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Fantasy trade deadlines approaching! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a summary of the best and worst team schedules for the fantasy playoffs! Find out who is worth trading for or trading away! Plus, “Hungry For More” players and a preview of Thursday Night Football! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 15th, 2023.

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Breaking News 00:00

We got breaking news to talk about with Deshaun Watson.

Playoff Primer Importance 01:51

  • The hosts emphasize the importance of the playoff primer episode, especially for those already in the playoffs or fighting to make it.
  • They mention the challenges of navigating the week 13 bye situation and how it affects trade options.

That’s a professional tease. We have hungry for more on the show today. NFL news big time NFL news to talk about not just the Thursday night preview, but we also have one of our favorite episodes, the playoff primer. You, you want to talk about this is the episode you need because we’re going to lay out the best and worst schedules, the players with them at every position, heading into. Kind of the witching hour, so to speak of the fantasy football season, the moment that you make your push, but then you want to win the championship.

Dynasty Podcast 04:59

  • The hosts mention the recent episode of the fantasy footballers dynasty podcast, where trade candidates for dynasty leagues are discussed.
  • They highlight the usefulness of the show for finding valuable targets.

A reminder, the dynasty podcast, Jason, you were on it this week. You did a trade up a loser episode with Matthew Betts and Kyle Borgagnoni. Yeah. I mean, people love episodes where there are trade for and trade away candidates. That’s what we’re dealing with and we’re dealing with it from a dynasty perspective. Really valuable show this time of year. If you want to have some, some targets.

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Megalodon Episode Teaser 05:35

  • The hosts tease the upcoming Megalodon episode in one week, which will be longer due to no byes for Thanksgiving.

And it is one week until the Megalodon episode. It’s going to be so long. It’s going to be a big one. There are no buys for Thanksgiving. So there will be football and pumpkin pie and I will be very happy with that on Thursday.

Hungry for More – De’Von Achane 05:58

  • Jason shares his excitement and hunger for the return of Devin H, a player he considers impactful and difficult to decide on for his fantasy lineup.
  • He teases the comparison of Devin H’s fantasy points with other players since week three.

I’m going to go first because I’m just excited. I can’t tease it out anymore. My hungry for more should be obvious. I’m starving. I’ve been fasting. I’ve been fasting for five weeks. It was a forced fast and I am hungry for Devon H and back in my life, baby.

Comparison of Fantasy Points 06:30

  • Jason presents a game of comparing Devin H’s fantasy points with several other players since week three, highlighting their surprise outcomes.

I want to play a game without a drop that unexpected called who has more fantasy points since week three… It is Devon H and who hasn’t played in five weeks. Who has more total fantasy points. It’s Devon H and.

“I am hungry for Devon H and back in my life, baby.”

De’Von Achane‘s Fantasy Points 08:51

  • Devon H scored 49 fantasy points in week three, which has been a defining moment for this season (quote: “You got 49 fantasy points on the week heard around the world that is going to define this season”).
  • This performance highlights how impressive his first three games in the NFL have been (quote: “his basically is only three games of his career were”).
  • Compared to other running backs, like Ken Walker, Devon H has been averaging 31.9 fantasy points per game (quote: “Devon H and in those three games averaged 31.9 fantasy points per game”).

“His performance in week three has propelled him into the spotlight and shown his incredible potential.”

Matchup Concerns  09:42

  • The hosts express concern about Devon H’s upcoming matchup against the Raiders (quote: “I am like the matchup this week is a huge issue”).
  • It is mentioned that the Raiders present a tough challenge for running backs (quote: “it’s a top matchup for Devon H and this week he’s playing”) but they are awaiting official reports on his availability (quote: “we don’t have reports yet right”).

“The upcoming matchup against the Raiders could be a challenge for Devon H, and his availability is still uncertain.”

Gibbs or De’Von Achane for the Rest of the Season 11:07

  • The hosts discuss the potential value of keeping either Gibbs or Devon H for the remainder of the season.
  • They mention Raheem Moser, who is currently the number one running back in terms of Yards per Carry (quote: “Literally Raheem Moser is the number one in the NFL in Yards-per-Carrie still”).
  • Gibbs has a brutal schedule in the playoffs facing Denver, Minnesota, and Dallas (quote: “if you just look at the playoffs is Denver Minnesota Dallas”).
  • Devon H’s upcoming matchups are against the Jets, Dallas, and Baltimore (quote: “because it’s because you’re looking at like what’s the potential for 30 and I don’t know if those are 30 games”).

“Deciding between Gibbs and Devon H for the rest of the season depends on their respective schedules and potential performances.”

PJ Walker‘s performance and concerns about Dorian Thompson Robinson 18:13

  • PJ Walker filled in as quarterback when Deshaun Watson was injured.
  • Cooper made tough catches from Walker, but there are concerns about Thompson Robinson’s running abilities.
  • Thompson Robinson’s running may limit opportunities for other running backs.
  • The team will focus on playing strong defense and running the ball.
  • Thompson Robinson had a surprise start in Week 4 and had a rough game with interceptions and no touchdowns.
  • Baltimore’s defense has proven to be elite.
  • The matchup against Baltimore is not ideal for Thompson Robinson.

“He’ll be fine. But Dorian Thompson Robinson opens up a whole new universe of pain for fantasy managers because he will run the football which will eliminate running opportunities.” “Now they’re going to be able to play great defense. They’re going to run the football. But this is really red alert.” “And he didn’t get the practice the starting practice that week.” “I mean maybe Carolina gets the number two pick but they’ve got a top two pick coming their way from the Carolina Panthers. So this is we either will use that pick and draft Caleb Williams or whoever they want and trade and then look to trade fields or they’re going to say fields.” “OK. Pat Freymuth 21 day window open. They expect them to be back out there on the field this week for the Steelers and the Jets.”

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Concerns about Jerome Ford and the Cleveland Browns‘ quarterback situation 18:32

  • There are worries about the Cleveland Browns‘ offense if they struggle to get first downs.
  • Cleveland’s defense is expected to be strong, but there are concerns about the quarterback situation.
  • Dorian Thompson Robinson had a disappointing game in Week 4 with interceptions and no touchdowns.
  • Jerome Ford may be affected by the offense’s struggles.

“Now I am worried about Jerome Ford because this offense if it can’t get first downs is going to be a huge problem.” “And here we are with another quarterback injury. Yeah I mean in in and Josh Dobbs was their backup to start the year. What are you doing Cleveland in week three.” “I would be scared of every Brown until proven otherwise.”

Evaluation of Dorian Thompson Robinson’s performance 18:42

  • Thompson Robinson’s Week 4 start was unexpected and had mixed results.
  • He completed 53 percent of his passes but had three interceptions and no touchdowns.
  • The team as a whole only scored three points in that game.
  • Baltimore’s defense, which they faced in that game, is considered one of the best in the league.

“I’m sorry week four was when we saw Dorian Thompson Robinson have the kind of unexpected surprise start in that game.” “He completed 53 percent of his passes three of the incompletions were actually completions to the other team three interceptions.” “No touchdowns. The team scored three total points that game. Now great. I remember watching it Baltimore.” “They’re one of the best. They are technically the second best defense in the league. Statistically speaking.”

Impact of Dorian Thompson-Robinson‘s performance on fantasy assets 19:46

  • Thompson Robinson’s performance is not expected to be good enough for fantasy purposes.
  • Concerns about the Cleveland offense make it difficult to trust any Browns players in fantasy.
  • Thompson Robinson had impressive college stats, but his transition to the NFL may be challenging.

“He is not good enough to be good for fantasy assets.” “He rushed for 647 yards for UCLA 12 touchdowns on the ground in 2022 completed 70 percent of his passes three thousand yards 27 touchdowns.” “He was he was certainly a special player in college but it’s a tall task now.” “I mean I would be scared of every Brown until proven otherwise.”

Expectations for Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears 20:35

  • Justin Fields is expected to start in Week 11 for the Chicago Bears.
  • This is a seven-week trial period for Fields.
  • The Bears have the potential to have the top pick in the draft, which they may trade.
  • Fields needs to showcase his skills for potential trade opportunities.

“Oh please stop it. Justin Fields expected to start in Week 11 should be back out there.” “They will either be keeping him and trading what is almost guaranteed the number one pick.” “This is we either will use that pick and draft Caleb Williams or whoever they want and trade and then look to trade fields or they’re going to say fields that’s so good at the end of this coming season that we are going to trade the pick.”

Update on Pat Freiermuth  21:39

Preview of the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens 24:07

  • This game is a rematch of Week 2 when the Cincinnati Bengals played the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Ravens lost to the Cleveland Browns in their last home game.
  • Baltimore is favored by four points.
  • Both teams are in the playoff picture and it could be an exciting game.
  • Lamar Jackson has had a mix of good and bad games for fantasy purposes, but Mark Andrews has performed well against the Bengals in the past.
  • There is confidence in Baltimore and its ability to bounce back.

“Well we have a rematch from week two the Cincinnati Bengals this week at five and four traveled to Baltimore to take on the seven and three ravens the ravens just lost at home to the Sean Watson and these Browns or those Browns.” “Baltimore minus four is the line on the Draft King sportsbook the over unders forty six Baltimore one twenty seven twenty four and week two.” “Now if if if you are the one handicapping it would it would it be handicapping. It would be handicapping. No that’s nice. That’s nice. I like it because to be fair you’re you’re I don’t want to your horn too much but you’re you’re pretty good at handicapping most of these games so I can tell you what I picked and I’m not I picked Baltimore I’m confident in Baltimore and the reason being is them losing two at home.” “Seems like a non John Harbaugh type of thing but we could get a really really fun exciting not last week Thursday night football game all four AFC North teams are in the playoff picture the ravens the Steelers the Browns and the Bengals Bengals are the only team not currently in and.” “I mean, Bayman’s not a consideration.” “Beckham is banged up and Zay Flowers is not really valuable.” “Mark Andrews torches the Cincinnati Bengals.”

Quarterback schedules for fantasy playoffs 30:25

  • Dak Prescott has one of the best playoff schedules. He faces Buffalo, Miami, and Detroit.
  • The Buffalo game may have weather concerns due to potential snow.
  • Dak’s passing schedule is excellent for the entire season, not just the playoffs.

“This is why we’ve highlighted Dak for a while. There isn’t really a better passing schedule in the entire league from now until the end of the season.”

Value of Dak Prescott in trades 32:20

  • Dak’s playoff schedule is so favorable that it may not be worth accepting any trade offers for him.
  • Dak is a centerpiece in multiple leagues and has a high value in keeper leagues.
  • Jalen Hurts is the only quarterback who could potentially be traded for Dak due to his own favorable playoff schedule.

“But I don’t know if I would accept any trade for Dak right now.”

The importance of leverage in trade negotiations 31:51

  • Leverage in trade negotiations is built on what is said out loud versus what is kept secret.
  • Every player’s value is influenced by the perceived value of their schedule.

“Everything is about leverage. And sometimes leverage is built on what’s set out loud versus what is set in secret.”

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Previous season’s league winners 31:01

“Last year I mentioned it, Jerick McKinnon was the RB2 from week 14 on. Here were some other league winners from last season that highlight what we’re looking at.”

Importance of playmakers against tough defenses 28:23

  • Jamar Chase needing playmakers to take the attention off him against Baltimore.
  • Tyler Boyd is a viable flex option, but might not be enough to provide the opportunities that Chase needs.

“And Trenton Irwin and Tyler Boyd are not going to be able to do enough, I think, to give Chase the opportunities that he needs.”

Tough defense of the Baltimore Ravens 27:47

  • The Ravens have a tough defense, ranking in the top 10 across all positions when adjusted for schedule.
  • They don’t give up a lot of points and pose a challenge for opposing players.

“This is a really tough defense. The Ravens are top 10 across the board against every single position if you adjust for schedule.”

Joe Burrow‘s viability as a starting quarterback 28:50

  • Starting Joe Burrow might not be the most exciting option as there are better alternatives available.
  • Burrow may have a low floor against tough opponents like the Ravens.
  • Sam Howell could be a better choice for fantasy starters due to Burrow’s recent performance and the challenging matchup.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m excited to start Joe Burrow this week. I think there are probably better options out there.”

Quarterback schedules for fantasy playoffs 34:05

  • Kyler Murray has a tough first week of the playoffs, but he has a favorable schedule for the rest of the playoffs.
  • Playing against San Francisco in week 15 and Chicago and Philadelphia in the championship weeks, it’s a really nice schedule for Kyler Murray.
  • He will be healthier, more confident, and better in the system.

“Kyler’s got a great schedule.”

Other quarterbacks with good playoff schedules 34:58

  • Brock Purdy and Justin Fields also have favorable schedules for the fantasy playoffs.
  • Although Fields has a tough matchup in the first week against Cleveland, Purdy has favorable matchups against Arizona and Washington.
  • Purdy has been very good for fantasy football, especially when he has all his weapons healthy.

“I think he’s probably the sneaky ad of the group.”

Quarterbacks with unfavorable schedules 36:50

  • Tua has the worst schedule among quarterbacks, facing the Jets, Dallas, and Baltimore in the playoffs.
  • Trevor Lawrence and CJ Stroud also have tough schedules.

“Tua’s going to get a lot of people to the playoffs too.”

Combining schedules for Tua and Brock Purdy 37:10

  • Tua’s worst matchups align with favorable matchups for Brock Purdy against Arizona and Washington.
  • Managers of Tua can acquire Purdy and play the schedule combining the two players.

“Combine those matchups and you have a great strategy.”

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Joe Burrow‘s schedule concerns 39:20

  • Joe Burrow has tough matchups against Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City in the playoffs.
  • The nature of Burrow’s playstyle may lead to potentially high-scoring games, but he might not perform well in the championship week against Kansas City.

“I am more worried than you are.”

Running backs with great schedules 40:02

  • Austin Eckler has a fantastic schedule against Las Vegas, Buffalo, and Denver – three defenses that struggle against running backs.
  • Bijan Robinson also has a favorable schedule against Carolina, Indianapolis, and Chicago, though Chicago has improved against the run recently.

“Eckler, Bijan, those schedules are perfect.”

Derrick Henry‘s Impact on Fantasy Universe 40:53

  • Derek Henry is expected to have a significant impact on the fantasy universe.
  • He has favorable matchups and is likely to be a league winner.
  • Despite a poor performance in the last game, now could be a good time to trade for him.
  • The upcoming schedule after next week is great for Henry.
  • He’s expected to perform well against Carolina, Indy, Miami, Houston, Seattle, and Houston.

“Derek Henry is going to be a league winner.”

Jerome Ford as a League Winning Candidate 41:57

  • Jerome Ford has favorable matchups against Chicago, Houston, and the Jets.
  • He has showcased his potential by running for over 100 yards on 17 carries.
  • Ford is considered a good trade target and a potentially sneaky long-term play in dynasty leagues.
  • He is expected to be a central figure in the team’s offense, relying on their defense and running game.

Jerome Ford has looked great and could be a league-winning type of candidate.”

Running Back Schedules: Best and Worst 43:05

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have a favorable schedule for running backs, benefiting Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris.
  • Warren and Harris are both performing well, but they are sharing carries.
  • The upcoming opponents include Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Seattle.
  • Saquon Barkley has one of the worst schedules for the running back position.
  • His upcoming opponents include New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.
  • Barkley’s lack of quarterback support and difficult schedule make him a trade candidate.

“Najee and Warren are very much a split, but the schedule is great.” “Saquon Barkley has one of the worst schedules for the running back position.”

James Conner‘s Difficult End-of-Season Schedule 47:13

  • James Conner, along with Joe Mixon, Damian Pearson, and Singletary, have difficult end of season schedules 47:13
  • With matchups against San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia for the playoffs, this might not be the year for James Conner to win a title 47:28

“Maybe this isn’t the year for James Conner to win you a title.”

Kyler Murray‘s Return and Effects on James Conner‘s Fantasy Outlook 47:41

  • Last year, due to the team’s necessity, James Conner became heavily involved in the offense and was great for fantasy football 47:45
  • But this season, with Kyler Murray returning and the team able to throw the ball more, these matchups are actually good for passing 47:50
  • James Conner might not be a good play due to the favorable matchups for passing against San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia 48:07

“And so, James Conner to me, I think is a really bad play.”

Concerns about Kenneth Walker‘s Performance 48:34

  • Kenneth Walker has big plays, but he is also dealing with a committee problem and ranks in the bottom five for yards after contact 48:34
  • Facing Philadelphia, the number one defense against the running back position, in the first week of playoffs is concerning for Walker’s fantasy performance 48:53
  • Considering his upcoming tough matchup and committee situation, it might be wise to trade high on Kenneth Walker 49:21

“Walker may be trade high after that performance.”

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Wide Receivers with Challenging Schedules 51:51

  • Tyreek Hill, Jalen Waddle, Amari Cooper, Terry McLaurin, John Dodson, Kirk, and Ridley have challenging schedules ahead 51:55
  • It is not advisable to expect these wide receivers, except for Tyreek Hill, to single-handedly win you the week 52:04
  • While they can still be on your team as baseliners, it may be necessary to bolster your wide receiver position for the playoffs 52:20

“Don’t expect these guys to win you the week…I think you can still put on your team as baseliners.”

Trading Amari Cooper for Marquis Hollywood Brown 53:04

  • Amari Cooper has a bad playoff schedule with a rookie quarterback and tough matchups, making him a trade candidate 52:57
  • One potential trade option could be Marquis Hollywood Brown, who has a great schedule for the fantasy playoffs 53:11
  • Trading Cooper for Brown straight up could be a favorable move due to Brown’s better schedule 53:16

“Would you trade Amari Cooper for Marquis Hollywood Brown? I would much rather play Hollywood than Amari Cooper in those weeks.”

Reacting to news and analyzing player performances 53:20

  • The speaker is still reacting to recent news and discussing the impact on fantasy football.
  • They claim to have extensively analyzed every player in fantasy football over the last 16 hours.
  • Specifically, they mention looking at the box scores of Hollywood Brown, noting that his performance and upcoming schedule are not favorable.

“I’ve looked at the box scores from Hollywood Brown. Oh yeah, they’re gross.”

Seattle Seahawks and their favorable schedules 53:49

  • The Seattle Seahawks have an excellent schedule for the fantasy playoffs.
  • They will be facing the 30th, 31st, and 28th best defenses against wide receivers.
  • The speaker believes that Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, and Jackson Smith all have the potential for big playoff performances.

“The Seahawks have an amazing run. They play the 30th, the 31st, and the 28th best defenses against wide receivers. So Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, even Jackson Smith and Jigba, those players I think have the potential for massive playoff performances.”

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Mediocre players with good matchups 54:42

  • The speaker discusses Carl Linsutton, Jerry Judy, and Marvin Mims as players with average performance who have decent schedules.
  • They mention that Carl Linsutton has been scoring touchdowns consistently and could be a sneaky addition.

“Carl Linsutton has been a revelation. He scores touchdowns every single week and is the definition of greatness. I think Sutton’s good.”

Players with great end-of-season schedules 55:29

“CDLAM, Brandon Cooks, they have a great end-of-season schedule, Buffalo, Miami, Detroit, Hollywood Brown, you mentioned it. Cooper Cup in Pukinacua, Washington, then New Orleans, and the Giants. Nice way to start the playoffs. If Matthew Stafford‘s back, that’ll be a really under the radar, league-winning type of addition.”

Texans’ receivers and their potential against the Titans 55:57

“The Titans are not good against wide receivers, and the Texans have, this is why I’m not that afraid of CJ Stroud, because where the Titans get beat is the only place the Texans go. Like Nico Collins, Tank Dell, Noah Brown, even Robert Woods, they’re going to be able to get theirs against the Titans.”

Ravens’ wide receivers and their lack of trustworthiness 56:28

  • The speaker expresses skepticism about starting Ravens’ wide receivers due to the team’s strong running game and Mark Andrews being the primary target.
  • They believe the matchups for the Ravens are irrelevant.

“You can’t trust starting Ravens wide receivers right now. They run the ball too well, and Mark Andrews is their primary target. The matchups are irrelevant.”

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Trade target: Diontae Johnson 56:51

  • The speaker recommends targeting Deontay Johnson as a trade option.
  • They predict that the Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, and Seattle Seahawks are all good offenses that can score against the Steelers’ defense.
  • They believe Johnson is an affordable player with a good baseline performance for the fantasy playoffs.

“If there’s one target that I think is sneaky and easily acquirable after this last week, it would be Deontay Johnson. I think that the Indianapolis Colts, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Seattle Seahawks are all good offenses that can score on the Steelers and bad defenses that can be thrown on. So Deontay Johnson to me is an affordable, acquirable, really good baseline guy through the playoffs.”

Tight ends with favorable schedules 57:15

  • The speaker mentions Jake Ferguson, David Nijoku, Gerald Everett, and Pat Friarmueth.
  • Jake Ferguson is regarded as a good option with a positive playoff schedule.
  • They express uncertainty regarding David Nijoku due to the uncertainty surrounding the Watson injury.
  • Gerald Everett‘s lack of involvement diminishes his fantasy value.
  • Pat Friarmueth, while on IR, is set to return and has good playoff matchups.

Jake Ferguson…he’s regarded as a positive option…Pat Friarmueth…while he’s on IR, he’s set to return and has good playoff matchups.”

Underperforming and unfavorable tight ends 58:11

  • The speaker mentions Dalton Schultz, George Kittle, Evan Engrel, and Dallas Goddard as tight ends with unfavorable matchups.
  • They point out that Dalton Schultz has been performing poorly.
  • George Kittle has negative matchups for two weeks.
  • Evan Engrel and Dallas Goddard are either injured or facing tough matchups.

Dalton Schultz…real bad…George Kittle…real bad for two weeks with Arizona and Baltimore…Evan Engrel…not good…Dallas Goddard…not healthy right now and doesn’t have good matchups coming up.”

Cole Kmet and Dalton Schultz as trade options 58:36

  • The speaker mentions Colt Comett and Dalton Schultz as options for trades.
  • They believe that both players have been performing well, making them attractive trade chips.
  • Jake Ferguson is preferred over both of them.

“Colt Comett and Dalton Schultz…if you’re on the way to the playoffs and you can turn those into, you know, turn them into Jake Ferguson…I would much rather have Jake Ferguson than Colt Comett or Dalton Schultz.”

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Targeting the Jets defense 59:26

  • The speaker suggests targeting the New York Jets defense due to their favorable matchups against Miami, Washington, and Cleveland.
  • They advise considering pairing them with another defense due to concerns about Miami in the first week of the playoffs.

“The defense is you want to target, the Jets…they play Miami, Washington, Cleveland. And they’re great. That one is, yeah, they’re great.”

Strategizing defense pickups for the playoffs 59:57

  • The speaker recommends grabbing defenses based on their matchups for the first and second week of the playoffs.
  • Rather than looking for defenses with favorable schedules for three weeks, they suggest focusing on the immediate playoff matchups.

“You look at who has the best schedules for the first week of the playoffs and the second week, and you grab a couple of defenses.”

Trade Targets for Fantasy Playoffs 01:00:04

  • The Philadelphia Eagles defense is a target for week 16 because they play the New York Giants at home.
  • The Chiefs, New England, and Las Vegas are also great defenses for fantasy playoffs.
  • The Cleveland Browns have favorable matchups against Chicago, the Jets, and Houston.
  • The Falcons have Carolina, Chicago, and Gardner-Minshew as favorable matchups.
  • It’s okay to hold multiple defenses if you have depth elsewhere.

“A defense that has really not put up fantasy points this year, but I am targeting for one specific matchup is the Philadelphia Eagles, because they play the New York football giants.”

Key Matchups for the Chiefs Defense 01:01:05

  • The Chiefs defense has been performing well for fantasy football.
  • The matchups against Aiden O’Connell, Jordan Love, and Gardner-Minshew are particularly enticing.

“The Chiefs defense has been so good for fantasy. They are turning the ball over, they are scoring touchdowns, they are sacking the quarterback.”

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Defense Options for Fantasy Playoffs 01:01:57

  • The Minnesota Vikings, Chicago, and Las Vegas are good defense options for the fantasy playoffs.
  • The Cowboys defense may not be the best choice due to tough matchups against Buffalo, Miami, and Detroit.

“The Vikings have a great stretch run for… You’re looking at like Chicago, Las Vegas? Yep. Chicago, Las Vegas. They were the team that pairs perfectly with the Chiefs. You did… You picked them up.”

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