Dynasty Report for Week 8 (Fantasy Football)

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Welcome to the Weekly Dynasty Report!

Dynasty Fantasy Football is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, commitment, and research throughout the entire year to work towards the ultimate Fantasy Football reward…a Dynasty Championship.

Throughout this season, I’ll be taking a look at the previous week’s games and dissecting them from a Dynasty perspective. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Dynasty Fantasy Football, this article is for you.

Let’s start building our championship rosters.

Dynasty Tip Of The Week

It’s Time To Decide. 

There comes a point in every Dynasty owner’s season where they have to make a choice…are they in or are they out?

At this point in the season, you most likely have a grasp on how good your team is. You have realistic expectations of whether or not you’re going to be able to make it into the playoffs and if you could make a push for a championship.

If you’re sitting at 2-6 currently, you are not making the playoffs. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s just not your year.

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For the typical redraft player, this is the time where they check out. They stop caring about their team and they simply just stop checking it and setting lineups. However, for the Dynasty owner, this is where things get interesting.

You have the ability to sell off assets to rebuild your roster for next year. The worst thing you can do as a Dynasty owner is to stay content sitting at .500 year after year. Your roster may be good, but it’s not good enough to put you over the edge and compete for a championship.

It’s time to decide whether or not you’re in it for this season. If you’re not, it’s time to begin thinking about trading away some of your older players at the trade deadline for early draft picks. The important thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t need to trade away your great players for just anything, but instead get as much value out of them as you can.

For example, don’t trade away a player like Adam Thielen for the first offer that comes across your “desk”, but instead, throw out a message to your league saying that Adam Thielen is on the trade block. Let the offers come in and go after the highest offer. See if you can get anything else in the deal and then pursue that further, but don’t simply trade away Thielen for a 2020 2nd because that’s the first offer that came in.

Maximize value and commit to the rebuild.

Inversely, if you have a realistic shot of making the playoffs and can compete for a championship, it’s time to consider trading away some of your future assets to go get a top-tier player that can help you win this season. If you have a shot at a Dynasty championship, you commit to it. You can figure out the rest later, but these opportunities don’t come around for everyone every year. Take advantage of it and commit.

Dynasty Stock Report
Stock Up: David Montgomery – Chicago Bears, RB

Last week, I wrote about how David Montgomery was a Buy Low candidate for me in Dynasty leagues.

He wasn’t receiving the necessary workload to be effective and Dynasty owners were left frustrated.

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Well, how do 31 total touches sound to you?

In an effort to “right the ship”, Nagy went back to the ground game on Sunday and featured Montgomery. Montgomery finished the game 27/135/1 on the ground and added 4 receptions for 12 yards.

While Montgomery had a great game, there’s still room for his fantasy stats to improve if he can be used more frequently near the goal line. While the Bears offense has left people constantly scratching their heads, Montgomery’s usage seems to be trending back towards what we expected when we drafted him in the Top 5 of our rookie drafts.

If you bought him low last week, congratulations! That buy-low window has now slammed shut.

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Stock Down: Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles, TE

Last season, Zach Ertz was a weekly lock in your starting TE spot. He was a PPR machine and Carson Wentz was not shy in targeting Ertz in key situations throughout the game.

This season, Ertz has done next to nothing for your fantasy teams. In fact, he’s most likely hurt them more than help, especially over the last few weeks.

Over the last 3 games, Ertz has caught a grand total of 8 passes for 112 yards and 0 receiving touchdowns. Meanwhile, Dallas Goedert has emerged as a legitimate threat to Ertz’s workload.

The days of throwing Ertz into your lineup week after week and not even thinking twice about it may be over. Right now, he certainly can’t be trusted to produce like he was last season and there’s a reason to be pessimistic about his fantasy outlook from here on out.

Stock Up: Tevin Coleman – San Francisco 49ers, RB

There were a ton of differing opinions this offseason as to which San Francisco 49ers running back was going to be the one you wanted to own for Fantasy Football. Some people were all in with Jerick McKinnon again, while others believed Matt Breida would run away with the job (pun intended).

Meanwhile, after a decent 2018 season with the Atlanta Falcons, Coleman signed an inexpensive contract with the 49ers and was reunited with Kyle Shanahan.

Well, we have our answer that Coleman is the running back to own in San Francisco.

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Coleman went off on Sunday as the 49ers won 51-13. The 49ers are a dominant team right now that is committed to the run, which leads to incredible opportunities for Coleman week in and week out.

After the 4 TD performance Coleman had against Carolina, he belongs in the Stock Up section. Absolutely.

Stock Down: Le’Veon Bell – New York Jets, RB

After the hiring of Adam Gase, the expectations for the Jets’ 2019 season rose drastically. A supposed offensive guru, Gase was going to work wonders for this offense, and specifically their shiny new toy, Le’Veon Bell.

That plan has not come to fruition and the Jets offense has sputtered through the first 7 games of this season.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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Because of the offense’s deficiencies, Bell has not been close to what you have needed for Fantasy. He’s constantly getting hit behind the line of scrimmage and he’s rarely put in true scoring opportunities. The Jets do head into a very favorable schedule moving forward here, so Bell could be worth watching or acquiring super cheap to see if he bounces back, but he’s been a true disappointment this season.

Stock Up: Latavius Murray – New Orleans Saints, RB

Latavius Murray exceeded expectations last year when he stepped in for the injured Dalvin Cook in Minnesota.

After signing with the New Orleans Saints this offseason, many expected Murray to step into the vacated Mark Ingram role and provide consistent fantasy value week after week. However, that train of thought quickly flew out the window when Drew Brees was injured.

Over the past two weeks though, Murray has stepped in for the injured Alvin Kamara and has performed extremely well.

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Many people had written off Murray for this season and even in Dynasty leagues. However, he’s showing that he can be extremely useful and can step in and keep the offense moving in Kamara’s absence. The Saints now head into a bye week, but Murray may have shown enough to prevent Sean Payton from taking him off the field.

The Saints may be trending more towards what was expected in the offseason and Murray could be seeing some consistent usage week after week. He won’t take over Kamara’s job by any means, but he’s certainly back to being a valuable asset in Dynasty.

Welcome back, old friend.

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BONUS: Draft Prospect To Watch

This is a light week for college football, so the number of college prospects that are on in prime time games is limited.

However, there’s a great game on late Saturday night that deserves some attention.

The Oregon Ducks take on the USC Trojans and QB Justin Herbert will be worth watching.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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We do the work. You dominate your draft.

Get the 2021 UDK

Herbert was highly touted last season and most likely would’ve been a top selection in the 2019 NFL Draft, but he chose to stay at Oregon for one more season.

Herbert has all the intangibles scouts look for in a QB and should put up some great numbers in this game. He has some tough competition at the top of draft boards with guys like Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow, but if Herbert strings together some top performances here to end out the CFB season, he could be chosen above all of them in April.

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