Recapping the Fantasy Footballers Writing Staff Superflex Draft

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Can you feel it, FootClan? Can you feel that wonderful fairy dust feeling that rises up in your heart when fantasy season starts? It’s either that or some really wicked heartburn. I’ll let you know which. Either way, it’s that time of year. This is definitely a different type of season for obvious reasons, but fantasy football will hopefully provide us with a much-needed distraction during those days when you need a break from the tough year we’re all going through. 

The Footballers writing staff finished up our annual redraft league, but this year we had a twist. We added a Superflex spot, simply because it’s gaining steam and it makes the most important position in football even more important. Just like I did last season, I broke down each team loosely and added my favorite picks, my least favorite picks, and a few words about the strategy they went with. For the sake of unbiased journalism, I will leave my own team out.

As a reminder, the settings were 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 Superflex, half ppr, 4 point touchdowns for QBs. Here we go, time to strain some friendships. 

Team 1 – Aaron Larson – @aalarson
Drafting From the 1.01 

Favorite Value: James Conner at the 4.12
Least Favorite Pick: DeAndre Hopkins at the 2.12
My knee-jerk ranking: #1 Overall

Aaron had a lights out draft. He started with the fantasy cheat code in CMC, snagged DJ Moore in the third, and paired both of them with Teddy two gloves in round eight. With the addition of Conner, Rojo, and Antonio Gibson – his backfield shaped up well. The only pick that concerns me was Hopkins at the back end of the second. The value was solid, I just don’t love the player. Pairing him with Moore and Woods is a recipe for trouble for the rest of us though, even if I’m not a huge fan. His tight end was a boom or bust pick in Hayden Hurst, and his weakest position is at quarterback since he had to swing for upside after missing out on the top half of the list. Given this is superflex, let’s hope he chose right.

Team 2 – Matthew Betz – @TheFantasyPT
Drafting From the 1.02 

Favorite Value: Adam Thielen at the 5.02
Least Favorite Pick: Passing on James Conner for Juju in Round 4
My knee-jerk ranking: #6 Overall

Aside from being the slowest picker of the draft (just kidding Betz, I had to) – he went with a completely different strategy than Larson. After snagging Kelce and Dak in rounds two and three, most would assume he’d shore up his RB corps. Instead, Betz went with back to back receivers but found value in both Thielen and Juju. This modified RB approach will pay dividends if it works out, but I would hope to see more late-round RB lottery tickets than he ended up with. His QB picks in round eight and nine were excellent – pairing Big Ben with Juju, and snagging value in Jimmy G. All in all, his team should have a solid floor but his lack of RB depth is concerning. 

Team 3 – Eric Ludwig – @FF_Gouge
Drafting From the 1.03

Favorite Value: George Kittle at the 3.03
Least Favorite Pick: David Montgomery at the 5.03
My knee-jerk ranking: #8 Overall

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So my choice for the least favorite pick is cheating, I should share that this draft happened before the Monty injury, but even then – I wasn’t a fan. His third-round George Kittle pick was an absolute smash, given he goes in the second very often. I like Kittle to have an absolutely nuclear campaign in 2020, I’ve been snagging him more often every week and I’ve never been an early TE kind of person. Overall, I like Eric’s team from a balance standpoint, but his upside concerns me. Monty has the obvious issues, Allen Robinson will still have some QB trouble, Keen Allen projects to see fewer targets in a slower offense, and I quietly faded Chris Godwin this whole offseason. His Cam Newton and Drew Lock selections were dynamite, so there’s a chance his team outplays the projections if they both hit. The one downside of waiting on QB in a Superflex draft is you miss out on a lot of mid-round talent. Eric will have an uphill climb if Monty misses a lot of time, but his roster isn’t dead by any means. 

Team 4 – Marvin Elequin – @FF_MarvinE
Drafting From the 1.04

Favorite Value: Cooper Kupp at the 5.04
Least Favorite Pick: Kamara over Henry in round one
My knee-jerk ranking: #2 Overall

Marvin is one of the newest writers for the Ballers (go give him a follow!), but you wouldn’t know it by his slam dunk draft performance. His Kamara/Ekeler start should pay dividends, and he managed to snag Evans, AJ Brown, and Cooper Kupp in the next three rounds which make his RB/RB strategy look brilliant. He was able to grab three quality quarterbacks, pair Tannehill with Brown, and sneak Kareem Hunt onto his team in the seventh. The only knock I had personally was taking Kamara ahead of Henry since I like Henry to dominate once again this year and Kamara has his concerns. Welcome to the Footballers team Marvin, that performance was legendary. 

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Team 5 – Ryan Weisse – @TheFantasyFive
Drafting From the 1.05

Favorite Value: DeVante Parker at the 7.05
Least Favorite Pick: Jonathan Taylor at the 2.08
My knee-jerk ranking: #9 Overall

Weisse has another one of my favorite teams from this draft early on, but he lost me a bit with the strategy. His receiving corps will be thin, at least it appears that way. After taking Henry at 1.05, he went back to back with Taylor and Carson in rounds two and three. After snagging Mark Andrews, he rounded out the 0WR strategy with Lockett, Parker, Edelman, and Lamb. He’s fairly thin at receiver, but his upside elsewhere should be able to cover it up. The only concern I saw initially was passing up on Ekeler for Taylor, but we will see how that pans out at season’s end. Taylor could be a game-changer, it just might take a bit. 

Team 6 – Jeff Greenwood – @TheFantasyEng
Drafting From the 1.06

Favorite Value: Landry/Mayfield pairing in Rounds 8 and 9
Least Favorite Pick: Le’Veon Bell at the 3.06
My knee-jerk ranking: #4 Overall

Jeff was one of the teams to take a QB in the first which we see in nearly every Superflex draft. Lamar fell to him at the 1.06, and he backed that up with two RB selections in Kenyan Drake and Le’Veon Bell. If you’ve read my last piece about early round landmines, Bell was one of them. I would have much preferred David Johnson or James Conner in this spot, but time will tell. His Ridley/Chark/Brown picks were electric which explains his ranking, and he paired two of my favorite mid-round players to target in Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry. Landry has been disrespected for years now, and I think Baker bounces back. If those two hit and Bell can be serviceable as an RB2, his team will be just fine. 

Team 7 – Lauren Carpenter @Stepmomlauren (Drafting From the 1.07) 

Favorite Value: Tyreek Hill at the 2.06
Least Favorite Pick: Diontae Johnson at the 8.06
My knee-jerk ranking: #7 Overall

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Lauren still hasn’t forgiven me for trashing her team in the recap last year, but thankfully she doesn’t warrant the hate this year. After a more-than-ideal Mahomes/Hill stack to start her draft, she snagged David Johnson and Mark Ingram followed by Brees in round five. Courtland Sutton slipped past all of us into the sixth, and she grabbed two running backs in the next three rounds to shore up a decent backfield she will have to piece together. I didn’t love the Diontae Johnson pick in round eight, simply because I’ve seen him going into the tenth and eleventh in most places and have to assume she could have gotten more value there. That’s a small knock considering I love Johnson this season overall. I have nothing but good things to say this year, there’s not too many holes in the roster. I don’t love the upside, but the middle of the pack will be tough to sort out. 

Team 9 – Kyle Borgognoni – @kyle_borg
Drafting From the 1.09

Favorite Value: Josh Jacobs at the 2.04
Least Favorite Pick: Todd Gurley at the 4.04
My knee-jerk ranking: #3 Overall

Kyle is our editor, so I should just tell everyone he wins and move on….. Especially since he’s the reigning champion of this league. The best part is, I could have written out a bunch of bad things and he could just edit them into what you see now. For all you know, this isn’t me typing anymore. 

Just kidding, it is. Kyle’s team looks to be one of the highest ceiling teams in our draft, after a Michael ThomasJosh JacobsAmari Cooper start. I don’t love Gurley where he drafted him, mostly because I don’t love Gurley this year overall. That’s a personal bias, the value was just fine. If Gurley is even close to what he was two years back, then we will have a tough battle in front of us to dethrone him and stop the back to back championship. His quarterbacks are Wentz and Burrow, which I love as a combination of ceiling and stability. His T.Y Hilton and A.J Green picks make me concerned about not just injuries, but whether or not he may still be in 2017 mentally. Borg’s team is rock solid, as expected. Although, I’m kind of like…. contractually obligated to say that. 

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Team 10 – Peter Chung @FF_Hypeman
Drafting From the 1.10

Favorite Value: Zack Moss at the 9.10
Least Favorite Pick: Melvin Gordon at the 3.10
My knee-jerk ranking: #5 Overall

Peter is another new face in a new place, go give him a follow. After snagging Adams in round one, Clyde Edwards-Helaire slipped to the 2.3 which is rare for redraft leagues, so his start was near perfect. I personally condemn his Melvin Gordon pick in round three, but I may be biased. His Adams/Golladay/Metcalf/Boyd receiving group is phenomenal, and the Brady/Minshew pairing might work out if Minshew turns into 2020’s version of Ryan Fitzpatrick. I absolutely loved the Zack Moss and Alexander Mattison picks in rounds nine and ten, given the upside, they both present over the course of the full season. He had a very balanced draft and might have an insane value in CEH sitting on his roster. For now, things look good for ole’ Pete. Kick your feet up and relax, cause today I’m your FF_Hypeman. 

Team 11 – Michael Wenrich – @mpw270
Drafting From the 1.11

Favorite Value: Cam Akers at the 8.02
Least Favorite Pick: Joe Mixon at the 1.11
My knee-jerk ranking: #11 Overall

Michael had some bad luck since he drafted Fournette in round three, and he will have an uphill climb to make up for it depending on whether or not he lands somewhere. I didn’t love the Mixon pick considering Jacobs, CEH, and Miles Sanders were all on the board at the time. Mixon has some serious upside, but I prefer those three in this range. He found major QB value in Murray and Ryan in rounds four and five which will bode well for the Superflex format, but his WR group is pretty thin. Past Julio, he will have to count on Marvin Jones as his WR2, all while trying to gain ground to make up for Lenny. The Cam Akers pick in round eight was beautiful, especially given Henderson’s injury report right now. That could fill a hole that Leonard created, which would be huge – but it’s hard to toss up the Fournette news as anything but an ugly outlook. This could be a tough one for Mike, but I’m sure he will take that as a personal challenge and I wouldn’t dare count him out. 

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Team 12 – Kacey Kasem – @TheKaceyKasem
Drafting from the 1.12

Favorite Value: Zach Ertz at the 6.01
Least Favorite Pick: Aaron Jones at the 2.01
My knee-jerk ranking: #10 Overall

Kacey is our final new writer that participated in this draft, so go give her a follow! She started off RB/RB which is my favorite strategy this year, but I can’t say I love the picks. Both Chubb and Jones concern me, and she passed up on the same group I mentioned when discussing Mike’s draft. Her quarterback pairing is arguably the best of the draft, she went back to back with Wilson and Josh Allen in rounds four and five. Zach Ertz fell into her lap in the sixth, and she grabbed some high upside fliers late as well. Between Slayton, Cooks, and Diggs – she will be living and dying through the big play all season long. She will need some trend-breaking production from her first two picks and a few things to go her way, but the value she drafted at the ‘onesie’ positions will be very helpful. 

All in all, this draft was tough, frustrating, and a complete blast – as usual. Remember, this is just my take on how things shake out, it will likely go in a completely different direction, because that’s how fantasy football works. The full draftboard can be found below.

Best of luck to the #FootClan in their drafts this week! 


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Vicki Bethel, Who should I draft from the 6 spot?? I don’t nearly make $95 bucks an hour, so you must be smarter! Shout out to the boys! best podcast in the world.

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