Fantasy Draft Re-Do + Hungry for More, TNF Preview

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Rest of season trade values on today’s fantasy football podcast! Andy, Mike, and Jason take turns picking the top 24 players in a fantasy football draft redo! Plus, a new “Hungry For More” segment, NFL News, and a Thursday Night Football preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 11th, 2023.

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Discussing a player with potential 07:40

“For me, it is Logan Thomas tied in for the Washington Commanders.” “And here’s the deal. We’ve seen this BNME offense. It is offensive to me.” “But the one real consistent target monster so far has been Logan Thomas.”

Logan Thomas – An Incredible Comeback Story 08:26

  • Logan Thomas had a breakout season as a tight end, but then suffered a devastating knee injury at the age of 32.
  • Despite the setback, he has made an incredible comeback and is performing well this season.
  • Thomas is averaging six or more targets per game, is a red zone threat, and has a target share of 26%.
  • He is currently ranked as the tight end seven and is still undervalued due to his injury history.

“Like this is an incredible story… He’s a tight end seven… I think you can still go and get him… this is a more consistent option than probably anybody you have.”

Logan Thomas – Affordable Option 09:44

  • Logan Thomas is available at a low cost, making him an attractive target for fantasy football managers.
  • He can be acquired from the waiver wire without spending a significant amount.
  • In trades, he won’t require a high price to be paid due to his injury history.
  • Thomas has been performing well and is a valuable asset for managers in need of tight end help.

“He’s not someone that I think you have to pay up for… You’re not going to pay a ton on the waiver wire… If you try to get him in a trade, he won’t cost you anything… I think that’s a really nice pick.”

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Rhamondre Stevenson – A Plan for Success 10:14

  • Despite a slow start to the season, Ramandre Stevenson presents a valuable opportunity for fantasy football managers.
  • Strategically planning for his poor matchups and buying low can lead to significant returns.
  • By waiting until after facing tough defenses like the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints, managers can acquire Stevenson when his value is low.
  • With favorable matchups against the Las Vegas Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins, Stevenson’s potential is set to increase.

“My player that I’m hungry for more… I’m hungry for a lot more… Ramandre Stevenson has done very, very little… I had a plan and I have stuck to that plan… I’m very hungry for some more Ramandre Stevenson.”

Jordan Addison – Time for More 14:25

  • Jordan Madison has been an underperforming rookie through the first five weeks of the season.
  • However, with Justin Jefferson‘s injury and time spent on the injured reserve, there is an opportunity for Madison to step up.
  • As the targets previously going to Jefferson need to be redistributed, Madison could see increased involvement in the offense.
  • Despite his rough start, Madison’s potential remains high, making him worth considering for fantasy football managers.

“I’m hungry for more Jordan Madison… He is the wide receiver 28… The targets have to go somewhere… He gets it done for you in the passing game.”

Fantasy draft re-do 15:14

  • KJ Osborne may not see continued flow of targets in his position as a replacement.
  • Jordan Addison, on the other hand, has shown his skills with short area speed and the ability to hop-in speed.
  • Addison now has a huge opportunity as his hand is forced to be on the field more.
  • The Chicago Bears, their upcoming opponent, have allowed the most passing yards this season.

“I want to see what Jordan Addison can do now that their hand is forced to get him on the field even more.”

Weekly pass rates in the NFL 15:48

“No team in the NFL passes the football at a higher rate than the Minnesota Vikings thus far through five weeks.”

Emari Demercado and James Conner 16:33

  • D’Marcato is being seen as a good running back option due to his size and speed.
  • He looked good in the previous game, and with James Conner on IR, D’Marcato has the opportunity to shine.
  • James Conner has only had 5 targets over the last four weeks, making him the last in targets among qualifying running backs.

“No, that’s the best running back option that the team has right now.”

Van Jefferson trade 20:58

“But they said, no, we need to clear a pay, uh, clear a path for Tutu to be our third guy.”

Redoing the First Two Rounds of Fantasy Draft 24:00

  • The hosts are redoing the first 24 picks, or the first two rounds, of their fantasy football draft.
  • This is essentially a representation of their rest-of-season rankings.

“Well, we are five weeks in. Everything’s gone exactly according to plan. Mm-hmm. Just like ADP.” “This segment will probably sound exactly like our most recent mock draft before the season. But we’ll do it anyway.” 24:00 “We’re going to redo the first 24 picks, the first two rounds. If we are starting right here, right now, today, it is a kind of a way of saying, hey, what is our rest of season rankings for these first two rounds?” 24:21

Christian McCaffrey the Top Pick in Redo Draft 24:35

  • Christian McCaffrey is chosen as the first pick in the redo draft.
  • Despite missing games this year, McCaffrey’s value is significant due to his high production when healthy.

“What a tough one. It’s easy for me. It is Christian McCaffrey. Christian McCaffrey. He’s back.” “And it appears that the fantasy hitman has the first pick in our fantasy draft redo.” 24:35Christian McCaffrey, you have this year started some of the grossest running back to as I’ve ever seen.” 25:21

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Tyreek Hill and Ja’Marr Chase Among the Top Picks 26:41

  • With the second and third picks in the redo draft, Tyreek Hill and Jamar Chase are selected.
  • These players have been outstanding and consistent performers in fantasy football.

“One of them hasn’t played since week one, but his past is bi-week, which if we were drafting right now, that’s a pro for them. It is. That’s a huge. And should be fully healthy at that being Austin Eckler.” “For me, it’s Tyreek Hill.” 26:14 “It is Jamar Chase. I’m taking Jamar Chase at number three.” 27:15

“Tyree Kill is just been outstanding, unstoppable, and half PPR is averaging 23 points per game.” 26:44 “If I was drafting right now, Jamar Chase is 19 targets last week, three touchdowns. He’s a dominator at the position and things are going to be better for Cincinnati.” 27:21

Fantasy Draft Re-Do: Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford 29:13

  • Cooper Kupp is a high-risk but top-five wide receiver pick.
  • Kupp is a key player in the Rams’ offense, and fantasy managers should feel confident in drafting him.

Cooper Kupp was back on the field, and not only was he back, but the offense runs through him.”

  • Matthew Stafford is an interesting player for the rest of the season.
  • Regression to the mean and positive regression for touchdowns is coming for Stafford.
  • He throws the ball a lot due to the team’s middle-of-the-pack defense.

Matthew Stafford is a very interesting player rest of season. Their defense is like middle of the pack. And so they’re just, he’s having to throw so much.”

Top Picks: Austin Ekeler and David Montgomery 31:05

  • Austin Ekeler is a top-five pick and a reliable choice.
  • He has been a top-three running back in the past and is performing well this season.
  • Ekeler’s performance in his last game was dominant.

Austin Ekeler is a great selection. He’s been a top three running back the last three years and was dominant in his last game.”

  • David Montgomery is a strong choice due to his consistent performance and opportunities.
  • The Lions’ offense has been strong, adding to Montgomery’s value.

David Montgomery is right behind CMC in points per game. He’s on pace for almost 400 carries on one of the best offenses in football.”

Bijan Robinson vs. David Montgomery 32:06

  • David Montgomery is the more reliable pick compared to Bijan Robinson.
  • Montgomery has consistently performed well and has a higher floor.
  • Despite the potential of Robinson, the Atlanta offense’s dysfunction makes Montgomery a safer option.

David Montgomery doesn’t have random games where someone else takes more carries like Bijan this past week. Montgomery’s metrics have been elite for a while.”

  • While Robinson represents a higher ceiling, his potential is uncertain.
  • Montgomery is a better pick for long-term success.

David Montgomery is a better pick for your team than Bijan.”

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##ing David Montgomery and Bijan 35:52

  • They are back to back in this draft.
  • It’s not necessary to change your pick if you think Montgomery is better than Bijan.

“I think it’s just accepting on phase value what we have seen to continue.”

Comparing David Montgomery and Bijan’s usage 36:07

  • Both players will be the lead running backs on their teams.
  • Both players are capable of catching the football.

David Montgomery is following up a season where how sexy is Jamal Williams, guys? And how many touchdowns did he have last year? 7,000. And how much better is this offense now? I mean, this offense is even better.”

Considering strategy in drafting Bijan 36:40

  • Drafting Bijan might not work in every league.
  • Drafting Bijan could be a good move if it provides an upgrade to another starter position.

“I do really, I mean, it’s hard not to take Stefan Diggs here, but once we’re out of this range for running backs, it starts to get pretty gross.”

Examining the points scored by Detroit and Atlanta 37:32

  • Detroit averaged 29.6 points per game.
  • Atlanta averaged 16.6 points per game.

“I’ll look it up, but probably a lot.”

Jonathan Taylor vs. Breece Hall 39:47

“But what we saw with Zach Moss, the utilization, not just the performance, but like the carries, the targets that were coming his way, was in the pace of play for the Colts, the fact that they weren’t some slow offense. Like Steichen is running a good offense here and you put Jonathan Taylor in there. I think he’s going to be special.”

Selecting Stefon Diggs 41:17

  • Stefon Diggs has been consistently great.
  • He has only had one week outside the top 24 wide receivers.

“He has one week so far outside the top 24. Otherwise, he’s been a top six wide receiver every week.”

“This is perfect because the two players at nine are two players I just saw in a trade and somebody asked if they should do it. And I don’t know the answer to this.”

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Raheem Mostert‘s performance and value 42:20

  • The San Francisco 49ers have the most prolific offense in the NFL.
  • They are comparable to the greatest show on turf Rams in terms of every measurable.

“They’re the most prolific offense that the NFL has seen since the greatest show on turf Rams.”

Considering Raheem Mostert vs. Breece Hall 42:55

  • Breece Hall is a workhorse prototype and has more total touches per game.
  • Although Moster is the best running back on the best offense, a trade for Hall could be a good move.
  • The only variable to consider is the HN injury where Jeff Wilson and Solvenok Med are waiting to return.

“He has Breece Hall, who is more of a workhorse prototype, more total touches per game, rest of the way. I think my answer was yeah, you probably should. I would.”

Concerns about Raheem Mostert‘s injury history 43:51

  • Raheem Moster has a history of getting hurt, which is a cause for concern.
  • The preference for younger athletes in fantasy drafts suggests choosing someone like Breece Hall over Moster.

“Now you say that because you’re afraid he’s gonna get hurt. Yes, because he’s always gotten hurt. Yeah, like Breece hasn’t. Sure, but I mean, I would generally go with the younger athlete version of the older one.”

ETN vs Kenneth Walker 49:22

  • ETN and Kenneth Walker are being discussed.
  • The focus is on the potential and youth of these players.
  • ETN is preferred over Walker due to his potential in the passing game.
  • Walker has shown promise with touchdowns but lacks involvement in the passing game.

“I like ETN more than Walker, rest of season.”

Travis Etienne 49:55

  • Travis ETN is mentioned.
  • The speaker acknowledges making a mistake and being disappointed with ETN’s performance.
  • They mention the potential for big plays from ETN, but also the possibility of disappointing games.
  • The Jags’ offense is still coming together, and ETN’s performance may improve as the season progresses.

“He has looked fantastic. And I think that it feels like it’s a matter of time for the Jags to get their offense fully clicked.”

ETN vs AJ Brown and Davante Adams 50:50

  • ETN is compared to AJ Brown and Devonte Adams.
  • The decision is made to draft AJ Brown over ETN due to Adams’ injury.
  • ETN is still highly regarded but is considered to have a lower ceiling compared to the healthy players.

“I would agree with obviously both of you that prefer Travis ETN ahead of him.”

Consideration of injured players 56:34

  • The hosts discuss the impact of injuries on player rankings.
  • They mention the uncertainty surrounding Justin Jefferson‘s return from injury.
  • There are concerns that Jefferson may not be ready to play after missing four weeks.

“At this point, I can’t take Justin Jefferson.”

Examining quarterback options 57:48

  • The hosts begin considering the quarterback position in the fantasy football draft.
  • They mention Josh Allen as a top quarterback option.
  • However, they debate whether Allen is different enough from other available players to justify an early selection.

“To me, Josh Allen is the clear one.”

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Analyzing the situation with Josh Jacobs 58:15

  • The hosts discuss the recent performances of Josh Jacobs.
  • They highlight his consistent volume and high involvement in the passing game.
  • Despite a slow start to the season, they believe Jacobs will be a top 10 running back moving forward.

“I think Josh Jacobs is going to be absolutely a top 10 running back rest of season.”

Debating the choice of wide receiver 59:15

  • The hosts deliberate between Mark Andrews, Mike Evans, and DeVonta Smith for their wide receiver selection.
  • They mention the drop in scoring opportunities for Andrews due to a missed touchdown catch.
  • Ultimately, they choose Mark Andrews as a potential difference-maker for the rest of the season.

“If Mark Andrews catches that touchdown that went right through his hands, he would have another monster week.”

Considering multiple factors for wide receiver selection 59:52

  • The hosts discuss the tough decision between DeVonta Smith and Mike Evans.
  • They highlight Evans’ recent impressive performances and Smith’s potential in a high-scoring offense.
  • Ultimately, they decide to choose CeeDee Lamb instead, considering his upside and consistency.

“I’m glad I got to give CeeDee Lamb a shout out.”

Evaluating Saquon Barkley‘s potential 01:01:41

  • The hosts discuss Saquon Barkley‘s return from injury and his importance to the New York Giants‘ offense.
  • They mention his past success as a top running back and expect him to receive a significant number of targets.

“I’m going to take Saquon Barkley. He’s going to be back. He’s going to be everything for the nothing that is the Giants.”

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TNF Preview: Denver vs Kansas City 01:04:25

  • It’s the Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.
  • Denver’s defense is struggling, while Kansas City’s offense has been underwhelming.
  • The over/under is set at 48 points, with Kansas City as the favorites.
  • The Broncos defense is not expected to perform well.
  • Any given game, even underdogs can win.

“The over and under is 48. And Kansas City’s 10 and a half point favorites.”

Options for Tight End Replacement 01:08:46

  • If Kelsey doesn’t play, be prepared to pivot and pick up a waiver wire tight end.
  • Possible tight end replacements include Logan Thomas, Cole Kmet, Hunter Henry, and Noah Gray.
  • Other options might also be available.

“Obviously, no one’s going to be Travis Kelsey, but be prepared to pivot if he doesn’t play.”

Lack of Confidence in Denver Broncos Players 01:09:26

  • The Denver Broncos have a tough matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • No single player on the Broncos’ roster inspires confidence this week.
  • The only shot one could consider taking is with Jalil McLaughlin.
  • Overall, it’s advisable to avoid starting any Broncos players.

“Not one single player. There’s a shot I’d take. It would be Jalil McLaughlin. That’s it. I will take a shot before I take that shot just to be able to let it go down.”

Chiefs Defense as a Bad Matchup 01:10:29

  • The Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense has been dominating this season.
  • They have been a bad matchup for quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.
  • Despite the expectation of the Broncos needing to throw the ball, the Chiefs defense limits opposing offenses.
  • Patrick Mahomes may not perform at the same level as in previous years, although he is still a worthwhile start.
  • It’s recommended to avoid starting any Broncos players against the Chiefs.

“Look, you look at the Chiefs and you say, they’re going to have to keep up. They’re going to have to throw the ball. But you could say that with everybody who’s played them this year, the chiefs defense is legit. You need to start viewing them as a bad matchup because they are a bad matchup. And it’s hurting Patrick Mahomes. It is hurting Patrick Mahomes because he doesn’t need to do as much.”

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Considerations for Starting Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton 01:11:33

  • Jerry Judy and Cortland Sutton have both underperformed.
  • There may be situations where fantasy managers have to start one of them due to lack of alternatives.
  • If forced to choose, starting Jerry Judy might be the better option, considering his potential for a touchdown.

“And there are situations in reality where you’d have to start Jerry Judy or Cortland Sutton because you just don’t have other options. You lost Jefferson or whatever. If you had to start one of those two players, which one are you starting? Between Judy and Sutton. Yeah. Judy. Probably Judy. I think I’m going for the touchdown.”


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