The DFS Process: Checklist for Constructing Winning Lineups

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On the most recent Fantasy Footballers’ DFS & Betting Podcast, Betz and I discussed some simple GPP strategies and a checklist you can use for constructing lineups.

Here is a list of those notes from the show and a helpful questionnaire for yourself as you head into Week 1!

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The DFS Checklist

This list is not the only way to approach tournaments but it is a good rule of thumb to make sure you are approach lineup building with these things in mind:

Do you have a Team Stack? 90+ % of winning lineups will have at least two players from the same team, preferably a QB + pass-catcher.

Do you have a Game Stack? 85+ % of winning lineups will focus on having a stack with a correlating player(s) from the opposing team.

Do you have only one RB from the same game? 95+ % of winning lineups will NOT have two RBs from the same game.

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Did you pay up or punt at TE? And is your TE paired with your QB? Similar correlation as WRs, stacking a TE with a QB can work but with TE scoring being low across the board, it is not always essential to roster THE TE1 from a slate.

Do you have at least 1-2 players who are “low-rostered”? 61 % of top 25% lineups used two plays sub 5%. That isn’t overwhelming compared to some of the other questions on this checklist but it’s enough a number to lean into.

Are any of your players so popular that you can’t create meaningful leverage? If you have 4+ popular pieces, you are simply moving with the crowd and it’s hard to vault the leader board.

What is your Cumulative Roster %? Add up projected roster % for each position Based off historical data, generally we want to shoot for 90-125%. The averaged cumulative roster percentage is usually somewhere around 100%, as perfect as that might sound. Winning lineups (i.e. lineups that cash) usually top out around 121%… you will have chalk weeks above that.

Two Important Questions for Roster %s

Who is popular and WHY?

Is it because of any of the following factors: Good price? Good projection? Good matchup? Lack of other options?

Does this player have a ceiling outcome? Median outcome? Low-end outcome?

Based on this information, how could you attack this slate?

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  • Remove from player poolis this because of your own bias?
  • Fade– Willing to concede that median outcome is not that viable; ceiling is <10%
  • Underweight– Correlation in lineups, below roster percentage, ceiling = <15%
  • With the Field– can see ceiling outcome in GPP being 25%
  • Overweight– undervalued by the field, ceiling outcome feels closer to 33%

TLDR Recap

  1. Review the Slate
  2. Compile best plays and correlation stacks.
  3. Develop a strategy on how you should act based on #1 and #2.
  4. Analyze how you AND the FIELD will act (roster percentages) I.e. these 7 RBs will be the most popular. Here are the leverage points and routes to success/failure.
  5. Construct rosters
  6. Shoot between 100-120 % roster… Avg previous year was 100. DK Pts 240+


Pmaaj says:

Hi Kyle, Great work! Do you have an article like this that shows the process for Showdown? I heard the podcast you did on Sept 5th but I can’t find the article.

Josh Dillman says:

Roster % report releases Friday if you have the DFS pass. It’s essential if you’re playing GPPs.

Mark Rivard says:

Where would you find projected roster % before the contest starts?

Levi says:

Quick Question, how do you know/see roster % on draftkings?

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