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Tom Brady vs. Jacksonville $7,700
The Jaguars defense is solid. There’s no doubt about it. But let’s take a look at their points allowed over the past eight weeks. They only allowed 10 points to the Colts, 7 points to the Texans, 15 points to the Titans, and 3 points to the Bills. That’s great. However, none of those offenses were dynamic this season and all four QBs faced were average at best. In their other four games, they gave up 27 points to the Cardinals, 24 points to the Seahawks, 44 points to the 49ers, and 42 points to the Steelers. That certainly paints a more vivid picture that although the Jaguars defense is very good, they absolutely can be beaten. And on the flip side, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Josh McDaniels have proven to us time and time again the Patriots offense is matchup proof. Brady’s Patriots scored the second most points in the league during the regular season and finished the regular season ranked FIRST in total offense (yards per game). If anyone has a bad matchup here, it’s the Jaguars defense having to play against Tom Brady.

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