Week 13 Fantasy Football Duds

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If you are reading this article after several of the players listed below crapped your team, I commend you.  I commend you for getting out of bed this morning despite being knocked out of playoff contention, but more importantly, I commend you for not checking out.  It is easy to have your fantasy season end and just check out until August 2018.  However, your 2018 fantasy football preparation begins now.  Let’s take a closer look at ‘what not to do’ next season.

Editor’s Note: Get the full breakdown on today’s podcast, and read up on the Week 13 Studs.


Tom Brady @ BUF
258 passing yards, INT
OMG, isn’t Tom Brady just the worst?

Tyrod Taylor vs NE
65 passing yards, INT, 32 rushing yards
Usually, players who leave with injury are given a pass.  But in the case of Tyrod and the Bills, he can’t afford to have bad games.  The coaching staff is just begging for a reason to bench him again.

Matt Ryan vs MIN
173 passing yards
The Vikings defense is great, but so are the offensive weapons for the Falcons.  Minnesota got the better of them this week.

Trevor Siemian @ MIA
200 passing yards, 3 INTs, 16 rushing yards
Which QB do you think the Broncos will draft in the first round of the 2018 draft? Or maybe another team will just cast aside a Pro Bowl caliber QB and the Broncos will get lucky again.

Running Backs

Jordan Howard vs SF
13 carries, 38 rushing yards, 1 reception, -5 receiving yards
Shhhh!  Not so loud.  Jay Griz is still really salty about this one.  I don’t think our office insurance policy covers bear rage incidents.

Kareem Hunt @ NYJ
9 carries, 40 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 23 receiving yards
The efficiency is still there, so I’m not buying the “rookie wall” narrative.  But the Hunt situation is very perplexing all the same.

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Devontae Booker @ MIA
2 carries, 8 rushing yards, 1 reception, 0 receiving yards
To the extent that a third string RB is given Big Boy Pants, Booker pooped in them.

Isaiah Crowell @ LAC
10 carries, 41 rushing yards, 1 reception, 3 receiving yards
This was the concern with Crowell coming into the season.  Would the Browns be able to keep the games close enough for Crowell to take advantage of softer matchups?  Missed opportunity against the Chargers this week.

Duke Johnson @ LAC
7 carries, 2 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 10 receiving yards
It’s even worse for Duke Johnson owners.  He is supposed to be resistant to poor game scripts.  He wasn’t.

Danny Woodhead vs DET
3 carries, 9 rushing yards, 1 receptions, 14 receiving yards
More.  We need more Woodhead.

Tevin Coleman vs MIN
8 carries, 22 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 27 receiving yards
It was just as we feared.  With the return of Devonta Freeman, Coleman went back to being a risky RB2/Flex play.  It didn’t pay off this week.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones vs MIN
2 receptions, 24 receiving yards, 6 targets
It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault for starting Julio Jones.

Mike Evans @ GB
2 receptions, 33 receiving yards, 6 targets
What… What happened to Mike Evans?

Brandin Cooks @ BUF
2 receptions, 17 receiving yards, 3 targets, 5 rushing yards
This is my fault.  Last week I praised Cooks for becoming a consistent WR in the NFL.  I thought his boom/bust days were behind him.  Belichick heard tales of my hubris and punished me for it.

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Stefon Diggs @ ATL
2 receptions, 32 receiving yards, 5 targets
Diggs is the #2 WR for the Vikings, right?

Corey Coleman @ LAC
Nothing, 4 targets
The Browns passing attack was very inefficient on Sunday.  Less than 50% of Kizer’s passes were completed with Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon accounting for 11 of those incompletions.

DeVante Parker vs DEN
1 reception, 5 receiving yards, 4 targets
Maybe the Broncos schemed to take Parker away in this matchup.  But then again, double and triple coverage has never bothered Jay Cutler before.  Color me concerned.

Demaryius Thomas @ MIA
2 receptions, 27 receiving yards, 10 targets
10 targets.  Thomas has had games like this before.  He just simply must do better.

DeSean Jackson @ GB
2 receptions, 24 receiving yards, 3 targets
In case you didn’t know, D-Jax is prone to having bad games.  In other news, the Earth is round.

Corey Davis vs HOU
2 receptions, 12 receiving yards, 4 targets
Just when I was starting to warm up to a rookie WR, I was reminded of the perils that come along with them.

Jordy Nelson vs TB
5 receptions, 17 receiving yards, 8 targets
His big boy pants aren’t revoked, they are just suspended until Aaron Rodgers comes back.

Randall Cobb vs TB
Nothing, zero targets
See above.

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Tight Ends

Jared Cook vs NYG
1 reception, 9 receiving yards, 5 targets
If you EVER think that you have found a good matchup in which to deploy Jared Cook, turn and run the other way.  It’s a trap.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs KC
2 receptions, 7 receiving yards, 3 targets
ASJ’s return to football has been a good story this season, but he has been a big disappointment to fantasy owners for the past several weeks.  Use with caution going forward.

Vernon Davis @ DAL
2 receptions, 15 receiving yards, 2 targets
In weeks 9 through 11, Vernon Davis saw 26 targets.  Since then, he has only been thrown to 3 times.  This offense appears to be shifting away from the aging speedster.

Jack Doyle @ JAX
3 receptions, 16 receiving yards, 2 targets
The Jaguars defense should be a red flag for fantasy owners.  Avoid at all costs.

Charles Clay vs NE
3 receptions, 20 receiving yards, 3 targets
Mr. Necessary didn’t receive the workload this offense requires him to get.

Dishonorable Mentions

Brett Hundley vs TB
84 passing yards, INT, 66 rushing yards

Jacquizz Rodgers @ GB
3 carries, 25 rushing yards

Ted Ginn Jr. vs CAR
2 receptions, 27 receiving yards, 3 targets, 6 rushing yards

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Josh Reynolds @ AZ
2 receptions, 6 receiving yards, 6 targets

Zay Jones vs NE
2 receptions, 22 receiving yards, 7 targets

Mohamed Sanu vs MIN
3 receptions, 43 receiving yards, 5 targets

Danny Amendola @ BUF
2 receptions, 34 receiving yards, 4 targets

George Kittle @ CHI
2 receptions, 20 receiving yards, 3 targets

Austin Hooper vs MIN
3 receptions, 21 receiving yards, 4 targets

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