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What will it take to trade for CMC or Tyreek Hill? On today’s fantasy football podcast, lots of trade strategy talk as we enter Week 10! Plus, rest of season values, a new “Hungry For More” segment, and Thursday Night Football preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 8th, 2023.

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Hungry For More segment: Players to watch 03:30

Cole Kmet 03:47

  • Jay Griz is hungry for more of Cole Kmet, the tight end for the Chicago Bears.
  • Kmet has seen a target share of 27% and 31% in recent games.

“Jay Griz has said Cole Kmet, tight end of the Chicago Bears, who has seen a target share of 27% and 31%, he plays tomorrow night.”

Diontae Johnson 04:10

  • Jason Moore is hungry for more of Deontay Johnson, who has returned from injury.
  • Johnson’s snap share has increased from 60% to near 90% over the last two weeks.
  • He is the clear-cut number one receiving option in the Steelers’ offense.
  • Johnson has received target shares of 26%, 35%, and 31% in recent games and has been productive.

“I’m going with Deontay Johnson as my hungry for more player. He has come back from injury… He’s the clear-cut number one read in this offense… He looks to me to be a really, really solid, certainly a wide receiver two or better rest of season… maybe go see if whoever has Deontay Johnson is thinking of him appropriately.”

Alexander Mattison 06:05

  • Mike Wright is hungry for more of Alexander Madison, the Minnesota Vikings‘ running back.
  • Madison has a favorable schedule and has received significant volume of touches.
  • With Justin Jefferson unlikely to play, Madison’s workload could increase.
  • He has shown strong production when given the opportunity.

“I’m hungry for more Alexander Madison. We are back… He has the fourth best schedule for running backs… He just gets so, so much volume… He could return and remember the fantasy output for Madison over the first six games… He is a worthy addition… The opportunity is massive for him.”

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News and Notes segment 08:47

“Mentioned it, but Justin Jefferson is unlikely to play. That was from the head coach, Kevin O’Connell on Monday.”

Chicago Bears‘ Rushing Defense 18:15

  • The Bears have given up a lot of fantasy points to the running back position overall.
  • However, they have performed well in the running game, with very few yards per carry allowed.
  • Recent stat lines show that good running backs have struggled against them.
  • This suggests that it may not be a good idea to play Chuba or Mile Sanders against the Bears’ defense.

“The Chicago Bears have given up a lot of fantasy points to the running back position…but they have really locked it down in the actual on-the-ground rushing game.”

Other Week 10 Running Back Options 19:24

  • Consider playing Jalen Warren and Keaton Mitchell over Chuba or Mile Sanders.
  • Jalen Warren has a favorable matchup against Green Bay’s defense.
  • Keaton Mitchell is a new waiver addition, but it might be too early to start him.
  • It’s recommended to stick with Chuba’s volume over the uncertain touch distribution of Mitchell.

“Jalen Warren… against Green Bay… I’ll take the touches of Chuba.”

Justin Fields‘ Status 19:58

  • Justin Fields has been limited in practice and is unlikely to play on Thursday.
  • This affects decisions regarding DJ Moore and other players in the Panthers’ offense.
  • DJ Moore‘s performance has been inconsistent, making him a risky start.
  • Tyler Lockett is a more confident play over DJ Moore due to his recent performance.

Justin Fields won’t play on Thursday… Are you confident playing DJ Moore? Are you looking for like, would you play Tyler Lockett? Oh, I would definitely play Lockett over Moore without question.”

Evaluating DJ Moore‘s Startability 20:25

“He’s got the talent to house something… That doesn’t mean you can’t play DJ Moore… I’m playing all those guys above DJ Moore.”

Adam Thielen‘s Recent Performance 21:49

  • Adam Thielen has slowed down in the last two weeks but is still a productive fantasy option.
  • Even with a possible slowdown, his performance remains consistent and acceptable.
  • Thielen is recommended to be started against the Bears’ defense.

Adam Thielen is absolutely… there’s very, very few options… I would imagine you’re going to bench Adam Thielen.”

The Difficult Decision with Panthers’ Running Backs 23:11

  • Deonta Foreman has been solid recently, but with some inconsistency.
  • C.J. Herbert’s return adds complexity to the Panthers’ backfield.
  • Starting either of them carries risk, as they might limit each other’s production.
  • However, there is still a probability that one of them emerges as the clear starter.
  • Given the matchup against the Panthers’ defense, starting a Bears running back is favored.

“If I have to pick between whether I’m going to start a Chuba versus a Foreman or a Sanders versus C.J. Herbert, I’m taking the Bear’s side because of the matchup.”

Rest of Season Outlook for Deonta Foreman and Khalil Herbert 25:40

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  • Deonta Foreman has performed well in relief of Khalil Herbert, averaging 15 carries and almost 70 rushing yards per game.
  • Considering Khalil Herbert‘s high ankle sprain, I would stick with Foreman for another week.
  • Both players could be relevant against the Panthers, but Foreman seems like the safer choice due to Herbert’s injury.

“I think Foreman has played excellent for the Bears in the four games of relief of being the primary runner.”

Decision between D’Onta Foreman and AJ Dillon 26:45

  • The speaker is facing a decision between starting Deonta Foreman or AJ Dillon.
  • Despite past disappointment with Dillon, the speaker leans towards him due to his consistent touch volume.
  • However, holding onto Foreman could also be a viable option considering his recent performance.

“I feel like Clial Herbert will run ahead of Deonta Foreman in this game.”

Potential Starters at Tight End 27:45

  • The speaker suggests starting both Cole Kmet and Hayden Hurst.
  • Cole Kmet has seen 27% and 31% of targets in the past two weeks respectively and is favored by the coaching staff.
  • Hayden Hurst is seen as a sneaky option due to the favorable matchup against the Bears’ defense.

Cole Kmet, you got to stay in the flames. 27% 31% of targets last two weeks.”

Seguin Barkley’s Rest of Season Outlook 34:11

  • Seguin Barkley is viewed as an extremely high floor running back.
  • He is expected to score at least 10 fantasy points every week.
  • The Giants don’t have many other viable options, so Barkley will continue to receive a significant workload.
  • However, it is unlikely that he will have many games with over 20 points.
  • It is anticipated that he will have a few games with 2 touchdowns and the majority of games in the 10 to 14 fantasy point range.

“He remains relevant because of how much work he gets.”

Saquon Barkley‘s Playoffs Schedule 35:27

  • In the playoffs, Barkley will face tough matchups against the Saints, Eagles, and Rams.
  • It is unlikely that he will receive the same high workload as in previous games.
  • The Giants cannot afford to give him 36 carries per game.

“He’s not going to get 36 carries at 3.6 a clip.”

Comparison: Derrick Henry vs. Breece Hall 36:02

  • If a team is playoff-bound and needs immediate wins, selecting Breece Hall might be a better choice.
  • Breece Hall has a favorable schedule for the rest of the season.
  • On the other hand, Derek Henry has tougher upcoming matchups, but has a great playoff schedule against the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts.

“If your team looks like it’s playoff bound, I’m going Breece Hall.”

Will Levis vs. Zach Wilson 38:13

  • Will Leviss has shown better potential than Zach Wilson so far.
  • It might be too early to make a definitive judgment on Leviss, but Wilson has struggled in numerous games.
  • The worst-case scenario for Leviss would be to become like Zach Wilson.

Will Leviss is better because he has a chance to not be Zach Wilson.”

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Philosophical Trade Question: Tyreek Hill vs. Tony Pollard, Jordan Addison, and Devonta Smith 39:22

  • Superstars like Tyreek Hill hold more value than multiple very good players.
  • Tyreek Hill and other players of his caliber can single-handedly win championships.
  • Context is crucial in determining the roster construction and the need for depth.

“The true value of a superstar is the points coming in one spot that opens up.”

Trade Comparison: Alvin Kamara and Bijan Robinson vs. Christian McCaffrey and Jerome Ford 41:46

“I’m taking Christian McCaffrey and Jerome Ford.”

Arthur distraction 42:39

  • They mention Arthur more than 40 minutes into the show.
  • Bijan Robinson and Tyler Algier’s low usage inside the five is hurting the team.

“But at the same time. But Bijan is is over one. Yeah. Bijan’s been given one chance. Same as John O. Smith inside the five. Half of what you’ve given Cordero Patterson inside the five.”

Rest of season outlooks 43:54

  • Christian McCaffrey or Jerome Ford? McCaffrey is the better choice due to his consistent high scoring.
  • Najee Harris is a good buy-low candidate, but most teams don’t want to start him each week.
  • Tankdale or Deontay Johnson? Deontay Johnson is the safer pick as he performs consistently.

“Deontay’s every week.”

Keeper league trade 48:15

  • In a keeper league, trading Bijan for Echler is recommended to win now.
  • Echler’s uncertain future as he becomes older and his contract ends may affect his keeper value.

“Why would you not trade? You would have Bijan next year and what is Echler next year?”

Taysom Hill or Trey McBride 50:12

Taysom Hill with all his gadget plays is just he’s he is an unstoppable force for fantasy at this point.”

Taysom Hill as Quarterback and Derek Carr‘s Future 51:09

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  • Taysom Hill is difficult to tackle and faster than expected. He excels at beating people to the edge and running them over.
  • With the potential return of Zachary from the IR, it adds complexity to the situation.
  • It is worth considering the impact of Taysom Hill taking over the quarterback position and potentially playing him in the tight end position.

Taysom Hill is special with the ball in his hands and if he’s getting as many opportunities as he is, you’ve got to go Taysom Hill here.”

Discussion on the Dynasty Podcast and Midseason Awards 51:51

  • The latest of the Dynasty Podcast included discussions on midseason awards.
  • The awards show looked at various, comparing them to similar types from the past, good and bad projections.
  • It was enjoyable and insightful episode.

“It was a helpful award show, looking at good players, bad players, projecting them out. It was a lot of fun.”

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