Show 1500! Starts of the Week + Week 10 Breakdown, Fun Surprises!

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Episode 1500 is here! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Starts of the Week, matchup previews, and surprises in store! Plus, the Boom Boom Kicker, and a countdown of the Top-10 Show Nicknames of All-time! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 9th, 2023.

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Welcoming Show 1500 00:00

  • The hosts are Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright. 00:00
  • The hosts mention that it’s “forming time” for episode 1500. 00:30

“On show 1500? On show 1500 we went with it’s forming time!” – Andy

Reflection on Show Milestone 01:08

  • The hosts discuss the significance of reaching show 1500. 01:08
  • They mention that it’s not only a big number, but also a round number. 01:15
  • Andy mentions that his wife thought they just did show 1000 recently. 01:22
  • They acknowledge that 1500 hours have been spent talking on the podcast. 02:13

“It’s not only a big number, but it’s a round number.” – Jason

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Fun Surprises for Show 1500 03:25

  • The producers have planned some special surprises for show 1500. 03:25
  • Andy shares that they have a game prepared that he knows nothing about. 04:30
  • The hosts will reveal the top ten nicknames of all time according to the foot clan. 03:41
  • They express excitement about finding out the number one nickname. 04:00

“And why is it Darnell Anderson? That’s what we’re going to learn today.” – Mike

Musical on Episode 1500 06:16

  • The hosts mention a previous promise they made about a “Fantasy Footballers The Musical” show. 06:00
  • They clarify that it was a joke; however, they are excited for show 1500. 06:12
  • The hosts show appreciation for the video highlights and lyrics accompanying the musical intro. 07:15

“I was really thrilled that there was something that someone else was singing.” – Jason

News and Notes 07:25

  • The hosts mention there have been updates regarding player injuries. 07:25
  • Kenneth Walker, Jackson Smith, and Jigba, and Tyler Lockett have all been dealing with injuries. 07:47
  • They acknowledge the need to wait for the Thursday practice report for further details. 08:00
  • Jason expresses concern about Kenneth Walker‘s recurring injuries. 08:20

“I have my concerns there.” – Jason

Excitement and Surprise 09:35

  • The hosts express their excitement and surprise about something that is not explicitly mentioned in the captions.

“Oh this is great news.”

Kyle’s Arrival 10:00

  • The hosts warmly welcome Kyle into the studio, commenting on his unexpected arrival.
  • There is some playful banter about Kyle’s entrance and noises made by Jeremy.

“Welcome in Kyle.”

Injuries and Potential Involvement 10:16

  • The hosts discuss the injury status and potential involvement of players James Connor and Michael Wilson in upcoming games.
  • James Connor is mentioned as being back after being limited, while Michael Wilson is expected to have increased and consistent involvement.

“I think he’s back.” – regarding James Connor. “We have a lot of optimism around his potential involvement.” – regarding Michael Wilson.

Drastic Improvement and Waiver Wire Pickup 11:20

  • The hosts emphasize the significant improvement in Michael Wilson‘s situation and advise picking him up from the waiver wire due to his potential.
  • They highlight that although it’s not a guaranteed success, this improvement presents a notable opportunity.

“I really think if Wilson is on your waiver wire and you have a spot pick him up.”

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Arizona Cardinals Offense and Game Prediction 12:42

  • The hosts discuss the Arizona Cardinals‘ offense, particularly the impact of James Connor’s absence on their performance.
  • They express optimism about the team’s upcoming game against the Falcons, with some friendly banter about the betting line.

“You know what I was going to bring up if you look at when that happened it’s when James Connor left.”

Arthur Smith’s Press Conference and Bijon’s Opportunities 14:58

  • The hosts critique Arthur Smith’s press conference where he attempts to explain Bijon’s limited opportunities in the red zone.
  • They sarcastically discuss how other coaches like Kyle Shanahan would handle similar situations without complicated explanations.

“Look I am probably the one that goes to bat about NFL V fantasy the most where it’s like look players don’t you know we’re like oh why does Ken Kenney Gainwell get snaps or like whether it’s intangibles right like why do those players get snaps. This is indefensible.” “But total carries this is insane.”

Tyler Algier vs. Bichon’s carries 17:13

  • Tyler Algier has 116 carries this season, while Bichon has 103.
  • The disproportionate number of carries is indefensible, given Algier’s lower yards per carry.
  • This decision is hurting the offense.

“You cannot possibly give a guy who’s running at 3.2 yards a carry more carries than the guy running at five yards a carry.”

David Montgomery‘s return 17:53

  • David Montgomery is expected to be a full participant after being hurt twice.
  • It is believed that he will resume his role as the primary running back, with Gibbs in a supporting role.
  • Montgomery’s return will likely result in him earning more touches.

“I believe he goes straight back to the David Montgomery role carrying the bulk of the work and having Gibbs where we saw him earlier in the season.”

Justin Jefferson‘s injury and potential return 18:54

  • Justin Jefferson‘s head coach, Kevin O’Connell, deems it unlikely for him to play in Week 10.
  • However, the 21-day window for his return has been opened, indicating positive progress.
  • Jefferson may be back on the field either next week or the following week.

Justin Jefferson on playing in Week 10 would be a little aggressive according to his head coach Kevin O’Connell… So he’ll be back either next week or the following week for sure.”

D’Onta Foreman‘s potential performance 19:33

  • Clear Herbert is not expected to play, which led to Foreman being highlighted as a potential player to watch.
  • Foreman’s performance tonight could go either way due to the uncertainty surrounding the match-up.
  • However, it is worth considering that Foreman had a solid performance last week, and the game script may favor a run-heavy strategy.

“Yeah, I mean, I did all morning long everyone’s been saying like you just smashed play the onto Foreman, and I do agree that you should play him… So you have to play Foreman like he’s been effective.”

Arthur Smith’s leadership and potential changes 21:03

  • There seems to be a negative attitude towards head coach Arthur Smith among fans in Atlanta.
  • The response to his leadership has been visceral, and many do not approve of him.
  • It remains uncertain if Smith’s seat is considered “hot”, but some fans are already calling for his removal.

“Like, are you guys actively despising your own head coach? Y’alls reaction is pretty visceral but people yet don’t like him at all… Are they actually calling? Like that is the seat hot?”

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Bill Belichick’s frustration with Germany game 23:24

  • There is speculation that Bill Belichick might be frustrated about having to play a game in Germany.
  • The Indianapolis Colts will be facing the New England Patriots in this game.
  • The game is expected to be tight, with the Colts having scored 20+ points in every game so far this season.

“Is it just me or do you imagine Bill Belichick was just super frustrated to have to go to Germany for this game?”

Rhamondre Stevenson as a flex option 24:22

  • Remandry Stevenson is recommended as a strong fantasy option this week.
  • The Indianapolis Colts defense has been weak against the run in recent weeks, making Stevenson even more enticing.
  • Stevenson has the potential to perform well and can be considered as a running back one going forward.

“I am very in on Remandry Stevenson this week… I believe you could play as equal as E.K. Elliott as a decent flex option.”

New England vs. Colts Running Backs 24:49

  • New England has struggled to score touchdowns.
  • The Colts defense has given up a lot of touchdowns to running backs.

“I think Remandry gets in the end zone.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Jonathan Taylor‘s Workload 25:03

  • Jonathan Taylor had the majority of work last week.
  • There were concerns about his health in the previous weeks.
  • The expectation was for him to take a few weeks to become the main leader of the backfield.
  • However, Taylor received a significant workload last week.

“I don’t think that goes away without an injury.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Comparing Jonathan Taylor and Zach Moss 26:05

  • Jonathan Taylor had 74 percent of snaps, 18 carries, and 23 opportunities last week.
  • Zach Moss only had seven opportunities.
  • It’s suggested to bench Zach Moss and have full confidence in Jonathan Taylor.

“We are full wheels up for Jonathan Taylor.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Michael Pittman and Tim Patrick 26:23

“I love the J.S.N. matchup this week.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Hunter Henry and Tight End Streaming 27:08

  • Hunter Henry had seven targets last week and is considered a spot start tight end.
  • He is a better option than other tight ends like Austin Hooper.

Hunter Henry is definitely in streaming consideration.” – The Fantasy Footballers

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Flex Position Dilemma 27:34

“Yeah, probably assuming we get at least a limited practice day or a full practice.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals 27:47

  • Houston Texans are 4-4, while the Cincinnati Bengals are 5-3.
  • Cincinnati is favored by six and a half points, with an over-under of 47.
  • The Bengals are dealing with wide receiver injuries.

“T Higgins injured at practice… hamstring issue.” “Tyler Boyd seems like he might be a legit play this week.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Joe Mixon‘s Potential Workload 30:56

  • Joe Mixon is expected to have a massive workload.
  • He has been performing well in the previous weeks.

“I think this is like NBA Jam rules, he’s going to catch fire this week.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Uncertainty with Bengals Wide Receivers 31:09

  • With T Higgins and Jamar Chase out, there is uncertainty among the Bengals wide receivers.
  • Tyler Boyd could be a solid play in a full PPR league.

Tyler Boyd could be OK… 6-7 catches is not out of the question.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Houston Texans‘ Struggles Against Tight Ends 32:11

  • The Houston Texans have struggled against tight ends, giving up nearly 12 points per game to the position.
  • This makes Drew Sample a potential streaming option.

“We saw both Erv Smith and Drew Sample score last week.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Week 10 Breakdown 32:55

  • In Week 10, the team was on the road against Atlanta and had a poor game.
  • In contrast, in Week 10 of 1978, they were at home against New Orleans and had a good game.

“They were on the road against Atlanta he did not have a good game. They were at home against New Orleans he had a good game.”

Matchup Analysis 33:01

  • In Week 10 of 1981, the team had an easy matchup on the road against Carolina, but performed poorly.
  • In Week 10 of 1985, they had a tough game at home against Tampa Bay.
  • The team’s performance appears to vary based on whether they are playing at home or on the road.

“They were on the road against Carolina an easy matchup terrible game at home against Tampa Bay so it’s been a little bit of a red light green light but it’s specifically split with home versus road games.”

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Cincinnati Matchup 33:12

  • This is a game against Cincinnati, and the commentator is not optimistic about the team’s chances in this matchup.

“This one is in Cincinnati. Yeah, I don’t like the matchup for him.”

Rookie Inconsistency 33:21

  • The player under discussion is still a rookie, and as a result, is expected to have both good and bad games throughout the season.

“He is still a rookie. He’s going to have up and down games.”

Defensive Strength 33:25

  • The team’s defense is expected to perform well in this game.

“The defense is going to be good.”

Running Game Focus 33:27

  • The team is likely to prioritize running the ball, especially if their wide receivers are unavailable.

“They’re going to want to run the ball if they don’t have their wide receivers.”

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Bengals Favored 33:32

  • The Bengals are favored to win the game by 6.5 points.

“The Bengals are still favored by six and a half.”

Evaluating Starters 33:40

  • The commentator suggests that the discussed player is not a guaranteed starter and should be evaluated on a weekly basis.
  • The commentator personally uses Kyler Murray as a benchmark for evaluating whether to start a player.

“So I agree I mean this I don’t think he’s an absolute locked-in starter for instance my weekly barometer has been Kyler like would I start Kyler.”

Injury Concerns 33:47

  • Damian Pierce, a player on the team, did not practice on Wednesday, and his availability for the game is uncertain.
  • The commentator highlights the importance of monitoring Pierce’s practice status over the next two days.

“Damian Pierce didn’t practice Wednesday today and tomorrow are going to matter a lot as to whether he’s back out there.”

Bengals Run Defense 33:53

  • The Bengals have struggled against the run in the last six weeks, potentially creating an opportunity for the discussed player.

“The Bengals have struggled against the run in the last six weeks.”

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Flex Consideration 34:01

  • If Damian Pierce is active, the commentator suggests considering him as a flex option given Devin Singletary‘s struggles.

“If Pierce is active, is he in flex consideration if he’s active with Singletary struggling so much.”

Zeke vs. Pierce 34:06

  • When comparing Ezekiel Elliott and Damian Pierce, the commentator advises starting Zeke over Pierce.

“Zeke or Pierce Zeke I would go Zeke.”

Flex Rankings 35:01

“Put the four pass catchers in Houston in order of who you think will be most effective for fantasy and I’m talking Dell, Noah Brown, Nico Collins, Dalton Schultz.”

Schultz’s Fantasy Potential 35:34

  • The commentator believes that Dalton Schultz has strong fantasy potential in this game due to a favorable matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, especially for tight ends.

“I feel like I might put Dalton Schultz number one there. There is not a better schedule adjusted matchup on the season for tight ends than the Cincinnati Bengals.”

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Importance of Schultz 35:44

  • The commentator argues that Dalton Schultz may be the most vital pass catcher on the team, particularly when considering positional scarcity.

“he might be the most important pass catcher on this team.”

Ranking Wide Receivers 35:55

“I’ll still have Nico Collins at the top and I’ll go tank.”

Analyzing Chris Olave‘s Performance 37:56

  • Chris Olave‘s recent fantasy results have been underwhelming, and the commentator provides analysis of his performance thus far in the season.
  • Olave’s catch percentage and the difficulty of his targets are discussed as possible reasons for his lackluster numbers.

“The numbers (for Chris Olave) 6 for 46 not impressive…catching only 50% of his targets this year are deemed catchable…the targets are downfield and in cars struggling to be on the same page with him.”

Discussing Long-Term Dynasty Context 41:36

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  • It’s important to occasionally take a step back and consider long-term dynasty context.
  • The future of certain players, like the wide receiver in New Orleans, is uncertain.
  • While Olave has not performed as well as expected, Wilson would be the preferred choice in a long-term comparison.
  • Olave’s current ranking as the wide receiver 19 is disappointing considering his draft position.

“I hope that Olave was going to step into like the Jefferson chase shoes just to begin the year like if you’re if you’re staring down long term Olave versus Garrett Wilson I’m taking Garrett Wilson.”

Assessing Alexander Mattison‘s Potential 42:21

  • Madison is likely to have plenty of opportunities to succeed or fail.
  • With the absence of Acres, Madison’s volume should increase.
  • Comparing Rashad White and Madison for the rest of the season, Madison would be the preferable choice.

“Madison is a trade-for candidate because the volume will be there.”

Evaluating Jordan Addison‘s Performance 43:09

  • Addision’s rest-of-season outlook is uncertain due to various factors.
  • The return of Jefferson and Addison’s upcoming matchups make his situation challenging.
  • It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for Addison.

“Jefferson will be back and then it’s like Ken Ken Dobbs support multiple wide receiver options he didn’t really support one in Arizona so you got to imagine Jefferson is better than Addison for sure.”

Revisiting the Saints Defense and Michael Thomas 43:40

  • The Saints defense has struggled against tight ends in the past six weeks.
  • Thomas’ recent goose week resulted in him being dropped from the league of record.
  • Despite the disappointment, Thomas was replaceable with other interesting assets like defenses.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs defense was a secret pickup.

“You cut Michael Thomas in our league of record… we see kinda out of contention because of the goose week… and we had some other interesting assets to pick up, they were defenses… Yeah, the Chiefs.”

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Analyzing the Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Matchup 44:35

  • Green Bay Packers are 3-5, while the Pittsburgh Steelers are 5-3.
  • The Draft Kings Sportsbook line favors Pittsburgh with a -3 spread.
  • The Packers face a tough matchup on the road against a strong Steelers defense.
  • It is hard to envision the Packers scoring enough points to win this game.

“I can’t even create it in my head the situation where they score enough points to win here.”

Considering Trust in Jordan Love 46:56

  • Despite the favorable matchup, Jordan Love‘s injuries make it difficult to trust him.
  • Love’s lack of a consistent baseline performance adds to the uncertainty.
  • Christian Watson‘s limited targets and injuries also make him a risky play.
  • The lack of trust in Love and Watson affects their potential fantasy value.

“Right now, it’s really hard to have enough trust… I don’t have that.”

Assessing the Running Back Committee in Green Bay 47:51

  • The Packers have been slightly weaker against running backs.
  • Najee and Jalen Warren both have favorable matchups.
  • Najee may be the preferred play due to his goal-line touchdown upside.
  • Both players can be flexed if needed.

“The matchup is really good for both of these guys.”

Speculating on George Pickens‘ Target Volume 48:49

  • Deontay Johnson will continue to receive a high volume of targets.
  • While George Pickens will also receive targets, they may be more downfield and potentially inconsistent.
  • Pickens’ performance can vary between incredible and terrible.

“Deontay Johnson is incredible… George Pickens will get targets and they’re going to be downfield targets… he will be either incredible or terrible.”

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Previewing the Tennessee vs. Tampa Bay Matchup 49:10

  • Both Tennessee and Tampa Bay have struggled this season.
  • Tampa Bay’s defense, particularly their injured cornerbacks, may create opportunities for Tennessee’s offense.
  • The matchup is expected to be low-scoring due to the weaknesses of both teams.

“The cornerbacks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are their primary corners injured… it’s very difficult to run on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Throwing against weak defenses 50:10

  • The opposing team’s defense is currently very easy to throw against.
  • Even a low-performing quarterback, like a banana, would have success throwing against them.

“It’s very easy to throw against them right now.””

Considerations for starting BananaRama 50:17

  • Banana Ram is in consideration for starting because of the favorable matchup.
  • He is also a viable option in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) lineups.
  • However, it may not be necessary to put Banana Ram in your lineup if you have other strong options.

“So Banana Ram is he in starting consideration considering what we.” “He is in DFS considerations.” “I don’t think you need to put them out there.”

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Evaluating Taylor Heinicke 50:31

  • Taylor Heineke may not be a good choice to start this week against the Cardinals.
  • There are other quarterbacks, like Sam Hal, who would be a better option.
  • However, if you believe Heineke can throw at least two touchdowns, he could be a viable choice.

“I think there’s probably a handful of guys like Sam Hal like you know would you go Taylor Heineke against the Cardinals.” “I actually would play on that because I don’t know if Heineke can throw two touchdowns but I think it’s fine if you want to go that way.”

Uncertainty surrounding Hopkins in London 50:45

  • The situation regarding Hopkins playing in London is unclear.
  • It is unknown whether he will be available for the game.

“Hopkins what’s the situation on London because that would matter a little bit to me.” “Yeah I don’t know.” “Last I heard the bridge was falling down.”

Kyle Philips as a DFS option 51:30

  • Kyle Phillips is worth considering in DFS lineups.
  • He had a significant number of targets in recent games.
  • Since Tampa Bay’s defense has struggled against wide receivers, Phillips could be a good value play.

“I want to bring up Kyle Phillips because Kyle Phillips got a lot of targets.” “Somebody has to fill in like you brought up the defense Tampa has given up like thirty-five to thirty-seven points the wideouts.” “But Kyle Phillips is getting more involved and I’m just throwing it out there for like DFS I think he’s the bare minimum.”

Tough matchup for Derrick Henry 52:10

  • Derek Henry faces a challenging matchup against the Buccaneers.
  • Tampa Bay’s defense has been strong against the run for a long time.
  • Henry’s success in this game might be dependent on the weather or unexpected factors.

“Derek Henry RB seven on the year Tampa has yet to allow Red Zone rushing touchdown to a running back this year.” “The Buccaneers have just been good for a long long time against the run.”

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Chris Godwin‘s performance and injury 52:45

  • Chris Godwin had a relatively quiet game, with only two catches for 16 yards.
  • He may have been hampered by an injury during the game.
  • Despite playing the majority of snaps, it’s unclear if the injury affected his performance.

Chris Godwin managed two for 16 on a week where Tampa Bay put up thirty-seven points.” “He was also banged up at one point.” “I don’t remember the specifics of when that happened but obviously he did play the majority of game.”

Number of episodes before famous intro 54:14

  • The first time Andy used his famous intro, “Ah, welcome in!”, was on episode 389.
  • Prior to that, he used the phrase “What is going on everybody, and welcome to the show.”

“Before Andy’s famous intro of ah welcome in he used to start the show with what is going on everybody and welcome to the show.” “The first episode number that Andy said ah welcome in was 389.”

“So episode 389. I knew it took a while.”

Number of regular season matchup breakdowns 56:03

  • Since 2015, the podcast has done 2,216 regular season matchup breakdowns.
  • This represents the number of times they thoroughly analyzed and discussed matchups.

“You guys have declared 1764 Starts of the Week.” “How many different regular season matchup breakdowns have you done since 2015?”

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“2,216 matchups you break down.”

The Hat Trick Question 57:08

  • Andy was the first person to wear a hat on the show, while Mike had a man bun for a long time 57:10.
  • Mike had a streak of wearing a hat for 44 consecutive episodes 57:20.
  • Jason jests about Kyle having to keep count of who’s wearing a hat 57:31.
  • It’s revealed that Jason has worn a hat in 91% of the episodes since week one of the 2023 season 57:51.

“I feel bad for Kyle having to go forty four episodes in a row counting who’s wearing a hat.” 57:32 “Ninety one percent. But Andy was very close.” 58:21

Jay Griz, the Replacement 58:34

  • Jay Gris first appeared as a replacement for Jason Moore on the podcast 58:34.
  • He was introduced in episode 376, the same episode where Mike cut his hair 59:10.

“Jay Gris first appeared as a replacement for Jason Moore on this podcast.” 58:34 “It was episode 376 which is the same episode that Mike cut his hair.” 59:10

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Consecutive Episodes and Listening Time 01:00:00

  • Jay poses a question about how long it would take to consecutively listen to all episodes of the podcast 01:00:02.
  • The answer is approximately 64.8 days or 93,000 minutes 01:00:56.

“How long would it take you consecutively if you just had a playlist to listen to all of these episodes…? It would be approximately 64.8 days.” 01:01:01

Starts of the Week – Quarterbacks 01:01:32

  • Mike starts with Jared Goff as his quarterback start of the week, despite Goff playing on the road 01:01:41.
  • Jason counters with his start of the week, Kyler Murray, emphasizing his track record and the matchup against the Falcons 01:02:29.

“I got Jared Goff… playing against the Chargers” 01:01:41 “I’m going next with Kyler Murray as my start of the week” 01:02:31

Wrap-up and Conclusion 01:01:07

  • Jason is declared the winner of the trivia game 01:01:12.
  • The hosts express appreciation for Kyle’s deep research 01:01:18.

“Well, I think Jason won. Congratulations, Jason. You’re the smartest man alive.” 01:01:12

Kyler Murray as a Fantasy QB 01:03:39

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  • Kyler Murray is a massive upgrade over Joshua Dobbs.
  • Murray has had several big performances and is a QB worth starting in Week 1.

“He is a massive upgrade over Joshua Dobbs who has been very fantasy relevant as a cardinal.”

Brock Purdy as a QB Start of the Week 01:04:05

  • Purdy is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • He is expected to perform well against Jacksonville, especially with Debo Samuel back on the team.

Brock Purdy is my quarterback start of the week. Taking on Jacksonville gets Debo Samuel back full assortment of weapons.”

Tony Pollard as a RB Start of the Week 01:04:27

  • Tony Pollard is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • With the Cowboys playing against the Giants, Pollard is expected to have a great performance.

“I’m going with Tony Pollard against the New York Giants. They should absolutely destroy them and a hot Kyle stat here over the last decade.”

Rhamondre Stevenson as a RB Start of the Week 01:05:17

  • Ramon Dre Stevenson is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • With the Colts allowing the most rushing touchdowns, Stevenson is expected to excel this week.

“For my running back start of the week I’m going with Ramon Dre Stevenson. The Colts if he gets 15 opportunities he should be great.”

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DeAndre Hopkins as a WR Start of the Week 01:06:37

  • DeAndre Hopkins is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • He is a top five target share and air yard share, making him a great choice against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I’m going to go with Deandre Hopkins. He is top five in target share and air yard share.”

Tyler Lockett as a WR Start of the Week 01:07:15

  • Tyler Lockett is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • Despite a rough week for the Seahawks offense, Lockett is expected to bounce back against Washington’s weak defense.

“I’ve got Tyler Lockett against Washington at home. I think they bounce back and the Washington defense is why you can have a great start.”

Dalton Kincaid as a TE Start of the Week 01:09:32

  • Dalton Kincaid is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • With a good performance over the last three weeks, Kincaid is expected to excel against the Denver Broncos.

“Titan starts of the week. Dalton Kincaid gets Denver Broncos. It is it’s time over the last three weeks averaging seven and a half reception 73 yards per game.”

Dalton Schultz as a TE Start of the Week 01:10:03

  • Dalton Schultz is recommended as a start of the week for fantasy football.
  • With a strong performance since week four, Schultz is expected to have a great game against Cincinnati.

“I’m going to go with Dalton Schultz again Cincinnati. He has been a difference making tight end over the last month.”

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Logan’s End Zone 01:11:05

  • Logan is predicted to score a touchdown this week.

“I think Logan gets back into the end zone this week.”

Purina Pro Plan Sport Sponsorship 01:11:08

  • The show is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan Sport, which provides nutrition for active dogs and their owners.
  • Purina Pro Plan Sport is focused on providing fine-tuned nutrition for strength, stamina, and active lifestyles.

“Thank you to our sponsor Purina Pro Plan Sport… enables dogs and owners to take on life’s adventures together… high performance fuel for active dogs.”

Boom Boom Kicker Segment 01:11:26

  • The hosts enter the “boom boom” segment, discussing the boom boom kicker of the week.
  • Jason Moore claims to have the “iron clad, locked and loaded, 100 percent guaranteed boom boom kicker of the week.”
  • Last week’s boom boom kicker was referenced, with Jason Moore humorously describing his over-the-top performance in jail.
  • There is a mention of a movie reference to “Demolition Man” and Wesley Snipes.
  • Andy questions the roundhouse fart reference, pointing out that Wesley Snipes is not known for that move.
  • Jason indicates that he worked through his issues and is back on track.

“Oh we’re into the boom boom… Jason Moore‘s iron clad locked and loaded 100 percent guaranteed boom boom kicker of the week… Last week on boom boom kicker doing hard time in jail… I broke little groupies back… Revere in the prison… Some called me a man of demolition not holding back my true desires… I unleashed a roundhouse fart instant kill it stopped his heart… Now so you’re just I have some notes… We had a demolition man reference… I like that… Now I guess if you want to stretch it you could say roundhouse Wesley Snipes… This is a mostly Snipes… I was a Wesley Snipes all right… Roundhouse fart.”

Kicker Controversy 01:12:46

  • The hosts engage in a playful discussion about Jason Moore‘s violent descriptions in the boom boom segment.
  • Mike expresses his concern about the intensity, stating it’s more than just beating up kickers.
  • Andy playfully suggests that Jason is actually killing the kickers.
  • The hosts humorously equate Jason’s strong dislike for kickers to murder, emphasizing the extreme hatred.

“I find it a little disturbing that these you’re not just beating them up… They’re like you’re like he’s like killing you’re killing them… He’s on a dead dead… Murder… Yeah murder is at the tippy top of hate… To be fair I didn’t know that my roundhouse fart would kill them… Just a real solid roundhouse fart.”

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Top Ten Show Nicknames 01:13:25

  • The hosts present the top ten show nicknames of all time, as voted by the audience.
  • The segment is introduced as a special moment.
  • Brooks reveals the results of the voting, counting down from number ten to number one.
  • Some of the nicknames mentioned are “fat Thor,” “Mr. Behold,” “Fireball Jones,” “booty scootin cam,” “Voldemort,” “Tony Tony Tony James Jones Jr.,” “the walrus,” “the dump truck,” “the Muth,” and “Big Montana.”
  • The hosts express their surprise and disappointment over certain rankings.

“Let’s have the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The top ten show nicknames of all time… Brooks are you handling this… I’ve got the results… Are you counting them down 10 to 1… Yes sir… I am so curious 108 nicknames and I saw people complaining that other ones weren’t in there… And we had over 5000 votes… Let’s start actually a quick shout out to number 11 because only 19 votes separate 10 and 11 and 11 was pity city… Number 10 with 1263 votes fat Thor… Number nine Mr. Behold… Number eight Fireball Jones Tim Patrick… Number seven booty scootin cam… Number six Voldemort Watson… Number five Tony Tony Tony James Jones Jr… Number four the walrus Darren Waller… Number three the dump truck… Number two the Muth… Number one Big Montana… That’s fantastic.”

Audience Reactions 01:19:10

  • The hosts discuss the audience reaction to the top ten show nicknames.
  • They express their surprise and discuss the popularity and ranking of certain nicknames.

“That’s fantastic… Now how wide was the gap… Do you have that.”

The Most Popular Nicknames 01:19:15

  • There were around 150 popular nicknames.
  • The most popular nickname was Big Montana.
  • People voted for 10 nicknames and points were accumulated.
  • Big Montana was not necessarily voted as number one, but most people had him in their top 10.

“So in some ways it’s almost like the most popular nicknames.”

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Notable Nicknames 01:19:40

  • Darnell Anderson and the Lizard King were two nicknames that the speaker was sad about.
  • Darnell Anderson was number 12 in the voting.
  • The speaker wanted Darnell Anderson to be with and plow plow, two nicknames the speaker liked.

“The two that I’m sad about is Darnell Anderson.” “Oh the lizard king.”

Least Popular Nickname 01:20:18

  • The least popular nickname was Betty Crockett Gilmore.
  • The speaker didn’t remember if Crockett Gilmore was a player.

“Betty Crockett Gilmore.”

Mr. Necessary and Mr. Very Necessary 01:20:33

  • Mr. Necessary and Mr. Very Necessary were ranked number 100 and number 107.

“Number 100 and number 107 was Mr. Necessary and Mr. Very Necessary.” “Oh come on Mr. Necessary was great.”

Congratulations on 1500 Episodes 01:21:04

  • A congratulatory video was played from the Foot Clan.
  • Listeners expressed their gratitude for the show and its impact on their lives.
  • The hosts thanked everyone, acknowledging the team behind the podcast.
  • The importance of fantasy football as a daily routine and a source of connection and camaraderie was highlighted.

“Congratulations on 1500 shows.” “Each day when you welcome us into the show Andy it feels as if you are welcoming us into your own home.” “So you know I’ve seen some comments this past week on show fifteen hundred of people just saying like they look forward to the daily routine of fantasy football and that’s really what it is.” “It fills people with like you know camaraderie and connection and all that so that’s why we do it and we really appreciate everybody.”

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Reflection on 1500 Episodes 01:23:09

  • The hosts reflected on the passage of time since the beginning of the podcast.
  • The enormity of the achievement of 1500 episodes was emphasized.
  • The hosts expressed gratitude for their listeners and highlighted the collaborative nature of their work.

“Yeah and let’s be clear. I mean that was some very nice stuff said about the three of us but we are a.” “We are just like a reflection of the people around us in every respect.” “So you know I’ve seen some comments this past week on show fifteen hundred of people just saying like they look forward to the daily routine of fantasy football and that’s really what it is.” “We started this because we believe that fantasy was a lot more than trying to you know increase your bank account on a weekly basis.” “We really appreciate everybody.”


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