Fantasy Football: Kyler Murray Rookie Profile

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The past few years, we’ve seen a plethora of talented and exciting quarterbacks enter the NFL. From names such as Deshaun Watson to Patrick Mahomes to Baker Mayfield, there’s no shortage of young and exciting players to watch on any given Sunday.

We’re now past the 2019 NFL Draft and a few more dynamic young QB’s have now entered the league. One of them is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Kyler Murray. Murray is one of the most electric prospects in recent history due to his combination of speed and a cannon for an arm. Whatever your opinion is on his size, there’s no denying that Murray is going to be exhilarating for fantasy football purposes.

NFL Scouting Combine Overview
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Kyler chose to not participate in any of the Combine activities and let his tape speak for itself. It ultimately didn’t affect his draft stock as he was chosen #1 overall, but it leaves us guessing on what his athletic profile would be…

Here’s a hint…he would’ve blown up the 40 Yard Dash.

Not only can Kyler hit another gear and take off with insane straight line speed for a quarterback, but his quickness and agility within the pocket is unparalleled in the NFL. His shiftiness is what gives him an advantage in the pocket to avoid the long reaches of opposing defensive lineman. When he feels pressure, he steps up in the pocket or gives a little shake to avoid the grasp of a defender and then is able to quickly reset his feet.

Many people may point to his size being a major issue in the NFL, but this is the only “knock” on Kyler’s game in my opinion. His offensive coordinator will need to be creative in dropping Kyler back so he can see the passing lanes over his large offensive lineman, but he’s shown that he can do this in college…and at a high level.

College Production
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After starting his college career at Texas A&M, Murray transferred to Oklahoma where he sat behind another future #1 overall pick in Baker Mayfield. After Baker was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft, Murray was put on the field at Oklahoma to showcase what he could do…and he didn’t disappoint. Over 4,000 yards and 42 TD’s is an incredible season for a quarterback. But not only did he have that production through the air, he also racked up over 1,000 yards on the ground and an additional 12 TD’s.

Murray is the definition of a dual threat QB and opposing NFL defenses are going to have to constantly be on edge trying to figure out how to defend him at the next level. Many people may try to point to Lamar Jackson and his running ability as a comparison for Kyler, but Jackson simply does not have the arm talent that Murray does.

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Kyler throws with touch and accuracy deep down the field, but also has the capability of driving the ball into tight windows. He can make all the throws at the next level and he’s going to be extremely special in this “new age” NFL for a long time if he can remain healthy.

Fantasy Outlook

With the 2019 NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, we know Kyler Murray’s landing spot; the Arizona Cardinals.

Murray is going to be relied upon to take shots down the field in Arizona and keep defenses honest with the threat to take off and run if nothing opens up. This is a perfect storm of talent and location that could lead to fantasy football gold in 2019.

However, the one concern with Murray is going to revolve around his size and durability. If he takes a shot from a player like Fletcher Cox or Khalil Mack, is he going to be able to get back up quickly and withstand those beatings? Murray has played against some top talent in college and has proven he has the capability of staying healthy then, but all it takes is one hit.

There’s also the added concern that comes with a scrambling quarterback of whether or not he’ll be smart in the open field and go down before contact or if he’ll seek to lower the shoulder and pick up the extra yards. In college, Murray was extremely smart with his body and knew when to go down or out of bounds. He’s aware of his size and won’t actively seek to engage defenders when he tucks the ball and runs.

All in all, Murray is a dynamic and electric quarterback who is going to be extremely entertaining to watch next season and moving forward. If you’re comfortable with the size and durability concerns, Murray should be a target for you in your redraft leagues and rookie drafts.

Dynasty Rookie Draft: Murray has the potential to have a Mahomes-like impact for fantasy football in the very near future due to his rushing ability. In a 1-QB league, Murray should be in consideration for the end of Round 1/early Round 2.

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