Footie Award Winners + Wild Card Reactions

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The winners are in! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to Wild Card Weekend and the Footie Award Winners! Find out who won the most illustrious awards in fantasy football! Breakout of the Year, Waiver Wire Wonder, Poopiest Pants Award, and many more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for January 16th, 2024.

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CJ Stroud’s impressive performance 08:17

  • CJ Stroud, at 22 years old, became the youngest quarterback ever to win a postseason game.
  • Despite missing key players like Tank Dale and Noah Brown, Stroud played exceptionally well.
  • He threw three touchdowns, showcasing his talent and potential.

CJ Stroud is the youngest quarterback ever to win a postseason game. He played out of his mind yet again.”

Stroud’s value in dynasty leagues 08:42

  • The hosts suggest that if you have CJ Stroud in a dynasty league, you should celebrate and hold a party as he is a highly coveted quarterback.
  • There was a discussion comparing CJ Stroud to Anthony Richardson, another promising quarterback prospect.
  • While some argue for Richardson, the hosts firmly believe that Stroud is the better choice.

“If you have CJ Stroud in a dynasty league, I want you to hold some sort of party and event for people to come and celebrate you because I can’t imagine wanting a quarterback much more than him.”

Analyzing Anthony Richardson‘s potential 09:25

  • The discussion shifted to Anthony Richardson‘s potential and the limited exposure he has had on the field.
  • Richardson has shown glimpses of his talent, but questions were raised about his susceptibility to injuries due to his playing style.
  • While Richardson has potential, the hosts still believe that CJ Stroud is the more guaranteed and impressive option.

Anthony Richardson, we saw crumbs from Anthony Richardson… but his path to fantasy glory is very clear when you run the football like that. I just think CJ Stroud is guaranteed.”

Disappointing performance by the Miami Dolphins 13:34

  • The hosts express their disappointment in the Miami Dolphins‘ performance against the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Both teams had to play in unfavorable weather conditions, and the Dolphins did not show up to the game.
  • Despite the weather, the hosts argue that the Dolphins had the opportunity to secure home field advantage but failed to do so.

“Huge wet fart of a performance. I’m super disappointed in them. They didn’t show up.”

Criticism towards the Miami Dolphins‘ wide receivers 14:30

  • The hosts criticize the Miami Dolphins‘ wide receivers, with the exception of Rashi Rice.
  • They believe that the wide receivers, apart from Rice, performed poorly and were unable to contribute effectively.

“The wide receivers not named Rashi Rice. They all suck. They’re terrible. But Rashi Rice looked great.”

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Reaction to Dallas Cowboys‘ loss 15:03

  • Disappointment over the Cowboys’ loss and lack of complaints about the outcome
  • Acknowledgment that the Cowboys could have secured victory in their last game

“All they had to do is win the last week of the year.”

Frustration with the performance of the Green Bay Packers 15:14

  • Labeling Green Bay’s performance as embarrassing
  • Feeling embarrassed for having chosen the Packers as Super Bowl contenders

“I’m embarrassed to have picked them to go to the Super Bowl.”

Impressive performance by the Green Bay Packers 15:46

  • Recognition and credit given to Green Bay for dominating the Cowboys
  • Highlighting the positive aspects of Green Bay’s gameplay and abilities

“They were embarrassed. I mean, flat out… humongous credit to Green Bay.”

Back-and-forth game between Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams 17:39

  • Commentary on the exciting nature of the game, with both teams scoring points
  • Observation of the shifts in momentum between offense and defense

“What a game…so much scoring back and forth.”

Detroit Lions‘ defense stepping up against the Los Angeles Rams 18:13

  • Appreciation for the way the Lions defense played against the Rams
  • Emphasizing the Rams’ inability to score touchdowns due to effective defense

“The Rams moved the ball… but when they got near the end zone, the Lions defense stepped up.”

Speculation about future coaching decisions 19:53

  • Mention of rumors surrounding Mike Tomlin’s potential decision regarding his coaching future with the Steelers
  • Highlighting the absence of discussion about Bill Belichick’s retirement plans

“There’s at least some grumblings that no matter what happens that Mike Tomlin will be… Just his choice. He walks away.”

Appreciation for Bill Belichick’s coaching legacy 20:43

  • Expressing admiration for Bill Belichick’s coaching career and suggesting retirement
  • Humorous prediction of Belichick signing with a team and subsequently not doing well

“I hope you retire. I do too… He’s too great of an all-time coach.”

“He’s going to sign with someone and lose with them.”

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Announcement of Jared Mayo taking over as head coach for the New England Patriots 20:56

  • Mentioning Jared Mayo as the successor to Bill Belichick as the head coach of the Patriots
  • Note on the lack of a formal hiring process due to pre-arranged contracts

“Jared Mayo took over in New England…They had all the contracts kind of set up for it.”

“It turns out New England had this contractually figured out the whole time that Mayo was going to be the replacement.”

Anticipation for the Footie Awards 21:43

  • Building excitement for the prestigious and valuable Footie Awards

“there’s not many things in this world… as the heavy, heavy, expensive, incredible footie awards.”

“as illustrious, incredible, valuable, as the heavy, heavy, expensive, incredible footie awards.”

The Annual Footie Award Show 22:12

  • The footie award show celebrates the best and worst in fantasy football, including awards like “performance of the year” and “poopiest pants award” 22:22
  • The hosts express their excitement for the annual footie award show 22:31

“Welcome to the annual footie award show featuring the best and worst in fantasy football, including performance of the year, the waiver wire wonder, the poopiest pants award, and many more.”

Kyren and Puka Fifth Round Picks 29:24

  • Kyren and Pukin were both fifth-round picks.
  • Despite initially liking Kyren, his low odds in the draft made it seem unlikely that he would get a chance to perform.
  • It is uncertain how to feel about Cam Acres, as his role and opportunity seemed promising, but ended up being disappointing.

“Need to see Kyren work out because we liked him but he’s one of those low odds players once the draft happened you’re like well I like what I was not going to get a chance.”

Dak Prescott Wins Quarterback of the Year 30:23

  • The nominees for quarterback of the year were Josh Allen, Jalen Hertz, Lamar Jackson, and Dak Prescott.
  • Dak Prescott was unexpected winner of quarterback of the year, beating out Josh Allen.
  • Dak’s impact and performance in fantasy football gave him a significant edge in the voting.

“It is Dak Prescott…He ran away with it…I thought it was going to be Josh Allen as one of the best draft picks came through with the draft capital.”

Christian McCaffrey Wins Running Back of the Year 32:15

“Jason called it Christian McCaffrey…He won people championships…So 135 for 1749 and 12. In all the greatness remember that it wasn’t perfection.”

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CeeDee Lamb Wins Wide Receiver of the Year 33:00

  • The nominees for wide receiver of the year were CD Lamb, Tyreek Hill, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Mike Evans, and Pukinakua.
  • CD Lamb won wide receiver of the year with 39% of the vote, surpassing Tyreek Hill‘s 22%.
  • CD Lamb’s performance, especially in the latter half of the season, solidified his win and his contribution to winning championships.

“My sweetie CD Lamb really 39% of the vote running up Tyreek Hill with 22%…Dak and CD won people championships. That’s what matters.”

Sam LaPorta Wins Tight End of the Year 35:12

  • The nominees for tight end of the year were Sam LaPorta, Evan Engram, David Njoku, TJ Hawkinson, and George Kittle.
  • Sam LaPorta won tight end of the year by a wide margin, receiving 75% of the vote.
  • LaPorta’s impressive performance and dominance in the fantasy football landscape solidified his win.

“Wow. Talk about running away with it. 75 percent of the vote Sam LaPorta.”

Puka Nucua Wins Breakout Player of the Year 36:05

  • The nominees for breakout player of the year were Rashad White, Kyren Williams, Isaiah Pacheco, Nico Collins, Sam LaPorta, and Puka Nakua.
  • Puka Nakua won breakout player of the year, with Kyren Williams coming in second.
  • Puka Nakua’s strong showing and impact as a rookie made him deserving of the award.

“Puka Nakua…Not good enough for the waiver wire pickup of the year…he broke out early…if you’re listening the first time you don’t realize how big a deal this is.”

Voting for Footie Awards 36:54

  • The hosts discuss the voting for the Footie Awards and wonder how close it was.
  • Puka Nukua was nominated three times but didn’t win, which would have been disappointing.

“But you know for Puka to be nominated three times and not have taken home a footie I would have been really really sad for him.”

Puka Nucua’s Achievements 37:12

  • Kyle shares the news that Puka Nukua broke Randy Moss and Jamar Chase’s rookie fantasy records.
  • He had seven top 12 finishes, the most for a rookie, and nine games with 15+ points, also the most for a rookie.

“So Kyle is sharing news that Puka broke Randy Moss and Jamar Chase the rookie fantasy records, seven top 12 finishes most ever for rookie, nine games of 15 plus points most ever for a rookie.”

Rookie of the Year Nominees and Winner 37:32

  • The nominees for Rookie of the Year are Kenneth Walker, Jameer Gibbs, Pijon Robinson, Devaney Chan, Puka Nukua, and Sam Laporta.
  • The winner is announced, but the hosts don’t mention the name.

“Rookie of the year last year Kenneth Walker brought it home this year’s nominees Jameer Gibbs Pijon Robinson Devaney Chan Puka Nukua Sam Laporta the winner is I don’t know.”

Puka Nucua Wins Footie Award 37:45

  • Puka Nukua wins another Footie Award, making it back-to-back wins for him.

“I mean back to back Puka Nukua.”

Comeback Player of the Year Nominees and Winner 39:09

“This year’s nominees Saquon Barkley, Joe Flacco, and Raheem Mostert, and the winner of comeback player of the year…Raheem Mostert with 49% of the vote, but a very close second place was Joe Flacco with 41% of the vote.”

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Steal of the Draft Nominees and Winner 39:41

“This year the nominees Rashad White, Mike Evans, David Montgomery, Devon H&M, Sam LaPorta, and Raheem Mostert, the winner steal of the draft, he stole the draft he stole your hearts, Rahim Mostert with 50% back to back baby.”

Playoff King Footie Award 41:07

“This year’s nominees Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco, Kyren Williams, James Conner, CD Lam, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and David Najok, the winner is…Kyren Williams with 27% of the vote.”

Nickname of the Year Nominees and Winner 42:45

  • The nominees for Nickname of the Year include Gabe the Babe, JK2L, Goon Man, Banana Ram, Brevin Almighty, Danny Davito, and Arthur Sith.
  • Brett Rippin Farts wins the award, receiving 43% of the vote.

“Oh baby you have Gabe the Babe for Gabe Davis, JK2L for JK Dobbins, Goon Man for Luke Schoonmaker, Banana Ram for Will Leviss, Brevin Almighty for Brevin Jordan, Danny Davito for Tommy Davito, and Arthur Sith for Arthur Smith. And the winner very nice is yes, Brett Rippin Farts baby.”

“Brett Rippin Farts baby. Brett Rippin you have never had more pride or reason to be prideful in your life.”

Show Moment of the Year 45:16

  • Nominees for the show moment of the year are announced.
  • Nominees include Taylor Swift joining the NFL and the show, the “Waver Rankings Rankings,” the “Old Man Feeling,” Jason’s anger during the rock draft, show 1500 being special, Jason turning into a creeper behind a bush, the game perv segment, the wheel of shame involving Alvin, “geese talk,” Jason getting a “not thought,” and the trade betrayal between Andrew and Josh.

“The nominees for the show moment of the year.”

Winner of Show Moment of the Year 46:25

  • The winner of the show moment of the year is announced.
  • The trade betrayal receives 47 percent of the votes and wins.
  • Jason being perverted for “I want this game for games” is the runner-up with 21 percent of the votes.
  • The third place goes to the “Old Man Feeling” segment.

“The winner of the show moment of the year is the trade betrayal at 47 percent.”

Availability of Top 10 Show Moments 46:52

  • Brooks announces that all the top 10 moments of the show are available on YouTube.
  • Viewers are encouraged to watch the clips on the fantasy footballers’ YouTube channel.

“Thanks to Brooks all the top 10 moments of the show are available right now on YouTube.”

Continuing the Show 47:22

  • The hosts reflect on the past year of fantasy football and express their gratitude for the support.
  • They emphasize that the show is year-round and will continue to provide content to help fans prepare for the upcoming NFL events, such as the draft and waiver opportunities.
  • The hosts mention upcoming episodes diving into the truth about the top performers at each position and reflecting on the season.

“We’ve had a ton of fun and we are still with you.” “This is a year-round show trying to get you primed and ready.” “We’ll be reflecting on the season.” “We’ll have the the actual truth.”

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Inside Joke: Brett Rippenfarts 48:07

  • The hosts discuss the nickname of the year, “Brett Rippin Farts.”
  • Jason reveals that he went door to door, trying to get it off the list of nominations.
  • Mike acknowledges that it became the nickname of the year because the listeners wanted it.

“Can we get the truth on how Brett Rippenfarts got the nickname of the year.” “Look I spent I want my children’s on the list.” “What they wanted. This is our legacy.”

Brett Rippenfarts’ Career 48:50

  • The hosts discuss Brett Rippenfarts’ career.
  • He previously played for the Rams, but has since moved to the Jets after a stint with the Seattle Seahawks.

“What team is he on?… He was on the Rams.” “Well first he went to Seattle for a couple weeks and then he went to the Jets.” “But yeah he started a place where Rippen is right at home.”

“The nominees for the show moment of the year.” “The winner of the show moment of the year is the trade betrayal at 47 percent.” “Thanks to Brooks all the top 10 moments of the show are available right now on YouTube.” “We’ve had a ton of fun and we are still with you.” “Can we get the truth on how Brett Rippenfarts got the nickname of the year.” “What team is he on?… He was on the Rams.”

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