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Fuzzy Ninja says:

Sorry, my question is not so much about this article, but more of a general question. I meant to post it in the “submit a question” section.

Fuzzy Ninja says:

Greetings. I’m in a league that has escalated points for players who reach a certain number of yards. See below:

1 point PPR
Passing yards: 10 yards/point, 2 points at 200 yards, 3 points at 250 yards, 4 points at 300 yards.
Passing TD’s: 6 points

Rushing yards: 5 yards per point; 3 points at 100 yards; 4 points at 150 yards; 5 points at 200 yards.
Rushing TD’s: 7 points.

Here’s my question: Since RB’s are much less likely to get over 100 yards than a QB throwing for over 200 yards, does this change the order in which I should draft a QB? It seems like every year the team who wins the championship is the team that rocks the high yard QB’s… not even so much the QB who gets more TD’s.

In this league, it is not uncommon for a team to score between 220 and 280 fantasy points in a week with a QB often scoring over 100 of those points.


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