Starts of the Week + Week 14 Breakdown, Almost Upset(s)!

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Week 14 playoff push! On today’s fantasy football podcast, matchup previews for a windy weekend of football! Plus, Starts of the Week, injury updates and the Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 7th, 2023.

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Starts of the Week and Weather Issues 00:00

  • Starts of the week will be discussed in today’s episode.
  • Half of the Week 14 matchups will be covered.
  • There are several weather issues affecting games this week.
  • Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for Sunday Live alerts and assistance during the week.

“We’ve got starts of the week on today’s episode. We’re dealing with half of the week 14 matchups and there’s a lot of weather issues coming up this week. So make sure you subscribe right now. Click the subscribe before you watch the show so you can be alerted for Sunday Live so we can help you out this week. Stay tuned.” 00:00

Analysis of Backup Quarterbacks and Potential Options 08:04

  • Playing backup quarterbacks may not satisfy public pressure.
  • The current backup quarterbacks are not the solution for the team.
  • The best option would be to play their best quarterback.

“Your backup quarterbacks are not the answer.”

Potential Strategy for Playing Backup Quarterbacks 08:17

  • The idea of playing all the backups for one quarter each could have been a better approach.
  • This would allow the team to showcase their quarterback options to the fans.

“The real way to do it would have been to play all their backups like one quarter at a time.”

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Suggestion to Utilize a Run-Heavy Offense 08:39

  • Implementing a system similar to the Miami Wildcat could be beneficial.
  • This would involve running the ball frequently and relying on short dump-off passes.
  • However, the team’s current run-heavy approach is not effective.

“Run a Wildcat system. Run the ball all the time. Little dump-offs over the line.”

Injury Updates on Derek Carr and Taysom Hill 08:46

  • Derek Carr is facing limitations in practice and remains in the protocol.
  • There is a good chance he will play based on reports of his performance.
  • Taysom Hill did not participate in practice due to foot and hand injuries.

“Injury wise, Derek Carr limited at practice, remains in protocol.”

Key Updates on Justin Jefferson and Isiah Pacheco 09:05

  • Justin Jefferson is a full participant in practice, indicating he is ready to return.
  • It is recommended to include him in most lineups due to his talent and previous performances.
  • Pacheco did not practice and the head coach’s comment suggests there may be more to the situation.

Justin Jefferson full participant in practice.”

Impact of Dallas Goedert‘s Return 10:09

  • Dallas Goddard is expected to play after being a full practice participant.
  • It is advisable to start him, especially for those who have been holding onto him.
  • This is particularly significant because the Eagles are playing against Dallas.

“Eagles tight end Dallas Goddard expects to play this week.”

Evaluation of Devonta Smith and Clyde Edwards-Helaire 10:23

  • Devonta Smith‘s playing time could potentially be affected by Dallas Goddard’s return.
  • Devonta Smith‘s status remains questionable, and his absence would be a significant loss.
  • Clyde Edwards-Alaire is recommended over Jonathan Taylor for this week’s lineup.

“Did not practice Wednesday. That would be a big loss.”

Considerations for Dawson Knox and Dalton Kincaid 10:41

  • Dawson Knox may return to play this week after the 21-day window opened.
  • Dalton Kincaid‘s involvement is slowly declining due to injury concerns.
  • Stefan Diggs could benefit from a better performance by Dalton Kincaid.

Dawson Knox, the 21 day window open for the bills.”

Assessing the Potential Return of Darren Waller 11:43

  • Darren Waller expects to return to practice next week and hopes to play in week 15.
  • It is advised to watch him play a full game before considering him for a lineup.

Darren Waller expects to return to practice next week.”

Najee Harris‘ Expected Participation in Tonight’s Game 12:02

  • Najee Harris is questionable but is expected to play in the upcoming game.
  • The absence of Pop Dog List has also been confirmed.
  • Devonte Parker’s status for the game is questionable.

“And Najee Harris questionable but expected to play for tonight’s game.”

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Finalizing Buy Weeks and Previewing Buccaneers vs. Falcons 12:41

  • The Cardinals and Commanders will not be playing football this week due to their buy week.
  • The Buccaneers will be traveling to face the Falcons in a game with an over/under of 39.5.

“The final two buys… Cardinals, commanders not playing football this week.”

Evaluation of Bijan Robinson and Drake London  13:04

  • Bijon had impressive weeks against Arizona and New Orleans, but a less successful game against the Jets.
  • While the Buccaneers have a strong defense against the run, they struggle against wide receivers.
  • Bijon’s involvement as a pass-catcher could be crucial for his fantasy success.
  • Drake London is considered a fine flex play due to the favorable wide receiver matchup.

“We had a pretty impressive couple of weeks from Bijon against Arizona and New Orleans last week.”

Analysis of Rachaad White‘s Playing Potential 15:23

  • Rashad White, the RB6 of the year, is expected to face a tough matchup this week.
  • He is the team’s second best wide receiver, making him a must-start player.
  • The previous performance against the Buccaneers showcased his value as a receiver.

“On the other side of the ball, Rashad White is a lock of course.”

Rachaad White‘s Potential Impact 15:53

  • Rashad White is a player with potential impact.
  • He has the potential to catch four or more passes in the upcoming game.

“That’s where Rashad White is.” 15:57

Evaluating Mike Evans 16:06

  • Mike Evans has been averaging 84 receiving yards per game.
  • Despite Evans’ touchdown last week, he has not proven himself consistently.
  • Considering his performance throughout the year, it is not advisable to start him.

“He’s been bad all year.” 16:25

Detroit vs. Chicago Matchup 16:36

  • The Detroit Lions (9-3) are facing the Chicago Bears (4-8).
  • The current line favors Detroit, with them being three and a half point favorites.
  • The over/under for the game is set at 43 and a half points.
  • There have been fluctuations in the line, possibly due to weather concerns.
  • Weather updates for Sunday’s game are subject to change.
  • Changes in weather conditions should be monitored live on Sunday.
  • The current forecast suggests a 6% chance of rain and 13 mile per hour winds.
  • The weather is not expected to significantly impact the game.

“It’s been back down to 40 and a half and then back up to 43 and a half.” 16:51 “No need to worry too much about the weather.” 17:32 “These two teams played a couple weeks ago. The Lions did win but only by five points and they were at home.” 18:03

Jared Goff‘s Performance 18:41

  • Jared Goff‘s performance is unpredictable.
  • He has the tendency to make mistakes and throw interceptions.
  • Despite this, he has managed to be a top 12 quarterback.

“About the way you always feel about Jared Goff? Yeah.” 18:41

Predicting David Montgomery and Jameer Gibbs’ Impact 19:50

  • David Montgomery is expected to be more consistent and score more touchdowns.
  • However, Jameer Gibbs has also been involved near the goal line, sharing some of the scoring opportunities.

“I still lean the David Montgomery side for consistency. I think he has a… more touchdowns.” 20:12

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Uncertainty in the Bears’ Running Back Situation 21:00

  • The Bears’ running back situation is uncertain.
  • Damien Williams returned to full practice on Wednesday.
  • It is unclear who will be the starter among Williams, Khalil Herbert, and Artavis Pierce.
  • Without insider information, it is hard to determine which running back to play.

“I don’t think you could play any bear unless you know someone at the organization who can tell you who is the starter.” 21:49

Considering Jameson Williams and Jalen Hyatt 23:01

  • Jameson Williams offers high potential boom options.
  • Jalen Hyatt, being a post-bye rookie, may also have increased opportunities.
  • If seeking upside, Jameson Williams could be the preferred choice.

“So let me ask you Jameson Williams or Jalen Hyatt another similar archetype player coming off you know the buy where you see that post-buy rookie bump maybe.” 23:14

Comparing Wide Receivers 00:14

  • The speaker states that they like both D.J. Moore and A.J. Brown as wide receivers.
  • They mention that both players have the potential for high fantasy output based on game scripts.
  • The speaker believes that Moore has a slight edge over Brown.

“Both D.J. Moore and A.J. Brown are great options, but I lean towards Moore because of his potential for high output on a single play.”

Fantasy Outlook for Tight Ends 00:14

  • The speaker recommends starting La Porta and predicts a long-term impact for him as a tight end.
  • They also mention that Colcomat has a great opportunity this week, but Justin Fields‘ performance may affect his production.
  • The speaker acknowledges that Fields has been slow as a passer since his return from injury.

“La Porta is a stone cold lock in your lineup, and Colcomat has a great opportunity. We’ll see if Fields can get it going this week.”

Colts vs. Bengals Breakdown 00:14

  • The Indianapolis Colts, with a record of 7-5, will face the 6-6 Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The DK sportsbook line favors the Colts with a -1 spread on the road.
  • Both teams have the potential for fantasy production, as Indianapolis games often yield high scoring outputs.
  • The speaker mentions the impressive performance of Jake Browning in Monday night’s game, which influenced the line change.
  • They express excitement about Browning but also caution that consistency is needed for a complete evaluation.

“This game between the Colts and Bengals is exciting from a fantasy perspective, with potential for high-scoring outputs. Jake Browning‘s performance caused a significant line change, but we need to see consistency before fully buying in.”

Tee Higgins and Josh Downs Outlook 00:16

  • The speaker discusses T. Higgins, highlighting his low target and snap percentages in recent games.
  • They compare Higgins to other wide receivers like Jaden Reed and Deontay Johnson, expressing uncertainty about starting Higgins over them.
  • Josh Downs‘ volume has been good, but his recent performances have been rough.
  • Despite this, the speaker supports starting Downs over Elijah Moore.

“T. Higgins has low target and snap percentages, making it questionable to start him. I lean towards other options like Jaden Reed or Deontay Johnson. Josh Downs has good volume, but his recent performances have been rough. I would start him over Elijah Moore.”

Weather Impact on Games 00:17

  • The speaker mentions the possibility of bad weather in the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns game.
  • They note that high winds above 15 mph can make the passing game difficult and could lead to more rushing attempts.
  • In such conditions, the speaker advises caution when starting questionable receiving options like Zay Jones and Elijah Moore.
  • Jerome Ford is mentioned as a potential play due to the weather conditions.

“The Jacksonville vs. Cleveland game is expected to have bad weather. High winds make passing difficult, so running backs like Jerome Ford may be a better play. It’s best to avoid starting receivers like Zay Jones and Elijah Moore in these conditions.”

Jerome Ford‘s Performance and Opportunities 31:52

  • Jerome Ford has been a productive player, despite some concerns about his recent opportunities.
  • Ford has been capable for fantasy purposes, averaging double digits in the last five games.
  • However, his opportunities seem to be decreasing, with other players like Pierre Strong getting more involved.
  • Despite these concerns, Ford is still a low-end RB2 and can be considered for starting rosters.

“He has been very capable for fantasy here, you know the last five games averaging double digits in a half-point scoring format.”

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Injury Concerns for Kareem Hunt and Amari Cooper 33:34

  • There are injury concerns for Cream Hunt, who is dealing with a groin injury and has seen a decrease in playing time.
  • Amari Cooper is in the concussion protocol, and his availability for the upcoming game is uncertain.
  • If Cooper is available, he would be a good start against the weak Jaguars’ wide receiver defense.

Amari Cooper still in protocol, if Amari Cooper is available it would seem he’s a good start against a weak Jaguars wide receiver defense.”

Risks and Upside with Elijah Moore 33:59

  • With Amari Cooper potentially out, Elijah Moore could see increased opportunities in the passing game.
  • However, there is both upside and downside with Moore, as he is still relatively unproven.
  • The matchup against the Jaguars’ defense, which has shown little interest in stopping the passing game, adds to the potential upside for Moore.

Elijah Moore with Joe Flacco without Cooper to me is a… I think there’s some real upside, real real downside as well but actual upside.”

Assessment of David Njoku 34:50

  • David Njoku did not have a standout performance last week, but he did receive six targets.
  • Despite the emergence of Harrison Bryant, there is still reason for optimism around Njoku.

David Njoku last week was not the one that ended up with the big numbers at tight end, it was Harrison Bryant, but he did have six targets. I still think there should be optimism around him.”

Evaluation of the Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints Game 36:49

  • The New Orleans Saints have been struggling, with three straight losses and multiple injuries.
  • The Panthers have shown some competitiveness and tried new strategies in their previous matchup against the Saints.
  • The uncertainties surrounding both teams, including the potential absence of key players, make this game risky.

“Carolina played more competitively, tried some new things last week, they only lost by three points to these Saints when they were at home in week two. I just don’t know, the Saints are kind of reeling.”

Considerations for Playing Chuba Hubbard 39:46

  • Chuba Hubbard has performed well in the last two weeks, ranking as RB11 and RB6.
  • The Saints’ defense has been vulnerable against the run, making Hubbard a decent option.
  • Given the limited options for the Panthers’ wide receivers, Chuba is a lock to play.

“Chuba RB11, RB6, the last two weeks with the new coaching staff. The Saints have not been good at stopping the run.”

Panthers defense and Alvin Kamara 41:00

  • The Panthers have a tough defense, ranking third against wide receivers when adjusting for points or schedule.
  • They are similar to the Texans last year, with a focus on running the ball instead of passing.
  • Alvin Kamara is still a great play despite the tough matchup because of his consistent usage and targets.

“It’s not that the defense is great, it’s that you don’t usually need to throw the ball.”

Houston vs. New York Jets 43:22

  • Houston is favored in this game with a Draft Kings sportsbook line of -3.5 on the road.
  • The weather for the game is expected to be terrible, with an 84% chance of rain and sustained winds.
  • The Jets have a strong defense that tends to limit wide receiver production, making pivoting away from Houston wideouts advisable.
  • However, running backs may still have opportunities against the Jets’ defense.

“The Jets weaken wide receiver production, but they don’t ruin running backs… What do I do? I don’t know.”

CJ Stroud and weather conditions 48:10

  • CJ Stroud‘s performance may be affected by the bad weather, making him a less favorable option.
  • Other quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Jalen Hurts, or Kirk Cousins could be better choices.
  • If you’re a favorite and don’t need a high-scoring quarterback, sticking with Stroud might be acceptable.

“If you’re a favorite with CJ Stroud, keep playing him… If you need more than the QB15 on the week, play someone with more upside.”

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Zach Wilson‘s Return and Weather Concerns 51:10

  • The return of Zach Wilson is anticipated in the upcoming game.
  • Wilson had two weeks off to center himself and is expected to have a fun and impactful game.
  • There are concerns about the weather conditions and rain during the game.
  • Despite the weather, Wilson’s performance may still be impactful due to his ability to spray the ball across the field.

“The ball is gonna be sprayed across the field just flying. He’s gonna have so much fun in that rain.”

Breece Hall‘s Performance and Potential Competition 52:11

  • Breece Hall remains a reliable option and should be started.
  • Hall has had a few disappointing performances in terms of ground efficiency, but his overall fantasy finishes have been decent.
  • Nathaniel Hackett, the coach, mentioned that competition for carries may occur in the running back room.
  • This suggests potential changes or adjustments in the usage of running backs.

“You still start Breece Hall. He has the opportunities coming his way.”

Concerns and Speculations about Austin Ekeler‘s Performance 53:16

  • Austin Ekeler has struggled in the run game recently.
  • It is believed that his ankle sprain may still be affecting his performance.
  • There are concerns that Ekeler may be hurt or experiencing a decline in his abilities.
  • It is unclear at this point what the underlying reason for his recent struggles is.

“I honestly do think it’s related to him trying to recover from the ankle sprain. He just hasn’t been good the last few weeks.”

Impact of Weather on the Rams vs. Ravens Game 53:57

  • The Rams are facing the Baltimore Ravens in a game where weather conditions are a concern.
  • The weather forecast indicates sustained winds of 25 miles per hour, gusting up to 45 mph.
  • Strong winds can make the passing game risky and potentially limit deep shots.
  • The weather may favor the home team, Baltimore, as they have one of the best defenses in football.

“You’re playing Kyren with tempered expectations, Puka with a prayer, and Cooper Cup. I would rather pivot off … Cooper.”

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Joe Mixon versus the Indianapolis Colts 01:00:21

  • Joe Mixon has a secure role as a running back, with a high percentage of rushing attempts and running back targets.
  • The Colts defense has allowed a high number of rushing touchdowns and rushing yards per game.

“Joe Mixing is a great play this week.”

De’Von Achane against Tennessee 01:00:50

  • Devon H&M is expected to have a good performance as he has a significant role in the offense.
  • Tennessee’s defense has been inconsistent against running backs.

“I love H&M this week.”

AJ Dillon against the New York Giants 01:01:43

  • AJ Dillon has been performing well as a running back, ranking within the top 24 in the past three weeks.
  • The Giants defense has been vulnerable against running backs, allowing high fantasy points.

AJ Dillon is a safe running back option this week.”

Brandin Cooks against the Philadelphia Eagles 01:02:44

  • Brandon Cooks has been consistent as a fantasy wide receiver, ranking within the top 24 in five out of seven games.
  • The Eagles defense has struggled against quarterbacks, indicating a favorable matchup for Cooks.

“Brandon Cooks is a great play this week.”

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Garrett Wilson against Houston 01:04:02

  • Garrett Wilson has been targeted frequently when on the field, although the ceiling for his performance may not be very high.
  • Houston’s defense has been giving up fantasy points to opposing passing games.

Garrett Wilson can go back into your lineup.”

Courtland Sutton against the Los Angeles Chargers 01:04:32

  • Cortland Sutton has been scoring touchdowns consistently and relies on explosive plays.
  • The Chargers defense is susceptible to explosive pass plays.

“Cortland Sutton is a touchdown machine in a favorable matchup.”

Cole Kmet against the Detroit Lions 01:05:02

  • Cole Comet has been performing well as a tight end, ranking as the tight end six on the year.
  • The Lions defense has been struggling over the last month, allowing high points per game.

“Cole Comet seems like a decent play this week.”

Dalton Schultz/Brevin Jordan/Isaiah likely 01:06:04

  • Brevin Schultz or Dalton Jordan (if active) or Isaiah likely (if looking for a waiver wire pickup) are all potential start options.
  • The Rams defense has been vulnerable against tight ends, allowing significant yards or touchdowns to every tight end over the last nine games.

“I am targeting the tight end position with Schultz/Jordan/Likely as my start of the week.”

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