2nd Half Sleepers + Hungry for More, The Goose Queen!

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Sleeper picks for rest of season! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason each pick trade targets with big second-half potential! Plus, a new “Hungry For More” segment, NFL News, and Thursday Night Football preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 25th, 2023.

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Reminder to Check Waiver Wire 04:29

  • Reminder to check the waiver wire after waivers run in fantasy leagues.
  • Suggestion to look for players dropped before waivers ran.
  • Pro tip to maximize your chances of finding valuable players.

“Since waivers just went through, drop it like it’s hot. See who people are giving up on.”

Introducing “Hungry for More” Segment 05:46

  • Introduction to the “Hungry for More” segment presented by Uber Eats.
  • Jason mentions Taysom Hill being bid for $38 in their league.
  • Transition to discussing players they are hungry for in fantasy football.

“Hungry for more players we’ve seen flashes from, some nibbles you’re hungry for.” “The guy I wanted the most was Taysom Hill and I bid $3 and he went for 38.”

Jahmyr Gibbs is a Second Half Sleeper 07:07

  • Discussion about Jameer Gibbs and his performance in a recent game.
  • Gibbs had 10 targets and turned them into 9 receptions for 58 yards.
  • Mention of his high snap percentage and potential for more opportunities.
  • Anticipation of Gibbs having a strong game on Monday night.

“This is the guy that we have been waiting for. All signs point to Montgomery being out for another week.” “Give Gibbs 20 plus opportunities in that game and good things are going to happen.”

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Rhamondre Stevenson as a Trade Target 09:22

  • Recommendation of Remandry Stevenson as a trade target.
  • Acknowledgment of his tough schedule in the early weeks.
  • Optimism that Stevenson will have opportunities to shine.

“Remandry Stevenson was my… trade for… He had a massively horrific schedule of back to back to back matchups.”

Second Half Sleepers 17:40

  • Dak Prescott 18:33 has had a strange start to the season for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • He had a good fantasy performance against the Chargers with a rushing touchdown and high passing yardage.
  • Dak’s yards per attempt of 9.1 was encouraging.

“There seemed like a renewed sense of energy and efficiency from Dak against the Chargers.”

CeeDee Lamb‘s Second Half Potential 19:14

  • CD Lamb’s usage has been strange so far.
  • The focus should be on getting the ball to CD Lamb more.

“Focus to get the ball to CD lamb because there had been strange usage for him as well”

Favorable Schedule for Cowboys Offense 19:26

  • The Cowboys have a favorable schedule moving forward.
  • They are tied for the third-best schedule in the league.
  • Facing mostly pass-funnel defenses, which benefits fantasy quarterbacks and wide receivers.

“Here moving forward the Cowboys are tied for the third best schedule”

Dak Prescott as a Second Half Sleeper 20:21

  • Dak Prescott is a quarterback to consider for the second half of the season.
  • He has faced some tough matchups but has favorable ones ahead.
  • The Cowboys’ schedule is the third-best for fantasy wide receivers and the 10th-best for tight ends.
  • However, it is the fifth-worst for fantasy running backs.
  • Dak may not be a top-five quarterback, but he has the potential to perform well.

“Dak is likely on a lot of waivers out there and or he’s just chilling on your bench”

Concerns with the Cowboys’ Offense 21:03

  • The Cowboys’ offense has been struggling this season.
  • Despite having a favorable schedule, the offense has not performed up to expectations.
  • Close games and more competitive matchups might help the team find success.

“I think that he is a quarterback that over this second half can get it going”

Marvin Jones‘ Departure and Jameson Williams‘ Opportunity 22:15

  • Marvin Jones decided to step away from the Detroit Lions, creating an opportunity for other wide receivers.
  • Jameson Williams, with an increased role after Jones’ departure, becomes a second-half sleeper candidate.
  • Williams had six targets in his last game but did not record any receptions.
  • However, with the opportunity for increased snaps, he could be worth considering.

Jameson Williams, yeah right into a second half sleeper candidate”

Kyler Murray‘s Return and Offensive Potential 24:57

  • The return of Kyler Murray will greatly impact the Cardinals’ offense.
  • The offense has shown promise with a more modern NFL scheme under Kliff Kingsbury.
  • They have designed plays to get the ball to wide receivers and tight ends.
  • The offense has struggled without Murray, ranking in the bottom third in pass rate and targets to wide receivers.
  • Murray’s return should lead to a significant shift in the offense’s success.

“The truth here is the second half sleepers, the Arizona Cardinals offense”

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“You’re gonna take an offense that has looked like a legitimate schematic modern NFL offense”

Kyler Murray‘s Rushing Potential 27:04

  • There are concerns about Kyler Murray‘s rushing ability after returning from an ACL injury.
  • Historical data suggests a dip in rushing for quarterbacks returning from ACL injuries.
  • However, previous cases mostly involved quarterbacks who were not known for their mobility.
  • Deshaun Watson‘s example stands out as a mobile quarterback who returned to rushing after recovery.
  • It is expected that Murray will still utilize his rushing ability upon his return.

“And I think that when Kyler Murray is added to this, there’s going to be a massive shift”

Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown 28:01

  • Murray is expected to excel in the designed runs for him in the system, making him a hopeful stash for fantasy teams.
  • If Murray performs well upon his return, Hollywood Brown is likely to be his top target.
  • Brown has the potential to be a top 20 wide receiver for the rest of the season.

“I think Kyler is gonna be good and if that’s true if Kyler is good as he’s always been when he’s on the field then Hollywood Brown is his number one target is a great acquisition and should be really a top for sure a top 20 wide receiver the rest of the season once Kyler is back.”

Tee Higgins 28:38

  • Despite Higgins’ poor performance earlier in the season, he has the advantage of the sixth easiest schedule for wide receivers in the second half.
  • With extra time off during the bye week, Higgins has the potential to bounce back and become a valuable fantasy asset.
  • His fantasy playoff schedule includes favorable matchups against Minnesota and Pittsburgh, which have struggled defensively.
  • Team owners may undervalue Higgins, making him a potential buy-low candidate.

“So to me T Higgins is that player that sticks out is you know as a guy that doesn’t necessarily love the wide receiver two options and fantasy he’s one of those guys you need to pick up and you’re going to be very happy.”

Rookie Sleepers – JSN and Tyjae Spears 31:30

  • JSN, although underperforming, should not be dropped as rookie players often come alive in the second half of the season.
  • If the Seahawks’ starting quarterback continues to disappoint, JSN could step in and provide production.
  • Tajé Spears, a rookie running back for the Tennessee Titans, has shown potential with his involvement in the passing game and impressive athleticism.
  • With the possibility of Derrick Henry being traded, Tajé Spears could see increased opportunity and become a relevant fantasy option.

“I’ll throw a fat Thor out there we’re talking Josh Jacobs you know they eventually got into shape in the movie I will not yeah that’s true that’s not my argument but that’s true.”

Derrick Henry‘s Performance 36:27

  • Derek Henry has had two poor performances against the Titans in the playoffs.
  • However, there is a belief that his performance will improve in the second half of the season.

“Derek Henry twice against the Titans in the playoffs but I do believe it is worst days” “ahead for Derek Henry along the stretch run of the season if he remains a Titan which I”

Injury Update on Jerome Ford 37:48

  • Jerome Ford is expected to miss at least a couple of weeks due to a high ankle sprain, making Kareem Hunt the primary running back for the Browns.

“we did get some more news drum Ford Mary Kay Cabot tweeted high ankle sprain left the locker” “room still wearing a right walking boot and Ford is expected to miss at least a couple” “of weeks so Pierre Strong went in fantasy the waiver wires cream hunt will be the guy there”

Thursday Night Matchup: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills 38:23

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night.
  • The Buccaneers’ defense has been performing well this year, ranking fifth against quarterbacks, fifth against running backs, and first against tight ends.
  • The Bills have been struggling in the past three weeks, averaging only 19.6 points per game.

“Thursday night we get some Baker on Thursday” “night Tampa Bay they’re now at 3 and 3 after the loss to Atlanta and they traveled to Buffalo” “or they’re just sitting at 4 and 3 the Draft King Sportsbook line Buffalo minus 8.” “but for Tampa has been very good this year very good you know their losses I remember” “the Detroit game they still made some plays on defense lost to Detroit couldn’t score” “on Detroit then they lost to Atlanta but it was 1613 but Atlanta’s offense also not that” “intimidating so from a matchup perspective you’re going to face a much more difficult” “task with Josh Allen Stefan digs and company are you expecting this to be the get right” “game for the bills I don’t look at it that way I mean the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pretty” “stout adjusting for schedule fifth against quarterbacks fifth against running backs first” “against tight end so no I don’t expect to like Josh Allen to where we go yeah yeah yeah” “there he is there’s Josh Allen you’re never benching him but it’s well that match up” “the bills are just I mean like who are you can’t possibly bench anybody it’s like Alan” “Cook Stefan digs I got like move I would move the conversation to Latavius Murray

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Buffalo Bills‘ Offensive Performance 40:30

  • The Bills’ offense has been struggling in recent weeks and has not looked excellent.
  • They have only been averaging 19.6 points per game.
  • While they have shown potential in previous high-scoring games, their recent performances suggest they may need improvement.

“I don’t expect a great offensive production here from the bills they haven’t looked excellent at the” “last three weeks they are averaging 19.6 points scored NFL team points they seem a little” “broken they seem a little broken the the but they had a three game run of 38 37 and 48”

Rachaad White‘s Performance 42:47

  • Rashad White has been a volume running back with a lot of opportunities but is not considered extremely talented.
  • While his performance can vary, he is a valuable flex option due to his high usage.

“Rashad white Rashad white I mean I faced him last week it was annoying as heck because” “he was the running back what 16 and a half shot white is a volume running back who gets” “a ton of work and opportunity he is not an extremely talented running back so you know” “things have to break right for him you hope that he gets you know a touchdown in the passing” “or rushing him you hope that he gets eight targets in a game he’s really gone back and” “forth we we joked about it last time we were covering his match up but you know running” “back 38 then 9 then 40 then he’s top 20 then 37 then 16 to me what he is is a flex option”

Choice Between Deontay Foreman and Rashad White 44:05

  • Choosing between Deontay Foreman and Rashad White depends on the matchup and situation.
  • In this specific comparison, Rashad White might be the better choice due to the Bills’ weak rushing defense.
  • However, Deontay Foreman’s situation with the Bears should also be considered.

“would you play him or are” “now we know that Roshan Johnson is coming back so Deont to form in against the Chargers” “or Rashad White against a bill the bills rushing defense is the second worst in the NFL in”

“Deont I think that’s where I sit it’s tough you’re not getting goose by Godwin no no but” “so far this year you also haven’t been what’s the opposite of a goose in a good way like”

Swan, Goose, and Mallard 45:50

  • Swan and goose are different animals, not the same.
  • Swans have long necks while geese have shorter ones.
  • Mallards are a type of duck, not a goose or swan.

“No, no, they’re different. Is a swan its own thing.” 46:11 “A goose is a male version and a swan is a female. Everyone knows that.” 48:18

Kirk Cousins as a Must Start? 49:25

  • Kirk Cousins is not a must-start and should be evaluated based on matchups.
  • He is a pocket passer who relies on throwing yards and touchdowns.
  • Cousins is currently in a pass-heavy offense, which increases his fantasy value.

“No, no, I don’t think so. He’s been very good but you won’t always get it right.” 49:41 “To me, Kirk Cousins is a must-start until the system changes.” 52:19

Trading for Jahmyr Gibbs 52:39

  • Now is not the right time to trade for Jermere Gibbs.
  • Gibbs’ value might decline when David Montgomery returns.
  • Montgomery should be prioritized over Gibbs for fantasy purposes.

“I am not trading high for Jermere Gibbs right now.” 53:00 “You would rather have Montgomery than Gibbs for fantasy purposes.” 53:26

Playing Josh Downs over Chris Olavi 53:45

  • It is the decision of the team manager to choose between Downs and Olavi.
  • Olavi is still ahead of Downs in terms of talent and importance to the offense.
  • Olavi has more targets and is a safer choice for fantasy football.

“It’s your team, you can do whatever you want. But I would not play Josh Downs over Chris Olavi.” 53:55 “Olavi is more talented, more targeted, and more important to the offense.” 54:41

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Sleepers for the Second Half 55:04

  • Tyreek Hill is ranked number two and number four.
  • J Brown is ranked number three.
  • Puka and Diggs are also mentioned.

“Yeah, number one, put in the cool. You guys have nailed three of them.” “I think you’re gonna hit it. It’s your call, Mike.”

Limitations of Stat Sheets 56:06

  • The stat sheets do not include targets per game.
  • They only show points per game.

“Maybe we could add a button to convert all totals to per game on our stat sheets.”

Request for Improved Tools 56:53

  • The hosts discuss adding a feature to easily convert all totals on the stat sheets to per game.
  • This would provide more valuable information to Fantasy Football players.

“Here’s Footland. We’re going to add this feature where you can click a button to easily convert all of them.”

Conclusion and Farewell 57:15

  • The hosts thank the listeners for joining the show.
  • They humorously refer to their listeners as ducks, geese, swans, and silly mallards.
  • They mention starting the week tomorrow.

“That is going to do it for today’s show. Thank you for joining us, all you ducks, geese, and swans out there.”

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