Starts of the Week + Week 5 Breakdown, Squeaky Wheels

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Set your lineups for Week 5! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Starts of the Week and Week 5 matchup previews! Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 5th, 2023.

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Jason’s Haircut Debate 03:38

  • Jason has postponed his haircut because he didn’t want to wear a hat to the barber, believing it affects the haircut quality.
  • He asked his hairstylist for her opinion on wearing a hat before a haircut, and she confirmed that it makes it difficult to give a good fade.

“It is a nightmare when people wear hats because the cowlicks make it very difficult to give a good fade.”

Injury Concerns for Amon-Ra St. Brown 05:31

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown is dealing with a new abdominal injury and did not participate in Wednesday’s practice.
  • The hosts express some worry about his availability for the week but mention that Thursday’s practice reports will provide more information.

“It’s a little sus… This seems highly questionable.”

Potential Impact on Jameson Williams 07:21

“So it’s like all of a sudden, if Amon Ra missed, Josh Reynolds would become very interesting… I think that if Amon Ra does miss, that’s the you have to unleash Jahmyr Gibbs.”

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Evaluating the Lions’ Backfield 08:14

  • The hosts discuss the Lions’ backfield and acknowledge that David Montgomery is currently the better running back compared to Jahmyr Gibbs.
  • While Gibbs has potential and explosiveness, Montgomery is more decisive and effective in his running style.

“That’s the truth… He’s more decisive. He’s a better running back right now.”

“We all watch it. He’s getting more out of his touches… He’s a better running back right now.”

Cooper Kupp‘s status for the week 09:14

  • Cooper Kupp is expected to play this week.
  • It is highly likely that he will be on the field and get a full allotment of snaps.

“So Cooper Kupp‘s fine. The odds of him being out there this week seem very high.”

Deebo Samuel‘s usage as a decoy 09:23

  • Deebo Samuel was used as a full decoy last week, without any targets.
  • Despite this, he was not needed for the game and the team is likely to continue the decoy strategy.
  • However, due to the matchup against the Eagles, it is predicted that Samuel will not be a decoy.

“Debo was out there as a full decoy last week with no targets. That was super disappointing to hear. They didn’t need Debo, which is what helped him stay a decoy.”

Kyren Williams‘ status for the week 09:46

  • Kyren Williams missed practice, but it was considered precautionary.
  • The coach believes that Williams will play in the upcoming game.
  • If he is able to play, Williams should be inserted back into fantasy lineups.

Kyren Williams missed practice and full, but McVay said it was precautionary and believes he will play this weekend. If he plays, is Kyren right back into your lineup? Absolutely.”

Tee Higgins‘ injury status 09:55

  • T Higgins did not practice and his status is listed as day to day.
  • There is speculation that he may miss at least one week, possibly more.

“T Higgins didn’t practice, listed as day to day. I said, I can’t imagine he doesn’t miss at least one week. Mike said, maybe more.”

Concerns about playing Deebo Samuel 10:43

  • Deebo Samuel will be playing at less than 100% and may not perform well.
  • Considering his performance last week and the tough matchup against the Cowboys, some fantasy managers are hesitant to start him.

“Debo will be playing at less than 100%. You talk about needing him. They’re going to need him against the Cowboys. I am trying not to play him after what happened last week.”

Christian McCaffrey‘s recent performance 11:13

  • Christian McCaffrey had an outstanding performance with four touchdowns last week.
  • However, some fantasy managers are concerned about his workload and potential injury risks.

“Just him screaming, hey, throw me the ball. And then Christian McCaffrey houses it. You got four touchdowns last week. Was that enough for you?”

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Injury concerns for Austin Ekeler 11:52

  • Austin Ekeler is expected to be back for week six after missing time due to injury.
  • It is believed that he will be at full strength and perform at 100%.

Austin Ekeler expects to be back for week six. He should be pretty much at full strength there based on the expected timeline.”

Analysis of the Jacksonville Jaguars versus Buffalo Bills game 12:44

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are facing a tough matchup against the Buffalo Bills.
  • Buffalo’s defense has been strong, making it difficult for opponents to score.
  • Given the challenging matchup, fantasy managers should lower their expectations for Jacksonville players.

“It’s been a rough start to the season for predictability on the Jacksonville side. Buffalo’s defense has been really difficult to score points against. So this isn’t a great matchup. This is a top 10 defense against wide receivers.”

Gabe Davis and Dawson Knox 16:15

  • Gabe Davis has been disappointing so far, with only 9 points in week two against Kansas City.
  • Despite being a bit dysfunctional, it is advised to play him.

“So rules say you have to play him. This matchup is not a bad one. Jacksonville’s middle of the pack against wide receivers. So I just stay in the flames with Gabe Davis.”

  • Dawson Knox and Dalton KK are risky options.
  • It seems Dalton KK ran more routes than Dawson Knox in the previous week.

“Both of them (Dalton KK and Dawson Knox) seem like risky business at this point. But the Jacksonville matchup is OK. They’re currently 27th against fantasy tight ends. And Dalton KK did run more routes than Dawson Knox. Maybe it was the matchup, or maybe it is that the first-round tight end is starting to separate.”

Atlanta Falcons vs Houston Texans 17:31

  • The Falcons are favored to win the game against the Houston Texans.
  • The Atlanta offense has been struggling, but they perform well in the running game.
  • The Houston defense has a weakness against the running game, providing an opportunity for the Falcons to perform well.
  • Tyler Algier could be a viable emergency flex option if needed.

“I think he (Tyler Algier) is someone you could plug in as that emergency flex. Or really, you wouldn’t flex him as an emergency running back when you need a running back.”

Jahan Dotson vs Tank Dell 21:44

  • Tank Dell’s performance has been inconsistent, with good and bad weeks.
  • This week’s matchup is not favorable for Tank Dell.
  • On the other hand, Jahan Dotson might be a better option.
  • It would be wise to monitor Tank Dell and wait for a good matchup before starting him.

“I want to see a little bit more from Tank Dell. Obviously, we’ve seen him have big weeks. We’ve seen him have small weeks. This matchup, it isn’t when you play against. It’s not good. But they’re very stout defensively.”

Nico Collins Hard to Bench 22:36

  • Nico has had nine or more targets in three out of his four games, making him a strong player to start.

“Nico to me is someone hard to bench right now.”

Tyler Boyd Against Arizona 22:43

  • With Tee Higgins potentially out, Tyler Boyd is a good option to start against the Arizona defense.
  • Boyd has been chosen by both speakers as their preferred player in this matchup.

“Yeah, if Higgins is out, I would go Boyd.”

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Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow 22:57

  • The speakers express the need for Joe Burrow to perform well before they fully trust him.
  • Burrow’s past injury setback is mentioned, and the hope is that he will be healthier now.

“I got to see Burrow look like Burrow again before I can rely on him.”

Panthers vs. Lions Preview 23:37

“Caroline is 0-4 taking on the 3-1 Detroit Lions.”

Anthony Richardson‘s Fantasy Performance 29:13

  • Anthony Richardson has been performing well in fantasy football.
  • Despite missing a game, he was the number two fantasy quarterback last week and number four in week one.
  • He has shown amazing talent and has the potential for big games.
  • Richardson’s highlight plays demonstrate his skills, including impressive throws on the run.
  • His rushing ability is also noteworthy.

Anthony Richardson, he’s been very good for fantasy.” “Maybe kind of below the radar with his missed game.” “But I mean, number two, fantasy quarterback last week.” “You see it five times a game with Anthony Richardson.” “And so he’s going to have some monstrous games this year.”

Anthony Richardson vs. Tua Tagovailoa 30:09

  • The hosts discuss whether to start Anthony Richardson or Tua Tagovailoa in fantasy football this week.
  • Richardson’s recent performances and exciting playing style make him an appealing option.
  • Tua has had hot and cold performances, but is facing the New York Giants.
  • Ultimately, the hosts lean towards starting Richardson over Tua due to his potential and consistency.

“Is Anthony Richardson starting this week?” “Well, let me put that to the test because I have him in a bunch of leagues.” “I’m going to put Anthony Richardson above Tua.” “The most difficult one.” “I would probably play Tua.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s Potential Return 32:14

  • Jonathan Taylor is likely to play in the upcoming game.
  • The hosts discuss the quotes from Taylor, indicating he is healthy and ready to support his team.
  • They speculate whether these statements are directed towards the team’s ownership.
  • Despite a tough matchup against the Tennessee Titans, Taylor is a startable option in fantasy football.

“So I will say this.” “It very much seems like he’s going to play.” “All the quotes of what he’s talking about.” “And I’d start him.” “It’s not a great matchup against Tennessee, but he’s Jonathan Taylor.”

Michael Pittman Jr.’s Performance 33:11

  • Michael Pittman Jr. had a disappointing week in fantasy football.
  • He only had one catch for 15 yards without a touchdown.
  • However, Pittman has been consistent overall and is expected to bounce back.
  • The Titans defense is vulnerable to wide receivers, making Pittman a favorable start.

“You had a really good first week for Michael Pittman.” “It’s been three mediocre fantasy finishes.” “On paper, this looks like a great matchup.” “The Titans defense gives it up to the wide receiver.” “I would certainly be starting Michael Pittman in this matchup.”

DeAndre Hopkins‘ Performance and Matchup 34:17

  • DeAndre Hopkins has underperformed in fantasy football this season.
  • However, a dropped touchdown pass affected his perception in the previous game.
  • The hosts express confidence in Hopkins for the upcoming game.
  • The Colts defense has struggled against opposing wide receivers.
  • Hopkins has the potential to bounce back and produce a good fantasy outing.

DeAndre Hopkins is averaging 4 and 1 half receptions in 54 yards a game.” “I’ve got a fair amount of confidence in Hopkins.” “He straight up dropped a big touchdown this last week.” “I think our viewpoint changes just based on a little bit.” “He looks like old Hopkins.” “Hopkins on the field, it hasn’t been good for fantasy.”

Note: Quotes have been heavily edited. Please make sure to review them for accuracy before submitting.

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Hopkins’ Transition into Late Career 35:44

  • The speaker mentions rewatching Hopkins and being impressed with his performance in the transition into late career.
  • They express disappointment with Tana Hill’s performance.

“I mean, the old Hopkins gets that football. He wasn’t quick enough to get to it.”

Start Hopkins or Pittman as a Flex Play? 35:51

  • The speaker discusses starting either Hopkins or Pittman as a flex play.
  • One of the speakers suggests going with Pittman.

“I mean, the real question is Pittman or Hopkins?”

Dolphins vs. Giants Matchup Preview 36:16

  • The Giants, with a 1-3 record, are facing the 3-1 Miami Dolphins.
  • The Dolphins are heavy favorites.

“The Giants are 1 and 3. They take on the 3 and 1 Miami Dolphins.”

Dolphins’ Favorable Conditions 36:32

  • The Dolphins have only played one home game in their first four weeks.
  • They are now playing at home with an implied point total of 30 points.

“Miami at home. They have not played. They’ve played one home game in their four weeks. So they get to play at home against the Giants.”

Tua Tagovailoa‘s Performance 36:53

“Tua is number one in passing yards. It does seem like at least the odds are in his favor to continue the ping-ponging between elite performances and disappointing performances because he has Tyreek Hill and Jalen Waddle.”

Analysis of Raheem Mostert 37:40

  • Despite fumbling twice last week, Mostert still managed to score eight fantasy points.
  • He has been consistently involved in the passing game with five targets in the previous week and seven in the week before.

“Yeah, last week would have been a hard one to read, because if he was still dealing with injury, the game was over halfway through the third. So you weren’t going to use up an injured player on the back half of the game.”

Darren Waller‘s Recent Performances 40:23

  • Waller has had two consecutive disappointing games, with low reception and target numbers.
  • Concerns arise due to his injuries and lack of separation.

“The separation and dealing with the hamstring, I’m a little concerned there. But look, it’s a tight end position. The matchup is good. You’re probably playing it.”

“I think if you bench Darren Waller this week, you’re making a mistake. I really do. I think he’s going to be a squeaky wheel.”

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Wright’s Performance and Flex Option 40:45

  • While acknowledging Waller’s recent struggles, the speaker notes that the matchup against the Dolphins has historically been favorable for tight ends.
  • The speaker suggests considering Foster Moreau as a flex option in full PPR leagues.

“And in a full desperation, I think in a PPR, you can start Moreau. But this is more of let’s see if Moreau, if the snaps jump up yet again, if he jumps up into the 80% of snaps this week, I think that you can have confidence in him as a flex type of play. Full PPR is fine.”

Matchup Preview: New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots 42:15

  • The New Orleans Saints have a record of 2-2, while the New England Patriots are 1-3.
  • The Patriots are favored to win by 1 point according to the DraftKings Sportsbook line.
  • The over/under for the game is set at 40.

“The New Orleans Saints are 2 and 2. They take on the 1 and 3. New England Patriots.”

Fart Fest of the Week 42:28

  • The hosts humorously refer to the game between the Saints and Patriots as the “fart fest of the week.”
  • This segment is not an official one but is meant to be a lighthearted joke.

“This game is, I know it’s not an official segment. If anybody wants to, anybody works for a company that wants to sponsor the fart fest of the week, that’s what this is.”

Discussion about Beano 42:46

  • The hosts discuss Beano, an anti-gas medicine.
  • They recall it being a family staple and mention its purpose in reducing gas.

Low-Scoring Game 43:41

  • Both the Saints and Patriots have struggling offenses, averaging 15 and 13 points per game respectively.
  • The hosts express surprise at the over/under line of 40 for this game.

“Their offenses are terrible to begin with, right? Then you have great defenses. How is this line at 40?”

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Rhamondre Stevenson‘s Injury and Performance 43:51

  • Ramon Dre Stevenson was limited in practice due to a thigh injury.
  • The hosts believe he has been underperforming and is not a great fantasy play for this week.
  • They suggest considering other options like Tyler Algier over Stevenson if possible.

“And Ramon Dre was limited with a thigh injury on Wednesday. First time he’s been on the practice report. He’s been awful. And he’s not a great play this week.”

Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara as Fantasy Plays 46:35

  • Michael Thomas has been a solid possession receiver in full PPR leagues, averaging around 10 points per game.
  • The hosts mention that Thomas has a safe floor but lacks a high ceiling.
  • Alvin Kamara is considered a great play due to his receiving yards and volume of catches.

“I do think Michael Thomas has been a good possession receiver in full PPR leagues. If you’re in full PPR, you pretty much are guaranteed 10 points, which is fine. Yeah, he’s not. That just shocks me with those numbers.”

Draft Kings sportsbook line 47:48

  • The Ravens are four point favorites according to the Draft Kings sportsbook line. 47:50

“The Draft Kings sportsbook line has the Ravens four point favorites.”

Ravens heavy favorites 47:55

  • The Ravens are heavy favorites with an over-under of 38 points. 47:55

“Ravens heavy favorites over under 38 points.”

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Tomlin’s impact on the Steelers 48:00

  • Tomlin has created noise around Matt Canada due to the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ poor performance. 48:10
  • Despite the noise, Tomlin’s team often finds a way to perform well, especially in divisional matchups at home. 48:17

“All of the noise around Matt Canada, which is well deserved. They find a way.”

Zay Flowers as the Start of the Week 48:33

  • Zay Flowers was initially considered as the start of the week but was ultimately pulled back. 48:33
  • However, he is still considered a good start, just not the start of the week. 48:39

“I originally was going to make Zay Flowers the start of the week. You pulled it back? Yeah, I did.”

Zay Flowers and the Steelers’ defense 48:44

  • Zay Flowers has been outside the top 40 at the wide receiver position for three weeks. 48:57
  • The Steelers’ defense has been terrible against wide receivers, allowing almost 40 points per week. 49:05
  • However, despite the favorable matchup, Zay Flowers‘ recent performance raises concerns about his production. 49:10

“That does not guarantee production for Zay Flowers.”

Zay Flowers as the number one wide receiver 49:24

  • Some believe that Zay Flowers is the number one wide receiver in the Baltimore offense. 49:24
  • Others disagree and think that the focus will be on getting the ball to him and seeing him as their playmaker against the Steelers defense. 49:31

“I do agree with Mike on that. I think Zay Flowers is the number one wide receiver read in this offense.”

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Running backs in Pittsburgh 49:52

  • Wide receivers in Pittsburgh are not reliable fantasy options besides the top options. 49:52
  • Najee Harris and Jalen Warren are tough starts, but Harris is still likely to be in fantasy lineups due to his involvement in the passing game. 50:02
  • Warren’s involvement in the passing game makes him a safer bet, especially with Harris not receiving as many targets as he did in his rookie season. 50:32
  • Ultimately, Warren is preferred over Harris due to their respective performances this season. 51:29

“Wide receivers in Pittsburgh. It’s kind of pickens and no one else. “

Running backs in Baltimore 52:04

  • The Baltimore running back situation is currently a committee, with Gus Edwards expected to be the primary runner. 52:37
  • The matchup against the Steelers’ defense is not the worst, as they rank 27th against fantasy running backs. 52:15

“Am I alone in the Pittsburgh upset? No. I don’t think so.”

Ravens as favorites against the Steelers 52:50

  • The Baltimore Ravens are favored to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers due to their ability to perform well in challenging situations. 53:11
  • The Steelers have a reputation for proving the doubters wrong and pulling off unexpected victories under Tomlin’s leadership. 53:17

“This is a team that every time you say they just stink, they’re not good… Tomlin is like, yes, we are.”

Starts of the Week 53:21

  • The Starts of the Week segment kicks off with Sam Howell as the recommended quarterback start for Thursday night football. 53:31
  • Jordan Love is also highlighted as a recommended start due to his consistent fantasy performance and a favorable matchup against the Raiders’ defense. 54:24

“Look, this matchup is as good as it gets for Sam Howell.” “I like Jordan Love.”

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Jordan Love as a Fantasy Option 54:48

  • Jordan Love is running the ball a lot this week.
  • His receivers are all healthy.
  • There are different ways for him to score points.
  • The touchdown regression is expected to come back, but the Raiders are not a team that will shut him down.
  • He should be a viable fantasy option this week.

“I think he’s staying the flames with them. I know that the touchdown regression has to come back.”

Zach Wilson as a Startable Quarterback 55:42

  • Zach Wilson is facing the Denver Broncos, who allow the most points per game to quarterbacks.
  • Wilson had a good game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and people are asking if they can start him.
  • The hosts of the podcast recommend starting him this week, as it might be the only time they can confidently do so.
  • They mention considering Wilson over Russell Wilson.

“We ride. This is the one time, fellas. We have to take advantage of the one time in his career that we can ever start the week, Zach Wilson.”

Other Quarterback Options 56:21

“So that means he’s the top Wilson to start at quarterback. He’s the top Wilson this week.”

Wide Receiver Starts 57:43

  • They mention Garrett Wilson as a startable wide receiver.
  • His target counts have been increasing every week and he is primed for a big game.
  • The Broncos defense is struggling and they believe Wilson will score a touchdown.
  • Michael Pittman is also recommended as a start against the Tennessee Titans.
  • They discuss the favorable matchup for Pittman and his consistent target share.
  • 2-2 Atwell is another potential start against the Philadelphia Eagles, who have been vulnerable against wide receivers.

“I think you’re going to get a big score from Garrett Wilson… I’m going to give you a touchdown guarantee from Garrett Wilson in this game, and the Broncos are literally begging you to score on them… Michael Pittman should receive the largest share of 37 fantasy points… It is the second best matchup in schedule adjusted ranking.”

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Running Back Starts 59:53

  • Joe Mixon is recommended as a start against the Arizona Cardinals, who have been weak against fantasy running backs.
  • They mention the possibility of T Higgins being out, which could lead to more opportunities for Mixon.
  • They express confidence in Mixon despite the Bengals struggling to score points.
  • Breece Hall is highlighted as a start in college fantasy football against the Denver Broncos, who give up opportunities for explosive plays.

“Great opportunity for him against the Arizona defense that is 30th against fantasy running backs… If Breece Hall gets chances against a team that gives lanes to run, he’s going to be gone.”

Breece Hall‘s Restriction Lifted 01:01:29

  • The head coach announced that all restrictions on Breeze Hall have been lifted.
  • This implies that they were previously restricting him.

“And you have the head coach coming out saying, hey, all the restrictions on Breeze Hall, they’re gone now. That means two things. One, they were restricting him. Two, is gone.”

Comments on Dalvin Cook 01:02:08

  • The host mentions that the head coach made similar comments about Dalvin Cook.
  • The host thinks that the comments about Dalvin Cook having more work did not play out in real life.

“Did you hear the stupid comments, though? He made the same comments about Dalvin Cook. Dalvin Cook, who was on the field 25% of snaps, only got five carries last week and looks terrible. Breeze Hall is a great play this week.”

David Montgomery as a Great Play 01:02:13

  • David Montgomery is recommended as a great play for Week 5.
  • The Panthers have the third-best matchup for fantasy running backs.
  • It is a home game for the Bears, who are 10-point favorites.
  • The host predicts that Montgomery will be heavily involved in the game.

David Montgomery, excuse me. The Panthers, the third-best schedule adjusted matchup for fantasy running backs. It’s a home game. They are 10 point favorites. It’s going to be all Montgomery all the time. And that’s what I’m projecting for this week.”

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Zach Ertz as a Start of the Week 01:02:34

  • Zach Ertz is recommended as the tight end start of the week.
  • The Bengals are one of the worst teams against tight ends.
  • Ertz is on pace for 120 targets.

Zach Ertz is my tight end start of the week. Take the dirty, nasty targets. Just absorb the targets. The Bengals are one of the worst teams against tight ends. Ertz is on pace for 120 targets.”

Tyler Higbee as a Low-End Waiver Wire Start 01:02:50

  • The host suggests Tyler Higbee as a low-end waiver wire start at the tight end position.
  • Matthew Stafford‘s matchup against the Eagles is favorable.
  • Higbee received 11 targets in the previous week.
  • The Eagles have struggled against tight ends, ranking 30th in schedule-adjusted matchups.

“When you’re looking at tight end starts of the week, you’re really looking for the low-end waiver wire type of guys who might get volume. That’s why I’m going with Tyler Higbee. We obviously love Matthew Stafford this week. The matchup at home against the Eagles. I mean, he’s going to throw the ball a lot. Higbee got the big contract. Got 11 targets this last week. I think he’ll be very involved. The Eagles against tight ends, they’re 30th right now against tight ends. They’re still terrible against tight ends.”

Darren Waller with a Good Matchup 01:03:28

  • Darren Waller is believed to have a bounce-back game after a down week.
  • The Miami Dolphins, despite their ranking against tight ends, are not as good as they seem.
  • Waller’s previous down game can be considered an anomaly for the good matchup.

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