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Week 8 is here! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Starts of the Week and lots of game previews! Plus, a rest-of-season outlook for Bijan Robinson, NFL News, and injury updates. And finally, the most important segment of the week: Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 26th, 2023.

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Papa Josh and Judge Giamatti Alborlan 00:57

  • Papa Josh and Judge Giamatti Alborlan join the show.
  • The hosts ask how Deuces Alley is doing and mention Papa Josh wearing medium shirts.

“How’s Deuces Alley doing? We have Papa Josh in the building today with Judge Giamatti Alborlan.” “Doing swell. Papa Josh spent a good part of his morning bragging about the fact that he wears medium shirts.”

Papa Josh and his medium shirts 01:13

  • The hosts discuss Papa Josh’s preference for medium shirts and him flexing for a long time.
  • They joke about doing a fun science experiment to see if they can fit him into a medium shirt.

“Yeah, that’s true. And not largest.” “I wear mediums and then he flexed for so long. Fun fact, you can wear any size t-shirt you want. Incorrect, brother.” “No, no, no. Incorrect. I guarantee we can get a medium on you just like Papa Josh gets a medium on. Should we do that? That’s a fun science experiment. And no, we should not do that.”

Papa Josh’s rebuttal and child-sized t-shirts 01:51

  • The hosts continue their discussion about Papa Josh and wearing medium shirts.
  • They mention how wearing a size doesn’t necessarily mean it should be worn or tailored that way.

“It’s like just because you wear a medium doesn’t mean that like if you go to a tailor and you’re like, I wear a medium and they’re like, okay, but you should not.” “Like I’m pretty sure I could get my child’s t-shirt on. It doesn’t mean I should wear it to be fair to Papa Josh.”

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Tyreek Hill and Raheem Mostert 03:37

  • Tyreek Hill and Rahim Mostert did not practice due to injuries.
  • The hosts express concerns about their absence and the impact on fantasy football.

“Let’s talk dolphins. Tyreek Hill, Rahim Moster did not practice on Wednesday. Tyreek Hill was a hip injury. Most are at the ankle.” “You look back at the last couple of injury reports. So you got to pay attention here. I think there’s actually quite a few missed practices I’m slightly worried about because it’s like the first time.” “Are you worried about Tyreek?” “I don’t know. Today’s a big day. Yeah, I mean, it’s all about today.”

Kyler Murray‘s practice without a brace 04:56

  • Kyler Murray returned to full practice without wearing a brace on his knee.
  • The hosts discuss the significance of this and the potential impact on his playing.

Kyler Murray, Cardinals quarterback, return to a full practice on Wednesday. Mike, you have another tidbit to show.” “But we found a report that he has been practicing without a brace, which has been the plan. And the plan is to play without a brace, which is, I mean, that’s fantastic.” “So this is pretty exciting stuff. It doesn’t, the article talked about, they’re not going to speculate and say that Kyler’s going to play this week.” “It’s not an impossible thing. I do not expect him to play this week. But next week, it would then jump up to a higher probability.” “Well, that is a lock with the 21 day window. That’s when I expect, like, for sure he’s back by then.”

Aaron Jones and Brock Purdy‘s injuries 06:25

  • Aaron Jones did not participate in practice due to soreness, but they hope to ramp him up.
  • Brock Purdy entered the league’s concussion protocol, and Sam Darnold is expected to start in his place.

Aaron Jones, DNP, Matt LaFluor said he’s a bit sore to be expected, ramping him up. Hopefully.” “We’ll talk about that game today. Brock Purdy, this is huge news. He has entered the league’s concussion protocol. Sam Darnoldt expected to start on Sunday against Cincinnati.”

Joshua Palmer and Jalen Hurts 08:58

  • Josh Palmer did not practice on Wednesday, which concerns one of the hosts.
  • Jaylen Hurts, however, was not listed on the injury report and does not have any significant concerns about his knee.

Gerald Everett, Josh Palmer, DNPs on Wednesday.” “He’s a Sunday night game. That’s a significant issue and it could be a huge opportunity.” “Jaylen Hertz not listed on the injury report. So any speculation about his knee, you know, nothing significant.”

“Yeah, there’s still a lot of huge opportunity that’s already happened and not come to fruition.”

Practice Reports and Player Updates 09:26

  • Wednesday practice reports are important, but it’s crucial to pay more attention to Thursday’s reports.
  • Palmer is unlikely to have a day of rest, as he is in a newer role within the offense.
  • DK Metcalf had a full practice and is expected to play.
  • Lockett and Kenneth Walker were both full DNPs, while Zach Charbonnet was limited.
  • Charbonnet’s availability on waivers should be checked due to his recent lack of practice.

“Like all Wednesday practice reports, you got to pay much more attention to Thursday. It could be a day of rest, but Palmer doesn’t strike me.”

Thursday Night Football Updates 10:32

  • Baker and Chris Godwin are expected to play against the Bills.
  • Dawson Knox is likely to be placed on IR, resulting in a prolonged absence.
  • Dalton Kincaid will have an opportunity for significant involvement.
  • David Montgomery will not practice on Thursday, indicating he may not play.

“Thursday night football, Baker and Chris Godwin will play against the Bayer, the Bills tonight.”

Matchup Preview: Rams vs. Cowboys 11:52

  • The Rams (3-4) and Cowboys (4-2) face off in this game.
  • Matthew Stafford and Dak Prescott have had limited opportunities for fantasy success.
  • Stafford’s connection with Cooper Kupp has not translated into consistent fantasy points.
  • Facing Dallas on the road, Stafford is not a strong streaming option.

“The Rams three and four take on the four and two Dallas Cowboys.”

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Darrell Henderson and Dallas’ Defense 13:38

  • Darrell Henderson has returned from the practice squad and is expected to receive more snaps.
  • Despite a tough matchup against Dallas, Henderson is a viable option due to the scarcity of running backs.
  • The Rams’ running back situation is currently a 60-40 split in favor of Henderson.
  • Dallas’ defense has struggled recently, allowing James Conner and Royce Freeman to have success.

“So it’s just normal business transactions to maximize your roster construction because he came off the practice squad.”

Evaluating Tony Pollard and the Rams Defense 15:38

  • Dallas’ offense has slowed down this season, impacting players like Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb.
  • Pollard has been a disappointment in recent weeks but remains the main back in a solid offense.
  • Although not a great matchup, Pollard’s volume and involvement make him a viable start.

“Pollard has been okay, but he’s been a disappointment for what you thought you had when in week one, he was a top five running back, scored more than 20 fantasy points.”

Comparing Tony Pollard and Austin Ekeler 16:21

  • Some fantasy managers are considering trading Pollard for higher-upside options like Austin Ekeler.
  • While Pollard has been good, his recent performances do not match his Week 1 success.
  • Ekeler may be struggling, but he has a higher ceiling and is a more valuable fantasy asset.

“If we were doing, you know, the redraft today, I can’t fathom that we would be drafting Pollard ahead of Eckler.”

Relying on CeeDee Lamb 17:38

  • CD Lamb remains a reliable fantasy option, despite Dallas’ offensive struggles.
  • Fantasy managers should continue to start him with confidence.

“CD Lamb, you just keep riding them.”

Brandin Cooks and Michael Gallup 17:42

  • The speaker doesn’t want to start Brandon Cooks or Michael Gallup.

“But Brandon Cook’s Michael Gallup, you know, that’s, I don’t want to start those players.”

Rams’ defense against Fantasy Quarterbacks 18:00

  • The Rams may be a target for fantasy quarterbacks as they currently rank 21st against them.

“You have the Rams 21st against Fantasy Quarterbacks and 30th.”

Rams as a target for tight ends 18:18

  • The Rams’ defense is targeted when it comes to the tight end position.

“But the reason is that the Rams are the team that we target with the tight end position.”

Suggestions on players to start 18:23

“Cooper Cop, Pook and N’Coo up, play them.”

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Breakdown of Vikings vs. Packers game 18:34

  • The Vikings have a 3-4 record while the Packers have a 2-4 record.
  • The game will be played in Lambeau Field with the Vikings being favored by 1 point.

“All right, Minnesotras three and four, the Packers are two and four. Games in Lambo, the Draft King Sportsbook line, Minnesota minus one on the road.”

Evaluation of Jordan Love 19:03

  • The speaker expresses lack of confidence in Jordan Love‘s performance over the past few weeks.

“I haven’t gained an ounce of confidence in Jordan Love over the last few weeks.”

Concerns about Love’s accuracy 19:24

  • Concerns arise from Love’s inaccurate deep throws.

“He misses a lot of throws, you know, deep down the field where it’s like, it’s good read.”

Potential fantasy options in the Vikings vs. Packers game 20:03

  • Several wide receivers are discussed, including Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs, and Jaden Reed.
  • Christian Watson is highlighted as the most talented and preferred option.

“So the combination of him, you know, he’s got a 20% market share during that time.”

Evaluation of Watson, Dobbs, and Reed’s recent performances 22:04

  • The recent performances of Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs, and Jaden Reed are assessed.
  • Watson has been the target leader and seen the most playing time, while Reed has more receptions than Dobbs.

“It concerns me that since Watson’s been back, you have 34 receiving yards for Romeo Dobbs.”

Bench suggestions for Romeo Doubs 22:04

  • The speaker suggests benching Romeo Dobbs in favor of other options like Rashi Rice or Wondale Robinson.

“I would, I’m benching Dobbs if I, if I can.”

KJ Osborn as a preferred option 22:36

  • The speaker recommends playing KJ Osborne over Romeo Dobbs, based on recent performances and offensive trajectory.

“I would rather play KJ Osborne on the other side of this same game.”

Startability of Madison and Acres 23:03

  • Both Alexander Madison and Cam Akers are considered startable options, with Madison being preferred.

“I think both players are like, I would, I would put Madison ahead of Acres.”

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“I would be willing to start Madison and a plus matchup.”

T.J. Hockenson‘s injury status 23:50

  • T.J. Hawkinson did not practice due to a foot injury.
  • The severity of the injury is unknown.

“You don’t know how bad that injury is.”

Start of the Week + Week 8 Breakdown 24:48

  • Running on adrenaline in the back of a game.
  • The foot injury of a productive player.

“I hope the foot’s okay because he’s been so productive.”

T.J. Hockenson Manager’s Dilemma 24:59

  • T.J. Hockenson manager has multiple options on waivers.
  • Monitoring practice reports before making any decisions.

“I’m just leaving my roster with T.J. Hockenson there and monitoring the practice reports.”

Kirk Cousins as a Start 25:21

“I’m not opposed to it. I’m not really, really excited to play it. But I mean, let’s be honest. Are you ever really excited to play Kirk Cousins?”

Joe Burrow vs. Kirk Cousins 26:21

Kirk Cousins against Green Bay on the road or Joe Burrow on the road against the San Francisco 49ers. I got mine. I know my answer.”

Arthur Smith’s Coaching Decisions 27:55

  • Criticism of Arthur Smith’s coaching decisions.
  • Mention of Arthur Smith’s disregard for fantasy football.
  • Speculation that Arthur Smith might make poor decisions to spite fantasy players.

“I genuinely believe this could be the first coach in the history of this show and fantasy football that might overtly make a poor decision to stick it to a fantasy player.”

Concerns about Arthur Smith 31:02

  • Doubts about Arthur Smith’s coaching decisions.
  • Skepticism about B. John Robinson’s usage under Arthur Smith.

“I have massive skepticism. Of course I do. It’s just unrealistic to say that you, you have to have question marks about a head coach who relentlessly plays other options all the time.”

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Bijan Robinson‘s Fantasy Output 31:59

  • Despite limited goal line opportunities, B. John Robinson has been good for fantasy.
  • Disagreement over whether he should be considered a top three running back.

“He’s unfortunately not getting goal line opportunities, but he’s been very good for fantasy. I feel like we’re overreacting to him not being a top three guy.”

“He’s been really, really good.”

Criticism of the Atlanta Offense 32:29

  • Criticism of the 29th ranked Atlanta offense and their head coach’s defense of it.

“This is the 29th ranked offense in football with a head coach that defends it.”

Rest-of-Season Outlook for Running Backs 32:42

  • The performance of a running back is not solely based on their talent, but also on the team they are on and the coaching strategies.
  • The hosts express confidence in Cordero Patterson, Tyler Algier, and Arthur Smith’s ability to win games.

“I don’t think he’s going to end the year with zero rushing touchdowns.”

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Evaluating Running Back Performance 33:01

  • Comparing the fantasy points per game of different running backs can help assess their performance.
  • John is currently averaging more fantasy points per game than Tony Pollard.

“Yeah, I’d like a top five performance for a guy drafted to be top five.”

Balancing Expectations and Performance 33:37

  • While B. John may not meet the expectations of being a top five running back, he is still a valuable asset in fantasy football.

“I don’t want to swing it so far where we think he is not a really important asset in fantasy football.”

Comparing Player Trade Value 34:02

  • Players like B. John can be traded to individuals who still believe in his potential as a top five running back.
  • However, trading B. John would require a significant return in value.

“If you don’t believe he can be a top five guy because they believe that he can be.”

Matchup Analysis: Tennessee vs Atlanta 34:13

  • Tennessee’s defense ranks 26th in adjusted points per game, making it a favorable matchup for fantasy players.
  • Wide receiver Drake London is a potential sleeper pick for this matchup.

“You’re not playing wide receivers except for maybe Drake London.”

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Evaluating Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith 34:50

  • Kyle Pitts and Johnny Smith have different roles in their respective offenses.
  • John Smith has been a top five tight end multiple times, while Kyle Pitts has struggled to produce consistently.

“John Smith’s run in the normal tight end routes while Kyle Pitts runs deep wide receiver routes that aren’t coming through more often than not.”

Targeting Colts’ Games 36:23

  • Indianapolis Colts‘ games have consistently hit the over this season, making it a favorable situation for fantasy players.
  • Michael Pittman Jr. has shown potential in recent games, making him a worthy start.

“You want to target Indianapolis Colts games this year with what their team has been doing, the pace of play.”

The Impact of Juwan Johnson on Taysom Hill 38:38

  • Juwan Johnson‘s return to the lineup could affect Taysom Hill‘s usage as a traditional tight end and his fantasy value.

“If Joanne Johnson is back to full health and playing, that could take away from Hill’s opportunity there.”

Taysom Hill is maybe as a less good start, you know, with Joanne’s missed the last month and there was a change in how they used Taysom Hill the last two weeks.”

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Scoring Comparison: Taysom Hill and Tight Ends 38:52

  • Taysom Hill‘s 14.8 fantasy points in National tight end day was equivalent to the average tight end score in the previous week.

Taysom Hill scored 14.8 fantasy points last week… that is just obvious.”

There are a lot of tight ends going off 39:10

  • There has been a high number of tight ends performing well.
  • This is unusual and has not happened before.

“Oh, there’s so many tight ends went off.” “What was it?” “16th.” “That’s never happened ever.”

Possible misclassification of a player as a tight end 39:22

  • It is speculated that a player may have been categorized incorrectly as a tight end.
  • There is a discussion around whether the player should have been considered a quarterback instead.

“Unless he’s categorized differently.” “Maybe he’s categorized as a quarterback.” “I think he’s, maybe that’s what our side is doing.”

Clarification on the player’s position 39:34

  • It is confirmed that the player in question is listed as a quarterback.
  • The previous discussion about tight ends is nullified.

“He’s listed as a quarterback.” “That’s still… I mean, to be… to be quarterback 16.”

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Analysis of wide receivers for the upcoming matchups 39:45

“I have all those guys on my roster team and I’m playing Josh Downs over them.” “Josh downs.” “You can play Michael Thomas, but the upside is more on the downside.”

Discussion on the New England vs. Miami game 40:26

  • The upcoming game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins is analyzed.
  • Concerns are raised about Miami’s injuries and the potential for New England to upset Miami.

“New England’s two and five taking on the Miami, Miami Dolphins.” “The draft Kings sports book line is Miami minus nine and a half.” “It’s a wild combination of not only have you been hitting all your almost upsets, but they’re in the craziest ones.” “Nine and a half is ridiculous. New England might win the game.”

Examination of the Patriots’ recent performance and injuries 41:19

  • The New England Patriots‘ recent performance is discussed, particularly their offensive improvement.
  • Concerns are raised about Miami’s injuries and the impact on the game.

New England Patriots defeated Buffalo last week, got some things together on offense.” “I don’t know. This just feels like a big trap game for Miami.” “The fact that Tyreek Hill and Raheem Mostert are showing up in injury reports.”

Uncertainty surrounding the Patriots’ wide receivers 44:14

  • The health of the Patriots’ wide receivers, particularly Kendrick Bourne, is questioned.
  • There is speculation on how the team will distribute snaps among the wide receivers.

“My biggest question mark is what is the health of the rest of the wide receivers?” “If Kendrick Bourne is going to get starter snaps, then I will play Kendrick Bourne.” “It’s a sketchier start for Kendrick Bourne.”

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Start of the Week Considerations 45:58

  • Doug Bourne and JuJu are not recommended starts.
  • It may be better to wait a week before starting them.
  • There could be better options available.

“I’m not going to start Douglas Bourne or Juju. I’m going to wait a week, see how it plays out.”

Injuries and Expected Returns 46:12

  • Ramsey and Howard are expected to be back.

“Ramsey and Howard should be back too.”

Wide Receiver Options 46:20

  • If Tyreek Hill misses the game, there should still be other wide receivers to consider.
  • Braxton Berrios and Cedric Wilson are potential options.
  • The Miami Dolphins throw the ball to the tight end less than any other team in the NFL.

“If Tyreek missed the game, you probably, I mean, according to the line and according to what this offense has done, there should be another wide out that you can dance with, whether it’s likely Braxton Berrios or Cedric Wilson, like no team in the NFL throws the ball to the tight end less than Miami.”

Matchup Analysis 47:05

  • The game between the Jets and Giants has a low over-under of 36.5 points.
  • The Giants defense has been performing well in recent weeks.
  • The Giants offensive line is problematic and their quarterback situation is uncertain.

“I think I’d take the under on a 36 and a half point game. The Giants defense has been really good in the last couple of weeks.”

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Saquon and Waller as Good Starts 47:48

“Saquon’s a great play. Yeah, the matchup is good. The Jets have not been good against tight ends.”

Uncertainty with Darren Waller 48:10

  • There is some uncertainty regarding Darren Waller‘s practice report.
  • However, if he is playing, he is still a good start due to the favorable matchup.

“I’m going to go back and play Darren Waller. If it’s the same thing, then I’m still going to play Darren Waller.”

Considerations for Garrett Wilson 48:50

  • Garrett Wilson is a lineup lock every week.
  • He has been consistently targeted and has a high target total this season.
  • When comparing him to other options like Michael Pittman or DJ Moore, Wilson is the preferred choice.

“I would never bench Garrett Wilson with the target totals. Maybe I’m lying. I want to give you my names because he’s actually a question in one of my leagues here. Yes, sir. Would you start Garrett Wilson or Michael Pittman? Garrett Wilson. Okay, Garrett Wilson or DJ Moore? Garrett Wilson.”

Steelers’ Struggles Against Wide Receivers 51:30

“But yet, you know, this is a low over under and I don’t know how they do that magic, but they just win ball games. Like Kirk Ridley should both be played this week.”

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Importance of George Pickens 51:43

  • George Pickens has been performing well and is difficult to stop in one-on-one situations.
  • He has continued to be the number one target even with Deontay Johnson back in the lineup.

George Pickens is on pace for 1400 receiving yards this year. He looks physically impossible to stop in one-on-one situations.”

Running Back Considerations 52:21

  • Both Najee Harris and Jalen Warren had touchdowns last week and are worth considering as starts.

Najee Harris and Jalen Warren. Both scored, I believe, last week.”

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

Jaylen Warren vs. Najee Harris 52:40

  • Jaylen Warren had 8 opportunities, which is equal to 17 opportunities for Najee Harris.
  • The Steelers had a mostly positive game script.
  • Warren’s 8 opportunities were the fewest he has seen all year.

“It was only eight opportunities though for Jaylen Warren. Which is equal, it’s equal in value to 17 opportunities for Najee Harris. Just saying, it was a mostly positive game script there for the Steelers. And that was the lowest opportunities that Warren has seen all year.”

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Confidence level on Najee Harris 52:56

  • The confidence level in Najee Harris is still not great.
  • The Jacksonville defense has been good against runners.
  • The matchup is not favorable for Harris.
  • However, Jacksonville is susceptible to running backs in the passing game.

“Still, still not great. Jaguar defense been good against runners. It’s still not high. Yeah, Jacksonville shuts down the run. Jacksonville is susceptible to running backs in the passing game. So I’m very not confident in Najee Harris in this matchup.”

Diontae Johnson vs. Michael Pittman Jr. 53:53

  • Deontay Johnson had a good performance last week.
  • He is back in the top 24 wide receivers.
  • Michael Pittman Jr. is favored over Deontay Johnson.
  • However, the confidence level in Pittman is not very high.
  • Johnson had more targets than Pittman.

“Deontay Johnson was 5 for 79 last week. Back into the top 24. Yeah, we’re back. Pittman or Deontay? Oh, Pittman. I’m going to go Pittman. Okay. It’s not by a huge pot of confidence. I’ll take Deontay. Let’s take the targets. Yeah, I will.”

Targeting the tight end position 54:11

  • Jacksonville has the third highest target rate for tight ends this year.
  • Evan Engram has had seven or more targets in six straight games.
  • Engram’s consistency is being emphasized.

“On the other side, just throwing it out there. Jacksonville third highest in targeting the tight end position this year. Evan Engram, seven plus targets in six straight games. Good old schmewin. Nothing like consistent Evan Engram. Guys, I’ve been saying it forever. Yeah. If there’s anything he is, it’s consistent.”

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders 55:29

Starts of the Week  59:29

  • Devonta Smith at Washington has had a rough stretch recently with fewer than seven fantasy points in four of his last five games. But this week is the get right week. Washington’s secondary is vulnerable and Smith has historically performed well against them. 59:40

“First off, we already know he gets touchdown this week. But Washington secondary, they are a print fest for opposing passing games.”

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  • Zay Flowers, rookie wide receiver, is a solid start this week against the Arizona Cardinals. He has a consistent floor, with a 27% target share and the Cardinals are struggling against wide receivers. 01:00:31

“The Ravens are set up to slaughter the Cardinals… Ravens come wrapping at the door. Protecting flowers has a 27% target share consistent floor every week. And the Cardinals are 27 against Whiteouts.”

  • Christian Kirk is another must-start wide receiver against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has been performing well since Week 1, averaging nearly nine targets and nearly 80 yards per game. The Steelers rank last in schedule adjusted fantasy points to wide receivers. 01:01:51

Christian Kirk is a must start… It has not been Calvin Ridley. It’s been Christian Kirk averaging nearly nine targets and nearly 80 yards per game since Week one.”

Quarterback starts 01:02:04

  • Dak Prescott is a recommended start against the Los Angeles Rams. He is at home, and the Cowboys have a favorable matchup. The Rams rank 28th in schedule adjusted fantasy points to quarterbacks. 01:02:05

“He is at home… The Rams are 28th and schedule adjusted fantasy points to quarterbacks.”

  • CJ Stroud is a quarterback streamer of the week. He has been picking apart defenses and with one of his weapons back, he should have a good game against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have allowed the 27th most fantasy points to quarterbacks. 01:02:48

“Been so impressed with Stroud gets one of his weapons back… Carolina’s 27th and fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks.”

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  • Jared Goff is a surprising start on Monday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Lions have a high implied team total, and Goff has performed well at home. The Raiders are also struggling against quarterbacks. 01:03:13

“Hey, now sing… Averaging over 27 fantasy points per game when he is at home and the Raiders allowing a Jason very nice 69% completion.”

Running back starts 01:03:53

  • Kareem Hunt is a solid start on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. With Jerome Ford out, Hunt will have a bigger role and has been performing well even on limited snaps. The Seahawks have struggled against running backs. 01:03:57

“He is going to be a really solid week… He’s been a top 12 running back each of the last two weeks on just 31% of the snaps and he should see 15 plus touches in this game.”

“He’s the preferred running back over Justice Hill… The Cardinals are also 27th against running backs.”

“I want to give some confidence to still starting Chuba Hubbard against the Houston Texans.”

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Tight end starts 01:05:51

  • No specific starts at the tight end position were mentioned in this section.

Rotation and Play by Play 01:06:16

  • The discussion is about the rotation and play-by-play strategy in fantasy football.
  • It’s not about the coach’s decision to give Miles Sanders the starting role as soon as he returns with his contract and money.
  • Instead, it’s more appropriate to go with the “hot hand” approach.
  • The speaker believes that Chuba Hubbard can still excel in this strategy.

“This is not a coach saying, as soon as Miles Sanders is back with his big old contract and big bag of money, he’s the starting running back.”

Playing Chuba Hubbard 01:06:30

  • The speaker expresses their willingness to still play Chuba Hubbard in fantasy football.
  • The Houston Texans, one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, are facing Chuba Hubbard.
  • The Texans rank 25th in schedule adjusted points and 31st in PFF’s rush defense and tackling grades.

“I’m still playing. I’m still willing to play Chuba. Oh, Kido.”

Taysom Hill as a Tight End 01:06:42

  • The speaker recommends starting Taysom Hill, who is playing as a tight end, in the upcoming Colts game.
  • They believe that targeting Colts games can be beneficial.
  • As of the recording, Johnny Johnson is not practicing in full, making Taysom Hill a viable tight end option.

“I’m going with Taysom Hill in that Colts game. I like targeting Colts games as of right now. As of this recording, Joanne Johnson is not practicing in full and you can no longer […] as a tight end start of the week.”

Taysom Hill‘s Dual Role 01:07:09

  • Taysom Hill, playing as a tight end for the first time in his career, is showcased.
  • He ran 42 routes last week, the second-most for tight ends in the NFL.
  • Despite his role as a tight end, he is still utilized as a goal line running back.

“Last week he ran 42 routes, that was the second most at the tight end position in the NFL. He is also still a goal line running back.”

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Taysom Hill‘s Performance 01:07:19

  • Taysom Hill‘s recent performance is highlighted, with five rushes for 18 yards and a touchdown, along with 13 targets, 11 receptions, and 99 yards in the last two weeks.
  • The speaker predicts that the upcoming game against the Colts could be high-scoring given the Colts’ weak defense.

“So if you get a tight end plus a goal line running back last week, five rushes, 18 yards and a score over the last two weeks, 13 targets, 11 receptions, 99 yards. And this game could go bonkers.”

Choosing an Option and the Tight End Five 01:07:56

  • The speaker chose Taysom Hill over another option and highlights the fact that he is currently the fifth-ranked tight end.
  • Despite a rough start, Taysom Hill performed well in the previous game, gaining 98 yards and one touchdown on eight targets.
  • The speaker addresses the question of what happened to Wondale by implying that Taysom Hill‘s performance overshadowed it.

“I just want to highlight that this is the tight end five on the year. This is Mike’s my guy that had a rough start. You know, it wasn’t looking good. I was having for 98 and one last week on eight targets. If you want to answer the question of what happened to Wondale, there’s part of your answer.”

Jake Ferguson as a Tight End Streamer 01:08:27

  • Jake Ferguson is recommended as a viable tight end streamer for fantasy football.
  • He has the second-best matchup for the tight end position, and the game has a high over/under.
  • Ferguson maintains an average of five targets per game.

“I’m going with Jake Ferguson, the guy that Jason just talked about, Mr. Fergullicious. It’s still the second-best matchup for the tight end position that includes a dud against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s one of the higher over unders of the week. He’s still averaging five targets per game and his home team, everything.”


Kyle Wills says:

the AI spelling has some giggle worthy moments in there

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