Footie Award Nominees + Week 18 Recap, Brock Nasty

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The NFL Playoffs are set! On today’s fantasy football podcast, find out the nominees for The Footie Awards! Your chance to vote for last year’s Steal of the Draft, Rookie of the Year, Best Show Moment, and many more fantasy football awards! Plus, Week 18 reactions, Arthur Smith news, and a look ahead to Wild Card Weekend! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for January 9th, 2024.

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News and Notes: Arthur Smith and Ron Rivera 09:12

  • Arthur Smith and Ron Rivera have been let go from their coaching positions.
  • Both the Washington Football Team and the Atlanta Falcons have appealing job opportunities.
  • Washington has the number two pick, significant salary cap space, and new ownership.
  • The Falcons have elite offensive weapons and a winnable division.

“Arthur Smith, goodbye… Ron Rivera, see you later.” “Both those jobs are not bad jobs… Washington has the number two pick, most cap space, and then a fell new ownership… The Falcons… have elite offensive weapons.”

The Cardinals’ Misjudgment in Trading Down 10:24

  • The Cardinals made a trade that ended up not working in their favor.
  • They expected to receive a higher draft pick, but ended up with the 18th pick.
  • This miscalculation has happened before with the Cardinals, as they previously passed on Terrell Suggs.
  • It highlights the risks involved in trading down in the draft.

“No… It’s not [a good trade]… Remember Terrell Suggs?… They traded down, passed on Suggs… Who needs that guy?”

Evaluating Quarterback Decisions: Justin Fields and Draft Strategies 11:31

  • The Panthers’ owner, David Tepper, has fired everyone, leaving the team without a general manager, head coach, or quarterback.
  • This situation raises questions about the Chicago Bears and their decision on Justin Fields.
  • Fields’ performance has had ups and downs, leading to uncertainty about his long-term potential.
  • The Bears face the dilemma of potentially repeating the mistakes made in selecting other quarterbacks in the draft.
  • Making the right decision is crucial, as it can either lead to success or disaster for the team.

“He doesn’t even have tanked L right now when he’s getting it done… No GM, no head coach, no quarterback… It’s the all season… If you’re Chicago, give the number one pick… You have a decision to make on Justin Fields.”

Injuries in Week 18 and Impact on Playoff Matchups 14:19

  • Sam LaPorta suffered a serious knee injury, including a hyperextension and bone bruise.
  • The injury is devastating, especially considering the potential implications for the playoffs.
  • The immediate reaction from some is to question the decision to play starters in a meaningless game.
  • However, moving from the three seed to the two seed can have significant advantages, such as hosting the game and facing a different opponent.
  • In this case, the injury will impact the matchup, as the team will now face the challenging Rams instead of the Packers.

“The big one was Sam LaPorta… That’s devastating… But they technically had a chance to get to the two seed… Instead, they’re going to be facing the Rams.”

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Miami’s challenge without Bradley Chubb 15:45

  • Miami will face a tough challenge in the playoffs without Bradley Chubb.
  • Chubb’s absence will make it rough for Miami.
  • It would be surprising if Miami beats the Chiefs.

“It’s going to be rough for Miami… I’d be shocked if they beat the Chiefs.”

Playoff bracket maker  15:56

  • Andy Schneider has built a playoff bracket maker for the playoffs.
  • The bracket maker can be found at
  • The tool is free and provides a screenshot of your bracket.

“He built a bracket maker for the playoffs that you can go to at It’s just a free tool. It gives you a screenshot of your bracket.”

Reminders about using the bracket maker 16:37

  • The bracket maker handles all the reseeding based on the user’s predictions.
  • Users can go to to make their predictions.
  • Only four office mates have submitted their predictions so far.

“It does all the reseeding for you based on your picks… So far, and I’m seeing only four of our office mates have put in their predictions.”

Initial predictions for the playoffs 16:50

  • Among the four office mates who have submitted their predictions, the 49ers and the Ravens are the favored champions.
  • The predictions are visible on
  • Some office mates have yet to submit their predictions.
  • More predictions are expected to come in before the playoffs begin.

“So far, and I’m seeing only four of our office mates have put in their predictions… But we’ve got 349ers and one Ravens as the four champions so far.”

First matchups of the upcoming weekend 18:03

  • The upcoming weekend will feature a total of six games during super wild card weekend.
  • Cleveland will face off against the Houston Texans.
  • Miami will play against the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead.
  • Pittsburgh will take on Buffalo.
  • Green Bay will face Dallas.
  • Los Angeles will be matched up against Detroit.
  • Lastly, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on Tampa Bay.

“We’ve got the big weekend, right? Six games… Cleveland taking on the Houston Texans. That should be a game… Miami in arrowhead against Kansas City. Kansas City’s favorite… Pittsburgh going to take on Buffalo, Buffalo favorite by nine and a half… Green Bay taking on Dallas, Dallas seven and a half point favorites at home… Los Angeles taking on Detroit. Detroit three point favorites… And then the Eagles taking on Tampa Bay. Phillies two and a half point favorites.”

Stud performances in Week 18 19:28

  • Stud players who performed well in Week 18 are worth discussing, as these performances can indicate their trajectory for next year.
  • Notable performances include Dak Prescott, Josh Allen, and Derek Carr.
  • Dak Prescott had a dominant stretch of football in fantasy football.
  • Josh Allen maintained his position as the quarterback one for the year.
  • Derek Carr showed his potential with a strong performance in the last four weeks.

“Some studs from Week 18… Dak, big week, Josh Allen ends the year as a quarterback one again… Derek Carr had a four touchdown week… Dak, he’s just absolute dominant stretch of football in fantasy football… Josh Allen, staying as the quarterback one on the year… Derek Carr, we knew you could run this out there.”

Impressive performances by James Conner 22:48

  • James Conner has been highly impressive over the last five weeks of the year.
  • Conner’s last five weeks included a first place finish.
  • Despite missing four games, Conner achieved his first thousand-yard season and brought his yards per carry up to five.

“Has anybody been as impressive as James Conner over the last five weeks of the year? Just a beast… His last five weeks, fifth, 11th, fifth, third, first… Absolutely dominant… First thousand-yard season of his career despite missing four games.”

Rushing yards and missed 1000-yard mark 23:00

  • The player would have run for almost 1400 yards this year with four more games factored in.
  • However, he didn’t hit 1000 yards that year in Pit.
  • From a statistical standpoint, this fact was surprising.

“So with those four games factored in, he would have ran for almost 1400 yards this year.”

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Breece Hall falling short of 1000 rushing yards 23:39

  • Breez Hall had another dominant game with 37 carries for 178 yards.
  • It’s questionable whether giving him 37 carries in a meaningless game in the snow against New England was a good team process.
  • Robert Sella thought that Breez Hall had reached 1000 rushing yards, but it was found that they had gotten the math wrong.
  • Breez Hall ended the year with 994 rushing yards.

“Breez Hall dominant again, 37 for 178.” “Robert Sella, he said that they had got the math wrong.” “He ended the year with 994 rushing yards.”

Saquon Barkley‘s comments on the season’s end 24:36

  • Saquon Barkley shared his thoughts on the end of the season in an interview.
  • Barkley expressed his lack of feelings towards the end of the season and stated that he didn’t have any negative feelings towards the franchise.
  • He suggested that if the team planned to let him go, they should do it soon rather than waiting until March 5th.

“If you’re gonna do it, just don’t wait until March 5th. Get it over with. If not, let me go. Simple. No feelings.”

Ranking older running backs 25:30

  • The hosts discuss the ranking of older running backs.
  • The running backs mentioned include Henry, Kamara, Conner, and Barkley.
  • Their rankings are subject to change based on future developments.

“Put these guys in order of older running backs you’d rather have.”

Bijan Robinson‘s season assessment 26:52

  • Bijan Robinson finishes the season as the running back nine.
  • The hosts give their subjective assessments of the season, with one host feeling happy about Bijan’s performance and the other feeling that the teams who drafted him may have been disappointed.

“If you have to be binary, I will go, I’ll say happy.”

Top wide receiver standouts 29:21

  • Justin Jefferson and CD Lamb continue to perform well, with Jefferson recording 12 catches for 192 yards and 1 touchdown and Lamb recording 13 catches for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Nico Collins finishes the year as the wide receiver nine, surprising those who doubted his abilities.

“13 for 98 and 2 for Lamb, 12 for 192 and 1 for Jefferson.” “Nico Collins finishes the wide receiver nine this year for all of you believers out there.”

Amon Ra’s performance 29:59

  • Amon Ra is performing exceptionally well.
  • He is being described as a “monster.”

Amon Ra is a monster.

Performances of Jacobi Meyers and Calvin Ridley 30:03

  • Jacobi Myers scored a touchdown.
  • Calvin Ridley had a game with 6 receptions for 106 yards.
  • It has been a boom or bust season for Ridley.

Jacobi Myers scored a touchdown. And Calvin Ridley, 6 for 106. What a boom bus season for him.

Concerns about Calvin Ridley‘s contract 30:20

  • There is concern that Calvin Ridley‘s upcoming contract negotiation will be a tough decision for the Jacksonville team.
  • Ridley, at 29 years old, has been inconsistent and may not be worth the money.

That’s gonna be a really tough decision for Jacksonville. Because Calvin Ridley is gonna want that shmoney, but already 29 being streaky. I don’t know that he’s worth the money.

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Update on Evan Engram‘s performance 30:48

  • Evan Ingram fell short of tying the all-time record for most catches in a season by a tight end.
  • There was hope that he would reach the record, but he did not.

Evan Ingram was 12 receptions away from tying the tight end all-time record for most catches in a season. Obviously 13 for breaking it. We didn’t get there.

James Conner‘s unexpected success in Arizona 33:21

  • James Conner, who was struggling in Pittsburgh, has been performing exceptionally well in Arizona.
  • His signing with Arizona was surprising but has proven to be a successful move.

The James Conner signing by Arizona was up. Here, Arizona did it again. Gave a really old running back, a bunch of guaranteed money. But Conner has been great for them.

Speculation on Austin Ekeler‘s future 32:35

  • There is uncertainty regarding Austin Eckler’s future in the league.
  • His situation and health will play a significant role in determining his performance.

I just feel bad saying anything negative about him. But I also know Austin Eckler. And Austin Eckler is an amazing dude. And nobody works harder than Austin Eckler. And the Lord knows that he was not handed a good situation there this season in Los Angeles.

Michael Pittman‘s potential contract negotiations 35:26

  • Michael Pittman‘s agent may negotiate for him to become one of the highest-paid possession receivers in the NFL.
  • Despite not being on the same level as Tyreek Hill or Jamar Chace, the value of contracts consistently rises each year.

Give me the highest paid possession receiver in the NFL. That’s what he could say. Give me that Jarvis Landry money. He’s gonna get money. He will get a big, big bag.

Michael Pittman vs. Calvin Ridley 36:06

  • Given the choice between Calvin Ridley and Michael Pittman, the preference is for Pittman.
  • Ridley’s inconsistency and disappearing acts on the field make him less desirable.

Michael Pittman is a great player, and when you’re true number one wide receiver, you can’t disappear like that. I mean, Michael Pittman had, like, he disappeared a little bit. He’s a B in our consistency.

Michael Pittman is a great player, and when you’re true number one wide receiver, you can’t disappear like that.

Anthony Richardson‘s Impact 36:54

  • The speaker does not believe that Anthony Richardson will be helpful.
  • They think he is solid but not a typical number one player.

“And I don’t think Anthony Richardson‘s gonna help that.”

Tee Higgins vs. Michael Pittman 36:59

“Who’d you rather have T Higgins or Michael Pittman?”

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Performance of Tee Higgins 37:13

  • The speaker acknowledges that T Higgins had a solid performance with 1,100 yards.
  • They mention that T Higgins achieved this with a backup quarterback.

“I mean, 1,100 yards. That’s fine. 11 with a backup quarterback. That’s not crazy.” “I think it’s pretty crazy to have a backup quarterback and you put up those numbers.”

Opinions on Michael Pittman 37:41

“That’s only because of the large history of you always crapping on Michael Pittman.” “72? Yeah. That’s, I mean, those are good numbers.”

Investing in Michael Pittman 38:09

  • The speaker states that they would not invest their future money solely on Michael Pittman.
  • They suggest spending money on other players instead.

“Look, I wouldn’t invest my entire future money on Michael Pittman.” “You can spend it elsewhere.”

Colts’ Situation with Michael Pittman 38:19

  • The speaker confirms that Michael Pittman is back with the Colts.
  • They discuss the Colts’ options with regards to extending his contract.

“Did he get back with the Colts? Yeah, I do.” “So the situation that the Colts are now in because they didn’t extend him before the season started is now you hit his demands.”

Nomination Categories 39:20

  • The speaker introduces the footie award nominations.
  • They mention that the winners will be announced on the next show.

“The footy award nominations. Let’s rock.” “The winners will be announced on next Tuesday’s show.”

Nominations for Performance of the Year 40:02

“The nominees are Dak Prescott, week 10, versus the New York Giants, where he went 404.” “Lamar Jackson, championship weekend, versus Miami, 320 and five.” “Then at the running back position, you had the Devon A-Chan breakout against Denver, 202 on the ground, two receiving touchdowns as well.” “Then you had Christian McCaffrey in the first week of the playoffs, 18 for 115 with a touchdown, five for 72 and two through the air.” “Then a three pack of wide receiver performances, Jamar Chase, which I believe fantasy points wise is the biggest one of the year.” “Week 16 at Houston, 15 targets, 11, 265 and two.” “And then the man, CDLAM championship weekend, 13 for 227 and a 92 yard touchdown.”

Nominations for Fantasy Reapers Man of the Year 41:52

“The second nomination that you’ll be voting for, the fantasy reapers man of the year, which players injury hurt fantasy managers the most.” “Nick Chubb, J.K. Dobbins, both early injuries, Aaron Rodgers as early as it gets.” “Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, slicing up the middle of your season.”

Nominations for the Poopiest Pants Award 42:50

  • The speaker introduces the poopiest pants award nominations.
  • They explain that this award is for players who let down fantasy managers.

“Yes, despite high expectations, this player let you down over and over again.”

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“Austin Eckler, sorry, Austin.” “Running back two off the board.” “Travis Kelsey at the 105. Starting great.” “Patrick Mahomes starting great.” “Tony Pollard, the RB8 in the second round.” “Despite high expectations, this player let you down over and over again.”

Damien Pierce’s performance 43:22

  • Damian Pierce was the 18th running back in week 18.

“Damian Pierce in the fourth, who was the running back 18.”

Potential nominees for the “Waiver Wire Wonder” award 43:49

  • The “Waiverwire Wonder” award goes to the undrafted waiver wire stud who was the best signing.
  • The nominees for this year’s award include Kyren Williams, Pukinakua, Nico Collins, Jaden Reed, and Brock Nasty (Brock Purdy).

“Last year was Justin Fields, the nominees this year, Kyren Williams, Pukinakua, Nico Collins, Jaden Reed, and Brock Nasty.”

Discussion about Brock Purdy 44:21

  • The hosts discuss Brock Purdy and his lack of facial hair growth.

“Honestly, when you read through those names and you get to Brock Purdy, you’re just like, hmm. But he was great.” “And then they asked about Brock Purdy. And he was like, oh, he’s never had a single hair grow out of his face in his life.”

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Tight race for the “Breakout Player of the Year” award 47:20

“Last year, with Justin Fields won it. He won the hearts of many of us for Fantasy football. But this year, the candidates are Rashad White, Kyren Williams, Isaiah Pacheco, and his angry feet, Nico Collins, Sam LaPorta, and Puka Nakua.”

Nominees for the “Comeback Player of the Year” award 49:03

“Raheem Moster, Baker Mayfield, Joe Flacco. Just three, huh? And Michael Pittman. Just three in contention.”

Steel of the draft award 49:24

  • The Steel of the draft award recognizes the player who provided the best value in their draft compared to their average draft position from the previous year.
  • This year’s winner for the Steel of the draft award is Josh Jacobs, a fourth-round pick.
  • Other nominees for the award include Rashad White, Mike Evans, David Montgomery, Devon HN, Sam LaPorta, and more.
  • The seventh round was particularly hot with several nominees coming from that round.
  • Notable mentions include Devon HN in the 11th round and Sam LaPorta in the 13th round.

“The seventh was hot.” 49:42

Playoff king award 49:50

  • The Playoff King award recognizes the player who led fantasy managers to a championship during playoff weeks 15 through 17.
  • Last year’s winner was Jared McKinnon.
  • This year’s nominees include Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco, Kyren Williams, James Conner, and more.
  • It seemed like Jared McKinnon was going to win again, but he got injured.

“And then Jared McKinnon was hurt. But here we go.” 50:05

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Nickname of the year award 50:37

  • The Nickname of the Year award recognizes the best nickname in fantasy football.
  • Last year’s winner was Leonard Fournette with the nickname “The Dump Truck.”
  • This year’s nominees include Gabe the Babe, JK2 Legs, Scoon Man, Banana Ramah, Fergalicious, and many others.

“These are all Jason approved.” 52:28

Show moment of the year award 50:40

  • The Show Moment of the Year award recognizes the most memorable moment from the show.
  • Last year’s winner was Andy’s voice crack as he returned from a sickness.
  • This year’s nominees include Taylor Swift joining the show, the mock draft anger, Jason repeatedly getting sniped, and more.

“Making fun of old people is great.” 53:35

Voting and winners announcement 54:44

  • To vote for the Footie Awards, fans can visit and select their three favorite nominees for each category.
  • The winners of the Footie Awards will be announced next Tuesday.
  • Awards will be given out to both winners and deserving losers.

“When you get the Poopy Pants award in the mail, that’s a tough one to put on the mantle.” 55:02

“I say, if you receive it, Arthur Smith, if that’s you, you don’t put it on the mantle.” 55:08

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Offseason Schedule 55:55

  • The show is now on an offseason schedule.
  • Episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • There is an extra episode of the show available at
  • This extra episode is exclusive to those who support the podcast on Patreon.

“And if you want extra episodes of the show, we’re in our offseason schedule. So shows are Tuesday and Thursday…” 55:53

Conclusion of the Season 56:14

  • The hosts express their surprise and gratitude at the season ending.
  • They thank the listeners for being with them throughout the season.

“And, man, the season’s over. Wow. Thanks for being with us.” 56:18

Fantasy Footballers Community 56:30

  • Listeners are invited to join the fantasy football community at
  • They are also encouraged to follow the hosts on Twitter at theFFballers.

“Join our fantasy football community on and follow us on Twitter at theFFballers.” 56:30

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