Week 3 Fantasy Football Dynasty Report

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Anyone else left feeling very confused by how Week 3 of the NFL season went?

Some key injuries popped up, some NFL teams stepped up in unexpected ways and key contributors for your Fantasy Football team were seemingly absent this week. (I’m looking at you, Calvin Ridley.)

Fantasy owners have begun tilting and I’ve seen the effects it’s had already in a couple of Dynasty leagues I’m in. Owners are gonna start deciding here within the next couple of weeks whether or not they’re in it this year or if they need to start making plans for next offseason and accumulating draft capital.

Don’t tilt yet. We’ve still got a long season ahead of us and a couple of shrewd moves here or there can turn your entire season around.

Dynasty Tip Of The Week

Never Sell Low. Building off of last week’s Tip Of The Week to never buy high, this tip is equally as important. As we’ve discovered this season, players have big weeks that are sometimes followed by “mediocre” performances.

Believe in the talent of a player and wait for an opportunity to capitalize on their value if you are truly hellbent on moving them off your team.

For example, Joe Mixon has had a rough start to the season through two weeks, but he’s an incredibly talented running back. With him turning in a good performance in Week 3, this could be your chance to move him if you don’t want to deal with the headache the Bengals offense could bring you week after week. Choose to sell him now instead of moving him after Week 2 where his value is incredibly low.

The Dynasty owner you move him to is going to be buying into the narrative that he’s turned things around and will be willing to part with significant trade compensation. Previously, anyone who was interested was going to be offering “peanuts” compared to what his talent is actually worth.

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Never sell low on a player and instead wait for them to have a big performance before moving them. This is how you capitalize on value in Dynasty leagues.

Dynasty Stock Report
Stock Down: Anthony Miller – Chicago Bears, WR

Anthony Miller had some huge expectations coming into the year, but he has seemingly been non-existent up to this point.

Through three games, Miller has five targets and has only pulled in two of them for 17 yards. On Monday night, Miller had a few passes hit him in his hands and he failed to pull them in.

For what the expectations were coming into the season, Miller has been a huge disappointment. Until he shows that he can be a consistent target in the passing game, Miller belongs on your Dynasty benches.

Stock Up:  Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts, QB

The prevailing notion after the Andrew Luck retirement was that the Colts would be just fine with Brissett at the helm moving forward. After a couple of weeks, that’s looking to be the case.

Brissett has looked composed, intelligent and capable of carrying the offense over the past few weeks and he had himself a game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Brissett went 28 of 37 (76% completion) for 310 yards and two touchdowns. Brissett’s just starting to find his rhythm with his receivers and he’s looking like a solid contributor for your Dynasty rosters. In 1QB Dynasty leagues, Brissett is moving towards being a weekly start and certainly needs to be rostered. In 2QB leagues, he’s a weekly start with upside from here on out.

If you acted quickly and snagged him right after the Luck news (or even before it), congratulations. You got a steal.

Stock Down: Chris Carson – Seattle Seahawks, RB

Let me preface this by saying that Chris Carson is a talented running back. He runs with power, vision and has displayed great hands out of the backfield this season.

However, the guy cannot hang onto the football and it’s hurting your fantasy rosters.

The negative fantasy points for fumbling isn’t a huge concern, but Carson being benched for fumbling is…after fumbling in the 2nd quarter, Carson rode the bench for essentially the rest of the game while C.J. Prosise received the majority of the snaps.

Carson’s value is dependent upon him being a workhorse back. Now with three fumbles in three games, Carson’s in danger of taking a back seat to former first-round pick Rashaad Penny when he comes back healthy. Right now, you can’t be confident starting Carson because one fumble can derail his entire day due to being benched.

Carson’s stock is trending downward and he needs to prove he can hang onto the football before that can come back up.

Stock Up: Daniel Jones – New York Giants, QB

Have yourself a day, rook!

Daniel Jones finished with over 300 passing yards, two passing TDs and two rushing TDs in his debut…while playing with a depleted WR corps and without Saquon Barkley.

Jones looked fantastic. Showing poise under pressure, accuracy and confidence, Jones delivered a huge comeback win for the Giants over the Bucs. Following the same logic with Brissett, Jones deserves to be rostered in 1QB Dynasty leagues and is an incredible asset for 2QB leagues going into the future.

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I was a fan of Jones coming out and his fit in New York, it’s good to see that come to fruition and I’m extremely excited for the kid.

Stock Down:  Miles Sanders – Philadelphia Eagles, RB

Miles Sanders isn’t exactly having the best start to his career…

Through three games, Sanders is averaging 3.1 YPC on 34 carries. He has yet to see the end zone and he’s demonstrating concerning characteristics behind the line of scrimmage.

On top of all of this, Sanders’ fumbling issue that I documented in his rookie profile is coming back to haunt him in the pros. Sanders fumbled the ball twice on Sunday and, just like with Chris Carson, this doesn’t exactly instill confidence from a fantasy owner.

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You most likely selected Sanders with a relatively high draft pick in your rookie drafts and you have yet to be able to play him so far this season confidently. The talent is there for Sanders, as we saw on the long catch on broken coverage, but it isn’t fully clicking just yet for him at the NFL level.

You may look at the fantasy points from this week and assume that you can roll out Sanders consistently and confidently, but there’s a lot of reasons to still be skeptical for the time being.

BONUS: Draft Prospect To Watch

Anthony McFarland caught my eye last season when Maryland played Ohio State and he put up 298 yards and two TDs on the ground on 21 carries.

McFarland hasn’t disappointed so far this year and he has a tough test on Friday night when Maryland plays Penn State. McFarland is explosive, displays great vision in-between-the-tackles, and has the top-end speed to pull away from defenders easily.

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If you’re looking for some football to watch on Friday, keep an eye on the Terrapin running back. He has a chance to rise into the conversation for top-5 RB in this 2020 class.

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