The Daily Dose: Week 10 FanDuel Starts

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Welcome to the Week 10 edition of The Daily Dose: FanDuel Starts Of The Week. Every Friday on The Fantasy Footballers Podcast, the guys welcome Chris Meaney from the FNTSY Sports Network to deliver his top DFS picks of the week. Here I’ll summarize Chris’ picks and give you some bonus picks of my own. You can follow Chris on Twitter @chrismeaney and myself @brandontsanders. Don’t miss all of Episode #306 – “Week 10 Matchups, In-or-Out, #FootClan Friday,” or jump straight to the Daily Dose on YouTube.


With the majority of the teams done with their bye week, we are back to being able to have some diversity when making your selections for the passer position here in Week 10. Chris has a Mr. Consistent, and some very interesting bargain deal plays this time around.

Tom Brady vs SEA, $8,300
The ever most reliable Tom Brady is back off of a bye week and has had extra time to practice and prep for their matchup against a very good Seattle Seahawks defense. This might scare some people away from selecting Brady, so it might be a glorious play for our GPP guys and gals out there that want to go against the grain this weekend and take the discount that’s available for Tom being down to $8,300. Not a bad deal at all FanDuel.

Trevor Siemian @ NO, $7,200
Another contrarian pick for this week but a much better price point that Tom Brady, is Denver’s QB Trevor Siemian. He does go up against the 32nd overall passing defense in the league in the New Orleans Saints, so an opportunity is there. It’s been seen recently that Denver’s offense is still trying to get the right balance together in their running and passing game, so the risk is high, but if you go for it, you could see yourself high on the GPP game rankings if it pays off for you.

Carson Wentz vs ATL, $6,800
If this game proves to become a shootout if the Eagles defense can’t shut down the passing attack of Matt Ryan and stud WR Julio Jones this weekend, Carson Wentz could see his passing attempts rise against the 31st overall passing defense in the league in the Atlanta Falcons. He could find Jordan Matthews deep for a few shots, as well as get some passes to Darren Sproles and Ryan Matthews, overall increasing his disposition and looking like a good value pick in Week 10.

Jay Cutler @ TB, $7,000
“Smokin’ Jay Cutty” is back at the starting position at QB and has had a bye week off to practice and get ready for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. This matchup could be the bonanza game that everyone looks for, so in this article, you’re going to see a lot of Chicago Bears members mentioned. Go with the stack play and pair up Jay Cutler with his favorite target Alshon Jeffrey and watch the points add up quickly for you.

Running Backs

This week you may have to pay up big to get some of the best halfbacks in the league due to the incredible matchups they have for Week 10, but Chris has got you a few contrarian picks as well at the bargain bin price to help you out to spread out your budgets a bit better.

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David Johnson vs SF, $9,400
The no-brainer pick of the week by far is DJ (Insert David Johnson theme song music here). In the last meeting against the 49ers, David Johnson decimated the San Francisco run defense and went off for an incredible 157 rushing yards and 2 TDs. Now he has the home field advantage, and with the Niners helpless at not stopping the run effectively, we could see lightning strike twice.

Jordan Howard @ TB, $6,900
It looks like Jordan Howard has the stranglehold on the RB1 spot for the Chicago Bears. He’s outperformed Ka’deem Carey and Jeremy Langford both on “the eye test” alone. He has a tasty matchup against the Buccaneers where he could get some hefty all-purpose yards in both the run and passing game. At such a greater discount at $6,900, it’s hard not to stack up with Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffrey and roll out the Bears offense against your opponents.

Ezekiel Elliott @ PIT, $8,900
At a few hundred dollars less than David Johnson, “Easy E” is ready to continue his run game dominance this week as he takes on the Pittsburgh Steelers who currently rank 13th against the rush which isn’t all that bad. But the fact Elliott has looked near unstoppable and hasn’t gone under 15 fantasy points in 6 weeks on FanDuel, it’s worth the budget to pay up and get this beast of a man on your team and play him with confidence this weekend.

Devontae Booker @ NO, $7,800
So with the news of Kapri Bibbs possibly sharing the workload and also getting the starting nod from Coach Kubiak against New Orleans this weekend, many have backed away from Devontae. However, this could be prime real estate and a great contrarian pick that could cash in big for you in GPP play if Booker has a comeback game, and proves that he can remain the man at running back for the Denver Broncos. Not a bad price to roll the dice on either at $7,800 either.

Chris Ivory vs HOU, $5,200
We know what you’re thinking, playing a Jacksonville Jaguar against the Texans is not a good idea, but let’s pump those brakes for just a second and look at the matchup. Chris Ivory is going up against a very good passing defense in Houston, but actually, is facing a 28th ranked rushing defense with the Texans. You add in that Ivory is the bruiser and used more at the goal line than T.J. Yeldon, and you got a very sneaky GPP play only this week. At $5,200, why not go for it and see if it wins you a couple GPP tournaments or special prize events taking place for Week 10.

Wide Receivers

Mike Evans vs CHI, $8,500
Guys and gals, it’s Mike Evans! You’ve got to play the guy who is going off every single week against favorable passing defenses, and this matchup is no different. He is 1st in targets at 103 of them and also 1st in passing touchdowns with 8 so far in the season. 5 of those coming in the last 4 games he has played. Pay up for this All-Star and collect the rewards of him being your WR1 this weekend.

Alshon Jeffery @ TB, $7,200
The other side of the coin to this matchup is Jay Cutler’s favorite target, Alshon Jeffery. Just before the bye week, Jeffery caught his first touchdown of the season. It came from none other than Jay Cutler himself. It’s been proven historically that Cutler locks onto Alshon early and often, and when both are healthy and playing, and the matchup looks awesome as well, you got to play both. Expect the touchdowns to rise for Alshon as long as Cutler is passing to him. A much cheaper price than Mike Evans as well if you don’t have enough budget left from all your choices.

Davante Adams @ TEN, $7,200
Rising star Davante Adams has the opportunity once again to be very effective in the passing game. Aaron Rodgers has been passing non-stop as he has a hybrid RB in Ty Montgomery it seems for one more week as James Starks is likely to start off with light work and a limited snap count, but gives Adams the WR1 position. Adams ranks 3rd amongst WRs with 6 TDs for the season so far. He has also had 65 targets thrown at him so far this season from Rodgers. This could be a very good option and same price point if you are not comfortable throwing Jeffery out there as your main receiver this week.

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Michael Thomas vs DEN, $6,400
With everyone afraid to play any wideout against the best secondary in the league in the Denver Broncos, one Saint Chris believes will be able to perform in this matchup at home against the defending Super Bowl champions. With Brandin Cooks likely to be placed up against Chris Harris Jr., this leaves Willie Snead and standout rookie Michael Thomas to be placed up against former first round pick in Bradley Roby. With it looking like no Aqib Talib again, this could bode well for Thomas as he has become a proven commodity and one of Drew Brees’ favorite targets to look for. The guy can do slants as well as turn on the burners and make impressive catches downfield. So if you’re gonna play any New Orleans Saints players in this game, Thomas is your guy.

J.J. Nelson vs SF, $5,600
Move over Michael Floyd, and hello to new “starting” wide receiver J.J. Nelson! Nelson has been excellent over the past few weeks, really stepping up in the passing game for the Arizona Cardinals to help them out and balance their attack with their incredible run game they already possess. In the game versus the Carolina Panthers, Nelson exploded for 8 receptions, 79 yards in the air, and 2 touchdowns, tying his TD total that he got all last year in 2015. The week before against a tough Seahawks defense, Nelson was able to grab 3 targets for 84 yards. The trend is moving up, and this stud is rising to become Carson Palmer’s favorite new target. We see him adding more yards and touchdowns very soon.

Tight Ends

It’s that time once again to pin our noses and wade in these contaminated waters of the Tight End pool and see if we can pull some production to help win us some cash this week. Chris has the obvious but necessity selection we should all probably make, and a good matchup based pick as well.

Rob Gronkowski vs SEA, $8,000
Gronk will catch. Gronk will run. Gronk will score. And then Gronk is gonna smash. With Tom Brady in full playoff swing it feels, Rob Gronkowski is the prime target and main focus in the game against every opponent. Seattle has struggled at times to contain bigger Tight Ends like Gronk or Greg Olsen in recent history. You have to pay up big time to get Rob, but for peace of mind, there’s no other choice to make this weekend.

Zach Miller @ TB, $5,400
To complete the ensemble of playing the Chicago Bears offense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we add in Zach Miller as well for Week 10. Miller has done pretty average at best this year so far, collecting 393 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns so far. But the telling sign is the receptions with 40 already. Cutler will look for Miller just as much as he will Jeffery to pick up short yardages and red zone opportunities. With the price tag so low on him, might as well stack him up with the rest of his teammates this weekend.


We’ve come into uncharted territory here when it comes to defenses. We’ve seen some cracks in the dominant defenses of Minnesota and Denver, and now as good as Seattle is, has to go against Tom Brady and the very crafty New England Patriots. So is there some solid teams that you can rely on? Mr. Meaney has a couple to look for to put in your rosters.

Arizona Cardinals vs SF, $5,200

Houston Texans @ JAX, $4,700

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San Diego Chargers vs MIA, $4,600

Brandon’s Picks

Alright, it’s time to shed away all of the political talks for now and focus on winning you all some serious cash flow because let’s face it when we have more money in our pockets, we all get a smile on our face. And happiness is bliss. So let’s give you one of each position to give you the options you need to decide who will be the most effective for your Week 10 budget.

QB: Dak Prescott @ PIT, $7,700
Dak has an outstanding opportunity to add to his impressive rookie season has he takes on the 24th overall defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t think we are going to see the same production as last week when the Cowboys blew out the Cleveland Browns, but we could see more passing attempts and a couple of TDs through the air against this Steelers D. Look for the Prescott and Dez Bryant pairing to continue to gain momentum and chemistry, as well as the “heart ring” himself, Cole Beasley, as he continues to gobble up targets Dak is giving to him week after week.

RB: Mark Ingram vs DEN, $6,300
I know it’s weird to see the Denver Broncos die-hard putting up a running back against his own team, but the proof is in the pudding. Denver now ranks 29th overall against the rush, and ever since his benching, Mark Ingram has been running with a purpose to try and stay out of Sean Peyton’s doghouse. Yes, you will see Tim Hightower running as well, but if Denver can’t figure out how to stop opposing rushing offenses, Ingram could be in for an effective day.

WR: Emmanuel Sanders @ NO, $6,900
Now to make up what I just wrote and to make it right with my loyalty to the Broncos, Emmanuel Sanders is by far one of the top receivers you need to have in your lineups for this week. The targets for the year are now up to 86 which ranks 6th overall amongst wideouts. He does have 3 TDs for the season, and if the secondary of the Saints can’t pick up or is too late to stop some of these splash plays Sanders is known for, we could see a rise in yards and touchdowns against that 32nd ranked New Orleans Saints passing defense in Week 10. Should be a great game to watch as well.

TE: C.J. Fiedorowicz @ JAX, $5,200
The man that has been under the radar but steadily climbing in the public eye is the “Hat Guy”, C.J. Fiedorowicz. He has now gone 4 games over 8 fantasy points and now owns 3 touchdowns for the season. Brock tends to look for a Tight End if he needs to get those short yards, or is in a pickle and needs to get it out fast. Fiedorowicz has become that consistent in the Houston Texans passing game, and the targets have moved up drastically to now 38, which puts C.J. at 19th ranked overall in 2016. A much cheaper play than Gronk, and a good contrarian GPP pick as well for those that want to set yourselves apart from the competition.

Defense: Los Angeles Rams @ NYJ, $4,600
The Rams still for me again this week. They either go up against a banged up Ryan Fitzpatrick possibly causing turnovers or further injury, or you they go against a young inexperienced QB in the NFL in Bryce Petty that could also lead to an increase in sacks and interceptions. Either way it’s looking like a win, win situation to own the LA Defense this weekend, and a much less option in price than paying up for the Cardinals. A very nice play for sure.

Be sure to stop by next week as we’ll have brand new picks for you in Week 11. Don’t forget to catch all of Episode #306 of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast. See you all next week DFS fans!

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