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Happy Halloween! Week 9 waiver wire pickups on today’s fantasy football podcast! Which players are droppable after another down week? Plus, reactions and bad beats stories from Monday Night Football! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 31st, 2023.

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Halloween regrets 00:15

  • The hosts express their regrets on Halloween.

“Oh, welcome in. Happy Halloween everybody. Got some regrets. I think everyone’s got regrets that’s tuning in right now.”

Josh Jacobs‘ response to fixing the offense 01:06

  • Josh Jacobs was asked how to fix the offense, and he responded by saying it’s not his job.

“He did say, they said, how do you fix the offense? He said, that’s not my job. That was Josh Jacobs‘ reply. Oh, when he was asked last night.”

Mike’s business philosophy 01:37

  • Mike shares the podcast’s business philosophy, which is to have 80% of the content focused on football analysis.

“There’s Ken. Just, I told Mike before the show he figures out ways to be himself every year. Hey, we have a business philosophy here of 80-20 running through the filter.”

Jason’s terrifying experience watching Monday Night Football 02:03

  • Jason shares his terrifying experience watching the Monday Night Football game.

“I mean, I can’t even imagine. I’m terrified. I’m having a hard time looking at you. I don’t blame you. No, it was terrifying. That game last night.”

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Popular terrifying tales from Monday Night Football 02:24

  • The hosts discuss five popular tales from Monday Night Football where fantasy players lost by narrow margins.

“Well, it’s not good. We’ve got the five most popular terrifying tales from Monday Night Football. Jason, why don’t you begin?”

Davante Adams‘ performance 04:00

  • The hosts discuss Devonte Adams’ performance in the game.

“Yes. Yes. Good work back there. Devonte, I can’t take this show. Now we’re good, man. I can’t, uh, I saw those two plays. Devonte Adams had a 98-yard touchdown wide open.”

Jahmyr Gibbs‘ performance 04:46

  • The hosts discuss Gibbs’ performance in the game, including his rushing touchdown and contributions in the receiving game.

“Yeah. Gibbs went crazy. 26 for 152. Had a rushing touchdown. La Porta back into the insulin with 10 more targets.”

Heartbreaking losses in fantasy football 05:44

  • The hosts share stories of fantasy football players who lost by small margins due to last-minute plays.

“No, that’s not good. We’ve got the golf end of game Neal Downs lost on, uh, Bav lost on two. Neal Downs from Jared Goff to lose by point one.”

Leonard Fournette signing with the Bills practice squad 07:13

“All right, Leonard Fournette. Signed to the Buffalo Bills practice squad this morning. Jason, were you the one making the joke that they’d want to trade for Dalvin Cook?”

Clayton Tune starting for the Cardinals in Week 9 08:19

  • The hosts discuss Clayton Tune starting for the Cardinals in Week 9 and express their views on the decision.

Clayton Tune. Cardinals rookie quarterback slated to start week nine. This, in my opinion, is really good if you have the Cleveland defense.”

Matthew Stafford Injury 10:49

  • Matthew Stafford is reported as day-to-day with a UCL sprain.
  • The team attempted to sign John Wohlford from the practice squad.
  • However, the Buccaneers signed Wohlford to their active roster and played him on defense.

Matthew Stafford day to day with the UCL sprain.”

Tyson Bagent Starting 11:01

  • Tyson Bajant is expected to start against the Saints.
  • Despite the host liking Bajant, they believe it is still a good matchup for the Saints defense.

“Tyson Bajant remains in line to start against the Saints.”

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Arthur Smith’s Statements 11:12

  • Arthur Smith promised to announce the starting quarterback on Wednesday.
  • When asked about Desmond Ritter’s potential as the starter, Smith expressed uncertainty and mentioned looking into some things.
  • They discuss the possibility of not starting Ritter due to lingering health concerns.

“Arthur Smith said, quote, I promise you I’ll come in on Wednesday and tell you who’s starting.”

Arthur Smith’s Lack of Trust 12:26

  • The hosts speculate that Arthur Smith may not trust the NFL concussion protocol or Desmond Ritter.
  • It is mentioned that a player could be hurting without having a concussion and not wanting to play football.

“That’s exactly the point of either Arthur Smith is saying I don’t trust the NFL concussion protocol and we’ll see later on in his career how much that affects things.”

Quarterback Streaming 12:59

  • Multiple backup quarterbacks are expected to start this week.
  • The hosts suggest streaming an NFL defense due to the backup quarterbacks.
  • They mention Gardner Minshew as a potential option for any NFL team.

“You’re going to have a PJ Walker, Clayton Tune battle… There are plenty of good choices.”

Week 9 Waiver Pickups 14:20

“For me it’s Darrell Henderson… Do you have they’re gonna have to lean on the running game without Stafford if he misses… And I think that he’ll have value in that way.”

Leonard Fournette‘s Value 17:54

  • The hosts express skepticism about Leonard Fournette‘s fantasy value in the Buffalo Bills‘ backfield.
  • It is mentioned that Fournette may provide value as a goal line back, but the three-way timeshare limits his potential.
  • They discuss the long-term situation with running backs in Buffalo and the impact on James Cook‘s fantasy value.

“So I just can’t foresee a world where for net… gets started this year sans injury… I don’t think they’re signing for net to dispose of Murray.”

Devin Singletary‘s Increased Carries 19:18

  • Devin Singletary had 10 more carries and should be rostered.
  • Singletary has spot start capability and can catch the football.

Devin Singletary had 10 more carries…I think he needs to be rostered…he does spot start capability…he can catch the football.”

Royce Freeman and Justice Hill 19:35

  • Royce Freeman should still be rostered as he had nine carries for the Rams.
  • Justice Hill catches the football and has a favorable matchup against Seattle.

Royce Freeman should still be rostered on teams…Justice Hill catches the football a little bit.”

Ravens’ Running Back Situation 19:49

  • Gus Edwards was the headline with many touchdowns in the past week.
  • The snap share for the Ravens’ running backs was not significantly different from previous weeks.
  • Consider dropping Miles Sanders or Damian Pierce for other available running backs.

Gus Edwards was the headline…a lot of the touchdowns for the Ravens…the snap share was really not any different…consider dropping Miles Sanders…for any of the names above.”

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Miles Sanders‘ Groin Injury 20:14

  • Miles Sanders is dealing with a groin injury that affected his involvement in the previous game.
  • Sanders is expected to recover and become the primary ball carrier towards the end of the season.

Miles Sanders is dealing with this groin injury…he will get back to being the primary ball carrier…towards the end of the season.”

Chuba Hubbard‘s Performance and Future Outlook 20:25

  • Chuba Hubbard had a down game last week, but he should not be dropped and can be a spot starter.
  • Hubbard has potential to perform well against the Indianapolis Colts.

“Chuba…you had a down game last week…as a spot starter…capable against the Indianapolis Colts.”

Zach Charbonnet‘s Potential and Insurance Running Backs 21:13

  • Charbonnet has tremendous potential, especially considering the injuries the Rams are dealing with.
  • It’s advisable to secure insurance running backs as injuries and bye weeks approach.

“Agree with the Charbonnet take…we are getting to that time of year…if you have an insurance running back…now is the time to start leveraging those high value insurance contracts.”

Wide Receivers Overview 22:42

  • Junior Gibbs and Monty winning share a time share, but it may change.
  • Jamir Gibbs’ upside and earning the coaching staff’s trust are factors to consider.
  • John Dodson had a strong performance with 10 targets and should be picked up. Curtis Samuel‘s injury opens up opportunities for him.

“Junior Gibbs and Monty winning…there’s two factors…Jamir Gibbs one…earning the trust…John Dodson has looked good the last two weeks…he’s a really good wide receiver…I think John Dodson is probably my number one or number two pickup.”

Demario Douglas and Quentin Johnston 27:06

  • DiMario Douglas is a rookie wide receiver for the New England Patriots and has been utilized with 24.3% targets per route run.
  • Douglas is a dart throw every week, but worth considering with bye weeks and injuries.
  • Quentin Johnston is another option to consider.

“DiMario Douglas wide receiver for the New England Patriots…24.3% targets per route run…he’s a dart throw every week…go to Mario Douglas or do you go Quentin Johnston.”

Jahan Dotson‘s Talent and Availability 25:42

  • John Dodson is a very talented wide receiver who has looked great as a rookie.
  • Dodson should be considered for waiver pickups, especially with Kendrick Bourne‘s injury.

“John Dodson is probably my number one or number two pickup at the wide receiver position…he’s a really good wide receiver…he’s available in at least half of your leagues.”

“I think that the floor has been raised for Jamir Gibbs…the floor may have lowered a little bit from Montgomery.”

Jameson Williams and Joshua Palmer 28:55

  • Jameson Williams had a mixed performance in the last game, with both a boneheaded play and a good catch.
  • Despite the game’s strange nature, Williams only played 40% of the snaps.
  • Palmer is not expected to perform well against the Jets this week.

“If I have Jameson Williams, I’m not dropping him to pick up Huge or spending fab.” – The Fantasy Footballers

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Looking ahead to Week 9 matchups 29:31

  • Jameson Williams will face the Chargers, which is a favorable matchup.
  • Quentin Johnson will face the Lions, also a favorable matchup.
  • Dropping Quentin Johnson may not be necessary, especially considering the upcoming bye week against the Lions.

“I would be looking at Jameson Williams as a ‘hot candidate’ – somebody that people are letting go of after last night’s performance where they didn’t need to throw the football.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Evaluating other wide receivers 30:52

  • For those in need of a start this week, consider Brandon Cooks and Michael Gallup of the Cowboys due to their matchup against the Eagles.
  • The expectation is high scoring and more passing from the Cowboys side.

“I would much rather start Brandon Cooks this week than Rashid Shakir.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Waiver pickup recommendations: Trey McBride and Michael Wilson 32:01

  • Trey McBride is a must-pickup at the tight end position after his impressive performance in the last game.
  • There is a chance Kyler Murray will return in the following week, making McBride even more valuable.
  • Michael Wilson is an interesting pickup, especially if you have a vacant spot on your roster.

Trey McBride might be my number one pickup of the week at all positions.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Assessing tight ends for roster changes 34:20

Trey McBride is a player who has been talented but hasn’t been able to be on the field. Now, with Zach Ertz on IR, it might be the beginning of Trey McBride‘s breakout at tight end.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Logan Thomas and Michael Mayer 37:21

  • The hosts discuss Logan Thomas and his performance in the end zone.
  • They express comfort and confidence in Logan Thomas.
  • The hosts also mention Michael Mayer as a potential spot starter.
  • The conversation takes place on Halloween.

“I’m very comfortable with Logan Thomas.”

Defensive Waiver Order and Favorite Matchups 37:54

  • The hosts discuss their preferred defensive waiver order.
  • They mention Cleveland as the top choice if available.
  • The Saints matchup against Chicago is also favorable.
  • The hosts mention the Chargers and Vikings defenses as solid pickups.
  • They express some concern about the Chargers’ defense and the Packers’ uncertainty with Stafford.

“Oh Cleveland for if they’re out there… The Saints against Chicago and against a Hobbit would be very nice… Those would be my like two Chargers number one pickups.”

Low Rostered Option and Giants Defense 38:59

  • The hosts discuss a low rostered defensive option for the week.
  • They suggest the Giants defense on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • They mention the Giants defense heating up and the Raiders’ struggles.
  • The Giants defense is believed to be available in around 6% of leagues.

“My low rostered option this week will be the Giants on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders.”

Davante Adams Situation 39:23

  • The hosts discuss the situation involving Devonta Adams.
  • They express frustration and disappointment about his potential absence.
  • The hosts mention Adams potentially wanting to play for the Raiders.
  • The conversation references an interview with Adams where he spoke candidly about his feelings.
  • They suggest Adams might consider leaving the team if given the chance.

“I was Devonta Adams. Oh man. I would bring in cash the rest of my salary and slam it on the desk and say get me out of here… He might take the chance. He’s getting on the plane, man.”

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Bill Belichick’s Circle and Raiders’ Coaching Change 41:23

  • The hosts discuss the state of Bill Belichick’s circle, including his past and current colleagues.
  • They mention several individuals within the circle, such as Patricia, McDaniels, and O’Brien, who have faced difficulties in their respective roles.
  • The hosts suggest a coaching change may be imminent for the Raiders.
  • They mention McDaniels potentially returning to New England but express uncertainty about Belichick’s decision.

“He will be out… The Raiders have not hit their implied total once… Oh, there will be a coaching change there very soon… McDaniels will be in New England. I don’t know if Bill will take him back this time. Maybe.”

Streaming Quarterbacks 42:45

  • The hosts transition to discussing streaming quarterbacks.
  • They mention three favorable matchups for streaming options: Zach Wilson against the Chargers, Matt Jones against Washington, and Derek Carr against the Bears.
  • They highlight Derek Carr‘s recent consistent performance, ranking as a top 15 quarterback for four consecutive weeks.
  • Minshew and Bryce Young are also briefly mentioned as potential streaming options.

“I will jump in and I will lead it off with saying, unfortunately, the best three streaming matchups this week are Zach Wilson against the Chargers, Matt Jones versus Washington, and the third, which Andy is going to use, but it is… You’re going to need some steel underpants for it, but I’m going with Derek Carr… I’m going to go with Gardner Minsh this week… Bryce Young!”

Change in Offensive Playcaller 45:02

  • There was a change in their offensive playcaller.
  • This change had a positive impact on Bryce Young‘s performance.

“And there was a change in their offensive playcaller… we saw an improvement for Bryce Young, that’s a positive thing.”

Closing Remarks 45:13

  • The show concludes with a mention of upcoming segments such as Hungry for More, Thursday night preview, and midseason review.
  • The host mentions that he will be paying the price for his decisions made in the show.

“That is going to do it for today’s show. Tomorrow we have Hungry for More, the Thursday night preview, the midseason review, and I’ll be paying the price for my decisions today. You can tune in for that as well.”

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Stubble Woes 45:27

  • The hosts discuss the issue of facial stubble.
  • One host mentions considering painting on stubble.
  • They joke about the host trying to grow follicles overnight.

“For weeks! For, I don’t know about weeks. Look, any stubble… Just the small, I might paint it on. I mean even the smallest amount of stubble will save… what is happening right now. I know a lot of people sleep at night. I’m going to be like clenching, trying to get the follicles to emerge.”

Hair Growth Serum 45:45

  • The hosts talk about using a hair growth serum to address the issue of stubble.
  • The host mentions purchasing one.

“Have you purchased some kind of hair growth serum?… Oh yeah. Red Dead? Yeah. Oh, I bought it all. We got to fix this pronto.”

Halloween Wishes 45:50

  • The hosts wish the listeners a happy and safe Halloween.
  • They mention that they will be back with new content tomorrow.

“Thank you for tuning in. Have a happy Halloween, a safe Halloween, and we’ll be back with you tomorrow. Farewell.”

Show Conclusion 45:59

  • The hosts bid farewell to the listeners.
  • They thank the audience for listening to their fantasy football podcast.

“Goodbye. Thank you for listening to our episode of the Fantasy Footballer’s podcast.”

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