Crucial Start/Sit Decisions + Hungry For More

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Get ready for Week 14 and the fantasy playoffs! On today’s fantasy football podcast, tough start/sit decisions to make! Plus, Hungry For More players, NFL News, and a preview of Thursday Night Football! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 6th, 2023.

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Rankings on Spotify 01:08

  • The hosts mention that the podcast ranked as the fourth largest sports podcast on Spotify for the entire year.

“You’re talking about the fourth largest sports podcast on Spotify for the entire year, Jason. I think we’re thrilled every day.”

Christmas spirit 02:29

  • The hosts discuss the Christmas spirit and how it is not present for some of them yet.

“Is the Christmas spirit present? Do you feel it yet?” “It is not there for me yet. See, it’s an organic. It just happens.”

Christmas music 02:53

  • The hosts talk about how Christmas music is not as readily available as it used to be and sometimes requires actively seeking it out.

“Because, you know, when we were growing up, you just put the radio on.” “Right. And people were playing the Christmas music. Now, you’d have to like get in your car and say Christmas music.” “Yeah, which I do almost every day. Oh, do you? Oh, yeah.”

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Thursday night game preview 03:19

  • The hosts mention that they will be previewing the Thursday night game and discussing NFL news and waivers.

“Today we’ve got quite a bit going on. We’re going to preview the Thursday night game.” “We’ve got NFL news to talk about. Wavors for your leagues are going to go through or have gone through.”

Amari Cooper injury 03:33

  • One of the hosts, Jason, discusses a predicament in his league due to Amari Cooper‘s questionable status.

“I’m in a real predicament in our league.” “Because they decided to move Mr. Amari Cooper into a questionable tag.” “Okay. He has a full-on concussion. Yeah.” “But he’s questionable, which I get. Yeah.” “But now my roster is too jammed up to make the moves I want.”

Hungry for More – Dontayvion Wicks 04:19

  • Mike discusses his “Hungry for More” candidate, rookie Contavian Wicks of the Green Bay Packers, who has been making an impact despite being off the radar.

“I’m going to go with rookie Contavian Wicks of the Green Bay Packers.” “He was a fifth-round pick. So this is a player who is mostly off the radar for redraft purposes.” “But over the course of the year, like the guy can actually play.” “The snaps have been low, but some of the metrics that we look for… have been sensational.”

“We’re talking about no averaging high 20% in target per route run. That’s a fantastic number.” “And with the injury to Christian Watson, like Don Tavion Wicks seems to be the next man up.” “He’s a big play guy waiting to happen. And I think that with this opportunity here, he’s going to be an interesting decision for deep leagues and DFS.”

Hungry for More – Miami Dolphins defense 04:19

  • Jason discusses his “Hungry for More” candidate, the Miami Dolphins defense, which has been performing exceptionally well in fantasy football.

“Well, I think maybe for the first time this year, I am not going with a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or tight end.” “I’m hungry for more of the Miami Dolphins defense.” “Their offense has been great, but they have been outstanding over the last three weeks.” “They’re the number one defense in fantasy points scored, averaging 15 points a game.”

Reception Importance 17:41

  • Zeke’s ability to catch receptions is an important part of his game moving forward.
  • The team lacks reliable pass catchers, even Devonte Parker didn’t mention it in the news.

“But I’m more interested in those receptions.” 17:41

Zeke’s Offensive Role 18:00

  • Ezekiel Elliott is likely to be a major contributor to the team’s offense.
  • He’s a very good play, despite the low projected score of the game.

“I think he’s a very good play.” 18:04

Baseline Performance 18:33

  • Zeke is expected to have a baseline performance of around 10 points.
  • He also has the highest odds of being the touchdown scorer.

“You think he’s probably got like a baseline of around 10 points.” 18:33

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Pittsburgh’s Defense and Running Backs 18:53

  • Pittsburgh is favored by six points.
  • The New England Patriots have given up the fewest points in the last four weeks.
  • Janneth Warren is worth starting if he has the opportunity to himself.
  • Opportunities were limited last week due to being down by a lot.
  • Both running backs, Warren and Harris, are viable options.

“Pittsburgh is, you know, there’s six point favorites.” 18:53 “But Janneth Warren is worth starting, especially if he has the opportunity all to himself.” 19:29 “So I think both running backs, we can say over under be darned.” 19:51

Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks 20:35

  • Deontay Johnson has been better when playing with Pickett.
  • Pickett’s potential is uncertain, but he might not submarine you.

“The games with Mitch, Deontay Johnson has been better.” 20:45 “I don’t believe he will submarine you.” 21:21

Defensive Battle 23:01

  • This game is expected to be an old school defensive battle.
  • The Patriots defense has been excellent recently, making them a good play.
  • Defensive touchdowns could impact the over under.

“It is going to be an old school defensive battle.” 23:01 “Here’s the final thing I’ll say to the positive.” 23:05 “No matter what we say.” 23:22

Start/sit decisions for Keaton Mitchell 25:14

“This doesn’t seem like a smash play. Now Keaton Mitchell can outscore Breeze Hall.”

Comparing Keaton Mitchell and Breece Hall 25:32

  • Mitchell did not perform well last week, failing to reach 10 fantasy points.
  • Breeze Hall is ranked one spot ahead of Mitchell in the current rankings.
  • Mitchell has potential in terms of Over Under and GameScript, but Hall has a better matchup and volume.

“I have Mitchell cranked up a good bit here… but I would much rather prefer the matchup of the Houston Texans as well as the volume that Breeze Hall gets.”

Evaluating Breece Hall in a Dynasty League 26:53

  • Concerns exist about Breeze Hall’s future in a Dynasty League due to recent performance issues.
  • While Hall has potential, the uncertain future of the Jets’ offense is worrisome.
  • Jameer Gibbs might be a better choice in a Dynasty startup draft.

“I would take Gibbs. I do think there are much brighter days ahead for Breeze Hall.”

Start/sit decision for Patrick Mahomes 28:15

  • Mahomes has had a disappointing season and his recent performance has not been ideal.
  • Brock Purdy is a viable option for Week 15, as he has an easier matchup against the Cardinals.
  • Playing against the Patriots, Mahomes is a riskier choice.

“But I think Brock Purdy. That’s the first week of the fantasy playoffs. Better hope you have the bye.”

Tough decision between Patrick Mahomes and Geno Smith 30:06

  • Geno Smith has had some decent games, but overall, he’s had a brutal year.
  • Mahomes will face the Patriots, while Geno will play against the Eagles, who have a favorable matchup.
  • Despite recent disappointments, Mahomes is still the preferred choice over Geno.

“I couldn’t bench Patrick Mahomes for Geno… Maybe Geno comes out and has another game this week. We’re more confident. But it’s been such a brutal year for Geno.”

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Travis Kelce‘s fantasy performance 32:16

  • Travis Kelsey has not been as productive as expected, with only two touchdowns in the last eight weeks.
  • Despite the decline, Kelsey is still the top tight end option for this week.

“Travis Kelsey is the number one tight end that you can play this week… It’s a wild world that we are here over the last eight weeks.”

Travis Kelce‘s Future 34:04

  • There is a feeling that Kelsey’s time might be coming to an end, especially if the Chiefs were to win a championship this year 34:04

“If they were to win a championship this year, I feel like he could just walk. Yeah. Go on tour with his girlfriend. Yeah. Take his number one podcast. Yeah. Get out of here. Get out of our way.”

Start/Sit Decision: Mahomes vs. Fields 34:26

“Four point quarterback scoring. Thanks guys.”

Alexander Mattison vs. Courtland Sutton 36:02

  • Cortland Sutton is the preferred option between Alexander Madison and himself 36:34
  • Madison’s utilization has been poor and the Minnesota offense is falling apart 37:54

“Alexander Madison versus the Las Vegas Raiders matchup is great. His utilization has been poor.”

Start/Sit Decision: Dalton Kincaid vs. Kmet 38:24

Dropping the Dallas Defense 39:04

  • It is suggested to drop the Dallas defense due to their challenging upcoming schedule 39:44

“What do you do with the Dallas defense? Do you drop them to free up a bench spot?”

Waiver Wire bids and streaming defense 40:07

  • One manager spent 40 fab on a waiver wire pick, while the next highest bid was only a dollar.
  • Some people may have overlooked the value of the pick due to the upcoming schedule.

“Because I think some people saw this schedule at the end of the year and said I don’t need them now and I’m not going to need them later.”

Cowboys defense as a streaming option 40:35

  • It is recommended to drop the Cowboys defense.
  • There are better streaming options available each week for upcoming matchups.

“No I would absolutely drop the Cowboys and not only are you not going to play them… I mean I think that’s better streaming options every single week over the matchups that are coming up.”

Expectations for Justin Jefferson 41:10

  • Justin Jefferson is a talented wide receiver and the best in the league.
  • However, his production may be influenced by the current quarterback situation.
  • Jabar Chase and Garrett Wilson are other wide receivers to consider.

Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the league. So he’s going to be just fine… but he obviously is not going to be the league winner that Justin Jefferson is with Kirk Cousins.”

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Ja’Marr Chase‘s production and outlook 42:28

  • Jamar Chase’s production has varied over the past few weeks.
  • Some of his production has come from big plays and defensive blunders.
  • The outcome of his performance can be influenced by certain factors.

“So I think that’s where Jefferson is. He is such a good player that it’s hard to find another option on your roster that would be a better play but you got to understand what the realistic outcome for Jefferson is with whoever the quarterback is and is there a chance he’s limited.”

Drop one week players and support the show 44:11

  • It is advisable to drop players who are only viable for one or two weeks.
  • Dropping the Dallas defense for a stronger defense for the playoffs is recommended.
  • Show support by leaving a five-star review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

“A reminder to drop it like it’s hot this week as well. People are going to pick up the one week two week players. Maybe they pick up the Dallas defense and drop an actually better defense for the playoffs.”

Gratitude for the listeners and call for support 44:52

  • The hosts express appreciation for the listeners who have made the show part of their lives.
  • The Fantasy Footballers has a significant presence in global sports podcast charts.
  • Listeners are encouraged to support the show by leaving reviews and subscribing on YouTube.

“But thank you for listening we appreciate your help. We can take down the Kelsey’s. Yeah maybe that should be the thing…We appreciate you the fact that we can, you know, we saw the global charts so like of all sports podcast around the globe including you know all countries where the fifth-largest sports podcast over the last calendar year. “

Overall impression: The segment provides insights on waiver wire bids, streaming defense, expectations for Justin Jefferson and Jamar Chase, dropping one-week players, and show support.

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