If Every Super Bowl Loser Had Won…

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As we approach Super Bowl 50, I thought it would be entertaining to take a look back and see what the legacy of NFL teams might have been if they had only won the big game.  So here’s a look at what life would be like if every Super Bowl loser had actually won, and vice versa.

  • The Broncos would be the cream of the crop.  5 Super Bowl titles and standing alone as the most storied franchise.
  • The Patriots, Bills, and Vikings would all have a place in history with 4 titles each.  The Bills would likely be considered the greatest team ever assembled with 4 consecutive titles.  Kids who wear Joe Montana jerseys would be wearing Jim Kelly jerseys.  Oh what might have been.
  • Baltimore, New Orleans, New York, and Tampa Bay would be without Super Bowl titles.  The world would wonder if John Harbaugh could ever win the big game.
  • The Steelers would have the most Super Bowl losses and likely be known as the team that can’t quite get over the hump in the big game.  Packers fans would have just 1 ring.
Rnk Team Super Bowl Wins
1 Denver Broncos 5
2 New England Patriots 4
3 Buffalo Bills 4
4 Minnesota Vikings 4
5 Dallas Cowboys 3
6 Miami Dolphins 3
7 Pittsburgh Steelers 2
8 Oakland Raiders 2
9 Washington Redskins 2
10 Indianapolis Colts 2
11 St. Louis Rams 2
12 Seattle Seahawks 2
13 Cincinnati Bengals 2
14 Philadelphia Eagles 2
15 San Francisco 49ers 1
16 Green Bay Packers 1
17 New York Giants 1
18 Chicago Bears 1
19 Kansas City Chiefs 1
20 Atlanta Falcons 1
21 Carolina Panthers 1
22 Arizona Cardinals 1
23 Tennessee Titans 1
24 San Diego Chargers 1
25 Baltimore Ravens 0
26 New Orleans Saints 0
27 New York Jets 0
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0
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Alex says:

Such a great idea to think about! Joe Montana’s a household name with those Championships, while Jim Kelly’s an unknown legend to some below average NFL fans with four consecutive SB losses. Crazy how sports work.

Janelle says:

Alex, have you been taking grammar lessons from Jason? As a Buffalo native, I’m obligated to challenge some of your comments. As a teacher (and fantasy footballer podcast listener), I’m also obligated to challenge some of your grammar.

First of all the phrase “below average NFL fans”, seems a little harsh. In my opinion, we are above average fans. Also, calling Jim Kelly an “unknown legend”, I don’t think that’s possible. Either he’s unknown or a legend, but not both. Either way, winning those 4 Super Bowls would definitely change the perception of our fanbase and undoubtedly make Kelly a known legend!

Tim says:

Rightly so, we put a huge premium on winning the Super Bowl. It’s the best of the best. But getting to the Super Bowl is no small task, either. To get there multiple times like the Vikes and the Bills points to some very, very good teams who lost a game to some very very good teams. At the same time, I’d like to see my team (the Cardinals…and then the Vikings) win a Super Bowl before I die. My teams are 0-5, and it sucks a bit!

Baltimore says:

John* not Jim Harbaugh for Baltimore, right?

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