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Who will win the Super Bowl? Do Andy, Mike, and Jason ever annoy each other? Find out on today’s fantasy football podcast! It’s an AMA style mailbag, with questions of all kinds asked and answered! Important food takes, trips down memory lane, and a lot more on today’s show! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for January 11th, 2024.

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Dan Quinn to possibly replace Pete Carroll in Seattle 08:35

  • Dan Quinn is being rumored as a potential replacement for Pete Carroll as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Quinn has been the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and has been waiting for an opportunity to become a head coach.
  • This move would make sense given Quinn’s familiarity with the Seahawks organization.

“Now there’s a lot of rumors around Dan Quinn in Dallas. Finally, which makes sense. Now he’s turned down head coaching opportunities for a few years to stay as the DC.”

Mike Vrabel fired by the Tennessee Titans 10:23

  • Mike Vrabel has been let go as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans.
  • Vrabel’s firing comes after a disappointing season for the Titans, who had high expectations.
  • There are rumors that Vrabel could be a potential replacement for Bill Belichick in New England if Belichick were to leave.

“My immediate reaction is teams that are on the edge of firing their coach should fire their coach and hire Mike Vrabel.”

Chicago Bears firing Luke Getze 12:58

  • The Chicago Bears have fired offensive coordinator Luke Getze.
  • Matt Eberfluss is expected to retain his position as defensive coordinator, unless the Bears decide to make a change.
  • The Bears have a history of hiring a new coach, struggling, drafting a top-tier quarterback, struggling again, and then firing the coach.

“This is a pattern. They hire a coach. The coach does poorly. They keep the coach. They draft a top-tier quarterback. They do poorly again that year and then they fire their coach.”

Strategic approach for the Chicago Bears 13:59

  • The Bears could explore a strategy of trading down in the draft to accumulate more draft capital.
  • By trading down multiple times and acquiring enough picks, the Bears could build a strong team around their quarterback.
  • While having an elite quarterback is advantageous, a well-built team can still be successful in today’s NFL.

“And if you can compile enough, I think that while having the elite quarterback is a massive advantage, I think that fields can be good enough to win if you just stack the team.”

Kirk Cousins considering taking a hometown discount 15:46

  • Kirk Cousins has mentioned the possibility of taking a hometown discount in his next contract with the Minnesota Vikings.
  • He stated that the dollars are not the most important factor and that he has been blessed beyond his wildest dreams.
  • Justin Jefferson‘s opinion could play a significant role in the decision, as he has expressed admiration for Cousins.

“There’s not a better scenario than that in my opinion.”

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Difficulty of replacing a quarterback 16:39

  • While it may be easy to criticize Kirk Cousins and believe he is not worth his contract, finding a replacement quarterback is challenging.
  • It is easier to get rid of a quarterback than to find a suitable replacement.
  • Teams that move on from a quarterback without securing a replacement can end up in a perpetual cycle of searching for a new quarterback.

“It is very easy to get rid of your quarterback. It is very difficult to replace your quarterback.”

Injuries and updates 16:45

  • Ian Rappaport and Gabe Davis injured their PCL, no other updates on their status yet.
  • AJ Brown had an MRI on his knee, waiting for results.
  • It’s strange that there is no further information available.
  • AJ Brown‘s injury might not be serious since there has been no official announcement.

“We have no other news on that, whether he’s playing and then AJ Brown, MRI and his knee. So waiting on that. This one is bizarre.”

Speculation on AJ Brown‘s injury 17:08

  • It’s surprising that there is no confirmation about AJ Brown‘s condition, considering he is a star wide receiver and the playoffs are ongoing.
  • It is unlikely that there is something seriously wrong with him, as important news tends to be quickly announced.

“Just feel like he’s your superstar wide receiver. I would have, I would think he would have walked, he would have gone from the tent immediately to the machines. That’s why I doubt that there’s something seriously wrong because I feel like with all the attention on that team and on the playoffs, you would have already heard something, but I would have loved to have heard he’s fine.”

No other news 17:28

  • No other news or updates to report.

“Anything else, Bruxy, you got news for us? I don’t got news.”

Discussion on bubble gum 17:47

  • Pete Carroll’s news is surprising.
  • The hosts discuss bubble gum flavors and preferences.
  • They wonder why Pete Carroll, who loves chewing gum, doesn’t have his own brand.

“Not yet. No, that’s crazy though. Pete Carroll, but the variable and Carol ones were bomb shells to me. Bad news for big bubble gum. Oh, with him. Oh, sales will plummet. He was very, he was keeping them in business.”

Favorite bubble gum 18:44

  • The hosts share their favorite bubble gum flavors, such as Double Mint, Juicy Fruit, and Bubble Yum.

“Do you have a favorite bubble gum? Yeah. Gum. I haven’t been a gum chewer in a while. I haven’t either. I liked the old, what are the double mint? Is that the green package? Yeah. You were into that? Yeah. I liked that one. Juicy. The one with the twins commercials? Yes. No, no. Oh yeah. The twins. Yes. The twins. I’m going to say then the juicy fruit. Juicy fruit was delicious, but it just five seconds. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it moved you. Bubble yum. There was a lot. They had the volume. Yeah. You really got a lot there.”

Preview of AMA 19:11

  • The hosts mention that the bubble gum discussion was a preview of the upcoming AMA segment.

“Now is a preview. The bubble gum discussion was a preview of the AMA. If you liked that, if you liked that content, what was our discussion the other day? We had another really important, I mean, shopping carts. It was a shopping cart.”

Cooking Potatoes 24:07

  • French fries are not the best way to consume potatoes.
  • Soft potatoes in a stew are delicious.
  • Russet potatoes are preferred in soups and stews.

“But you know, you French fry them up and then I love like a good stew where you have just the real soft potatoes in there. I love that.”

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Types of Potatoes 24:20

  • Russet potatoes are the preferred type for soups and stews.
  • Red potatoes are not preferred in soups and stews.

“Those have got to be the Russet, the brown potato. Don’t give me now those red potatoes in my soup.”

Expert Opinions on Potatoes 24:32

  • The experts confirm that the brown potatoes are Russet.
  • Brown potatoes are the default when thinking of a potato.

“The brown one, that’s a potato. Yes. The default is potato. Yeah.”

Cooking bacon 31:45

  • People microwave bacon to avoid getting physically injured by grease popping.
  • Some people think microwaved bacon isn’t crispy.
  • Air fryers can also be used to cook bacon, but it can be dangerous if not done properly.

“People are microwaving bacon. That sounds awful.”

Mike’s sneaker collection 32:37

  • Mike is a sneakerhead with an extensive collection of Nike SBs.
  • He wanted to get the themed Freddy Krueger shoe, but it didn’t make it into production.
  • Mike estimates that he has over 80 pairs of shoes.

“I’ve had more opportunities recently to go [to Disneyland] because it feels like every time Jason plans a trip to go, something comes up and he has to cancel the trip.”

Annoyances among the hosts 34:47

  • The hosts occasionally get annoyed with each other, especially when it comes to fantasy football takes.
  • They have disagreements and argue about their opinions, but it has never escalated into a big issue or fight.
  • Most of the annoyance is directed towards Jason due to his questionable takes.

“I think all of my annoyance has always been just Jason, well, more Jason because we butt heads more, but it’s always on fantasy.”

Favorite rides and snacks at Disney parks 36:34

  • Mike and Jason are both big fans of Disney parks.
  • Mike’s favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean, while Jason’s favorite is Splash Mountain (refurbished into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure).
  • Andy admits to enjoying Disneyland, but not as much as Mike and Jason.

“For me, my favorite ride, we don’t, I’ve never been to Disney World. We live six hours from Disneyland.”

Disneyland vs Disney World debate 38:50

  • The hosts have a friendly debate about whether Disneyland or Disney World is better.
  • Andy argues that Disney World is superior because it has four parks and more to offer.
  • The others disagree and express their love for Disneyland.

“Disney World is better. Oh, get out of here. You’re immediately disqualified.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ first-ever win 00:03

“The first ever chest beating for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” 00:03

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Football positions discussion 00:03

  • Trevor asks the hosts what position they would play if they weren’t NFL players.
  • The hosts discuss potential positions for each other, including quarterback and linebacker.
  • Jason says he would want to play safety if he could choose any position.

“If you weren’t NFL player, what position would you want to play?” 00:03 “I would play safety.” 00:04

Fan encounters 45:52

  • Andy shares a funny story about an awkward fan encounter.
  • During a paramedic visit to his home, a paramedic recognized Andy and gave him a fist bump.
  • Andy was caught off guard but reciprocated the fist bump. He hopes it was okay.
  • Fist bumps are almost impossible to reject and are considered a courteous gesture.
  • The paramedic’s fist bump made Andy feel appreciated.

“Are you Andy from the fantasy footballers?” – Paramedic

Awkward fan encounters 47:20

  • Al asks about the most awkward fan appearance.
  • Andy recounts an incident where a person had an accident at his home on Christmas.
  • While paramedics were aiding the injured person, one of them recognized Andy and fist bumped him.
  • Andy was unsure how to react but ultimately returned the gesture.
  • He jokes that it’s hard to refuse a fist bump as it is part of the code of civility.

“Are you Andy from the fantasy footballers?” – Paramedic

Recognition from fans 46:34

  • Andy recalls running into people who enjoy fantasy football.
  • It’s amusing when people mention they listen to fantasy football podcasts and show Andy their favorite show, not realizing it is his own.
  • He is often tempted to reveal that he hosts a fantasy football podcast but usually refrains from doing so.
  • Andy contemplates mentioning his own show in these encounters to see the reaction.
  • He appreciates the support from fans who unknowingly listen to his podcast.

“Yeah, we do a fantasy podcast. Oh, I listened to a bunch of those. Here’s my favorite one.” – Conversation with a fan

Fist bump etiquette 48:26

  • When someone offers a fist bump, it is customary to reciprocate.
  • Reciprocating a fist bump is considered a gesture of civility and gratitude.
  • The hosts discuss how it’s hard to reject a fist bump, as it goes against the norm of polite behavior.
  • Similar to NFL players tricking referees into high-fiving or fist bumping them, rejecting a fist bump is rarely seen.
  • They appreciate the paramedic’s fist bump and recognize the significance of the gesture.

“If someone offers you a fist bump, a fist bump of, you know, like, hello, gratitude, just anything, you’re going to fist bump them back.” – Jason

Team preferences for the Super Bowl 49:40

  • The hosts discuss which team they want to win the Super Bowl.
  • Jason expresses his desire for Houston to win, as it would be an extraordinary achievement.
  • Mike shares enthusiasm for CJ Stroud and hopes Houston can secure the victory.
  • They consider the impact a Super Bowl win would have on Stroud’s career.
  • Andy admits it would be odd for him to root for San Francisco since they are in the same division.

“If Houston somehow won the Super Bowl, it would be the greatest thing in history.” – Mike

Responsibilities for league trophies 51:17

  • The hosts discuss the responsibility of buying a trophy for the fantasy football league.
  • They believe it is the league’s responsibility to purchase the trophy.
  • The winner takes care of the trophy for a year as part of the league dues.
  • It is suggested that the winner can take fun pictures with the trophy, such as bringing it to Disneyland.
  • Individual rings, on the other hand, should be purchased by the winner themselves.

“The trophy should be the league’s responsibility because everybody has a chance to get the trophy.” – Andy Plug 52:31

  • The Fantasy Footballers offer a free ring with the code “free ring” when purchasing a trophy or a belt for $59 52:32

“And if you use the code free ring, they’ll give you a free ring.”

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Swag and Home Discussion 52:42

  • The hosts discuss getting swag and decorating their studio 52:42
  • They talk about celebrating CD Lamb and putting a CD Lamb something in front of Jason’s computer 53:01
  • They mention needing to reach the CD Lamb object, so it should be placed between them 53:12

“We should get just, we need a gigantic CD lamb something.” 52:56

Equipment for Podcasting 53:26

  • The hosts discuss their podcasting equipment, including microphones and mixers 53:26
  • They mention using Beringer B2 microphones and a Scarlett 18i20 audio interface 54:06
  • They also talk about using logic pro for mixing 54:29
  • The hosts mention using black magic cameras with Canon lenses 54:40
  • On the road, they use shore mics, specifically SM7Bs 54:48

“We use a bunch of black magic cameras right now. That is correct. I think they all have Canon lenses on them.” 54:40

Advice for Podcasters 54:58

  • The hosts suggest investing in good quality equipment and sound treating the room for a better podcast experience 54:58
  • They mention the Beringer B2 microphone as a pro podcast tip 54:10
  • The hosts discuss how sound treating a bedroom made their recording space better than a bigger, echoey room 55:44

“But now you go to, I was at Target buying gloves. And I was walking over in the electronics section last night, and they have a podcasting section with clamps and mounts and stuff for hooking up and recording.” 55:12

Highlight of the Show 56:24

  • The hosts joke about the highlight of the show being the friends they made along the way 56:24
  • They mention some funny moments from dressing up as Taylor Swift and Batman 56:41

Episode Wrap-Up and Call to Action 59:02

  • The hosts thank everyone for tuning in today. 59:06
  • They specifically acknowledge Disneyland fans. 59:09
  • They mention their fantasy football community on 59:22
  • They encourage listeners to follow them on Twitter at theFFballers. 59:22

“Thanks to everybody tuning in today. All you Disneyland fans out there. Catch you next week.”

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