Giants. I’ll go back to Logan Thomas. What do you guys say? I like Michael Mayer a lot this week. The but it’s you don’t want to get to a reactionary.”

Logan Thomas vs Michael Mayer 32:22

  • Logan Thomas has had two good games this year.
  • One game he had two catches and a touchdown.
  • The other game he had nine catches for 77 yards and a touchdown.
  • Chicago is a good matchup for tight ends.

“I would rather have Michael Mayer on my roster than Logan Thomas, who I think has the chance to ascend to a more of a must-start weekly option.”

Keep Fighting for the Playoffs 33:49

  • The podcast hosts encourage listeners to keep fighting for the playoffs, even if their team is struggling.
  • They emphasize that wins get easier towards the middle of the season and fantasy playoffs.
  • There will be teams that stop trying and become easier to beat.

“Wins do get easier…just if you keep scratching and clawing, you’ll get more wins as the season goes on.”

Teams that Will Improve and Regress 35:47

“As offensively, uh, just across the board, I think that the Seahawks are going to get better…The two teams that come to mind for me are the Saints…and then the Steelers, cause they’ve been putrid…The Miami Dolphins…because unsustainable levels of production.”

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Trading High on Raheem Mosert 38:23

  • The hosts discuss whether it would be a good idea to trade high on Raheem Moser.
  • While they acknowledge his high production, they mention that his numbers are attached to him specifically, making it difficult to receive a good trade offer.
  • They mention that even with his high production, they have not received any trade offers for him.

“I don’t think I can get what I need from him…I have Moser everywhere…I’ve not had one offer for him.”

Potential Return of Kyler Murray 39:13

  • The hosts mention that there are reports of Kyler Murray potentially returning to practice in the upcoming week.
  • They advise listeners to pick him up on waivers next week if they want him on their team.
  • They clarify that although he may start practicing, it will still be several weeks before he actually plays.

“There were reports locally here that they believe next week Kyler will have his 21-day window activated…if you want someone like Kyler and you want to get him for free on waivers now is the week next week.”

Kyler Murray‘s Recovery and New Offense 39:50

  • Kyler Murray has been recovering from an ACL injury.
  • It’s a brand new offense and Murray hasn’t taken a snap in this offense yet.
  • Reports haven’t been positive about his progress.

“It’s going to take some time. The guy’s been recovering from an ACL and it’s a brand new offense.”

Baltimore Ravens‘ Struggling Offense 41:06

  • The Ravens’ offense has not been performing well.
  • Drops, bad play design, and disappointment have plagued the offense.
  • However, they have enough talent and a new system to turn things around.

“Their offense just looks, they’re one of the least fun offenses to watch for me. But I believe that they have enough talent and a new system to really write the ship.”

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Lamar Jackson‘s Inconsistent Performances 41:41

  • Lamar Jackson has had ups and downs in his performances.
  • Despite inconsistency, Jackson has the capability to turn it around in any given year.
  • He remains a talented quarterback who could have a breakout game at any time.

“We have such a prolonged example of Lamar’s ebbs and flows. He has the capability of Lamar Jackson remains. Like I don’t think we’re going to have a year in his NFL career where we don’t believe he could flip a switch and seven, eight games go off and he’s amazing.”

Tee Higgins‘ Up and Down Season 43:37

  • T Higgins’ season has been disappointing so far.
  • He has had a few standout games, but overall has been inconsistent.
  • Higgins is expected to improve as the Bengals’ offense gets healthier.

“T Higgins has the one huge game and I think there’s enough that he has a long enough track record that I believe it will bounce back.”

Nico Collins vs. Chris Olave 42:44

  • Chris Olave is the more talented wide receiver when compared to Nico Collins.
  • Olave should be the preferred choice for the rest of the season.
  • However, Nico Collins has shown promise and could also perform well.

“I’m still absolutely Crystal Lave in this situation. Nico Collins has played a couple of games here without Tyrod Taylor has a rookie quarterback who’s looked great. But I mean, Chris Olave is a far more talented wide receiver than Nico Collins.”

Kyler Murray‘s Return 46:25

  • The Cardinals have designated Kyler Murray to return from his injury.
  • He is not expected to play in the upcoming week, but could return the following week.
  • This puts an end to speculation about the Cardinals tanking for another quarterback.

“The rumors were true. Probably won’t play this week, but could be next week. And I, I’d read some stuff around the valley here that, um, next week was a target to play.”

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Kyler Murray‘s Future with the Cardinals 47:09

  • There is no sign from the organization this offseason that they don’t believe in Kyler Murray.
  • Given the risk of Murray’s guaranteed contract for injury, it is unlikely that the Cardinals would move on from him.
  • Some fantasy football players are stashing Murray and targeting his go-to receiver, Hollywood Brown.
  • Murray’s connection with Brown makes him an interesting buy candidate for fantasy owners.

“Kyler’s playing this year… Kyler Murray… they don’t believe in Kyler Murray.”

Evaluating Naji Harris’s Performance 48:12

  • Naji Harris has been receiving a lot of opportunities at the running back position and should not be dropped.
  • Despite his lack of production so far this season, there is still a possibility for Harris to become relevant again if the offense improves.
  • Comparatively, Tyler Higbee has outscored Harris this season, but that doesn’t diminish Harris’s value.

“You can’t drop Naji… Tyler Alger has had a better season than Naji who has just been putrid… shouldn’t be dropped.”

Analyzing Najee Harris‘s Fantasy Points 49:37

  • Naji Harris has struggled to put up significant fantasy points this season.
  • He is currently averaging only 4.3 fantasy points per game and has yet to score a touchdown.
  • On a per-attempt basis, Harris is only generating 0.49 fantasy points.
  • Despite these statistics, fantasy owners should consider the opportunities Harris gets and the potential for improvement.

“Gross… it’s not a stat we refer to a lot, but it is one I refer to right now… 0.49 fantasy points.”

Kenny Pickett‘s Performance and the Steelers’ Season 51:41

  • Despite the preseason hype surrounding Kenny Pickett, there has been little talk about him during the regular season.
  • The Steelers currently hold a 3-2 record, surprising many football fans.
  • Pickett’s strong preseason performance does not seem to have translated into regular-season success.

“I’ve heard so much Kenny Pickett hype from the Steelers fans that were all over Twitter… none of that… here we are at three and two.”

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Steelers’ Record and Remaining Schedule 52:05

  • The Steelers have performed better than expected and currently hold a 3-2 record after six weeks.
  • Their upcoming schedule includes winnable games against teams like the Rams, Jaguars, Titans, and Packers.
  • The Steelers are known for making the playoffs, and there is a possibility they will do so again this year.

“They’re two, the Steelers are two and O in the division… Probably going to make the playoffs… like those are winnable games.”

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