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Get ready for Week 13 on today’s fantasy football podcast! Tough Week 13 start/sit decisions, players we want more from, and a preview of Thursday Night Football! Which Seahawks players can be trusted in fantasy lineups this week? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 29th, 2023.

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Discussion of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast 00:00

  • They mention that they will be talking about NFL news and previewing the Thursday night game 00:59

“Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers Podcast with your host Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright.”

Technical difficulties 01:08

  • The hosts apologize for the show potentially being released late due to technical difficulties 01:08
  • They mention that there was a problem with Deucer’s alley 01:32

“Apologies to everybody out there if this show is getting out a few minutes late. I mean, really, I am just glancing in Deucer’s alley direction.”

Uncertainty about episode recording 01:55

  • The hosts express uncertainty about whether or not the episode will be successfully recorded and published 01:55

“If you even are hearing this, if they were able to record this episode and publish it, we don’t even know at this point.”

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Discussion of a recent Dynasty podcast episode 02:46

  • The hosts mention that they have recently released a new Dynasty podcast episode 02:46
  • They talk about the guests on the episode and the topics discussed 02:54

“A heads up. When you get done with this delicious episode, we have a new Dynasty podcast episode. Yeah. Those come out weekly.”

Sharing of podcast statistics 04:37

  • The hosts mention that they received some data from their podcast platform, including the most popular episode of the year 04:37
  • They express curiosity about how many listeners actually share their show 05:16

“And we actually, they gave us a, what would that be? A publishers wrapped. So they gave us some data, including like the most popular episode of the year.”

Request for listeners to share the show 05:46

  • The hosts discuss different strategies they have used to try to get listeners to share their show 05:46
  • They jokingly ask listeners to share the show, using phrases like “challenge yourself” and “pretty please” 05:53

“Like I dare you to share this show.”

Calvin Ridley‘s Usage and Performance 09:05

  • Calvin Ridley has been performing well despite not being on the field at the same time as Zay Jones.
  • Ridley has been getting touchdowns while Jones isn’t playing.

“Ironically, a lot of the touchdowns that Calvin Ridley has had have been while Zay Jones isn’t even on the field.”

Calvin Ridley‘s recent performance and red zone usage 09:38

  • Ridley has been performing well and is expected to have a great matchup against Cincinnati on Monday Night Football.
  • He has been utilized effectively around the red zone, converting all three of his red zone targets into touchdowns.
  • This is a significant improvement from his previous eight weeks where he had only two red zone targets.

“He’s got a great matchup this week against Cincinnati on Monday Night Football…He’s turned his three red zone targets into three touchdowns.”

Risk of starting Calvin Ridley against the speaker 10:10

  • The speaker mentions that it’s courageous for them to pick Ridley since they are playing against him this week.
  • The speaker acknowledges their responsibility to give unbiased advice to their audience, regardless of their personal matchups.

“This is courageous of you to pick Calvin Ridley here because he’s on the cusp of on fire and you’re squaring off against him this week.”

Rashi Rice’s potential and recent performance 10:56

  • Rashi Rice, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, showed promising potential in the previous week.
  • He had 10 targets, leading the Chiefs’ wide receivers in routes run for the first time this year.
  • Rice had a strong performance, going 8 for 107 yards and a touchdown.

“Last week we saw maybe the tantalizing potential of Rashi Rice…Eight for 107 and a touchdown.”

Comparison of Rashee Rice and Deebo Samuel’s play style 11:40

  • Rice’s game has similarities to Debo Samuel in terms of making big plays when given opportunities.
  • Both players have the capability to make long plays if they are involved more frequently.

“He is…not Debo Samuel in every way, but that part of his game is very similar in that you give Debo enough chances, you get a long play, you give Rashi enough chances, you get a long play.”

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“The no Kaderious Tony and Hardman situation really consolidated opportunities…You saw Justin Watson with only one catch because come on, that’s enough.”

Expected increase in Rashi Rice’s involvement 12:09

  • Rice is expected to receive more work due to the struggles of the Chiefs’ offense.
  • The speaker believes that if Rice is given more chances, he has the potential to make significant contributions.

“I like what I saw…I’m very encouraged just with the opportunity he has, the offense has been struggling…So hopefully, that’s what we see.”

Uncertainty surrounding Jonathan Taylor‘s thumb injury 13:37

  • Jonathan Taylor is expected to undergo thumb surgery and could miss two to three weeks.
  • The possibility of Taylor being placed on injured reserve (IR) has not been ruled out.

“The report that we got is he’s expected to miss two to three weeks, but they’re also not ruling out IR at this point.”

Impact of Jonathan Taylor‘s injury on his availability 15:22

  • If Taylor is placed on IR, he could miss up to four games, making his return uncertain for fantasy playoffs.
  • The timing of his return depends on multiple factors such as his recovery time and the decision to place him on IR.

“That means the first game you could have him back would be championship weekend. If he comes directly back and then I would be willing to start him that week.”

Evaluation of a trade involving Jonathan Taylor 14:45

  • The speaker disagrees with a trade proposal involving Jonathan Taylor and advises against trading away other valuable players for him.
  • They emphasize the uncertainty surrounding Taylor’s injury and the risks involved.

“There’s no way in the world I would be doing that. Like I’m not trading Achan away for Jonathan Taylor.”

“Is that the same view you would have in that situation? Cause I just don’t know if Taylor hits IR…I don’t know if the recovery takes longer.”

Impact of Jonathan Taylor‘s injury on the Colts’ playoff chances 15:48

  • The Colts are currently in the playoff hunt with a 6-5 record.
  • Their decisions regarding Taylor’s injury may be influenced by their position in the standings.

“But they’re in the playoff hunt right now. Like the Colts are six and five.”

“But they are in the thick of it…Let’s just say that they play out the puts he gets on IR…If he misses 13…then the first game you could have him back would be championship weekend.”

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Fantasy MVP Zack Moss 17:13

  • Zack Moss has been dominant for fantasy teams in the three games he played without Jonathan Taylor this year.
  • He had 90% of the running back carries, 90% of the touches, and an 8% target share.
  • Moss also forced a bunch of missed tackles and has been involved in the passing game.

Zack Moss, in the three games he played without Jonathan Taylor this year, 90% of the running back carries, 90% of the touches had an 8% target share, forced a bunch of missed tackles.”

Justin Jefferson Returning from IR 18:18

  • Justin Jefferson has officially been activated from the injured reserve and will play in Week 14.
  • However, he may not be a savior for fantasy teams.

“Be happy that your elite wide receiver is coming back, but he probably will not be the savior for your team.”

Uncertainty around Darren Waller‘s Return 18:58

  • The Giants have mentioned that Darren Waller‘s return is uncertain.
  • There is little confidence in the Waller universe due to his ankle soreness.
  • Waller’s availability should be paid attention to, but it’s difficult to have confidence in him.

“The Giants have mentioned Brian Dable said we’ll see if whether Darren Waller will return. It would be so hard to have any confidence in the Waller universe. But pay attention, I guess.”

Baker Mayfield Expected to Play 20:19

  • The Buccaneers are optimistic that Baker Mayfield will be able to suit up against the Panthers despite an ankle injury.
  • Mayfield has shown toughness and has played through injuries before.

“The Buccaneers are optimistic that Baker Mayfield will be able to suit up against the Panthers. He’s so tough. He really is a tough guy.”

TNF Preview: Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys 20:46

  • The Dallas Cowboys are expected to dominate the Seattle Seahawks.
  • The Seattle offense has been struggling, especially with Geno Smith at quarterback.
  • The Cowboys’ offense has been performing exceptionally well, scoring high points in recent weeks.

“I think they’re going to wipe the floor with Seattle to be honest. Gino is still hurting. Now they’re traveling on the road and playing a great Dallas Cowboys defense.”

The Dallas Cowboys‘ Performance 24:16

  • The Dallas Cowboys have been a fun team to watch.
  • They are often called “America’s team.”
  • Some fans push back because they are not their team.
  • Despite the criticism, the Dallas Cowboys are currently performing well.

“And it’s been very fun like they are a they are a fun team to watch.”

Dak Prescott‘s Performance 24:47

  • Over the past eight weeks, Dak Prescott has been the number one quarterback in fantasy football.
  • He has the highest points per game.
  • He is also the highest graded passer according to PFF.

Dak Prescott over eight weeks…Number one quarterback over the last eight weeks.”

Dallas Cowboys‘ Dominance and Remaining Schedule 25:40

“They are they’re not just winning they are crushing right right.”

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Tight End Start/Sit Decisions 26:19

  • Jake Ferguson has had two bad performances recently, ranking outside the top 20 tight ends.
  • Brandon Cooks, on the other hand, has been a consistent top 24 receiver in four out of six weeks.
  • Brandon Cooks should be started in fantasy lineups.

Jake Ferguson whatever the opposite of a heater is…Brandon Cooks is another start-set decision for people.”

Evaluating Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, and Curtis Samuel 29:28

  • Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, and Curtis Samuel all have uncertain outlooks for the upcoming week.
  • It’s difficult to predict which of these wide receivers will have a good game.
  • Brandon Cooks is a safer option compared to DK Metcalf.

“I would rather have Brandon Cooks than DK Metcalf which feels.”

Gauge on Tyler Lockett‘s Performance 30:07

  • Tyler Lockett‘s performance has been inconsistent, and the matchup against Dallas is unfavorable.
  • It is risky to start Tyler Lockett this week.
  • It is projected that Tyler Lockett will end up with around 9-11.5 half PPR points.

“I mean I think you put him out there but like if you had to guess his fantasy point total for the end of the day it is what.”

Impact of Michael Parsons’ Health on the Game 30:41

  • Michael Parsons’ availability and health will affect the game.
  • His presence in the Dallas Cowboys‘ pass rush can have a significant impact on the opposing quarterback.

“The pass rush may is Michael Parsons going to be healthy.”

Geno Smith’s Performance and Regression 31:13

  • Gino Smith’s performance this year has not been as impressive as last year.
  • He has only thrown three touchdowns of 20 plus yards this season compared to 15 last season.
  • The absence of skill players around him has contributed to his regression.

“Last year Gino Smith led the NFL he had 15 touchdowns of 20 plus yards…This year he has three.”

Joshua Palmer’s Return and Fantasy Value 35:32

  • There is uncertainty surrounding Joshua Palmer‘s return from injury.
  • Palmer was valuable before getting hurt and could be valuable upon his return.
  • However, it is recommended to wait and see how he performs in a game before starting him.
  • Deontay Johnson, on the other hand, has a good matchup against Arizona.
  • Palmer needs to prove his health before being confidently inserted into fantasy lineups.

“When Josh Palmer comes back I would pick him up if he’s on your waivers right now because he’s eligible to return might not be back this week. But I’m not starting him week one. He’s got to prove the health.”

Coping with Being Eliminated from Playoffs 37:41

  • When eliminated from fantasy football playoffs, focus on preventing others from making it as well.
  • Use this opportunity to play spoiler and disrupt others’ playoff aspirations.
  • Fill your bench with insurance running backs and target players that your opponents might need.
  • Some argue against picking up free agents when eliminated, but it’s fair game until playoffs start.
  • Mike, the host, has a masterclass on vindictive management if you want to learn more.

“So you keep playing keep like fill your fill your bench with all the insurance running backs. Now there are people with very strong opinions opposite of that saying once you’re eliminated you’re not allowed to pick up free agents. That’s the argument of in the playoffs. We are not there yet.”

Playoff Push Strategy 38:44

  • Managers in the league have different special powers and strategies when it comes to trades.
  • One manager always counters with a slight tweak to have the last word.
  • Another manager, Mike, refuses to accept trades he deems unfair, even if it may not benefit his own team.

“If this player is going to help you win a championship, you’re going to compensate me for it.”

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Staying Active in the League 40:42

  • It’s important to stay engaged and pay attention to what’s happening in the league.
  • Late-season breakouts can occur, and you need to be prepared for the next season.
  • Some managers may lose interest if their team is already eliminated, but there are ways to keep people involved.

“You can convert your league to a basic keeper league… or have weekly prizes for high scores of the week.”

Evaluating Trade Offers 42:01

  • A voicemail asks about trading Zach Moss for Zay Flowers.
  • The hosts discuss the merits of the trade.
  • They highlight Moss’s consistent performance without Jonathan Taylor‘s presence and question whether Flowers is a league-winning player.

“I don’t think Zay Flowers is going to be a league winner.”

Starting Lineup Decision 44:46

  • A listener asks about whether to start Puka, Tank Dell, or Brian Robinson.
  • Tank Dell is considered a must-start.
  • Puka has a tough matchup, while Robinson has a higher floor and PPR involvement.

“I think Tank is a lock… Puka has a higher ceiling, and Robinson has a higher floor. I lean towards Puka.”

Staying Active with Injured Players 45:44

  • The hosts discuss the status of Denzel Ward and his impact on the Cleveland defense.
  • They consider this when evaluating whether to start Brian Robinson.
  • They also mention the return of Gibson and Curtis Samuel, which may affect Robinson’s involvement in the passing game.

“Robinson’s got a higher floor… Puka’s got a higher ceiling.”

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“Gibson back, Curtis Samuel back… Brian Robinson‘s involvement dropped… Puka beats out Robinson for me.”

These notes cover the topics of playoff push strategies, staying active in the league, evaluating trades, start/sit decisions, and dealing with injured players.

Najee Harris‘ performance and upcoming schedule 46:50

  • Strong performance last week with 15 carries for 99 yards and a touchdown.
  • Didn’t receive any targets, but still trusted this week.
  • Soft defenses coming up in the schedule (Arizona, New England, Colts).

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