Starts of the Week + Week 13 Breakdown, Mike’s Gripes!

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Set your lineups for Week 13! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Week 13 matchup previews and Starts of the Week! Plus, injury updates and the Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 30th, 2023.

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Injury updates and practice statuses 07:33

  • Being limited is a good sign because it means the player is progressing in the concussion protocol.
  • Players who are practicing but not out of the protocol have a chance to start that week.
  • Examples of players’ practice statuses: Douglas didn’t play, Olave was limited, Rashid Shahid didn’t practice.

“Being limited is a really good sign because you want basically the way that the concussion protocol works is there’s a progression that has to happen.”

Discussion of Start/Sit Decisions 15:35

  • The hosts discuss whether to start or sit certain players in fantasy football.
  • They mention that Henry has two good options for the year.
  • There are other good options aside from Gooses/Henry.
  • They consider playing Everett.
  • Would Everett be a good start with a bad matchup?
  • They discuss Joann Johnson as a widely available and good start.
  • Confidence levels in Austin Echler are low due to injuries and lack of talent outside of Kenan Allen.

“I mean, I think I would lean towards Henry, but I do believe that there are better options out there.”

Analysis of the Chargers vs. Patriots Game 16:05

  • The hosts discuss the Chargers’ chances in their upcoming game against the Patriots.
  • They mention that the Chargers are depleted emotionally and injury-wise.
  • The Chargers’ defense is described as horrendous.
  • They discuss the Chargers’ recent poor performance in close games and hitting the over.
  • Confidence in Austin Echler’s fantasy production is low due to his efficiency levels and lack of points.

“They’re depleted emotionally. They’re depleted injury-wise. They’re going on the road. I mean, their defense is horrendous.”

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Evaluation of Tight End Options 18:00

  • The hosts evaluate the tight end position for the Chargers.
  • Despite the Chargers’ weak defense against tight ends, Hunter Henry‘s recent performance has been disappointing.
  • Devonte Parker has been more involved in the offense.

“No, I just picked Bailey Zappi in an almost upset.”

Discussion of Quarterback Start/Sit 18:40

  • The hosts discuss whether to start Justin Herbert or Russell Wilson.
  • Herbert has had a mix of good and bad performances recently.
  • Herbert’s rushing ability adds value to his fantasy production.
  • They ultimately advise sticking with Herbert.

“I’m going to stick with the Brock Purdy against Philadelphia.”

Assessment of Weather Conditions 19:51

  • The hosts discuss the potential impact of rain on fantasy production.
  • Most games have a 30% chance of rain but not severe weather conditions.
  • Rain itself doesn’t significantly affect passing games unless accompanied by strong winds.

“So this isn’t crazy, awful, terrible weather. Most of these games are 10-mile-an-hour winds.”

Preview of the Lions vs. Saints Game 21:11

  • The hosts preview the upcoming game between the Lions and Saints.
  • The Lions are favored even though their passing defense has been poor.
  • The Saints are facing challenges with injured pass catchers.
  • Tight ends are highlighted as potential fantasy options on the Saints’ side.

“If you’re going into this game and it’s Derek Carr, his primary wide receivers are A.T. Perry and Lynn Bowden.”

Analysis of the Saints’ Offensive Woes 22:57

  • The hosts discuss the struggles of the Saints’ offense.
  • The Saints have been relying heavily on Alvin Kamara, but their overall scoring has been low.
  • The tight ends are considered primary receiving options for the Saints.

“We’ve seen games where Alvin Kamara is the primary receiving weapon and he gets a whole bunch of fantasy points.”

Michael Thomas and Olave injuries 23:12

  • Michael Thomas and Olave are both injured.
  • Olave went out with an injury.
  • There’s no update on when they will be back.

“They don’t have Michael Thomas and Olave went out injured.”

Juwan Johnson‘s role and potential 23:31

  • Joann Johnson ran the most routes of the team’s pass catchers.
  • He was a reliable weapon for the team last year, but he has been injured for most of this year.
  • Beat reporters were high on Joann Johnson heading into the season.

“Joann Johnson, he will be featured later, but he ran the most routes of pass catchers for the team.” “The beat reporters were very high on Joann Johnson.”

Foster Moreau‘s impact on Joann Johnson 24:02

  • Foster Moreau‘s addition to the team affected Joann Johnson’s role and fantasy outlook.
  • Moreau didn’t start the year with much attention and didn’t have a lot of production despite playing many snaps.
  • Joann Johnson could be a good start option this week.

“I think it was on Nick Underhill was, you know, asking for fantasy and he, his kind of comment was, I would be looking at drafting Joann Johnson.” “They added Foster Moreau and he didn’t start the year with any attention.”

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Sneaky plays on the New Orleans side 24:46

  • There aren’t many sneaky plays on the New Orleans side in terms of wide receivers.
  • Lin Bowden and AT Perry could be worth considering in DFS due to their potential playing time and low cost.
  • Looking for a diamond in the rough at wide receiver may not be necessary for this matchup.

“Not for, I mean, if you’re playing DFS where you can find a crazy value, Lin Bowden, AT Perry guys that just are going to necessarily have to be on the field and don’t cost anything, sure.” “I’m not looking at, I’m not trying to find a diamond in the rough here at wide receiver.”

Jared Goff‘s recent struggles 25:29

  • Jared Goff‘s performance has declined in the past couple of weeks.
  • He went from being one of the better quarterbacks in the league to struggling and making mistakes.
  • The Saints defense has not been strong recently, which could benefit Goff and the Detroit offensive line.

“The last two weeks, it looks like he just, he got like men in black brainwipes and doesn’t know what he’s doing out there.” “The Saints defense has not been very good over the last handful of weeks.”

David Montgomery and Jameer Gibbs as great starts 26:41

  • David Montgomery and Jameer Gibbs are both recommended as great starts for this week.
  • The Saints defense has been particularly weak against the run.
  • Both Montgomery and Gibbs should be started if you have both players.

“Both David Montgomery, Jameer Gibbs are great starts.” “The Saints defense has not been very good over the last handful of weeks.”

La Porta’s favorable matchup 27:10

  • La Porta should have a very nice week as the Saints have struggled against tight ends.
  • Over the season, the Saints have been bad when adjusting for schedule.
  • La Porta should be a strong play this week.

“La Porta should have a very nice week.” “The Saints have been bad when you adjust for schedule.”

Jameson Williams‘ lack of targets 27:30

  • Jameson Williams has not been getting many targets despite being on the field for 50% of the team’s snaps.
  • His lack of involvement and high drop rate have hurt his fantasy value.
  • It may be worth looking for other options instead of relying on Williams.

“He’s not worth it, I’d be trying to find somebody else.” “That’s not great news for Jameson Williams long term value.”

Atlanta Falcons offensive struggles 28:44

  • There is little confidence in the Atlanta offensive weapons for this matchup against the New York Jets.
  • The Jets have performed well against the pass, but have struggled against the run.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson appears to be the best play from the Atlanta side.

“I have zero confidence in Atlanta offensive weapons going into New York outside of Bija.” “The Jets have not been good against the run.”

Bijan Robinson‘s potential against the Jets 28:57

  • Bija has a favorable matchup against the Jets who have struggled against the run.
  • Tyler Algier could also see increased work if the Falcons take a big lead.
  • Bija is considered a very good play this week.

“Bija does appear to be a very good play this week.” “You could see a situation where Tyler Algier gets a surprising amount of work.”

Uncertainty surrounding the Atlanta vs. Jets game 29:42

  • There is uncertainty about the outcome of the game.
  • The Jets have a chance to win, but the Falcons are favored.
  • Tim Boyle‘s inconsistent play adds to the unpredictability.

“I’m predicting a 10-10 tie.” “I will still take the Falcons to win.” “I think the Jets will win the game.”

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Breece Hall‘s hamstring injury 30:06

  • Breece Hall is limited in practice due to a hamstring injury.
  • The extent of his injury and his availability for the upcoming game is unclear.

Breece Hall was limited to due to a hamstring.” “Oh, I had not seen that.”

Discussion on Breece Hall‘s Performance 30:12

  • Breece Hall‘s recent performances on the ground have been subpar.
  • Over the last few weeks, he has struggled to break 30 yards rushing.
  • Despite his poor rushing performance, Hall remains relevant due to his involvement in the passing game.
  • His target pace over the last five weeks has been impressive, with 105 targets and 85 receptions.

Breece Hall has been awful on the ground, with three consecutive weeks without breaking 30 yards rushing.”

Evaluating Breece Hall‘s Fantasy Value 32:18

  • Jaylen Warren is preferred over Breece Hall for the upcoming week’s matchup against Arizona.
  • Moss and Naji are also preferred options over Hall.
  • However, Hall’s involvement in the passing game makes him a viable fantasy option.

“I would play Jaylen Warren, Moss, and Naji over Breece Hall, but Hall’s involvement in the passing game makes him a viable option.”

Coach Robert Saleh’s Remarks on Breece Hall 31:24

  • Robert Sala referred to Breece Hall as a special talent but criticized his ability to gain “grimy yards.”
  • This critique raised concerns about Hall’s performance and the coach’s confidence in him.

“Coach Sala’s remarks about Breece Hall‘s mistakes on the field were not a great look for him.”

Speculation on Aaron Rodgers‘ Return 33:52

  • Aaron Rodgers‘ 21-day window to return has opened.
  • There is significant speculation and discussion around his potential comeback.
  • An article suggested that one motivation for Rodgers to return could be to save the jobs of his head coach and general manager.
  • However, Rodgers emphasized that his health and clearance from medical professionals are primary factors in his decision.

“There’s still uncertainty whether Aaron Rodgers will return to the field this year, but if he does, it could have a significant impact in fantasy football.”

Fantasy Implications of Garrett Wilson‘s Potential Usage 35:37

  • Garrett Wilson has the potential to make an impact in fantasy if Aaron Rodgers returns.
  • With Rodgers as the quarterback, Wilson could become a highly targeted player with a higher fantasy ceiling.
  • Wilson’s matchup against the Atlanta Falcons presents an opportunity for a solid fantasy performance.

Garrett Wilson, if utilized by Aaron Rodgers, could be a valuable fantasy asset, especially with a favorable matchup against the Falcons.”

Tyler Conklin as an emergency pivot option 37:03

  • Conklin is seen as an emergency pivot option.
  • He had five targets with Boyle last week, which adds to his value.

Tyler Conklin is a emergency pivot option to me. He had five targets with Boyle last week.”

Kyle Pitts‘ performance in the listener league 37:16

  • Kyle Pitts is available on the waiver wire in the listener league.
  • Despite his performance, Pitts is sitting at the top of the listener league.
  • His current pace for the season is 57 receptions for 681 yards and one touchdown.
  • However, over the last six weeks, he has not scored any touchdowns.
  • Pitts has not looked like himself since his injury.

“But Kyle Pitts hit waiver wire in the listener league. Like he’s just sitting at the top of the listener league because he is useless. Kyle Pitts is current pace 57 for 681 and one. His pace over the last six weeks is about, I mean no touchdowns. That’s the problem. Disaster.”

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Concerns about Kyle Pitts 37:44

  • Pitts has not shown any flashes of special talent since his injury.
  • It is believed that his lackluster performance is primarily due to poor quarterback play and the offensive scheme.
  • He has not been given many easy opportunities to succeed.
  • Despite his struggles, Pitts is still young and has potential if he can get healthy.

“The truth is he doesn’t look himself. He hasn’t once this year. Ever since that injury… It seems like a combination of bad quarterback play. He doesn’t look himself and the scheme. They just don’t give him anything easy.”

Questioning starting James Conner against the Steelers 40:11

  • James Conner is expected to play this week.
  • The game between the Cardinals and the Steelers is projected to be close.
  • Conner is playing against his former team, which could provide additional motivation.
  • However, there is little confidence in Conner’s performance.

“Do I have any confidence? I do not. My confidence is not high. I would still play him over Sharpenay. He’s great around the goal line should the Cardinals find themselves there.”

Kyler Murray‘s performance and potential start alternatives 41:31

  • Kyler Murray has been struggling and looks off in recent games.
  • The Steelers have a strong defense and have not given up many points to quarterbacks.
  • However, Murray has been able to produce fantasy points despite his poor performance.
  • It is a tough decision to start Murray over other options like Justin Herbert or Russell Wilson.

“It’s tough because Kyler has looked bad… I believe that this is the highest percentage chance of rain on the week at 60% chance of rain… and yet [Murray] got over 20 fantasy points.”

Evaluation of Kenny Pickett as a fantasy option 42:51

  • Kenny Pickett has not performed well this season, with single-digit fantasy points in five of his 11 games.
  • The Steelers’ offense has been winning games, but Pickett’s fantasy output has been low.
  • He is not a favorable option for fantasy teams.

Kenny Pickett has never had 20 fantasy points this entire year. Kenny Pickett has been single digits in five of his 11 games. So not a great option.”

Assessing the wide receivers in the Cardinals-Steelers matchup 43:21

  • Both Deontay Johnson and George Pickens are risky options and can be nerve-wracking to start.
  • The Cardinals’ defense can be exploited through the running game, which impacts the wide receivers’ opportunities.
  • However, Pat Freiermuth has shown promise as a target in the new offensive system.

“Deontay Johnson, George Pickens. I mean, both of them are very nerve-wracking starts on a weekly basis. They are… He had an insane 47.8% target per route run.”

Considering Hollywood Brown as a start option 44:12

  • Hollywood Brown had a solid performance last week with six receptions for 88 yards on 12 targets.
  • He is a viable option to start in this week’s matchup.

“Hollywood Brown, six for 88 last week on 12 targets. I do think that he’s in play this week.”

Hollywood vs. Diontae Johnson and Pickens 44:17

  • The hosts would not play Hollywood over Deontay and Pickens.
  • Hollywood has been discussed as a player who beats man coverage frequently.
  • Pittsburgh is currently running the sixth highest rate of man coverage in the league.
  • Hollywood had 12 targets last week and has shown talent.

“I would not play Hollywood over Deontay and Pickens.”

Trey McBride and Arizona Offense 44:43

  • Trey McBride is dealing with a groin injury.
  • Over the last month, he has received more first-read targets than Kelsey in the Kansas City offense.
  • However, his recent performances have not been exceptional.
  • Seven for 60 yards is good for a tight end, but he has only scored once this season.

“Here’s a staff for Trey McBride who we know is dealing with a groin injury. But over the last month, he’s received more first read targets in the Arizona offense than Kelsey has received in the Kansas City offense.”

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Starting Trey McBride over Middling Options 45:17

  • The hosts suggest starting Trey McBride over the other middling options discussed.
  • Although the Cardinals’ offense has looked bad and there are concerns about McBride’s groin injury, if he practices and appears healthy, they are comfortable starting him.
  • The hosts would go with Nijoku as an alternative.

“Seeing that he practices this week and looks like he’s full go, I’m going to start him over all of the middling options we’ve discussed. I think I would go Nijoku there.”

Washington’s Weakness against the Pass 51:20

  • Washington is ranked last in passing yards allowed and passing touchdowns allowed, even when adjusted for their schedule.
  • This makes them a favorable matchup for opposing quarterbacks.

“Washington is dead last in passing yards allowed and passing touchdowns, even when adjusted for their schedule.”

Brock Purdy as a Solid Start 51:38

  • Brock Purdy, the quarterback for San Francisco, is a great start for Week 13.
  • He leads the NFL in yards per attempt, and he will be facing Philadelphia, a team that allows a high percentage of passes against them.
  • The Eagles have the highest rate of opponents throwing the ball in NFL history through 12 weeks, and they are on pace to allow a significant number of passing yards and touchdowns.
  • This sets up a perfect matchup for Purdy.

“This week is Brock Purdy going to Philadelphia…He leads the NFL in yards per attempt and the matchup against Philly for San Fran…They’re going to have to throw the ball so much…So Brock Purdy is in a perfect matchup against Philly.”

Russell Wilson‘s Favorable Matchup 52:31

  • Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is another strong start for Week 13.
  • He is back to his old self, leading all quarterbacks in touchdown rate and having the lowest interception rate in the NFL.
  • Wilson will be facing the Houston Texans, a team that ranks 29th in schedule-adjusted points allowed to quarterbacks.
  • The Texans have also been struggling defensively, allowing points against the quarterback position.
  • Overall, Wilson is primed to have a productive game.

“I’m going to go with Russell Wilson against Houston…Russ is back to old Russ…He’s got the lowest interception rate in the NFL…They are bleeding points to the quarterback…I like Russ this week.”

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Zack Moss as a Strong Running Back Start 54:22

  • Zach Moss is a top start at the running back position for Week 13.
  • He is expected to receive the majority of carries for the Buffalo Bills.
  • The matchup against the Tennessee Titans is favorable, as they have allowed 16 rushing touchdowns and 140 rushing yards per game.
  • Moss is also involved in the passing game, making him a versatile weapon for fantasy owners.

“My running back start of the week, Zach Moss…He is a centerpiece of this offense…Zach Moss is a league winner…The matchup is perfect…Tennessee is usually good against the run, but Zach Moss is involved in the passing game.”

Adam Thielen Bounce Back 55:32

  • Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings is a strong start at the wide receiver position for Week 13.
  • Despite a disappointing performance last week, his target volume and track record make him a reliable option.
  • The Vikings will be facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who rank poorly in expected points per pass attempt and points allowed to wide receivers.
  • Thielen’s previous success and the favorable matchup set the stage for a strong bounce-back performance.

“It’s Adam Thielen…I expect that they will get back to Adam Thielen…the matchup, the Bucs ranked 27th…I am taking the three target one reception game…he was averaging over 10 targets a game.”

Brandon Aiyuk‘s Promising Matchup 56:21

  • Brandon Aiyuk of the San Francisco 49ers is an excellent start at the wide receiver position for Week 13.
  • The matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles is favorable, as they rank 31st in schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed to wide receivers.
  • Aiyuk has been involved in the offense and has consistently put up solid numbers.
  • The similarities between the Eagles and Tampa Bay’s defense, against whom Aiyuk excelled, further support his potential for a strong performance.

“I want Brandon Aiyuk against Philadelphia…The matchup is perfect…Here are the wide receivers averaging 85 receiving yards and 40% of their teams’ air yards…He’s an elite player…I think Brandon Aiyuk with my party stack will be great against Philly this week.”

Josh Downs as a Valuable Option 57:39

  • Josh Downs is a valuable option at the wide receiver position for Week 13.
  • He had a significant target volume of 13 in the previous week, indicating the trust of his team.
  • The Carolina Panthers play at a fast pace and rely on a consolidated group of wide receivers, with Downs being a primary target alongside Michael Pittman.
  • Furthermore, the Tennessee Titans have a weak pass defense, making Downs an appealing choice, especially in PPR leagues.

“I’m going Josh Downs against Tennessee…Let’s not ignore 13 targets last week…They play fast…They throw the ball to the consolidated a couple of wide receivers…I love Josh Downs this week.”

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Tight End Start: Irv Smith Jr. 57:51

  • Irv Smith Jr. of the Minnesota Vikings is a strong start at the tight end position for Week 13.
  • He had a breakout season last year, finishing as the tight end 11 with seven touchdowns.
  • The matchup against the Detroit Lions is favorable, presenting a good opportunity for Smith to deliver another productive performance.

“I’m going with Irv Smith Jr…I loved him last year…he had the seven touchdowns…We kind of ran over everything.”

Targets, Injuries, and Start of the Week 58:02

  • The targets for the Detroit team have been running the most routes since week eight.
  • Detroit has allowed an average of almost 27 points per game since week eight, which ranks them 30th in the NFL during that time.
  • With all the injuries for the Saints, Joanne should be in line for another big target share.
  • Mike’s tight end start of the week is Evan Ingram versus Cincinnati on Monday night football.

“The targets, they keep piling up just no touchdowns yet for good old schmevin.” “Cincinnati runs zone a very nice 69% of the time and they are dead last and schedule adjusted fantasy points to tight ends.” “So Evan Ingram is going to be a must start this week.” “I think Evan Ingram is a great start this week.”

Evan Engram Performance 58:25

  • Evan Ingram is currently fourth in targets per game with 7.2.
  • He leads the Jaguars in targets and receptions versus zone coverage.

“I love those matchups and Evan Ingram is talented and they’re, you know, the, a lot of times when these teams themselves are bringing up how long it’s been since the players got in a touchdown, they try to force that issue.”

The Value of Evan Engram 59:02

  • The hosts believe Evan Ingram is a must-start this week.
  • They predict that Evan Ingram will have a great performance.
  • Jason suggests starting Evan Ingram over Pat Fryermuth.

“I would start Evan Ingram over Pat Fryermuth.” “That is my opponent’s matchup. He has to make that decision. He could do whatever he wants.”

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Start of the Week: David Njoku 59:54

  • David Najoku is Mike’s start of the week at the tight end position.
  • Mike traded for Najoku specifically for this matchup.
  • The Rams are dead last against the tight end over the last eight weeks.
  • Najoku has been heavily involved and has been the most reliable pass catcher.
  • The quarterback situation (DTR or Flacco) does not affect Mike’s confidence in Najoku.
  • Najoku’s targets have been impressive.

“David Najoku’s targets are out of this world.” “I think this week is going to be great.”


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