Fantasy Football: Thursday Night Film Crew (Texans-Bengals)

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Listen it was a rough night for fantasy football. But our team powered through and wanted to give you some of our thoughts (and Andy’s Tweets) related to the what we saw on film.

Each week we will highlight the Thursday Night Game with our writing staff film crew. The goal is to get the honest, raw, real-time thoughts as we watch the game together.

Listen to Andy, Mike, and Jason’s thoughts on the Houston-Cincinnati game on today’s podcast.

1st Quarter

-This Bengals offensive line looks like it’s going to get manhandled all year long. Last week against Baltimore they were blown up constantly. If this is going to be the group in 2017, expect more and more of these quick slants and bubble screens they opened the game with. This is more an athletic group than what you would call a “bunch of maulers”… Kyle Borgognoni (@kyle_borg)

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-Make that 4 consecutive 3-and-outs. These are conservative play calls, to say the least…

-Rolling out DeShaun Watson out makes things easy for the young gun. But does he see anyone else out there besides Hopkins?… Watson holding the ball and taking a 20-yard sack. Woof. On 3rd and goal rolls out and throws it up for grabs. He’s a turnover waiting to happen. -Kyle

Changing of the guard at RB for Texans? D’Onta Foreman on 2 straight drives. -Nate Hamilton (@DomiNateFF)

-Finally, an AJ Green BOMB! He has shown top-notch contested-catch ability since he’s been in the league skying for the ball at its highest point. His Reception Perception profile in the UDK with Matt Harmon was still elite. –Kyle

John Ross’ first reception becomes a fumble and recovery by the Texans. Texans defense looks much improved from last week… –Brandon (@brandontsanders)

2nd Quarter

-Texans need to sign Maximum Barnidge…ASAP. 

-Playing Madden Mobile during this game because it has more action than this. Update: It got really good with the 2-minute drill happening and I put down the phone…Hopkins sighting before the half. His ability to catch a difficult ball and stay in bounds is very impressive….

Geno Atkins just hit Watson so hard. He thinks he’s back at Clemson….Deshaun Watson died with 1:08 left in the 2nd quarter…28 seconds later, Deshaun Watson has risen…Watson was resurrected from the dead and ran for his first touchdown of his career and the season. -Brandon

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Watson checks down to Lamar Miller on 3rd down. Still dancing around the pocket a little too much for me. His scrambling and hesitation led to that 3rd down sack from Geno Atkins. People are going to be talking about that 59-yard TD run but he definitely does not look like a capable NFL QB. His pocket awareness and holding onto the ball is going to get him killed eventually…. 

Mixon jukes JJ Watt out of his pants. This is what I wanted to see: how he looks in space and in the open field. Still not given enough opportunities to see this happen. -Kyle

3rd Quarter

Alex Erickson…who are you?..possible deep waiver wire pickup? Great punt and kick returner too! [Editor’s Note: Alex Erickson was Andy, Mike, and Jason’s consensus WR141, also known as the last receiver they ranked for Week 2] 

Tyler Eifert on the sidelines being worked on after the catch. His constant injury issues plague upside of Eifert.

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Lots of punter action tonight. Like A LOT. -Brandon

6 punts in a row is not MUST-SEE TV. Honestly, the play-calling is in “don’t-lose-this-for-us” mode. The lack of aggressive calls for the Bengals offense with Andy Dalton is downright depressing. –Kyle

4th Quarter

Brandon LaFell still can’t catch better than a trash can. (Insert the best trash can ever meme here) Joe Mixon getting more work in last quarter in run and passing game. -Brandon

Before people go overboard and crown Foreman the next big thing, realize that Miller was the back in the majority of close-and-late game situation. Although relatively ineffective, he was trusted and that still counts in terms of fantasy usage. He saw 49 snaps compared to 17 for Foreman per PFF’s Nathan Janhke. -Kyle

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

AJ Green saw 1 target in the second half despite Houston losing their top 2 corners. That is insane. After the game, he was quoted as sayingWe are playing like sh– right now. We got to find a way to get our playmakers the ball. That’s it. It’s a superstar-driven league,” Green, one of the league’s true superstars, said. “I feel like – no disrespect to nobody else – that ball should be mine somewhere somehow. … I want the ball.”  -Kyle