Make Up or Break Up: D.J. Moore (Fantasy Football)

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Dear Denniston Oliver Moore Jr,

This is awkward for me. These kinds of letters aren’t really my thing. I’m usually pretty stoic. I keep my emotions in check. But after proclaiming your WR1 potential last summer, I was hurt, heartbroken if you will, when you finished as the WR22 in 2020.

It’s not all your fault. Relationships can be tricky and I think you just haven’t found the right quarterback yet. I mean, you spent your rookie season catching passes from a slowly deteriorating Cam Newton and undrafted quarterbacks Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke. Things only got worse in 2019 as Newton played in just two games, leaving you to catch passes from Allen and rookie Will Grier. It seemed you may have found “the one” when Teddy Bridgewater came to Carolina but, alas, it was more of the same as Teddy was only able to put up 15 passing touchdowns. Now he’s been sent packing to Denver this offseason and you’re still searching for that long-term quarterback.

Maybe somebody new can finally unlock your true potential. Maybe another young prospect from the 2018 NFL Draft class that’s yet to live up to the hype. Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting in Sam Darnold. If you want to know exactly why you should be eager to team up with Sam, I urge you to read Kasey Kasem’s case for not burying him just yet.  You and he could be a match made in fantasy football heaven.

Now don’t get me wrong, relationships aren’t easy and they certainly take work. It’s important to have strong guidance and support from leaders you trust. Last year you and the Panther family welcomed Matt Rhule and Joe Brady to the team and so far things seem off to a good start. Sure, they didn’t set the NFL on fire in their first year, but they each have a history of success. They made the most of what they had in 2020, slightly increasing the team’s point total compared to 2019 even without Christian McCaffrey for most of the season. It’s entirely possible that they help build and foster the kind of rapport that could make you and Sam a top QB-WR combo.

In the end, it isn’t you. It’s me. My expectations were just too high. Or maybe the expectations were just too soon. I got ahead of myself and wanted things to move faster. Sometimes I forget just how young you are. After all, you just turned 24 years old this spring. You still have to pay an extra fee to rent a car and despite your three years of NFL experience, you’re only a few weeks older than incoming rookie WR D’Wayne Eskridge. You still have so much time to grow and, hopefully, now you’re set up with the right supporting cast to reach your promising potential.  

Last season was difficult, but hope springs eternal this time of year. I still believe your best days are yet to come. I look forward to your future success on my dynasty rosters and plan to draft you whenever possible in 2021 fantasy leagues. I just hope you aren’t setting me up for failure again.


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