Starts of the Week + TRADE BETRAYAL, Week 11 Breakdown

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Trade drama on today’s fantasy football podcast! Week 11 matchups, Starts of the Week, and brotherly betrayal! Plus, injury updates and the Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 16th, 2023.

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Tale of Brotherly Betrayal 01:59

  • The narrator declined a trade offer from Jason to trade Austin Ekeler for Saquon Barkley and a couple of second-round draft picks.
  • The narrator and their co-manager analyzed the league’s matchups and believed they could win the championship.
  • However, the narrator tried to make another trade, this time with Papa Josh, to acquire Jamar Chase for their team.
  • They coordinated a three-team trade involving themselves, Papa Josh, and Al Borland that satisfied everyone’s desires.
  • The narrator was deeply upset when the trade went through without their involvement, feeling deceived and betrayed.

“What happened yesterday in our league was on the Mount Rushmore of the worst things that I have ever experienced as a manager from an ethics, integrity… throughout all the important words that people want to have as a human being.”

Papa Josh’s Initial Offer 05:18

  • Papa Josh asked the narrator if they would consider trading Jonathan Taylor for Saquon Barkley and a couple of second-round draft picks, a similar offer to the one declined earlier.
  • The narrator declined the offer, mentioning that Taylor was on a bye week.
  • Papa Josh then asked about trading Jamar Chase.

Coordinating a Three-Team Trade 05:45

  • The narrator worked with Papa Josh and Al Borland to create a trade that met everyone’s needs.
  • They included Justin Fields and DJ Moore in the deal for Papa Josh.
  • Al Borland provided the stack that Papa Josh desired by including Amari Cooper.
  • The narrator believed it was a brilliant plan and kept it a secret for an hour.

“Never had a three-team trade go through in our league. So it took a considerable amount of thought and time.”

Betrayal and Unhappiness 07:28

  • The trade ultimately went through, but the narrator was shocked to discover that it was the exact same trade they had orchestrated, but without their involvement.
  • The narrator felt that Al Borland could have shown integrity and informed them about the change of plans.
  • The narrator was furious and felt deeply betrayed by both Al Borland and Papa Josh.

“I have been very vocal from the moment it happened. It is fine to decline my trade. What happened was neither person’s fault except my own because I hold Al very responsible.”

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Trade Betrayal 08:41

  • Mike made a trade a long time ago, but it was considered bad form.
  • The process was wrong, but the outcome made sense.

“Yeah, bush league bad form. The outcome makes sense.”

The Deal 08:59

  • Josh didn’t want to trade Jamar Chase to Mike.
  • They didn’t communicate with Mike about excluding him from the deal.
  • Mike puts the blame 80-20 on Josh for the trade betrayal.

“Yeah, exactly. And in the end, I’m like, okay, that’s fair game. The only thing that was really upsetting about it is that they didn’t come to you and say, hey, we’re not in on this. But we’re going to take, they should have just been men of honor and say, hey, we’re going to do this deal without you. That would be a man of dishonor. That would be Papa Josh.”

Jeremy’s Role 09:32

  • Jeremy was a third party who accepted whatever trade came his way.
  • He sent the new trade through and absolves himself of blame.

“Because Jeremy was the third party here just accepting whatever trade came his way. He wasn’t the negotiator. He did send it.”

Support from Others 11:11

  • Three other managers from different teams reached out to Mike and apologized for the trade betrayal.
  • They acknowledged that the league shouldn’t operate like that.

“I had three other managers from other teams in the league that found out what happened. And they all messaged me separately. And they said they were so sorry for what happened. And that this league shouldn’t be like that.”

Fantasy Football Updates 11:25

“Practice updates that mattered. Amy and Pierce didn’t practice again on Wednesday… Robert Woods, Noah Brown, didn’t practice. OK. Nico’s back. Nico Collins back at practice.”

Justin Fields‘ Return 12:32

  • Justin Fields will start on Sunday after recovering from a thumb injury.
  • There is some uncertainty about his performance against the Lions.

Justin Fields will start on Sunday. The injury was a thumb. He’s been working on grip strength, getting back out there. It means they bump up for DJ Moore. It means if Justin Fields is healthy, it is the Lions. That is potentially a challenging matchup.”

Introduction and Matchup Preview 15:42

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers at 6-3 take on the 6-3 Cleveland Browns.
  • The Browns are favored with a line of Cleveland minus one.
  • The over-under is 33 points, which is considered very low.
  • There are several notable players involved in this game.
  • The Browns defense is currently the best in football.

“The Pittsburgh Steelers at 6-3 take on the 6-3 Cleveland Browns, the Drafting Sportsbook line Cleveland minus one, the over-under is… That’s not a lot of points.” – 16:02

Fantasy Outlook for the Game 16:51

  • There are multiple players who have been started frequently in fantasy football that will be playing in this game.
  • Players like Najee Harris, Jalen Warren, Deontay Johnson, Jerome Ford, Karim Hunt, Omari Cooper, George Pickens, and David N’Joku.
  • The Browns defense being the best in football makes this a tough matchup for the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ players.
  • However, there is a chance for De’Andre Johnson to exploit matchups against the Browns defense.
  • It’s important to monitor De’Andre Johnson‘s thumb injury, as he did not practice on Wednesday.

“Like, this is not a good matchup for the Pittsburgh Steelers… But over Cooper, I’m saying. Yeah, I would go De’Andre Johnson, Mari Cooper, then George Pickens.” – 17:51

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Impact of Browns’ Defense 18:46

  • The Cleveland Browns‘ defense has been very formidable this season.
  • In a previous matchup against Dorian Thompson Robinson, the Browns’ defense was very effective due to turnovers.
  • Despite the Browns’ defense being good against all positions, De’Andre Johnson has the ability to exploit matchups.
  • Jerome Ford, on the other hand, could benefit if the Steelers flip the field on Kenny Pickett.

“This Cleveland defense has been very formidable… So, I’m still De’Andre Johnson over George Pickens.” – 18:24

Clarification on Jaylen Warren‘s Status 19:05

  • There was a misconception that Jaylen Warren has been named the starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Mike Tomlin’s statement was about rewarding Warren’s play with the honor of being introduced as the starter.
  • Warren is involved, but he is not the starter.

“That got overblown from a headline, not listening to what Mike Tomlin was actually saying… That is not the truth.” – 19:54

Split Backfield and Defensive Matchup 20:09

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers‘ backfield is currently a split between Naji Harris and Jaylen Warren.
  • The Cleveland Browns have the number four ranked defense against the run.
  • Considering the Browns give up an average of 14 points on the ground, it’s not an ideal matchup for either running back.

“The Browns give up 14 points on the ground… I bench both.” – 20:11

The Bears vs. Lions Game 20:35

  • The Chicago Bears (3-7) will face the Detroit Lions (7-2).
  • The Lions are favored with a line of Detroit minus seven and a half.
  • The Overunder is set at 48 points.
  • The expectation of Justin Fields starting for the Bears has affected the spread.

“The Bears, three and seven. The Lions are seven and two… You know, it started as a double digit favorite for the Lions.” – 20:56

Fields’ Impact and Bears’ Defense 21:13

  • Justin Fields‘ presence in the game is seen as positive for both teams.
  • The Bears’ defense has improved against the run in recent weeks, limiting opponents’ rushing production.
  • However, they are more susceptible through the air, which could impact the matchup.

“Fields being active in this game is just good for all parties… They do give it up a little bit more through the air.” – 21:24

Utilization and Goal Line Opportunities for Running Backs 22:21

  • Gibbs and Montgomery both have favorable factors for starting.
  • Gibbs has been more involved and had goal line opportunities.
  • Montgomery waved off a goal line opportunity to give it to Gibbs.

“I think his utilization, the fact that he had multiple goal line opportunities last week, and he catches the ball. He’s more and more involved.”

Jameson Williams‘ Increased Role 23:32

  • Jameson Williams may have more opportunity in the offense.
  • Head coach Dan Campbell recognizes his improvement.
  • Williams’ blocking efforts have earned him more chances.

“He feels like he’s one of the guys now. The more that he earns his stripes here, the more opportunities he gets.”

Running Back Situation in Chicago 24:31

  • Khalil Herbert is still on injured reserve and uncertain to play.
  • Deontaforman is limited with an ankle injury.
  • Roshan is a complementary back with no change in role.

“If Khalil Herbert and Roshan Johnson are both gone, I’m not playing Deontaforman.”

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DJ Moore‘s Performance and Outlook 25:02

  • DJ Moore had a breakout game with Justin Fields at quarterback.
  • In the past few weeks with Tyson Bajant at QB, Moore’s production has been limited.
  • Overall, Moore is viewed as a top 15 wide receiver for the rest of the season.

“Those are two Justin Fields games… I view him as a top 15 wide receiver rest of season.”

Cole Kmet‘s Performance and Potential 26:15

  • Cole Comet has been performing well recently.
  • Despite the uncertain quarterback situation, he remains a viable starter.

“What Cole has done, he’s shown that he’s a dude out there. And so I think you can still start Cole Comet in this matchup.”

Justin Herbert‘s Fantasy Performance and Matchup 27:14

  • Justin Herbert has been a top fantasy quarterback this season.
  • The matchup against the Packers at Lambeau Field may limit his numbers.
  • However, he is still a must-start option.

“I wouldn’t expect top five this week from Herbert. But I also wouldn’t expect anyone to bench him.”

Reminder for Fantasy Managers 28:35

  • There are four weeks left in the regular season.
  • Making trades should be considered carefully based on playoff chances.
  • Be cautious about making future-focused moves if still fighting for a playoff spot.

“I want to just comment briefly on the fact that just a reminder, like you’re not in the playoffs right now… I want people to be careful.”

Players and playoff schedules 29:19

  • Some players have great playoff schedules but don’t have the best schedule for the next four weeks.
  • Contextualizing the playoff schedule is important.

“And there are some players that have great playoff schedules that don’t have the best schedule for the next four weeks.”

Making strategic decisions 29:36

  • It’s not necessary to do everything you can to make the playoffs if it means sacrificing other valuable assets.
  • Making strategic decisions is crucial to ensure a successful outcome.

“You don’t need to do everything you can, no matter what. And then not end up there.”

Trade proposition 29:41

  • A trade proposition was discussed between two individuals.
  • The offer was declined initially, but the possibility of revisiting the trade was mentioned.
  • The deadline for the trade is before the games end on Monday.

“If I don’t end up in the playoffs, I’m gonna be so mad. I didn’t take your deal… You said if Sunday comes around and we’ve lost, we’re probably gonna come back to you. Yeah, I’ll take that deal if you still got the picks.”

Player lineup decisions 30:21

  • Choosing between quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Justin Herbert is discussed.
  • Both have favorable matchups, but Kyler is preferred.

“The Herbert question, I mean, I guess people could have Kyler, Kyler against Houston or Herbert on the road against the Packers. I would play Kyler. I lean that direction too.”

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Chargers’ wide receivers 30:53

  • It is not recommended to start wide receivers other than Keenan Allen from the Chargers.
  • Jalen Guyton and Quentin Johnson have the potential for a good game, but it’s not guaranteed.

“I don’t really wanna mess around with non-Keenan Allen wide receivers. Jalen Guyton, Quentin Johnson, could either of them have a good game this week? Of course. Could neither of them? Probably.”

Uncertainty with Packers’ players 31:01

  • It is difficult to determine which players from the Packers should be started.
  • Due to uncertainty, it is advised not to start Packers’ wide receivers in draft leagues.
  • Aaron Jones is the only recommended Packers player.

“What on earth do we do with Packers? I mean, there’s a world where you don’t wanna play any of them… My answer is Aaron Jones. Minus Aaron Jones, yeah.”

“Otherwise, I’m pretty much out on all Packers.”

Rumor about Bill Belichick 32:03

“The Belichick rumor? Oh, the Manders want to trade for Belichick? That’s what I’ve heard. No, no, no. I heard he’s leaving after the year. He’s going to be the head coach and general manager of another franchise. And there’s some rumors that that’s already decided where he’s going.”

Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders matchup 33:17

  • The Dolphins are favored to win against the Raiders by 13.5 points.
  • The Raiders’ recent performance under a new head coach has shown promise, but doubts remain regarding their competitiveness.

“The Raiders are at least playing with new life… the Raiders have looked really bad… the Dolphins can’t get over the hump against good teams and they destroy everyone else.”

“I think they’re gonna roll.”

Dolphins’ defense against the run 35:27

  • The Dolphins have been successful at shutting down the run in their past six games.
  • This could pose challenges for the Raiders and their reliance on running back Josh Jacobs.

“Over the last six weeks, the Dolphins have really shut down the run. They’re top three over the last six weeks in total fantasy points, the running backs.”

“So it’s not going to be a real realistic thing… And over the last six weeks, the Dolphins have really shut down the run.”

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Implications of the Dolphins’ high team total 35:34

  • The Dolphins have an implied team total of 30 points, indicating a favorable matchup.
  • This suggests that it would be wise to start as many players in the game as possible.
  • Potential players to consider starting are Mostert, Tyreek, and Jalen Waddle.

“And the implied team total for the Dolphins is 30 points. That is a number where you want to get as many players in the game as possible.”

Confidence in starting DeVonta Smith 35:53

  • The speaker is confident in starting DeVonta Smith and believes he shouldn’t be benched.
  • Their belief is based on DeVonta Smith‘s potential impact in a matchup against the Raiders, who can be vulnerable on the ground.
  • They express the importance of not missing out on what DeVonta Smith can achieve.

“I’m starting DeVonta Smith. I don’t want to miss out on what he can do in a matchup like this against the Raiders who can get gashed on the ground.”

Risk assessment with DeVonta Freeman 36:44

  • The speaker acknowledges that starting DeVonta Freeman carries some risk.
  • They mention the possibility of Freeman having a low-scoring game or displaying limited opportunities.
  • However, they express their preference for starting Freeman over other options, such as Devin Singletary.

“I will still start DeVonta Freeman there. No risk, no biscuit. I want those points.”

Analysis of Davante Adams‘ recent performance 37:27

  • Davonta Adams had a solid game against the Jets, despite his team only scoring 16 points.
  • He had 13 targets in that game and achieved 6 receptions for 86 yards.
  • This suggests signs of improvement and potential for future success.

“He had a good game against the Jets for a team that scored 16 points. He was six for 86. Some signs of life there, I think.”

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The Giants’ offensive struggles 40:00

  • The Giants’ offense is struggling, making them a team to avoid watching.
  • The Giants’ offensive possessions have been disappointing recently.
  • The speaker humorously suggests that their offensive plays should be skipped and instead only the commander’s offensive plays should be watched.

“I don’t want to cast my eyes upon thy television set. No, you, this should be tape delayed for sure. If I didn’t have to watch the Giants game, the commanders game, just the commanders on offense.”

Saquon Barkley‘s situation and potential improvement 40:33

  • Saquon Barkley‘s performance has been affected by the Giants’ poor offense.
  • The upcoming return of Tyrod Taylor may bring improvements to the Giants’ offense, benefiting players like Barkley and Kadarius Toney.
  • However, the Giants’ playoff schedule remains challenging, and the team’s overall performance has been severely lacking.

“So things could get better for Saquon. I know we worried a lot about the playoff schedule for Saquon. It’s as bad as it gets.”

Assessment of Saquon Barkley‘s fantasy value 41:42

  • Despite the challenges faced by the Giants’ offense, Saquon Barkley remains a viable fantasy starter.
  • His volume of opportunities, averaging 24 per game, compensates for potential inefficiency.
  • Even with his inefficient performances, Barkley can still accumulate fantasy points.

“Even if they’re inefficient, that will add up to fantasy points.”

Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans 48:27

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars have a record of six wins and three losses, while the Tennessee Titans have three wins and six losses.
  • According to the Draft Kings sportsbook, Jacksonville is favored to win by seven points.
  • Jacksonville had a poor performance in their previous game, with four turnovers and only three points.

“Tennessee’s three and six, the Jacksonville Jaguars are six and three, the Draft King sportsbook line, Jacksonville minus seven, the overrunner is 40.”

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Trevor Lawrence‘s Performance 49:00

  • Trevor Lawrence has been inconsistent and has not delivered the expected performances.
  • He doesn’t throw for many yards and doesn’t frequently utilize Calvin Ridley.
  • Lawrence’s upcoming schedule includes tough matchups against teams like Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Cleveland.
  • Considering his performance this season, it may be best to look for alternative options rather than relying on Lawrence.

“You can just send him off to the waiver wire to hang out…This has not been the year you wanted from him.”

Travis Etienne‘s Performance Analysis 49:27

  • Travis Etienne has been performing well with multiple touchdowns and dominating against weaker matchups.
  • However, he has struggled in tougher matchups, and his overall efficiency has been subpar.
  • In the last three weeks prior to a down game against San Francisco, he was inefficient and didn’t achieve the desired yards per carry.
  • Etienne’s upcoming schedule includes difficult matchups against teams like Kansas City, Cleveland, and Baltimore.
  • Considering the challenges he might face, it is worth evaluating whether Etienne’s production will continue or if he will falter.

Travis Etienne has a couple of things that I would like to look at…He’s been one of the best in football…He’s also been pretty bad against tough matchups.”

Garrett Wilson‘s play 54:49

Garrett Wilson‘s fine. He’s a good play.”

Christian Kirk as a safe play 55:05

  • Christian Kirk is expected to be a very safe play in this week’s matchup.
  • Tennessee has been giving up a lot of points to wide receivers.

Christian Kirk seems like a very, very safe play this week.”

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Waiting for Calvin Ridley 55:10

  • It will take evidence of Ridley performing well in consecutive weeks before he should be considered for starting lineups.

“It’s gonna take heating up. It’s gonna take two weeks in a row. Okay, you need some evidence.”

Jared Goff as start of the week at QB 55:24

  • Jared Garf is recommended as a strong option at quarterback for fantasy football.
  • He has been performing well at home, averaging 273 passing yards and 2.4 passing touchdowns.
  • Chicago’s defense has struggled to stop the pass, making Garf an even more appealing choice.

“Oh yeah, Jared Garf, I forgot. He’s taken on Chicago. Come on, he’s at home. Come on. He’s a monster at home. He’s averaging 273 passing yards and 2.4 passing touchdowns at home.”

Brock Purdy as start of the week at QB 56:34

  • Brock Purdy is highlighted as a great play at quarterback.
  • He leads the league in passer rating, yards per attempt, and expected points per dropback.
  • Tampa Bay’s defense has been struggling, ranking low in schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks.

“My start of the week at quarterback is Brock Purdy at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Brian Robinson as start of the week at RB 57:22

  • Brian Robinson is recommended as the start of the week at the running back position.
  • He has consistently been performing well and receiving a significant number of opportunities.
  • The New York Giants‘ defense is expected to struggle, making Robinson an ideal choice.

Brian Robinson against the New York football giants is my start of the week at the running back position.”

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James Conner as start of the week at RB 57:56

  • James Connor is highlighted as a strong play at running back.
  • He saw significant playing time and opportunities in his recent return from injured reserve.
  • The matchup against the Houston Texans is favorable, as they have struggled in defending the run.

“I’m going with James Connor running back for the Arizona Cardinals on the road in Houston.”

Brandon Aiyuk as start of the week at WR 58:45

  • Despite personal regret due to facing him in a league, Brandon Ayuk is recommended as a start of the week at wide receiver.
  • Ayuk has been the top target in the San Francisco offense.
  • Tampa Bay’s defense has been struggling, allowing deep throws and creating opportunities for Ayuk.

“Regrettably, I have chosen Brandon Ayuk as my start of the week at the wide receiver position.”

Nico Collins as start of the week at WR 59:37

  • Nico Collins is highlighted as the start of the week at wide receiver.
  • With other pass catchers dealing with injuries, Collins is expected to be the primary target for the Houston Texans.
  • The matchup against the Arizona Cardinals is favorable, as they have struggled in defending against opponent pass attempts.

Tank Dell is my wide receiver start of the week at home against Arizona.”

Dalton Kincaid as start of the week at TE 01:01:11

  • Dalton Kincaid is recommended as the start of the week at tight end.
  • He has been heavily involved in the offense and has been performing well.
  • The matchup against the New York Jets is favorable, as they have struggled in defending against tight ends.

“My tight end start of the week, I’m going back to him. Dalton Kincaid against the Jets.”

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Kincaid’s Performance with Dawson Knox Departure 01:01:22

  • Dalton Kincaid has performed well as tight end three in three of the last four games.
  • This performance coincided with the departure of Dawson Knox.

“He’s been the tight end three in the last four games, since the departure of Dawson Knox.”

Stefon Diggs‘ Performance and Potential Injury 01:01:33

  • Savan Diggs had his worst game of the year, possibly due to limited practice and a back injury.
  • It is unclear how much the injury affected his performance.

“Savan Diggs had his worst game of the year last year and the panic in the streets of Buffalo. I don’t know how much of that was related to the fact that he was very limited in practice and had the back injury.”

Defense Against Tight Ends and Start of the Week 01:01:53

  • The Jets have a strong defense, but Dalton Kincaid is projected to perform well.
  • Kincaid’s performance makes him a good candidate for the start of the week.

“If you go away from the top in tight ends to find the start of the week, this is the one that you’re looking at where the Jets are a really good defense, but I think Kincaid will get it done.”

Sam Laporta‘s Potential as a Fantasy Play 01:02:05

  • Sam Laporta, the rookie tight end for the Detroit Lions, is averaging 15.3 fantasy points per game at home.
  • The Bears have struggled against tight ends, making Laporta a strong play for the week.

“I’ve got Sam Laporta stacking up with your quarterback at home. That is the rookie tight end for the Detroit Lions. The Lions have the second highest team implied total of the week. Laporta at home is averaging 15.3 fantasy points per game. The Bears are bad against tight ends. They ranked 25th and schedule adjusted fantasy points to tight ends. Sam Laporta should be a great play this week.”

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Trade Betrayal and Betrayed Trust 01:02:57

  • There was a betrayal of trust within the fantasy football podcast team.
  • It was characterized as a friendship betrayal, akin to the show Survivor.

“It was a friendship betrayal. It really was because it made it, it’s like the show Survivor, where you think you’re friends with people and you’re not.”

The Aftermath of Trade Betrayal 01:04:14

  • While forgiveness is not immediate, the host expresses the possibility of choosing forgiveness over holding a grudge.
  • The impact of the betrayal is expected to last a long time.

“I will probably hold it against Josh in all leagues I play with him for a really long time.”

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