Starts of the Week + Week 7 Breakdown, Heating Up!

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Time to dig deep with all the injuries and bye weeks!  Week 7 matchup previews and Starts of the Week on today’s fantasy football podcast! Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 19th, 2023.

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Mention of DFS Pass discount and playoff availability 05:23

  • The show mentions a discount on the DFS Pass, a subscription service for daily fantasy sports.
  • It emphasizes that the DFS Pass extends into the NFL playoffs, allowing participants to have skin in the game beyond the regular season.

“The DFS pass goes into the playoffs. So when NFL playoffs are happening, you could still play along and have some skin in the game.”

News about Rams’ running back situation 06:41

  • The hosts discuss comments by Sean McVeigh about the Rams’ running back situation.
  • McVeigh mentioned that all four running backs, including Zach Evans, Royce Freeman, Darrell Henderson, and Miles Gaskin, will be evaluated to determine the starting player.

“Right now, we don’t know who’s going to get the majority of the reps. And in a lot of leagues, all the fab was spent on Zach Evans.”

“I know, I know he’s a dirty, dirty liar. And so we’re going to really be tested this week. Maybe he’s trying to make amends and just let everybody know, Hey, look, this is what’s happening. I want fantasy managers to be aware.”

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The importance of remaining flexible and making adjustments 07:46

  • The hosts emphasize the need for fantasy managers to remain flexible and make pivots if more information becomes available.

“You need to be willing to make a pivot if you find out more later in the week.”

Zach Evans‘ Performance 10:23

  • The hosts set the line at eight fantasy points for Zach Evans and discuss whether he will perform above or below that mark. 10:23
  • The hosts both predict that Evans will score below eight fantasy points this week. 10:29
  • There is uncertainty about Evans’ performance due to Henderson’s addition and Evans’ lack of continuity in the system. 09:13

“Let’s put it, let’s set the line. Eight fantasy points. You think Zach Evans is above or below eight fantasy points this week?”

Devonta Smith‘s Injury 11:06

  • Devante Smith was added to the injury report with a hamstring issue, raising concerns about his availability for the week. 11:06
  • The hosts express disappointment as they were looking forward to a bounce back from him. 11:26

“And now my teams that acquired Devante Smith recently are looking to have a different starter prepared.”

Jeff Wilson‘s Return 11:44

“I would rather start Jeff Wilson than Zach Evans for sure. Wow.”

Kyler Murray‘s Status 12:06

  • Kyler Murray is limited in practice and the plan is to have him back in two weeks. 12:06
  • There is a 21-day window for his return, suggesting that he may not be back immediately. 12:12

“They said the plan is to have him back in two weeks. Okay. So not this week, potentially next week.”

Hollywood Brown as a Trade Target 12:19

  • The hosts discuss whether people should be trading for Hollywood Brown right now. 12:19
  • One host suggests that he is a great addition and his value is about to increase significantly. 12:28
  • However, the other host mentions the long-term uncertainties with Kyler Murray‘s return and his acclimation to a new system. 13:23

“So this isn’t an immediate fix to a roster.”

Davante Adams‘ Statement 13:36

  • Devonte Adams made a statement emphasizing his commitment to greatness and wanting to be more involved in the offense for better performance. 13:36
  • The hosts find his statement positive for fantasy football as it indicates a potential increase in targets and production. 13:58

“This is a true squeaky wheel issue.”

Lower Scoring Games in Week 7 15:52

  • Several teams are on a bye week, which may lead to lower scoring games in Week 7. 15:52
  • The average implied team totals for this week are lower than in previous years. 15:58

“Lazy. And you need to be prepared for some lower scoring games this week.”

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Las Vegas Raiders vs. Chicago Bears 17:02

“The Las Vegas Raiders are three and three. Devonte Adams is squad. Travel to Chicago, taking on the one in five bears.”

DJ Moore‘s value and matchup 17:46

  • DJ Moore is the primary target for the Carolina Panthers.
  • Despite being targeted heavily when Bilbo entered the game, DJ Moore‘s fantasy value remains solid.
  • The Raiders defense has improved in recent weeks, so pay attention to this matchup.

“So I look, let’s start it off right away. Are you turning back to DJ more? And the match up, you know, it’s not the worst. DJ more is not like, you got to get them in your lineups, but I would rather play him than the Palmer’s or Christian Kirk with better Craig Reynolds. DJ more was.”

Craig Reynolds and Jahmyr Gibbs injury updates 18:49

  • Craig Reynolds is dealing with a hamstring injury and did not practice.
  • Jameer Gibbs was expected to return but pay attention to updates throughout the week.

Craig Reynolds should have was banged up in practice. And Jameer Gibbs was supposed to be back. So, I mean, I don’t think it’s funny because, you know, on Tuesday and this, this happens, you gave this perfect example earlier, how last week Mike emptied his fab getting DeMarcato and by the end of the week, when games needed to be played, you benched him.”

Evaluating tight end Cole Kmet 19:42

  • Cole Kmet had a down game last week and is unreliable for fantasy purposes.
  • Look for other options at tight end.

“That’s Colquemette. You know, we had the down game last week, which is look, welcome to tight ends that break out. They don’t really break out. They just break through for a couple of weeks and I wouldn’t trust him.”

Running back situation for the Las Vegas Raiders 20:07

  • Josh Jacobs is currently leading the NFL in opportunities per game.
  • He should be a strong start this week.
  • Pay attention to updates on his availability.

Josh Jacobs is number one in the NFL in opportunities per game right now. So Josh Jacobs is getting all of the workload and that matters.”

Outlook on Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers 22:55

  • Devante Adams had a monster game but has had two down weeks.
  • He should still be started with confidence.
  • Jacobi Myers has been performing well and is a reliable option.

“And then Devonte Adams, you know, dealt with the shoulder injury, had the monster game and then two down weeks, not worried about him, put him back out there. You know, there is the off chance that he would get moved before the trade deadline in two weeks. But because this team is probably going to win this game, they’ll be sitting at four and three. I doubt it happens. Jacobi Myers has been great.”

Gardner Minshew‘s recent performance 25:10

  • Gardner Minshew has thrown the ball 99 times in the past two weeks, potentially making him a starting quarterback.
  • There are currently several backup quarterbacks in the league.

Gardner Minshew has thrown the ball 99 times in the past two weeks, making him a potential starting quarterback.”

Deshaun Watson‘s potential return 25:35

  • The possibility of DeSean Watson playing has generated positive reactions, especially from managers who have Amari Cooper in their fantasy team.

“I’ve seen some positivity around Watson being back out there. I would be thrilled as a Mario Cooper manager to have him back.”

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Elijah Moore‘s target count 25:47

  • Although Elijah Moore has been targeted nine times, he has not had a productive fantasy performance this season.

Elijah Moore has been targeted nine times, but he has not turned in even a wide receiver three week.”

Running backs against the Colts’ defense 26:12

  • Jerome Ford is seen as a good start, while Kareem Hunt‘s participation is uncertain due to a missed practice.
  • Jerome Ford, being the leading role, is expected to receive the majority of snaps.

Jerome Ford is a great start and Kareem Hunt could be. He did miss practice, so we need to pay attention.”

Evaluating Jonathan Taylor and Zach Moss 27:22

  • Jonathan Taylor is expected to lead the running back position, but his workload is not yet at a dominant level.
  • The matchup against the Browns’ defense makes it likely that Taylor and Moss will have limited success.

“I believe Taylor has taken over the leading role, but it is not yet a situation where he’s at 75%.” “The matchup is brutal. I’m playing Taylor this week and if I can get out of it, I’m trying not to play Moss.”

Starting Zack Moss against the Browns 28:29

  • Zach Moss has been performing well and has been consistently relevant in fantasy football.
  • Despite this, his workload may decrease to around 40% and he will face a tough defense.

“It’s so ruthless with Zach Moss because he’s been a top 10 guy four out of five weeks.” “It’s 40% of the work for a backup quarterback against a great Browns defense.”

Evaluating Josh Allen against the Patriots 31:54

  • The Patriots’ defense has been successful in limiting quarterbacks’ fantasy production this season.
  • However, Josh Allen has a history of performing well against the Patriots, making him a must-start.

“No matter what, you’re not benching Allen.” “The last five times he’s played New England, [Allen] had three touchdowns, two, three, one, four.”

Rhamondre Stevenson‘s viability 30:57

  • Ramon Drey Stevenson has been performing well and is expected to continue his success against the Bills’ defense.
  • The matchup is not overly difficult for running backs.

“Buffalo is not a brutal matchup for running backs. They’ve given up the 23rd most points to fantasy running backs.” “Ramon Drey Stevenson, I still think you can start him.”

James Cook‘s role with the Patriots 32:51

  • Despite his impressive stats, James Cook has seen a decrease in playing time and has not been targeted in recent games.
  • However, in a potential blowout game, he may see increased opportunities alongside Latavius Murray.

James Cook is averaging more yards from scrimmage per touch than Bijon Robinson.” “The game script could end up being out of hand and Damien Harris is not a factor this week.”

Tampa Bay’s Disappointing Offense 39:43

  • Baker struggled to get the ball to Evans and Godwin.
  • Godwin has historically performed well against the Falcons.
  • Rashad White has caught a high percentage of his targets but hasn’t turned them into yards.

“It was a really disappointing offensive performance for Tampa Bay last week.”

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Washington vs. New York Matchup Analysis 35:16

  • Sam Howell may be the streaming quarterback for Washington, as it’s uncertain if Daniel Jones will play.
  • Washington’s defense has been weak against quarterbacks and wide receivers.
  • Players like Brandon Robinson and Mike Wondale Robinson could have good fantasy performances.

“I think there are players here who I think can be amongst the top of the fantasy scores this week.”

Curious Case of Jahan Dotson as a Holder 37:00

  • John Dotson has been seen taking reps as a holder at practice.
  • The hosts find it odd and question the strategy behind it.

“Who does that at practice? Maybe he came up and was like, how do you do that?”

Jordan Love as Start of the Week 41:31

  • Jordan Love has been a top 12 quarterback in three out of five weeks.
  • He plays the Denver Broncos, whose defense has not been performing well.
  • Love gets back Aaron Jones as a passing game weapon.

“Trying to find another name with a matchup, with an opportunity, I reluctantly selected Jordan Love.”

Geno Smith a capable starter 49:17

  • Geno Smith is considered a capable starter for fantasy football.
  • He has a favorable matchup, with the Cardinals ranked 31st in schedule.
  • The Cardinals fantasy points given up to quarterbacks might be even worse if not for dropped touchdowns.

“If you picked him up, I think he’s a capable starter. He’s got more than a touchdown favorite line at home, third highest team applied total. The Cardinals ranked 31st in schedule, Justin fantasy points given up two quarterbacks might be 32nd if people weren’t dropping touchdowns against them last week.”

Russell Wilson a top 12 quarterback 49:52

  • Russell Wilson is currently ranked as a top 12 quarterback in fantasy football.
  • The matchup against the Green Bay Packers is favorable, as they have a weak defense.
  • The game has a high total score projection and Wilson performs well against zone coverage.

“Steel underpants. Here we go, baby. Russell Wilson against the Green Bay Packers. It sounds nasty. Russell Wilson is a top 12 quarterback on the season right now. The Broncos are one in five. It is not all Russ’s fault. The matchup is one that we can attack against the green Bay Packers. It is one of three games currently with a total of 45 or above and then diving deeper into the metrics. This one shout out to Kyle Russ ranks number one among all quarterbacks in fantasy points per drop back against zone coverage. The Packers run zone. At least they have 80% of the time. This is a matchup that I think that Russ finishes the week as a top 10 quarterback. And if you have the intestinal fortitude and the underpants and the underpants to protect yourself, it makes sense.”

Aaron Jones a must-start 50:44

  • Aaron Jones is recommended as a must-start running back in fantasy football.
  • He is returning from injury and expected to make a significant impact.
  • The Denver Broncos defense is weak against running backs, allowing 172 yards per game.

“Well, I’m going to double down real quick here with the Packers and that Denver matchup, which is all we’ve talked about so far on the majority of the starts of the week. But I think people need to hear it. Aaron Jones is going to be back and he needs to be in your lineup. I truly believe that. I think it has not been a fun ride dealing with the hamstring, the re-aggravation, the lack of opportunity. And this is a terrible, terrible Bronco defense that has been especially bad to running backs. I think we have all watched the Green Bay Packers and said to ourselves every play, oh my gosh, they need Aaron Jones so bad. And he’s going to be back out there. He is ready to contribute. They give up 172 yards a game to running backs. And I think you have to jam them back into your lineup this week.”

Jerome Ford a solid play 51:32

  • Jerome Ford is recommended as a solid play for fantasy football.
  • He has been consistently performing well, with three top 24 finishes in five weeks.
  • The Colts have a weak defense against running backs.

“For me, my running back start of the week is Jerome Ford. Ford tough. We talked about it. For Bill Ford tough. Jerome Ford has been pretty good. Like, you know, he’s been a top 24 running back three of his five weeks. Obviously, the first week didn’t even really count with Nick Chubb there. And he’s averaging 14 and a half fantasy points per game. The Colts, they’re 23rd and schedule just a fantasy points allowed to running backs. This is the type of player that I think is just a really solid play. He’s going to get enough carries to have, you know, opportunity you can rely on. They’re favored. They should score a rushing touchdown. And you’ve got the current thigh injury to cream hunt. So Jerome Ford, he’s wheels up for me.”

Michael Mayer as a Start of the Week 57:19

  • Mayer has had one catch for three yards in Week 1, one catch for two yards in Week 2, and three catches for seven yards in Week 3, totaling only 12 yards in three games.
  • Despite the slow start, Mayer had a good game in Week 3 with 41 yards and a touchdown.
  • His performance in Week 3 made him Jason’s start of the week.

“I think he’s healthy… the matchup is outstanding… I think it’s going to be a really good game this week.”

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Michael Mayer‘s Potential 59:26

  • Mayer is a rookie who has been gradually increasing his playing time each week.
  • He had a good performance in Week 6, finishing as the tight end five with six targets, five catches, and 75 yards.
  • The Bears have allowed top 12 tight end performances in four out of six weeks, making it a favorable matchup for Mayer.

“I do think that he is a top 10 play this week.”

“The Bears have allowed top 12 tight end performance in four of six weeks. I think the matchup is there… He was the tight end five, six targets, five for 75.”


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