Week 11 Picks on DRAFT

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Seemed to get some positive feedback from last week’s DRAFT article, so going to keep things the same. When targeting players from DRAFT, considering that there is no salary, and it’s a snake draft, you should focus on players with the best possible matchups, playing in the highest totals of the week. That’s where the points are going to be scored. You don’t have to take a lot of risks when drafting. Normally I wouldn’t bother drafting tight ends, because you don’t have to. Well there are four who have amazing matchups this week. Brady and Wentz will likely go early, but there are some other QBs to target if you grab a wideout or back early.

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Kareem Hunt
  3. Julio Jones
  4. Mark Ingram
  5. Carson Wentz
  6. Russell Wilson
  7. Travis Kelce
  8. Rob Gronkowski
  9. Mike Evans
  10. Tyreek Hill
  11. Todd Gurley
  12. Alvin Kamara
  13. LeSean McCoy
  14. Doug Baldwin
  15. Michael Thomas
  16. Alex Smith
  17. Zach Ertz
  18. Brandin Cooks
  19. Michael Crabtree
  20. Melvin Gordon
  21. Leonard Fournette
  22. Adam Thielen
  23. Derek Carr
  24. Drew Brees
  25. Sterling Shepard
  26. Evan Engram
  27. Golden Tate
  28. Jordan Howard
  29. Stefon Diggs
  30. DeAndre Hopkins

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