Week 6 Fantasy Football Duds

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While Week 5 had the insane amount of injuries to blame for its duds, Week 6 will be blaming great defense. Inevitably, in a week where 14 DEF/ST touchdowns are scored some offensive guys are going to let owners down. We did see one huge injury when Aaron Rodgers went down with what looks like a season-ending broken collarbone. Something tells me we may see quite a few Packers in the Duds article this week and moving forward.

Make sure you listen to today’s podcast where Andy, Mike and Jason Week 6’s duds. Read up on the Week 5 Studs.


Brian Hoyer @WAS
4/11 for 34/0/0
Another season, another Brian Hoyer benching. Kyle Shanahan said that Hoyer was a “franchise QB” in the preseason. Now, we just have to find out which franchise he was talking about. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not New England, Arizona, Cleveland, Houston, Chicago, or San Francisco)

Joe Flacco vs CHI
24/41 for 180/0/2 — 1/2/0 rushing
Flacco is the first fantasy QB to not score double-digit points on the Bears. An RB for Chicago threw more TD passes than Flacco did in this game.

Running Backs

C.J. Anderson vs NYG
9/17/0 — no targets

Andre Ellington vs TB
zero rushes and catches on 1 target
The narrative after the Cardinals traded for Adrian Peterson was that Ellington would still be a factor in the passing game…so it seems like we got that wrong. Game flow didn’t help Ellington out at all but not even making the stat sheet is scary.

Mike Gillislee @NYJ
10/44/0 – 1 fumble lost
I heard that the CIA immediately recruits anyone who can figure out the puzzle that is the New England backfield.

Ty Montgomery @MIN
He’s hurt and they had no passing game to rely on after Rodgers went down.

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Aaron Jones @MIN
13/41/0 — 1/1/0 on 4 targets
He’s not hurt but they had no passing game to rely on after Rodgers went down.

Ameer Abdullah @NO
14/54/0 — zero catches on 2 targets
Detroit spent the entire game digging itself out of its own grave. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to establish a running game.

Duke Johnson Jr. @HOU
5/40/0 — 3/-1/0 on 5 targets
The question here is: Who’s more at fault? Duke Johnson, the lack of a QB, the overpaid offensive line, the coaching staff? Or is it you, for thinking that you could legitimately rely on a Cleveland Brown. Hope you sold high.

Marshawn Lynch vs LAC
13/63/0 — zero catches on 2 targets
The Chargers were a top 10 team when it comes to giving up points to RBs. Lynch parlayed that into a game that could be described as just a slight tick above “below average”. In the stock market you never buy high / sell low…unless it’s clear that the stock will be worth nothing next week. Get out…now.

Wide Receivers

Michael Thomas vs DET
3/11/0 on 6 targets
The Saints scored 34 points on offense and MT managed 11 yards. His value is at an all-time low so you can’t sell. Here’s hoping Drew Brees remembers that Thomas is #GoodAtFootball.

Chris Hogan @NYJ
1/19/0 on 4 targets
This was a huge disappointment after he scored in 4 straight games. He took a huge hit in the 2nd quarter and did nothing in the 2nd half. Here’s hoping this was a one-game issue.

Tyreek Hill vs PIT
5/34/0 on 7 targets
Hill has always been boom or bust but we had gotten so much boom lately we forgot the other side of the coin.

Amari Cooper vs LAC
5/28/0 on 6 targets
I can’t imagine you expected more than this. In fact, his 7 fantasy points are his highest since Week 1. For 2017 Amari Cooper, this was a Stud performance.

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Sammy Watkins @JAX
1/11/0 on 4 targets
Please tell me you sold high on Watkins after he torched San Fran. Because he gets Patrick Peterson and a bye over the next 2 weeks. Honestly, looking at his ROS schedule, you can probably safely cut Sammy and not regret it one bit.

Cooper Kupp @JAX
2/35/0 on 3 targets
It was a rough game for Jared Goff, as he only amassed 124 passing yards. Cupp isn’t near the point where he can overcome a great secondary and a bad game by his QB.

Terrelle Pryor vs SF
3/23/0 on 5 targets
I just imagine that Terrelle Pryor sits around and thinks about the long-term deal he turned down from Cleveland and cries…like a lot. His stock is at approaching an all-time low.

Jamison Crowder vs SF
3/15/0 on 5 targets — 1/11/0 rushing
How in the world was Kirk Cousins the #1 fantasy QB when none of his WRs showed up?

Martavis Bryant @KC
2/27/0 on 3 targets
Remember when Bryant tweeted about how Smith-Schuster was not there to take his job? I bet he does. Now he’s asking for a trade, though that could just be to get away from the collapse of Ben Roethlisberger.

Randall Cobb @MIN
3/28/0 on 3 targets
Did I mention that Aaron Rodgers got hurt and that Brett Hundley is definitely not Aaron Rodgers?

Willie Snead vs DET
1/11/0 on 3 targets
It was his first game back. We can only use that excuse once so Drew Brees better get him involved next week.

Tight Ends

Coby Fleener vs DET
zero catches on 1 target
If you still have Coby Fleener on your roster, you probably expected this. Don’t let those 2 early season TDs fool you, this is who Fleener is.

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Eric Ebron @NO
1/9/0 on 3 targets
Guess what? Daniel Fells scored another TD.

Martellus Bennett @MIN
2/22/0 on 4 targets
I won’t even blame this on Rodgers’ injury. I’ve said all along that the Packers don’t use their TEs like other teams and games like this are the result.

Jordan Reed vs SF
4/37/0 on 5 targets
Seriously, how in the world was Kirk Cousins the #1 fantasy QB?

Travis Kelce vs PIT
4/37/0 on 7 targets
Alex Smith never got into any sort of rhythm in this game and Kelce (and the whole Kansas City offense) suffered. There will be better days, take your lumps and move on.

Dishonorable Mentions

Derek Carr vs LAC
21/30 for 171/1/2

Matt Ryan vs MIA
24/35 for 248/1/1

Keenan Allen @OAK
5/45/0 on 9 targets

Tyrell Williams @OAK
3/27/0 on 3 targets

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Travis Benjamin @OAK
zero catches on 1 target

Danny Amendola @NYJ
3/40/0 on 5 targets

Allen Hurns vs LAR
3/37/0 on 3 targets

Mike Wallace vs CHI
3/30/0 on 5 targets

JJ Nelson vs TB
zero catches on 1 target — 1/16/0 rushing

Jaron Brown vs TB
1/30/0 on 1 target

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