The DraftKings Milly Maker & “Onesie” Positions in DFS (Fantasy Football)

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The Milly Maker… perhaps you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve daydreamed or lost a few hours of your day thinking about winning it?

Personally, I’ve had a few dreams where I woke up with a player or two on my mind convinced I had the winning formula for that million-dollar lineup. DraftKings’ most famous tournament is by far the hardest to master given the sheer amount of entries and the razor-thin margin for error. But the compelling opportunity to start over each week keeps DFSers coming back again and again.

What is the secret sauce of the Milly Maker? I took a look at all of the week-winning lineups from Weeks 1-17 last year to mine out the most meaningful bits of data and a few takeaways for anyone willing to dive into the deep end of the pool.

For the first part of this series, I want to focus our attention on the “onesie” positions for DFS: QB, TE, and DEF. While fulfilling only one roster spot might sound elementary on a weekly basis, this is the treasure trove of finding difference makers that allow you to outpace the competition. I’ll follow this up with a piece on RBs and WRs and finally giving some early GPP strategy for Week 1.

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In DraftKings, QB pricing is fairly tight, an adjustment the company made a few years ago that has only made large-field tournaments like the Milly Maker even harder. While the top-end options such as Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes destroyed for redraft teams, in DFS, their names scarcely grace the leaderboard below. Let’s look at this 17-week sample size and breakdown what seems to be some of the common threads of truth.

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